Tuesday January 29, 2013 Semifinal Finished Stadio Olimpico

Lazio 2 - 1 Juventus

  • González 53’
  • Floccari 90’
  • Vidal 90’

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    • Lazio
    • Juventus

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Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Lazio

    Manager: Vladimir Petkovic

  • Juventus

    Manager: Antonio Conte

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      5.6 -
      5 -
      Yellow Card 5.1 -
      5.6 -
      Goal Substitution Out86′ 5.6 -
      Substitution Out62′ 4.9 -
      Yellow Card 5.6 -
      5.1 -
      5.5 -
      5.3 -
      Substitution Out70′ 6.5 -
      Substitution In70′ Goal Yellow Card 7.2 -
      Substitution In86′ 6.5 -
      Substitution In62′ Yellow Card 6.1 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      4.7 -
      4.6 -
      Yellow Card 4.6 -
      4.2 -
      Goal Yellow Card 5.5 -
      Substitution Out68′ 4.4 -
      Yellow Card 4.4 -
      Substitution Out70′ 4.4 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out76′ 4.5 -
      5 -
      Yellow Card 4.9 -
      Substitution In68′ 5.4 -
      Substitution In76′ 4.8 -
      Substitution In70′ 4.6 -

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  1. Conte was over underestimate the opponent with the­ reason doesn't want to risk CL by didnt played­ Buffon and Pirlo(he only introduced in the middle of­ 2nd half, furthermore he is not fit). Im maybe slightly­ agree with Conte but with the absence of Chiellini,­ doesnt it looks too much? By the way, congrats Lazio.

    From Sheva, on Wed 30 Jan 14:13
  2. Juventus may never win Coppa as long as Lazio is­ present in competition and Stadio Olimpico is the hell­ of claimants. The Old Lady can only see Coppa in dream­ because it is our's. Bravo Lazio

    From Tooraj, on Wed 30 Jan 9:19
  3. A thrilling night, golden substitution, repetition of­ history, sweet victory and march towards 7th Coppa­ Italia. Well done and encore Sky Blues.

    From Tooraj, on Wed 30 Jan 9:14
  4. We've got major problems. Can't score on wide open­ shots, and can't defend worth a #$%$ Lazio wasn't that­ great but they did what they had to do. Congrats to­ them. Juve need to take a long hard look in the mirror­ and find a way to motivate themselves. The entire team­ is playing like #$%$ right now.

    From Juventino68, on Tue 29 Jan 21:48
  5. Conte should go back on suspension. They played better­ before he came back.

    From , on Tue 29 Jan 21:45
  6. Why did Conte not field his full strength team?

    From Roland, on Tue 29 Jan 21:38
  7. Does anybody know where can i watch the game on line.

    From CORRADO, on Tue 29 Jan 18:35
  8. Having seen Lazio's formation, i can't be so­ optimistic towards surpassing Juventus, we must attack­ them from wings and do ball catching in their half.

    From Amir, on Tue 29 Jan 8:52
  9. Lazio has always been Juventus's nemesis in Coppa­ Italia and today's meeting will mean continuity of­ serial of their failures against Lazio. Coppa Italia is­ in fact our chief hope for title, Sky Blues must prove­ that their defeat in last game was an accident and Juve­ is going to confront a different team.

    From Amir, on Tue 29 Jan 8:48
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