Friday October 7, 2011 Group Stage: Group C Finished Windsor Park

Northern Ireland 1 - 2 Estonia

  • Davis 22’
  • Vassiljev 77’ (pen.), 84’

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  1. Euro 2012 qual. - Northern Ireland out after loss

    Euro 2012 qual. - Northern Ireland out after loss

    Northern Ireland tumbled out of Euro 2012 contention in strange circumstances as they went down 2-1 to Estonia at Windsor Park. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Northern Ireland
    • Estonia
    • 90+4' The whistle blows on fulltime. Northern Ireland tumble out of Euro 2012 contention in controversial circumstances. Estonia were nevertheless well worth the three points.
    • 90+2' Purje has a little kick after the ball is out of play on McAuley, who retaliates a bit, and he picks up the yellow.
    • 90' Klavan clears at his back post and there will be four minutes of added time...
    • 89' N.I with some pretty fruitless pressure right at the death here. They win a corner...
    • 88' Zenjov again with a great chance, but his low effort is saved by Camp.
    • 87' Either way the N.I players should not have stopped playing.
    • 86' A sense of disbelief here in what was truly strange circumstances. The crowd are very quiet now.
    • 84' N.I 1-2 Estonia - This is bizaare. Vunk is offside, the linesman flags for offside, but the referee for some reason ignores it and lets play go on. The ball is layed off for Vassiljev and he smashes it into the top corner from 30 yards!
    • 83' Brunt's ball has plenty of curve on it, but it's still collected comfortably by Pareiko under no pressure.
    • 82' N.I Substitution: McCann is replaced by record goalscorer David Healy.
    • 81' Brunt loses the ball after being surrounded by three Estonian players. From a throw in...a throw in, Purja gets in behind and his low cross is fired at pace and evades everyone.
    • 80' McCann plays the freekick in deep. Catchcart almost makes up for the penalty! His volley flies stright into the arms of the keeper though.
    • 78' The Estonians again pour forward. Zenjov powers down the left and gets to the byline, pulls the ball back but it's just about cleared.
    • 77' Cathcart started pulling him outside the area for the penalty, and it was debatable whether it ended in the area. Poor poor defending nonetheless.
    • 76' Northern Ireland 1-1 Estonia - Vassiljev takes it himself and smashes it into the left hand corner, with Lee Camp going the other way.
    • 75' Estonia are right on top. Dmitrijev this time woth the shot, but it's blocked. Vassiliev goes round the outside of Cathcart who hauls him down for a pen!
    • 74' Camp is booked for time wasting.
    • 73' Davis runs the ball out of play as he tries to hit on the break. Zenjov with an unbelievable chance as he smashes a left-footed effort straight at Camp after Cathcart's poor clearacnce falls to the Estonians.
    • 72' Piiroja almost pokes it in from the low corner, but it goes inches wide of the near post!
    • 71' Vunk this time woth an effort and it's deflected away for a corner...
    • 70' Estonia have a terrible record away from home. They've only scored in eight of their 29 last away games and they're not really creating much here.
    • 68' Good pressing from Evans and he forces the ball back to the Estonia keeper. They keep the ball well though and seem to be in no rush.
    • 67' Evans comes in like a train to meet a Brunt cross from the right, but it's just over the bar.
    • 66' Estonia Sub: Estonia's best player Konstantin Vassiljev replaces their second best player Kink.
    • 65' It's all pretty stodgy at the moment with neither side able to find any space.
    • 63' N.I are getting a bit scrappy now and conceding too many freekicks. It gives Estonia another chance to get forward. Klavan swings in the ball and it's good, but it's cleared laboriously.
    • 62' Evans with another robust challenge on the halfway line. Estonia will again float this one in. Piiroja once again gets his head on it, but he's at full stretch and can't get any direction on it.
    • 61' Kink puts the ball in on his weaker right foot. It looks to take a deflection as it goes narrowly over the bar, but the ref doesn't spot it.
    • 60' Kink skips past McCann who can only bring the man down with an agricultural challenge. Jaager's ball is not great, but the first man helps it out for a corner.
    • 59' Camp rolls out of defence, but the point of the exercise is rather defeated as the defender immediately pumps it upfield.
    • 58' Kruglov with a decent-ish effort from a very tight angle. It's not on target though so maybe decent was a bit kind.
    • 57' Very tight decision as Lafferty is caught offside. They are back in possession quickly though...
    • 56' Kruglov gets in down the left, but his left footed cross is terrible. Doesn't beat the first man.
    • 55' Kink nutmege McCourt, but the Celtic man is having none of it and wins it right back.
    • 54' Lafferty is carded for a high arm as he jumps for the ball. That means he'll miss the final match against Italy.
    • 53' Puri tries to get to to a ball at the backpost, but N.I usher it out for a goalkick. Lafferty is now limping at the other end of the pitch.
    • 52' Kink with an excellent through ball as the N.I defence try to push up. Senjov has time to steady himself, but misses from a country mile as he drags wide of the far post. Woeful.
    • 51' Camp's limping a bit following that save and N.I will not want to have to bring him off.
    • 50' Vunk with an excellent chance from the edge of the area. N.I. inexplicably have no defenders back and it's four vs two, but the shot is into Camp's arms.
    • 49' The first thing Zenjov does of any note is pick up a yellow for a trip on Davis.
    • 48' Vunk with an atrocious ball forward with his forward in masses of space ahead of him.
    • 47' Zenjov was lively in the last game between these two clubs and can't be any worse than Ahjupera was in that first half.
    • 46' Estonia Substitution: Ahjupera is replaced by Zenjov
    • 45+2' The whistle blows for half-time in what has been a reasonably satisfying half for Nigel Worthington. The game is still on a knife-edge though.
    • 45' Lafferty loses the ball as he tries to turn. Kruglov's lofted ball forward is cut out as we near half time.
    • 44' The Estonia defence keep the ball well then suddenly spring forward. Kink touches forward to Ahjupera but it's behind him and the move again breaks down.
    • 43' Vunk with a lazy ball that's cut out. N.I quickly lose it then Estonia do the same. Low on quality at the minute.
    • 42' Again Krugov takes an Estonia freekick and Piiroja can only head out for a goal kick.
    • 41' Pareiko doesn't like the challenge from Evans as he tries to let the ball out of play, but the Irishman tries to keep it in. Perfectly legal that.
    • 40' Laffert is caught offside as his shot goes only a foot or so over the bar. Definitley the right decision, but still very poor defending from the Eastern Europeans.
    • 39' A woeful pass forward to no one in particular from the N.I right back. Why would you not look up and see no one was there?
    • 38' McAuley rins all of 60 yards with the ball at his feet. He has a go from the edge of the area, but Piiroja with a lucky block as he'd turned his back on it.
    • 37' Puri and Kink with some neat football in N.I's final third, but it's all a bit directionless. The home side are pretty comfortable and keeping Estonia at arm's length.
    • 36' McCann with the inswinging corner but the keeper fists it away. Brunt has a dig from distance, but it's week and straight into Pareiko's arms.
    • 35' Good pressure from Laffertu who forces Piiroja to concede a corner...
    • 34' Estonia are a bit like Arsenal defensively: not great, and they make it worse by often losing possession deep in their own half.
    • 33' Evans on the ball straight away. He should be comfortbale in possession having come through the Man United youth setup.
    • 32' N.I Substitution: Sammy Clingan goes off for Corry Evans.
    • 31' Stepanov cleans up for Estonia, but an aimless ball forward from Hodson.
    • 30' Clingan doesn't look too good. He's holding his side and looks to be in pain.
    • 29' The crowd are ole-ing to the N.I passes, but they lose the ball and Estonia break...Kink plays into Ahjupera, who would be clear, but he's caught offside.
    • 28' Lafferty just let the defender turn with such ease there. This game could still go either way.
    • 27' McCann with a thundering tackle on Kink that was the wrong side of legal. Freekcik from at least 45 yards. It's a decent ball in and it makes its way to Piiroja who puts it just over the bar on his left foot. So so easy.
    • 26' McCourt gets to the left hand byline and tries a similar effort to Lafferty. This time Pareiko holds on to it.
    • 25' Kink handballs as he tries to bring the ball down on his chest. Camp clears under pressure and it's all a bit scatty right now.
    • 24' Piiroja wins a freekick and takes it, but N.I quickly get it back. They are too rushed though and the ball goes out of play.
    • 22' Northern Ireland 1-0 Estonia - Lafferty does brilliantly down the right as Bruntplays a sweet ball over the defence. The striker smashes a low cross from the byline, which Pareiko can only fumble and push in front of him. Davis comes steaming in and buries it.
    • 21' Clingan plays a neat pass off in midfield, but again a long Baird pass sails well long.
    • 20' Worthington remonstrates with his team, urging them to push forward.
    • 19' Lafferty is very isolated upfront and he is infairly penalised for the foul. Again Estonia win the freekick, but Kruglov's effort is easily cleared.
    • 17' Piiroja catches Lafferty with his hand and it kind off looks like it was deliberate. He didn't even concede the foul.
    • 16' Eastonia are living up to their long distance shooting, but this time Kink's effort is terrible as he slices a miserable shot wide on the halfvolley from the edge of the area.
    • 15' N.I keeping possession well, but there's no penetration. Saying that, McCann has a sweet effort from 30 yards that Parieko does well to parry behind.
    • 14' Baird thuds a huge pass diagonally for McCourt, but there's too much on it. McAuley wins the ball back for N.I
    • 13' Kruglov swings in a freekick from deep and Camp comes out well to pluck it from high out of the air.
    • 12' Lafferty tries to turn, but is prevented by the defender. The striker goes down thinking it's a foul but the ref doesn't buy it.
    • 11' Cathcart had no chance pf getting to the ball there and it dribbles out of play.
    • 10' Kink with a fabulous strike from 25 yards as they love to do. Camp has to pull off a good save at his near post with the ball swerving massively for a corner.
    • 8' McCann goes off to the touchline, but he looks to be ok. Play is resumed as the player trotts back on.
    • 7' Baird cleans up in midfield and NI regain the ball. Davis kicks the ball out as McCann goes down inkured under a challenge.
    • 6' Lafferty with a great turn on the halfway line. He passes forward early to Brunt and carries on his run onto the box. Brunt swings in towards the far post, but it's well long.
    • 5' Davis out to McCourt, who tip toes to the edge of the area, but he turns back. Lafferty is eventually caught offside.
    • 4' Early danger as the Estonians swing in a dangerous cross from the left. Northern Ireland look very panicky in defence, but Baird gets it away.
    • 3' Estonia pile forward early, but NI smuggle it out and break through Lafferty. The ball is played well ahead of him, but his pace almost keeps it in, but to no avail.
    • 2' David Healy, who has 35 goals for his country is on the bench perhaps surprisingly as N.I. need goals.
    • 1' The Northern Ireland fans applaud the Estonian national anthem, which is lovely. It is Estonia who kick off from right to left.
    • 19:40 Estonia have lost seven of their last nine away internationals without scoring a single goal in these defeats, but did win their last away fixture 2-1 in Slovenia.
    • 19:35 The teams are in - Northern Ireland: Camp, Hodson, Cathcart, McAuley, Baird, McCourt, Clingan, Davis, McCann, Brunt, Lafferty Subs: Taylor, McGivern, Evans, Healy, Feeney, McGinn, Little///Estonia: Pareiko, Piiroja, Klavan, Jaager, Stepanov, Kruglov, Dmitrijev, Puri, Vunk, Kink, Ahjupera Subs: Londak, Reintam, Zenjov, Purje, Vassiljev, Saag, Teniste.
    • 19:30 In Northern Ireland’s last 19 internationals combined, Pat McCourt is the only player to have scored more than one goal (two).
    • 19:25 Estonia have already won seven points from losing positions in this qualifying campaign, the most of any team.
    • 19:20 Estonia have scored more goals from outside the box (six) than any other team in Euro 2012 qualifying.
    • 19:15 Nigel Worthington on his failure to call-up Newcastle's Shane Ferguson: "I've been trying for the last 36-48 hours to get in contact with the boy to let him know I'd like to draft him into the squad. The club has been notified and we've had the medical records sent back to us, as we always do with players to see if there are any problems, but we've had no contact."
    • 19:10 Nigel Worthington’s side have only won two of their last 22 internationals, losing 13 of them.
    • 19:05 Northern Ireland have scored exactly one goal in each of their three previous meetings with Estonia, winning two 1-0 but losing the other (in Talinn this year) 1-4
    • 19:00 Estonia are without the experienced Taavi Rahn due to suspension. He picked up a booking in the 4-1 win over Northern Ireland in Tallinn in September. Raio Piiroja has recovered from a thigh strain and is fit to play in Belfast, but midfielder Konstantin Vassiljev is a doubt with a hamstring problem.
    • 18:55 A groin injury has forced Aaron Hughes out of the games against Italy and the defender will retire at the end of the Euro 2012 campaign. Jonny Evans has also withdrawn due to an ankle problem. Nigel Worthington has called up Port Vale forward Andrew Little, Scunthorpe midfielder Oliver Norwood and Preston defender Conor McLaughlin due to the absence of Hughes, Jamie Ward and Josh McQuoid.
    • 18:50 Nigel Worthington's side still have a mathematical chance of going through, but would need to win tonight's match and their final group game, while other results would have to go their way. That final match is away at Italy. Estonia will also find it tough to qualify: lying a point behind Serbia, who also have a game in hand. This is a must win for both.
    • 18:45 Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live minute-by-minute coverage of Northern Ireland versus Estonia from Windsor Park.
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    Manager: Nigel Worthington

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    Manager: Tarmo Rüütli

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