Wednesday May 12, 2010 Final Finished Volksparkstadion

Atlético Madrid 2 - 1 Fulham

  • Forlán 32’, 116’
  • Davies 37’

  1. Forlan breaks Fulham hearts

    Forlan breaks Fulham hearts

    Diego Forlan scored deep into extra-time to give Atletico Madrid a 2-1 win over Fulham in the Europa League final in Hamburg. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Atlético Madrid
    • Fulham
    • 120+3 ATLETICO MADRID WIN THE EUROPA LEAGUE! They hold on despite Fulham's late onslaught and Diego Forlan's brace has given them their first silverware since the double in 1996. Poor Fulham, they are on their knees, gutted.
    • 102+2 Long by Hughes, Hangeland up there, throw on the right. Davies puts it in, everyone is in there, Etuhu swings and misses. Gera is in but the flag is up! He put it wide anyway.
    • 120+1 Two extra minutes being played. Atletico strolling about now.
    • 120' Corner Atletico now, they'll wind the clock down...
    • 119' Konchesky hits it long, Hangeland is a striker now and he flicks it on but just beyond Nevland!
    • 118' FULHAM SUB: Murphy off for Greening.
    • - Forlan booked for stripping. Another fortunate goal for Atletico, Forlan's finish took a killer deflection off Hangeland that took it away from Schwarzer and in.
    • 116' Aguero beats Hughes on the left and he spins in a low cross AND FORLAN WITH THE TOUCH AND IN! Just inside the far post and maybe a deflection but he's done it again!
    • 115' Forlan tries to surge in but Fulham clear. Now Davies has it on the right. Baird gives it away though. Lopez crosses but Murphy stretches those 33-year-old legs to intercept and clear.
    • 114' Aguero manages to ride three or four challenges on the left. Ujfalusi crosses but Baird heads away. Dempsey against all the odds wins the ball and takes three men with him, Garcia fouls and a booking for Perea for mouthing off.
    • 113' Nevland tries a volley but he misses it. Now Baird finds Davies on the right, low cross, Nevland flicks it up AND HE VOLLEYS BUT OVER! Oooh that could have gone anywhere!
    • 112' Forlan falls over the ball and Fulham fans cheer. Dempsey is fouled twice, staying down the second time after Garcia kicks him.
    • 112' Almost a glorious touch off the thigh by Nevland but Dominguez just beats him to clear. Fulham get it back though...
    • 111' Nevland turns on halfway but his pass is poor and Atletico clear. Well, they pass it around a bit. Ujfalusi gets in down the right and they're lining up but Forlan blasts yards over! Poor!
    • 110' Murphy took it too quickly and the ref makes him do it again. For some reason the Atletico fans think that was card-worthy. Murphy flings it in and Dempsey flies in but the whisle goes for a foul by the American, pushing Perea.
    • 109' Dempsey wins another free-kick, off Ujfalusi, 35 yards out.
    • 108' Murphy to take... Great ball in left-footed AND ETUHU but De Gea gets there fractionally earlier to tip away!
    • 108' Gera with good determination and skill on the left, inside to Dempsey who is tripped by Garcia and goes down. Free-kick 25-30 yards out, centre-left.
    • 107' Salvio late on Konchesky in frustration after the Fulham left-back beat him to the ball.
    • 106' Aguero beats Konchesky but the low cross is inercepted by Euhu. Fulham break but Atletico get it back, Lopez on the ball.
    • 106' After a few minutes regrouping, drinks and huddles, the second half of extra time is underway. Worth noting Fulham - and Roy Hodgson - seemed quite relaxed.
    • 105+1 Half-time in extra-time. Still 1-1. Just.
    • 105+1 SIDE NETTING ATLETICO MADRID! Half the ground thought that was in, the net bulged! Forlan on the left made mincemeat of Baird and slid it across the box but it came off Salvio and Aguero slid in but somehow put it wide!
    • 105' Aguero almost wriggles into space but Konchesky gets across to block his shot. Throw.
    • 104' Konchesky tries a through ball but he telegraphed that. Ujfalusi hoofs the ball out. looking tired now. Nevland chases a long one but it skips out.
    • 104' Aguero almost latches on to Forlan's long pass but it spins through to Schwarzer. Dempsey flicks it on now but Nevland can't reach it. Tight is the word.
    • 103' Konchesky a bit too rough on Salvio. Free-kick on the right. Taken short back into the Atletico half.
    • 102' Nevland uses his minimal body to win a throw on the left. Konchesky takes as Fulham keep the ball, although Hangeland opts for a long one beyond Dempsey and back with De Gea.
    • 101' Gera gives it away to Salvio, now Forlan with the cross but over Aguero! Kept in and the ball is swung far post, a touch off a defender AND FORLAN WITH THE DRIVE ON THE RIGHT but Schwarzer blocks and Etuhu clears!!
    • 99' Davies will take this, implying a cross... but he shoots straight at a two-man wall. Tired and poor.
    • 99' Fulham keep the ball and Perea with a high boot on Nevland gives Fulham a free-kick 33 yards or so out...
    • 98' Salvio handles to give the ball back to Fulham. Schwarzer sends the free-kick long. Murphy on it now, then Konchesky but Gera's low ball is poor.
    • 97' Lopez to Jurado, great ball in but a super header away from Konchesky.
    • 97' Fulham have a throw on the right which Baird puts weirdly right back to Etuhu, who stretches to get it to Schwarzer. Konchesky pops up on the left but a poor low cross is cleared.
    • 96' A ball over the top frees Nevland who is onside! Takes it on the chest but great pace from Perea, forcing the early shot from a tight angle which goes well wide.
    • 95' Gera puts it out under pressure. Atletico are committing men forward but not getting anywhere as of yet. Over the top for Dempsey but Perea beats him in the foot race to clear.
    • 94' Gera over the top, Demspey on the left and he could be in but fouls Perea.
    • 93' Davies to take... easy for De Gea. He puts it long but Konchesky heads away and Nevland has space, now Davies is in but his low ball is poor, into Perea! It was on there, Gera was free!
    • 92' Konchesky gets it after good work from Gera but Fulham opt to slow it. Well done Nevland though, winning a corner off Perea on the left.
    • 92' Jurado has a pop from 25 yards but well over.
    • 91' Extra time gets underway as Davies has a chance but fires well wide, snatching at the shot.
    • 90+2 The match goes to extra-time! Who would have thought Fulham would still be playing football at this stage of the season...
    • 90+2 Atletico still have it, Aguero wide to Ujfalusi with a low ball and Aguero goes down with Hangeland behind him but get up says the ref.
    • 90+1 Etuhu is a big, strong man and wins the ball with ease. Dempsey loses it though. Danger with Aguero but Hughes clears.
    • 90+1 Nevland is caught offside AGAIN as he flicked the ball on. Hold your line man!
    • 90' Nevland is caught offside again. Two minutes stoppage time to be played.
    • 89' Dempsey flicks it over the top and Nevland could be in but for some reason he shoots from a poor angle and out for a throw on the other side.
    • 89' Konchesky puts in a teasing cross but offside on Nevland.
    • 88' Murphy and Konchesky over it. Murphy wants it... into the wall, out for a throw. He thinks he was close to finding the gap there.
    • 88' Gera wide to Konchesky as Fulham break. The cross is cleared but Etuhu wins it back and Gera is barged in the back from Garcia around 25 yards out, maybe 28, a touch to the left...
    • 87' Still Atletico as Hughes's header drops for Garcia but he smacks it well wide from far out.
    • 86' Aguero, very deep now plays it in for Forlan but he spoons the ball up in the air. Fulham cannot clear though as Atletico come again, Jurado on the left. Assuncao spreads it Ujfalusi crosses, cleared.
    • 85' Wide to Ujfalusi but poor control. Konchesky clears, Perea puts it out. Nervous moments now. Gera wins a free-kick, Assuncao pulls his shirt.
    • 84' Wasteful from Jurado, shooting 10 yards over from 30 out. Fulham to make a sub - Nevland on for Duff. Dempsey to drop deeper.
    • 83' Fulham are on the ropes here. Dempsey is isolated with everyone at the pump.
    • 83' Salvio digs out a super ball, poor header by Hughes but Etuhu hacks it away.
    • 82' Schwarzer mis-hits Hughes's back-pass out for a throw.
    • 82' Brilliant defending from Baird to read Aguero's ball and stop Forlan from racing in. Duff with a poor piece of control loses the ball on the right, Atletico throw.
    • 81' Ujfalusi on the right drills in a low cross, Salvio fluffs it and Hughes hacks it out for a throw. The ball is crossed in for Forlan but he can't reach it and Schwarzer claims.
    • 80' Quick free-kick Atletico but Fulham clear. Gera flicks it forward but heavy and it bounces away from Dempsey and to De Gea.
    • 79' Gera with a foul on Aguero, Atletico are angry but just a free-kick. A cross hits Murphy and goes out for a corner. Jurado puts it in, up in the air and UJFALUSI no, miles over with the volley from the edge of the box.
    • 78' Forlan crosses, Hangeland heads clear. Atletico make a sub, Reyes off for young Argentine Eduardo Salvio.
    • 77' Fulham with some decent pressure off and on the ball to win a throw on the right.
    • 76' Poor ball by Ujfalusi, aimless and out for a throw. A cheer from the English.
    • 75' Atletico are keeping the ball much better now. Gera charges down Perea's clearance.
    • 75' Reyes then, 25 yards, a touch to the right... But Aguero hits it! Schwarzer claims it easy.
    • 74' Etuhu with a foul this time, 25 yards out a trip on Aguero. Dangerous. Reyes set to take this with Simao off....
    • 73' Advantage after a Gera foul on Garcia. Poor cross in the end. No card to be given. Garcia won't shut up so the ref stops play to explain the advantage rule.
    • 72' Davies will take this, the first Fulham corner tonight which De Gea punches clear. Duff has it though, cutting inside but failing to free Dempsey. Atletico break. Phew.
    • 71' Aguero and Atletico break and he cuts it back but no-one's there. Another poor cross is cleared and Fulham get the ball back. Davies on the left, now Dempsey on Perea and he wins a corner off him.
    • 70' Forlan on the left feeds Lopez but Konchesky heads clear. Baird plays it wide to Gera. One-two with Dempsey as they wait for reinforcements but Atletico have got back quicker and can clear.
    • 69' Baird and Duff combine, Duff puts in a teasing ball and Gera far post but he just cannot hook his foot around it and the ball spins away for a goal kick.
    • 68' ATLETICO SUB: Simao comes off for Jurado. Simao is annoyed.
    • 67' Forlan on the run, his shot is blocked but almost puts him in before a saving Konchesky tackle clears Fulham's lines,. Fulham counter as Duff cuts inside and has a crack but well wide.
    • 67' Poor ball from Konchesky, who had space on the left but mis-hit the ball.
    • 66' Good ball in from Simao again but Schwarzer takes it in a crowd of bodies.
    • 65' Baird fouls Simao with a crude obstruction. Free-kick on the left to Atletico.
    • 65' Now Atletico are keeping the ball well as this game ebbs and flows. Davies is back defending to clear as Raul Garcia fouls Gera.
    • 64' Atletico have a free-kick then on the right wing. Simao and Reyes over it... taken short, Simao to Reyes but he can't shoot and Atletico have to start again, Forlan on the left beats Baird but Gera clears.
    • 63' Aguero goes down under a challenge from Hangeland. Hmmmm. That looked six to one and half a dozen of the other. Booking too, for dissent.
    • 62' Baird crosses and Gera leaves it thinking someone else can have it but no-one is there, it was beyond him anyway. Davies chases but out for a throw.
    • 61' Second half has been all Fulham so far then. But Atletico come forward, Lopez on the left. Aguero deeper now but his shot is blocked and Fulham try to counter. Dempsey chases a nothing ball but he'll do that all day, way to hustle.
    • 60' Aguero with a great first touch but Forlan doesn't read the pass and it goes through to Schwarzer. Konchseky crosses, half-cleared AND DAVIES WITH A SUPER HALF-VOLLEY BUT A BRILLIANT SAVE!
    • 60' Etuhu does well to sweep up after Aguero got the better of Konchesky. Hangeland steers the ball back to Schwarzer with his head.
    • 59' Murphy with a through ball but Dempsey is offside.
    • 58' Aguero and Reyes combine but Ujfalusi's cross is poor, goal kick.
    • 57' Konchesky and Davies do really well to keep it left but Murphy gives it away! Reyes to play it for Forlan in but poor ball. Davies plays it in for Dempsey but he is just offside.
    • 56' Dempsey gives chase straight away and forces an error from Dominguez. Throw to Fulham.
    • 55' FULHAM SUB: The stoic and heroic Bobby Zamora limps off for Clint Dempsey.
    • 55' Lopez on the left cuts in to shoot but well wide. Konchesky has it on the left now. Fulham slow it down. Dempsey is warming up, out for an Atletico throw.
    • 54' Atletico resist another Fulham attack and Aguero gets forward... Davies is back though, winning a throw off him too.
    • 53' De Gea is furious as Gera accidentally caught him as they flew in. Huge over-reaction from Atletico and the ref rightly breaks it up.
    • 52' Lopez's cross is easy for Schwarzer. Fulham opt for the short approach until Baird's loose ball goes to Dominguez. Fulham can break though as Duff plays Gera in, he could be clean through but the touch is a bit heavy and De Gea claims! A better touch and he was in!
    • 51' Zamora lays it off to Duff but the move breaks down. Still with Fulham as the deep-lying Murphy and Etuhu win it back. Gera almost gets in on the right but can't get the shot away. Now Duff bursts in and he crosses but Perea clears! Fulham right up against them now!
    • 50' Fulham wiht a good spell here but Zamora slips. Atletico give it away though and Konchesky can start again on the left. Fulham keeping the ball....
    • 49' Ujfalusi on the right inside to Forlan but Etuhu is back to tackle. Long for Zamora who uses his chest. Duff with a decoy run so Gera can get in but he's tackled. Still with Fulham though....
    • 48' Neat passing as Fulham clear, inside by Konchesky and Zamora is convinced Perea is pulling his shirt but play on again! Atletico clear.
    • 47' Atleti start where they left off, pushing the ball aroudnd but Etuhu clears, Zamora holds it up, Gera on the right but he gives it away, straight to Reyes but he wastes it.
    • 46' Gera loses control of the ball to give away a throw. Atletico on the ball, Reyes wide to Lopez, good ball but Hangeland heads clear.
    • 46' The second half resumes.
    • - No changes at half-time we are told. Good to see Zamora still okay - he had a right old 'mare against Hamburg.
    • - STAT ATTACK: A whopping seven corners to Atletico, many at the end of the half, with none for Fulham. Fouls even, five:four.
    • - STAT ATTACK: 56% possession to Atletico, with seven shots on target to Fulham's two and three off to Fulham's one.
    • 45' Not a second of injury-time as the teams go on 1-1 after an entertaining first half!
    • 45' Simao tries one from 35 yards but Aussie Schwarzer fields it at the boundary.
    • 44' Good delivery Reyes but Schwarzer punches strongly. There are calls for some kind of handball, it hit Konchesky but the ref ignores it, Ujfalusi smacks it in from range but deflected for a corner. Taken short AND FORLAN WITH THE SHOT but tipped low behind the post for another corner!!
    • 44' Simao does really well to win another corner, with the ball almost out he nicked it against Baird's legs. Cleared well this time. But another corner as Reyes's ball hits Gera on the right.
    • 43' More nonsense in the box with Garcia being a bit silly after clashing with Etuhu. Ref shuts them up. Simao's cross is headed away by Zamora.
    • 42' Free-kick Atletico on their left but a bit of nonsense before Simao puts it in. Fulham clear but the second ball hits Duff and Simao lets it out for a corner on the left. He'll take it.
    • 41' Reyes bossing the ball now as Fulham sit tight and keep their shape...
    • 40' The ball drops for Reyes but well over, miles over.
    • 39' Baird mis-directs a defensive header behind for a corner.
    • - Just when you thought Fulham were on the rack, Simon Davies scores a cracker. Brilliant skill from Zamora in the build-up, I thought he was going to score another wonder goal for a second.
    • 37' Fulham have the ball again as Murphy finds Konchesky... Zamora on the edge of the box, what a turn and he's in and must score but the crowd him out, he somehow gets it to Duff who stretches and Gera on the right crosses AND DAVIES! FAR POST VOLLEY! 1-1!!
    • 36' Handball from Gera as the ball spins up into his chest area.
    • 35' Murphy manages to get it wide on the stretch but a poor cross from Konchesky.
    • 34' Zamora has it on the right and he cuts into the box but a heavy touch prevents him from finding Gera.
    • 33' Aguero runs at the defence after Forlan makes a diagonal run and it opens up but he shoots weakly at Schwarzer!
    • - Borderline offside for Forlan, great movement either way. AGAIN he scores against an English side.
    • 32' Murphy finds Davies, now Konchesky but it slows down and Etuhu has it before giving it away. Reyes on the ball, he crosses, flicked on and Aguero mis-hits the shot BUT FORLAN POKES IT HOME! Into the bottom left! A stroke of luck but a sweet finish.
    • 31' Zamora heads a long ball to Davies. Fulham stroke it about and Duff seems to be hauled down by Lopez but again nothing given. Ref likes a tackle, fair enough.
    • 30' Zamora tries to spin off Dominguez but the Atletico defender gets the better off him and shepherds it back to De Gea. They win a throw on the right though as Gera outmuscles Dominguez, who knocks it out.
    • 29' Simao puts it in and somehow Dominguez beats Hangeland to the header but easy for Schwarzer. Zamora wins a free-kick deep in the Atletico half. Taken short so Fulham can keep ball, but Murphy gives it away.
    • 28' Los Rojiblancos win a free-kick on the right, quite deep and Simao to cross....
    • 27' Aguero almost gets in again but Hangeland clears. Ujfalusi pumps it in but Hughes clears. Atletico dominating at the moment.
    • - For users not on iphone tonight, you can see pictures from the match and the fans tonight by clicking through. CLICK HERE FOR PICS!
    • 26' Reyes with a high boot on Konchesky. A brief interlude as Fulham let Schwarzer take it.
    • 25' Aguero skins Baird and then Hughes and he does Hughes again before drilling it in but Hangeland kicks it clear from Forlan!
    • 24' Konchesky bombs forward on the left but slips and Atletico clear.
    • 23' Throw to Atleti deep in their half after Hughes's ball is knocked on. Forlan plays a great through ball to free Aguero but a super, calm interception by Hughes.
    • 22' Fulham sit deep and allow Atletico to play the ball slowly around midfield. Now Forlan gets it on his right but smacks it high and wide.
    • 21' Assuncao with a heavy ball past Simao. Fulham regain possession and Schwarzer puts it long.
    • 20' Zamora wins a free-kick just inside the Atletico half. Hughes to pump it in. Zamora knocks it back AND DAVIES WITH A WONDERFUL VOLLEY but a super catch by De Gea! He held on to that despite the pace.
    • 19' Davies wide left to Gera but his cross is blocked by Ujfalusi. Still with Fulham though, even after the clearance. Hangeland plays it long but De Gea claims.
    • 18' Ball over the top releases Forlan but Schwarzer reads the bounce and gathers first.
    • 17' Duff is furious after what he feels was a foul from Garcia. Just a throw. Duff gets it off Gera, riding the challenge, Fulham knocking it about, Konchesky to Zamora with a super back-header AND GERA VOLLEYS but well over.
    • 16' Reyes shoots and Schwarzer parries from his top left and claims the loose ball. Good anticipation. First shot on target, technically.
    • 16' Simao is awesome at these, but Lopez and Reyes fancy it too...
    • 15' Konchesky slips but manages to get it away. Etuhu fouls Ujfalusi and the Czech hurls himself to the floor. No card, the ref can see what happened, but a free-kick on the right just short of the area...
    • 14' Etuhu gives the ball away, which is a problem of his. Fulham win it back though. Fulham break but Davies clips Ujfalusi.
    • 13' Duff on the right races forward, Murphy now to Etuhu but Davies slips. All the way back to Schwarzer now.
    • 12' Gera is taken out by Dominguez, who gets a touch but oddly the linesman says goal kick. Well it was one or the other surely...
    • 12' FORLAN HITS THE POST! Lucky Fulham! Murphy gives it away and Aguero is in, finding the free Forlan but his low drive across the beaten Forlan hits wood. Baird showed him wide but he should have scored.
    • 11' Lovely chest on by Zamora, Duff has it, now Murphy on it and Davies plays it through but De Gea claims.
    • 10' Good play as Fulha pass it around but Murphy gives it away, Aguero runs off but Hangeland challenges him. Aguero goes down and the crowd whoop but the ref waves play on. Fulham play it quickly up and Gera flicks it on, Zamora is in but the flag is up!
    • 9' Reyes chips it in for Aguero but Schwarzer flies out to punch and Fulham scramble clear.
    • 8' Fulham deal with the corner, putting the ball out for a throw, which Baird clears. Atletico keep the ball though.
    • 7' Corner Atletico after Reyes's ball forward is deflected wide.
    • 6' Perea goes into the back of Murphy, free-kick on half way. Davies rolls it in for Zamora but offside.
    • 5' Fulham break from this though but a touch too much on the ball down the right, Gera can't keep it in.
    • 4' Lopez gets forward and finds Aguero but out for a throw on the left. Atletico showing themselves a bit now.
    • 3' Decent spell of pressure from Fulham, Zamora knocks it down, Gera can shoot but slips, Duff wide to Konchesky but too quick for him. Throw.
    • 2' The pitch seems huge. I'm sure it is a touch bigger than Craven Cottage but the spaces seem that bit wider. Scrappy so far, Whites fans in good voice. This could be a test of nerves.
    • 1' Aguero up against Baird, but the Argentine's cross spins out for a goal kick.
    • 1' The first half of this historic match gets underway.
    • - The tension hangs heavy in the air, with Fulham's 12,500 or so fans swelled by Liverpool and Hamburg supporters (and some naughty black market tickets) promising to support the Lilywhites as both sides take the field.
    • 19:30 Roy: "Zamora was obviously close beacuse we had to wait until Monday to see if the improvement kicked on, but fortunately he was able to train on Monday. We didn't take any chances yesterday evening so it has healed and he is fit to play. Wer'e excited at the occasion, we don't play at this level every week and it's a massive final everywhere aroud the world. We are aware of our responsibility but we will look to play well."
    • - Golly, don't Atletico look strong? Only keeper David De Gea - a teenager - is a relative weak link, although the back-line is less impressive than their attack. Aguero alone costs more than the whole Fulham squad. Gulp.
    • 19:05 Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)
    • 19:00 Atletico Madrid starting XI: De Gea, Ujfalusi, Perea, Dominguez, Antonio Lopez, Reyes, Paulo Assuncao, Raul Garcia, Simao, Forlan, Aguero; Subs: Joel, Valera, Camacho, Jurado, Salvio, Juanito, Cabrera
    • 18:45 Fulham starting XI: Schwarzer, Baird, Konchesky, Hangeland, Hughes, Davies, Duff, Etuhu, Murphy, Gera, Zamora; Subs: Zuberbuhler, Pantsil, Nevland, Riise, Dempsey, Greening, Dikgacoi
    • 18:30 BREAKING NEWS! Zamora starts! As does Damien Duff. Chris Baird gets the nod ahead of John Pantsil, the only mini-surprise.
    • 17:20 "We do not feel like favourites. We are only concerned about having a good game. The players are pumped up and what motivates us is trying reach the hearts of everyone. Fulham are a good team and if they are in this final, that is something. They can play the ball and they know how they want to play. Their coach [Roy Hodgson] has had a very impressive career path and they won't want to let us play" - Quique Sanchez Flores.
    • - "We feel the responsibility to make things right. We have become aware of how important this final is in the history of this club and we're not going to change anything in what we are doing in this competition. We will try to play with intensity and enthusiasm. This game gives meaning to everything we have done so far" - Quique
    • 17:10 "It's been a very good season for us and we're all determined to crown that season if we possibly can by winning a trophy" - Roy Hodgson.
    • - "You work hard to get to finals , you play a lot of important games, and the big day arrives and it's down to teams. And you know at the end of the evening one of you is going to go away smiling and the other in tears" - Roy.
    • 17:00 Crikey, even Chelsea fans are on-side tonight: "From another lifetime Chelsea supporter, all the best­ to Fulham, hope you bring trophy home to England" (Phil), " and a simple "Come on Fulham!" from the Chelsea-badge avatared Skento.
    • 16:10 Eurosport blogger and Fulham skipper Danny Murphy would LOVE to have played former club Liverpool: "It would have been interesting to have played Liverpool in the final, but we prefer the challenge of taking on Atletico Madrid. Liverpool are traditionally very strong in finals and it would have been a real challenge for us to take them on, and also we play Liverpool twice a season in the Premier League. The challenge we face from Atletico is a very different proposition." More of Murphy's musings HERE
    • 15:50 FACT: There have been 12 previous major European finals between Spanish and English clubs, with Spain holding a 7-5 advantage. The most recent was last season's Champions League final in Rome where Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0.
    • - Boo, hiss to the Champions League drop-done posse: Atletico will become the fifth club to win the UEFA Cup/Europa League after dropping down from the Champions League if they beat Fulham. Galatasaray were the first to do so in 2000, followed by Feyenoord (2002), CSKA Moscow (2005) and Shakhtar Donetsk (2009).
    • 15:40 FACT: English clubs have now won 29 European trophies and Fulham are attempting to become the 14th English club to do so.
    • - FACT: Spanish clubs have won 30 European trophies with Real Madrid and Barcelona claiming 21 of those successes.
    • 15:20 Both sides have focused on their Europa League campaigns after mid-table league finishes were secured, combining weak domestic performances with strong and sometimes extraordinary games abroad.
    • - Fulham's recent league form has been iffy: last eight Prem games: two wins, four losses, two draws.
    • - Atletico's recent league form has also been patchy: last eight Liga games: three wins, four losses, one draw.
    • 15:05 Atletico have had an odd season. They started poorly under Abel Resino but, after a management change, new boss Quique Sanchez Flores (Getafe, Valencia, Benfica) has turned them from relegation battlers to a comfortable top-half side. They should really be top four though - former boss Javier Aguirre was sacked last summer for taking the side to consecutive fourth-placed finishes. Some people are never happy.
    • 15:00 Everyone seems to like Fulham. It's a combination of their jolly, welcoming fans, the cute stadium by the river, a flamboyant and often silly chairman, an outsider reputation, popular and gentlemanly boss Roy Hodgson and - crucially - a good time that plays good football. Is Atletico a step too far though?
    • - The fan goodwill from around the country - and planet - continues. "It will be hard, very hard but I hope, I think Fulham­ will WIN! Arad, Romania are with you" (Sandu), "good luck Fulham from a Liverpool supporter" (Tori b), "All England are with You. Roy and the­ lads incredible job you have done. From Bolton fan" (scrappyhustle)."
    • 14:55 What about your predictions? Fareed says: "it's crystal clear that Atletico Madrid will win this­ match 2-0", while Raphael claims "West London will be the cup collection spot in Europe­ this season".
    • 14:50 Fact: Fulham will take heart that Atletico lost 5-1 to Spurs in the 1963 Cup Winners' Cup final. Match Facts HERE!
    • 14:40 Slightly unrelated, but Fulham owner Mohamed Al-Fayed has sold his Harrods store, which made him his fortune in the first place. £1.5 billion it's netted the Egyptian. Wow. Wonder if any of that will be pumped into the club, or if it's the first in his phase of 'shutting up shop'?
    • 14:20 We're hearing rumours that, despite his ongoing Achilles problem, Zamora is going to start. Fulham fans cross their fingers in anticipation - he has hit eight goals in this competition so far.
    • 13:50 Reverend Gary Piper has just been on the telly. He's the Fulham club chaplain and he's confident of victory tonight. And why shouldn't they be? Having already beaten the likes of Juventus, Wolfsburg and Hamburg this campaign, the addition of Atletico to the list is not just pie in the sky.
    • 13:50 This is, of course, not the first time an English club has met Spanish opposition in a European final. Classic Anglo-Spanish finals
    • 13:40 Atleti striker Diego Forlan will be key to any success the Spanish side will enjoy tonight and much rests on how Fulham's back line deal with the former Manchester United man. More key battles
    • 13:35 Uncle Woy has been talking ahead of the game and he has demanded one final push from his players. VIDEO: Hodgson wants final push
    • 13:30 Fulham boss Roy Hodgson will mae a late check on star striker Bobby Zamora, who has been struggling with an Achilles injury. More team news here
    • 13:20 Fulham skipper Danny Murphy is in no doubt as to the importance of tonight's game - he's labelled it the "biggest of my life". Read more from Danny here
    • 13:00 It's drizzling in Hamburg at the moment but that's not dampening the spirits of the fans who are already congregating ahead of tonight's 19:45 kick-off.
    • 12:20 Despite a measly 12,500 ticket allocation, the Fulham fans are out in force in Hamburg city centre - including the bearers of that ever-amusing 'In Woy We Trust' banner.
    • 12:10 Fulham have been here before, having secured a goalless draw in Hamburg in the semi-final first leg. On that occasion the ash cloud forced them to take a 20-hour coach trip that included an impromptu training session on the hard shoulder oh the Autobahn - this time their journey was rather easier and both sides trained at the Nordbank Arena last night. In fact, sponsorship rules mean that for today only the ground is simply the Hamburg Arena.
    • 12:00 Welcome to our live build-up to Fulham's Europa League final against Atletico Madrid in Hamburg. We will be with you throughout the afternoon, before kicking in to minute-by-minute comments on the game.
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