Monday June 18, 2012 Group Stage: Group C Finished Stadion Miejski

Italy 2 - 0 Republic of Ireland

  • Cassano 35’
  • Balotelli 90’

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  1. Italy through with win over Ireland

    Italy through with win over Ireland

    Goals from Antonio Cassano and Mario Balotelli sent Italy into the quarter-finals of Euro 2012 with a 2-0 win against Ireland in Poznan. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Italy
    • Republic of Ireland
    • - Another night of huge drama at Euro 2012 - there will be more tomorrow, when England are in action in Group D. We'll see you then!
    • 90' IT HAS FINISHED 1-0 IN GDANSK! ITALY ARE THROUGH! They are runners-up in Group C behind Spain!
    • 90+3' All over! Italy win, but there's an anxious wait for the Croatia result...
    • 90+3' Here come Italy on the break with Balotelli racing down the right channel... blazes it wide.
    • 90+2' Three minutes of added time to be played.
    • 90+1' Pirlo delivers a corner from the right... glanced towards goal... over!
    • 90' GOAL!! GREAT FINISH FROM BALOTELLI!! He powers in a brilliant volley, and Leandro Bonucci covers the goalscorer's mouth as he begins to unleash a deranged rant!
    • 89' RED CARD! Keith Andrews loses his rag and gets his marching orders. Not sure if that was a second yellow or a straight red. He has to be escorted off the pitch.
    • 88' That goal will just put Italy on edge. In the even of a 1-1 in Gdansk, Italy would need TWO more...
    • 87' Goal in Gdansk! Spain have scored! That means they go top of Group C, with Italy currently heading through in second. But a Croatian equaliser sends Italy home.
    • 86' Final substitution for Ireland - Simon Cox replaces the patently knackered Robbie Keane.
    • 85' Once again, the free-kick takes forever to sort out - Italy were trying to move it backwards! Eventually Marchisio smacks it into the wall, and Bonucci blazes a shot into the crowd.
    • 84' Balotelli is fouled at the edge of the box, and this is a great position for Italy. St Ledger booked.
    • 83' Blatant dive from Diamanti, but it cons the ref and Italy win a free-kick. Whelan is livid.
    • 82' Keane robs Barzagli and exchanges passes with Doyle... but he has no pace, and puts the ball out for a goal kick.
    • 81' Great touch by Walters, who is then penalised for a foul when challenging for a high ball. He's certainly had an impact.
    • 80' Crossed from the Irish left... the bodies fly in and the ball scoots away, before Keane is flagged offside.
    • 79' The ref takes an age sorting out the wall, and eventually ANDREWS HITS IT!! Through the wall, but Buffon is equal to it!
    • 78' Walters wins a free-kick off Diamanti a couple of yards outside the Italian box... a good position here.
    • 77' In the crowd, and Irish fan kisses an Italian. It almost brings a tear to the eye.
    • 76' Irish change: Jon Walters on for Kevin Doyle. No McGeady?
    • 75' Buffon rises for a high ball, and is adjudged to have been fouled.
    • 75' Di Natale exits after seven shots and six on target - and Balotelli is on!
    • 74' Yellow card Buffon for having a sustained rant at the ref.
    • 73' Great delivery from Duff and Dunne rises high, but the ball clangs off the side of his head! Disappointing from the big man.
    • 72' The free-kick is wasted, but Ireland soon have another for a foul on Duff on the opposite side of the pitch, the Irish left.
    • 71' Yellow card De Rossi for bringing down Doyle who was on the run inside the Italian half... Whelan to deliver the free-kick.
    • 70' Italy and their fans are looking frustrated. They should be out of sight here, and yet their progress is still on a knife-edge. Still, the goalless Spain-Croatia scoreline is good news for them.
    • 69' After a long delay, Pirlo eventually takes the free-kick and curls it over the bar.
    • 68' Italy free-kick, from a similar position to that from which Pirlo scored against Croatia...
    • 67' Irish corner swung in by Duff... Italy clear.
    • 66' A little solo turn from Diamanti, who jinks outside O'Shea and takes on a very low percentage shot - straight at Given.
    • 65' Ireland change: Shane Long on for Aiden McGeady.
    • 64' Doyle heads on into the Italian box, and Buffon is out sharply to collect it.
    • 63' Offside against Di Natale, who has endured a frustrating evening.
    • 62' Italy change: Off goes the superb Cassano - a strange change - and on comes Alessandro Diamanti, formerly of West Ham...
    • 61' The Irish fans singing a naughty song about Roy Keane. Lyrics unprintable.
    • 60' Doyle tees up Andrews with a deft flick and the midfielder mullers a long-range shot - but straight at Buffon.
    • 59' Croatia have just come agonisingly close to taking the lead against Spain - if they win that game, Spain are out!
    • 58' Marchisio takes a high ball on the volley and drags his effort well wide of the Irish goal.
    • 57' There's the change - Leandro Bonucci is on for Chiellini and Italy have lost their best defender, possibly for the tournament.
    • 56' Chiellini just pulled up while running with Doyle. He signals that he has snapped something. Oh dear... he's coming off.
    • 55' Chiellini is down injured, and his team-mates are signalling for a change. No idea what happened there.
    • 54' Still no goal for Di Natale! He is released by Cassano as Italy break superbly, but the striker takes a poor touch and his shot is easy for Given to deal with!
    • 53' The outswinging Irish corner is met by Dunne who glances his header diappointingly wide!
    • 52' McGeady crosses deep for Keane whose header is deflected behind for a corner. There were optimistic penalty appeals for handball, but they were rightly turned down.
    • 51' Another chance goes begging for Italy as De Rossi sets himself at the edge of the box but curls a right-foot shot over! Italy need a second (and third goal) not only to make their lead safe, but in the event of a 1-1 between Spain and Croatia.
    • 50' O'Shea crosses from the right, but it is behind O'Shea who is off-balance and volleys high over the bar.
    • 50' Cassano! Yet another block as the number 10 is teed up by the excellent Balzaretti! Dunne in the way this time.
    • 49' The corner comes to nothing but Italy still have ball, camped out in Irish territory early in the second half.
    • 48' Chance for Italy as Cassano finds Balzaretti on the left and he crosses for Di Natale whose effort is blocked yet again.
    • 47' No personnel changes at half-time, but Stephen Hunt is warming up for Ireland. Possibly just trying to put himself in Trap's eyeline.
    • 46' Ireland kick the second half off, playing from left to right as we see it.
    • 45+1' That's half-time. After a bright start, Ireland have been a little bit overwhelmed, and Italy have a deserved lead. As things stand the Azzurri are leading Group C, but everything could change based on events in the other game.
    • 45' Keane feels the defender came through the back of him, but referee Cakir says play on! Some whistles of frustration from the Irish.
    • 44' Cassano picks out Motta in the box, Dunne is there and concedes another corner.
    • 43' Cassano finds De Rossi on the left... his attempted shot is blocked by O'Shea, but Italy are sweeping forward ominously.
    • 42' Italy lead the pass count 256-83. It's 64%-36% in possession terms.
    • 41' Doyle flicks on for an ambling Robbie Keane who was walking back onside. The flag goes up anyway, though it would have been an Italian ball in any event.
    • 40' Free-kick played deep to Di Natale who volleys back across goal, but Cassano foulds McGeady.
    • 39' Yellow card John O'Shea for a foul on Balzaretti and a dangerous free-kick.
    • 37' So Italy are through as it stands. A goal in Gdansk is OK, too. However, if it gets to 1-1 between Spain and Croatia, Italy need two more goals, and at 2-2 they are definitively out.
    • 36' As it stands: Italy 5, Spain 5, Croatia 5, Ireland 0. Italy have the best goals scored from the Ita-Esp-Cro mini-league, while Spain beat Croatia on overall goal difference.
    • 35' GOAL! Cassano for Italy! He gets a glancing header, Given makes half a save and Duff hooks it away from his position on the far post, but the ball has crossed the line and that is a good decision by the officials.
    • 35' Cassano hits a long-range shot that Given fumbles and Italy will have a corner.
    • 34' Di Natale takes the ball past Given on the right side of the Irish box and goes for goal from a tight angle... cleared off the line!
    • 33' A good spell this for Italy. Wave after wave of attacks. Ireland stanfing firm though - much like they did in qualifying.
    • 32' Here come Italy again with Di Natale running into the box... St Ledger boots it away...
    • 31' Italy work it down the left again, but this time Balazaretti strays offside. Respite for Ireland.
    • 30' Italy scream for a penalty as St Ledger blocks Di Natale's shot! Hit the shoulder... borderline but I don't think it was deliberate. Good run from Balzaretti to set that up.
    • 29' Actually, that's not strictly true. Depends what you're doing, and where...
    • 29' Ireland fans doing the Poznan - last time they played here, they waited until they scored. But why not? Who cares what Roy Keane says, there's no law against enjoying yourself.
    • 28' Balzaretti literally rugby tackles McGeady - literally - and is obviously booked. He responds by adjusting his ponytail.
    • 28' Cassano crosses low for Di Natale who gets a shot away but it is blocked by Dunne!
    • 27' Duff's outswinging free-kick is met by St Ledger... headed over but he is penalised for a push on Chiellini.
    • 26' Duff cuts inside from the left and takes on three players - he is pulled over by Marchisio and wins a free-kick.
    • 25' McGeady finds Doyle, who attempts to cross for Keane but it is cut out. Italy might have gone from a back three to a back four, but they have been almost non-existent in defence! Constantly short of numbers...
    • 24' Another cross is arrowed into the Italian box - St Ledger rises for it but again cannot make contact.
    • 23' Here come Ireland from the break, it's three on three but McGeady takes a heavy touch! Poor, that was a real chance.
    • 22' McGeady crosses from the right for Doyle who steals in front of his marker but cannot get on the end of the ball.
    • 21' Pirlo peels off to the left and picks the ball up, to jeers... he plays a diagonal through-ball out for a goal kick, to cheers.
    • 20' It's not saying much, but this has been by far the best 20-minute spell Ireland have had at Euro 2012.
    • 19' Duff curls the free-kick to the far post where Dunne meets it with a header - but he is penalised for a push on Barzagli.
    • 18' A big aerial challenge between Doyle and Chiellini leaves the Italian pole-axed on the deck. That looked painful, though the free-kick goes Ireland's way...
    • 17' Cassano slips as Ward comes across to challenge him, but the Wolves man put the ball behind for a corner anyway,
    • 16' Pirlo stayed down so long the referee eventually asked Ireland to put it out. Needless to say, he's fine.
    • 15' Pirlo goes down but the referee says play on, and Whelan trundles past halfway. He chips it towards Keane but the ball is intercepted.
    • 14' Knocked long for Keane, who is onside but isolated and he loses possession.
    • 13' The Irish fans are greeting every pass with an 'Ole!' as Ireland pass it about at the back.
    • 12' McGeady bursts down the Ireland right, but the ball is played a fraction too late and the winger strays offside.
    • 11' Italy are starting to boss this game after Ireland dominated the early stages.
    • 10' Cassano steps away from St Ledger on the Italian right and dinks across... headed behind by O'Shea.
    • 9' Another Italian corner as Dunne clears De Rossi's cross behind.
    • 8' Pirlo's corner comes in from the Italian right and it nearly drops for Motta but the midfielder stumbles.
    • 7' Doyle races through the left channel, Barzagli comes across to cover and Ireland want a corner... not given! I don't want to harp on about the officials behind the goal, but surely comebody could see the last touch was off the Italian?
    • 6' Sean St Ledger brings the ball out of defence, but slips and falls over - the ball is given away to Abate.
    • 5' Good start from Ireland, and they have got through four minutes without conceding...
    • 4' Duff delivers, Doyle gets a glancing header and the ball hits a defender... Andrews follows-up but his effort is charged down.
    • 3' Balzaretti bundles Duff to the ground and Ireland win a free-kick wide on the right. Duff to swing it in left-footed.
    • 2' Di Natale plays a crossfield ball for De Rossi, who volleys wide left-footed. Ireland have conceded early in every half so far...
    • 1' Pirlo gives it away and Doyle charges through the middle! Crowded out before he can get a shot away...
    • 1' After that hideous UEFA countdown, we are under way! A tremendous noise from the Irish fans, many of whom sang both anthems. Italy kick off, playing from left to right as we see it.
    • 19:45 Tonight's referee is Turkish - Cuneyt Cakir.
    • 19:44 Ooh, Chiellini absolutely belted out the last line of that anthem. He's psyched. Jazzed. Etc.
    • 19:44 Ireland are in their white change strip, for those counting at home. A group of Italian fans wear t-shirts spelling out 'Ciao Mamma'.
    • 19:42 Anthems! Ireland: noisy; Italy: jaunty but quieter.
    • 19:40 The teams are in the tunnel - Damien Duff captains Ireland tonight on the occasion of his 100th cap. Bet Roy Keane's not too happy about that tokenism...
    • 19:35 OK, time for one more bit of classic Irish action - here's Jack Charlton and John Aldridge going ape at USA '94. (Web users only) Sorry, it's in clip show format
    • 19:35 Our columnist Jim White is also in the Stadion Miejski in Poznan - he tweets: "Must be all of 450 Italian supporters in Poznan for Ireland game. There are at least that number of Irish tricolours fluttering in stadium. There'll be more Italians watching in the Bar Italia, Soho than are here..."
    • 19:30 Ray Houghton, anyone? Here you go. (Abysmal commentary alert!)
    • 19:30 These sides have met twice before in major tournaments, picking up one victory apiece; Italy had the better at home soil in the World Cup 1990, Ireland got their revenge by the same scoreline in 1994 in the USA. (Opta)
    • 19:25 An interesting bit of news doing the rounds - Tottenham are apparently in preliminary negotiations with Laurent Blanc to be their new manager. An odd choice, and odd to be in talks with him halfway through a major tournament... More here
    • 19:20 Ominous Tweet from Castrol: Italy are without a win in six consecutive games at major tournaments for the first time in their history. Mamma mia etc...
    • 19:20 Eurosport-Yahoo's supervising editor Sean Fay is in Poznan in his capacity as an Ireland fan and, signal permitting, he'll be making pithy remarks throughout the game. Sean Fay on Twitter (Warning: a bit sweary at times)
    • 19:15 Time for an introduction: Good evening, my name's Alex Chick, and I'll be bringing you live text commentary of this game. If you fancy getting in touch, Twitter is the place to do it - @alexchick81 Alex Chick on Twitter
    • 19:10 If all those permutations are a bit daunting, don't worry. All will be explained as we go along.
    • 19:10 It is this last scenario - a 2-2 Spain-Croatia draw taking Italy's fate out of their hands - that has got fans of the Azzurri nervous. An almost identical scenario played out at Euro 2004, when Sweden and Denmark drew 2-2 to send Italy home. More on the Italian 'biscotto'
    • 19:05 ITALY win, SPAIN 2-2 CROATIA (or higher-scoring draw) - Spain and Croatia through, Italy are powerless.
    • 19:05 ITALY win, SPAIN 1-1 CROATIA - It comes down to overall goal difference again. Spain would definitely go through; Italy would have to beat Ireland by at least two goals (and not 2-0) - otherwise Croatia are through.
    • 19:05 ITALY win, SPAIN 0-0 CROATIA - Italy win the group, Spain second (edging Croatia on overall goal difference).
    • 19:05 Now, it gets complicated if SPAIN draw with CROATIA and ITALY win. All three teams would have five points, with the group decided by a mini-league between them. As all the matches will be draws, it comes down to goals scored. So...
    • 19:00 SPAIN and CROATIA both have four points, and know they will be through if they win tonight. The losers of that match would be out if ITALY beat Ireland. If Italy do not win, they are out.
    • 19:00 PERMUTATIONS! It's not as complicated as last night, but it's not far off. Let's start with the easy bit - IRELAND are out.
    • 18:55 As for Ireland, they make just the one change from the 4-0 drubbing at Spain's hands. Kevin Doyle replaces Simon Cox. Well, that's fixed that...
    • 18:55 So a couple of changes from the Croatia game for Italy - Barzagli replaces Bonucci at centre-back, while Abate and Balzaretti are in for Maggio and Giaccherini at the full-back positions. UEFA have them operating a back four, with Daniele De Rossi moving into midfield.
    • 18:50 ITALY: Buffon, Chiellini, De Rossi, Barzagli, Abate, Balzaretti, Pirlo, Motta, Marchisio, Cassano, Di Natale... Subs: Sirigu, De Sanctis, Maggio, Ogbonna, Giaccherini, Montolivo, Diamanti, Nocerino, Balotelli, Borini, Giovinco.
    • 18:50 IRELAND: Given, O'Shea, Dunne, St Ledger, Ward, Duff, Whelan, Andrew, McGeady, Doyle, Keane... Subs: Westwood, Forde, Kelly, McShane, O'Dea, Gibson, hunt, Green, McClean, Walters, Long, Cox.
    • 18:45 Welcome to LIVE coverage of Ireland's final Euro 2012 match against Italy at Stadion Miejski in Poznan.
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  1. If you wonder why the Irish have always been the but of­ English jokes just take a look at the comments from­ Peter on here

    From Richard, on Thu 21 Jun 15:07
  2. re. comment 238, i think the gold medal for diving will­ be between rooney,and young,very hard to choose as they­ are both world class...and yes,bring on england and see­ who gets smashed,,,

    From faicchio01, on Tue 19 Jun 15:06
  3. The Chavs are still complaining about the "hand of­ God" incident 26 years later.

    From peter, on Tue 19 Jun 13:33
  4. The Irish have been crying about Henry's handball­ for years.Now they get their chance to play in a major­ tourney and what do they do? LOSE EVERY BLOODY GAME BY­ AT LEAST 2! Well done,lads!

    From Dave, on Tue 19 Jun 12:47
  5. the euros is so corrupt

    From The Top Fan, on Tue 19 Jun 9:19
  6. Congratula Italy :) Hope Italy Win Euro 12­ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I Support Italy :)

    From , on Tue 19 Jun 7:02
  7. elvis?dont forget i-ties,played a very big part in­ making chelsea(your team) what they are today.before­ that,there was no chelsea.anf if j.terry can be bought­ ,u are admitting that your lot are cheats also. keep­ dreamin elvis!!!

    From faicchio01, on Tue 19 Jun 4:58
  8. @ Mark when was the last time England won against­ Italy in any competition or friendly match???

    From M, on Tue 19 Jun 2:51
  9. england is going to smash italy in the quater finals­ well we know whos getting the gold medal in the diving­ in the olympics well if italy puts there soccer team in­ they will take gold hands down

    From Mark, on Tue 19 Jun 1:39
  10. King - why are you hiding behind that profile if­ you're called Jason and you really follow Man Utd­ like Sarah says ? Answers on a postcard please !

    From , on Tue 19 Jun 1:04
  11. @241- You need to get out more mate. No-one has any­ proof of anyone about who or what they are on here.­ Sarah is allowed to contribute just like anyone else.­ I'm a supervisor at a textiles firm and believe me,­ she's a lamb compared to some of the chavs i deal­ with every day. Anyways unless your sexist, does it­ matter if she's a girl anyway. Time you joined the­ 2010s mate.

    From , on Tue 19 Jun 0:53
  12. The funny thing is,most Irish people would like to see­ England do well.I even supported them in World Cup 2010­ and so did all my mates.Never again.

    From peter, on Tue 19 Jun 0:04
  13. I support Arsenal and i'm glad Ireland are out as­ well. Does that mean you're gonna pick on me as­ well King. ?I reckon you're just a sexist pig­ matey.

    From , on Tue 19 Jun 0:01
  14. Sorry King but England are losers in this game by their­ very nature.You've managed to blag it so far but­ the wheels will come off sooner or later.They always­ do.

    From peter, on Mon 18 Jun 23:53
  15. That's right Elvis,we won't be in the final and­ neither will you.

    From peter, on Mon 18 Jun 23:23
  16. King or whatever fake pseudo Elvis you want to be, you­ need to grow up and learn and read properly and also­ learn about the game because you don't know what­ you're talking about or are too biased. What­ happened did an Italian seduce your mother? Its already­ bad enough dealing with arrogant Germans and French­ without sanctimonious blinkered people like you too.

    From Guest, on Mon 18 Jun 23:20
  17. Or we could say Shay Given gave the goal by flapping­ his hands on purpose for the first goal, and Ireland­ placed a free kick directly towards Buffon on purpose.­ The Italy goal did cross the line not sure how that can­ be denied, no one says it did not go in. The reff was a­ bit off, I agree but have seen enough goals disallowed­ against Italy and England in many years to say maybe­ the conspiracy is not the players fault but either luck­ or something bigger at hand.

    From toni, on Mon 18 Jun 23:19
  18. Not sure about titles being brought, which ones, seen­ Italy go out of tournements for no reason and unbeaten­ many times the same as England, if anything someone­ payed them to lose rather than win anything, think­ people need to show where the pay to winning comes from­ again. Could say the winners of Argentina 78, France 98­ Brazil 94 world Cup 2002 were all a bit dogey, even­ Italy losing in 94 was a bit funny.

    From toni, on Mon 18 Jun 22:54
  19. One billion to finish 6th

    From Bangers, on Mon 18 Jun 22:51
  20. Perhaps.Although the last time we played you we were­ set to win.Then you - somewhat predictably - started a­ riot and trashed our stadium.

    From peter, on Mon 18 Jun 22:45
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