Thursday April 1, 2010 Quarter-final Finished Estádio da Luz

Benfica 2 - 1 Liverpool

  • Cardozo 59’ (pen.), 79’ (pen.)
  • Agger 9’

  1. Benfica beat 10-man Liverpool

    Benfica beat 10-man Liverpool

    Benfica came from behind to take a 2-1 first-leg lead against 10-man Liverpool in their Europa League quarter-final clash. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Benfica
    • Liverpool
    • 90+5 Liverpool step up, leaving Benfica stranded as Di Maria's delivery flies out. The whistle goes, 2-1 to Benfica on the night!
    • 90+4 Late free-kick for Benfica, Di Maria to swing in from the right...
    • 90+3 Mascherano I think is booked for time-wasting...
    • 90+2 LIVERPOOL SUB: Benayoun on for Gerrard.
    • 90+1 Five minutes extras being played.
    • 90' Reina cool as a cucumber to play the ball out under pressure.
    • 89' Gerrard's free-kick is cleared but he races down the left to win a corner off Luisao with a low cross. Taken short, Gerrard gets it back but blocked... back wide to Gerrard who is in but shoots straight at the keeper when a low cross surely was on!
    • 88' NGog works hard to wina free-kick on the left. Given the circumstances 2-1 is not so bad...
    • 87' We are hearing reports that the ref is considering stopping the match if the fans don't stop chucking fireworks on the pitch.
    • 85' Airton on for Benfica, in place of Aimar.
    • 82' LIVERPOOL SUB: Torres off for NGog.
    • 81' Worrying for Liverpool with Torres down injured but he gets up quickly when he realises that he is coming off anyway.
    • 79' Cardozo for his second spot kick... and he puts it in the same corner, stroking it in this time with Reina going the other way. 2-1!
    • 78' Luiz tries one from the edge of the D but he smashes it well over. Benfica come again and Di Maria on the left comes inside and crosses but Carragher blocks... and penalty! The additional assistant gives it, not the referee. Just like the Liverpool free-kick. Definite peno though.
    • 77' Gomes wide to Amorim but Insua blocks for a throw.
    • 76' Torres is clean through but he puts wide! Oh no, what a miss! Liverpool hit Benfica on the break, he raced clear of the last man but drilled the low finish wide of the left-hand post from the edge of the box!
    • 75' Benfica's pressure is incessant but Aimar, who again goes down, wins nothing and Liverpool clear.
    • 74' Liverpool are scrapping for everything but Benfica just keep coming at them...
    • 73' BENFICA SUB: Martins off for Amorim.
    • 72' Gerrard puts in the free-kick but Torres heads well wide.
    • 71' Torres beats two defenders before losing it, but he slides in to challenge and the loose ball goes to Insua. Torres then wins a free-kick off Martins, who claims he got the ball.
    • 70' Johnson tries to find Kuyt but it drifts out for a throw on the right.
    • 68' Free-kick to Liverpool on the left but poor from Gerrard, out for a goal kick. Benfica almost play themselves into trouble at the back but manage to get it clear and Cardozo could be in but Ramires's ball is too long.
    • 67' BENFICA SUB: Nuno Gomes is on. Woo. Cardozo takes a dive in the box and the ref laughs at him. He went down a full second after an admittedly highish boot from Carragher hit his shoulder.
    • 66' Agger is penalised for a foul in the middle of the park, clearly hauling down Aimar. No card though.
    • 65' Off Mascherano for a corner to Benfica. Torres jogs back for it after his non-penalty shout. Reina punches but Ramires puts it back in and Liverpool win a free-kick.
    • 64' Gerrard to put it in... poor, Coentrao blocks as the first man. Liverpool still have it as Gerrard lofts over a super cross which Torres rises to meet but over his head, he goes down claiming a push but that's not even worth complaining about.
    • 63' Gerrard flicks on the punt from Reina, Torres on the right and he wins a free-kick off Luiz. Good play Torres.
    • 63' Di Maria fouls Agger as the ball goes to touch, Agger is angry but Di Maria responds by helping him up and apologising.
    • 62' Di Maria cuts in from the right but Cardozo's flick is hacked away by Kuyt, who is playing as a defender now. Aimar takes a tumble, no way, Gerrard now wants a foul, again no way.
    • 60' Another chance for Benfica but Ramires is offside.
    • 59' Cardozo then... bottom right, super pen, Reina went the right way but no-one was saving that! 1-1.
    • 58' Cardozo to take... drilled in left-footed and it beats Reina but off the post! The rebound is hacked clear but a penalty! Aimar goes down, Insua kicked him in the calf!
    • 57' Cardozo goes down on the edge of the box, a free-kick and Agger is furious, he is sure he got the ball and you know what, he did...
    • 56' Torres takes a tumble, going it alone, but he should have looked to Gerrard in support and it is not a free-kick. Di Maria crosses in from the right but Johnson clears.
    • 55' Mascherano with a superb ball to release Torres, low and inch-perfect, Torres gets away and is in but great defending by Luiz to get back to challenge and bring it away.
    • 53' The replay shows that the flare landed right by the assistant and seemed to explode a bit, with some shrapnel hitting him. He's okay though, just a bit shaken.
    • 52' Johnson is brought down by Di Maria, who loses his temper as Johnson seemed to handle before the whistle went. There is a flare on the pitch, I think it landed right by the linesman, who is holding his ear...
    • 51' Another corner to Benfica, no, goal kick, Cardozo blasted it over with no deflection.
    • 50' The corner is swung in by Di Maria AND CARDOZO WITH A FREE HEADER but he sends it wildly over! Terrible finish, he was totally unmarked. He's had a mare so far, and he's hit 28 this season too.
    • 49' Martins smashes it in left-footed, but Lucas blocks and it's out for a corner.
    • 48' Aimar with a mazy dribble and he goes down in the box under a non-challenge and the ref shakes his head. Looked like he just lost his balance to me. Indeed, the replay implies he dived.
    • 47' Benfica pressing hard at the start of this second half as Garcia looks left for Di Maria, good ball AND CARDOZO but easy for Reina.
    • 46' The second half gets underway!
    • 45+3 Insua again lets Cardozo this time get around him and gives away a corner. Taken quickly, but the whistle goes and Liverpool lead 1-0, down to 10 men though!
    • 45+2 Pereira takes this one and Gerrard gets a head on it but back to Pereira, dangerous cross, Reina flies through a crowd to punch BUT DI MARIA blocked by Kuyt I think and Liverpool survive!
    • 45+1 Luiz with another meaty throw, Cardozo flicks it on but Liverpool clear to touch on the right.
    • 45+1 The corner is swung far post where Di Maria tries a volley but it hits Lucas and is out for a throw.
    • 45' Martins wide to Pereira but his cross doesn't clear Insua. Now Aimar has it but is pulled down by Insua, yellow card, and a ban from the second leg.
    • 45' Luiz with a mistake to hand Liverpool a corner on the right... Gerrard jogs over to take... He plays it to the penalty spot and Torres can meet it but it spins off his head to safety.
    • 44' Ramires crosses in and Johnson, cool as you like, nods it back to Reina.
    • 43' Torres gives chase but easy for Cesar. Agger puts the ball out for a throw down the other end.
    • 42' Pereira races forward after a Johnson throw is cleared. Cardozo can't get on to it though and hoofed upfield by Liverpool.
    • 41' Second throw to Benfica after Liverpool dealt with the first. A really good one this time that Cardozo flicks on AND GARCIA but he pokes it wide!
    • 40' Di Maria crosses from the left but Carragher heads into the air and Johnson puts it out for a throw. Luiz is up to launch it, Delap style...
    • 38' Torres almost wriggles in after a quick throw but Benfica close him down and the attempted shot squeezes off one and into the arms of Cesar.
    • 37' Liverpool are celebrating after the ball hits the back of the net following that free-kick but the flag was up from the start, Kuyt was offside.
    • 36' Luiz smashes into Torres and is booked for kicking the ball away.
    • 35' Benfica steam forward, Coentrao on the left, now Di Maria crosses in but Liverpool clear. Back to Coentrao, inside to Di Maria who drills a low shot just wide!
    • - There was a global technical problem with all our websites earlier, hence why live comments were not updating. It has been solved, as you can see. Sorry for that.
    • 34' The ball bobbles in front of Cesar as Torres rushes in but Cesar gets his foot on it for a throw, putting his hands up for the error.
    • 32' Mass confusion here as Luisao has not left the pitch... as it is Babel who has been sent off! Oh I see, the referee was showing Luisao the yellow card again to confirm and the red was for Babel. No-one knew what was going on there, and Babel walks off.
    • 31' Babel could be in trouble here, it was a second yellow for Luisao... Babel put his hand in Luisao's face, and Luisao lost his head, what for Babel...
    • 30' It kicks off after that nasty kick by Luisao, Babel is rowing with Luisao about that challenge... and he's off! Second yellow!
    • 29' Babel delights the Reds fans by working really hard to snuff out a Benfica attack. Then Luisao goes in very hard on Torres and earns a booking. Terrible tackle, a kick into the back of his legs.
    • 28' Aimar on the run through the middle, without stopping or looking he slips it wide to DI MARIA but his rising drive rises a bit too much and beats the crossbar as well as Reina!
    • 27' Liverpool have slowed the pace down now, frustrating Benfica who are being roared on by the crowd.
    • 25' Cardozo almost gets on to a quite difficult bouncing ball but it's back with Reina.
    • 24' Super break from Benfica as the cross comes in from Di Maria on the left AND RAMIRES FLIES IN but he heads well over!
    • 23' Torres goes down a touch theatrically down the right as Luiz brings the ball clear. No foul.
    • 22' Babel now puts up the chase to run the legs off the Benfica defence.
    • 21' Torres chases a lost ball to force the backpass. Liverpool working very hard to their credit.
    • 19' Martins puts over a super dipping ball and Aimar is in but the first touch is difficult and it spins off his foot and into Reina's arms.
    • 18' Good ball from Coentrao on the left but Cardozo again with a poor finish, unmarked and heading weakly at Reina. He is much better than that, that is now three chances he's fluffed. Di Maria now on the right but he skews a poor cross well out of play. He tried desperately to use his stronger left foot when the right was asking for the drilled ball in.
    • 17' Good ball in from Di Maria but Cardozo arriving gets the header all wrong, unmarked but putting it well wide.
    • 16' Insua gives the ball away to let Aimar gets forward but Ramires is brought down by Lucas.
    • 15' Another free-kick to Liverpool, who have started superbly, Garcia fouling Kuyt. The Dutchman has it back on the right and finds Johnson, who lofts a far-post ball for Babel but Luiz gets across to clear.
    • 14' Martins puts the ball in for Ramires racing through but Reina reads it and comes out to claim. Torres down the other end wins a free-kick off the supremely-coiffured David Luiz. Kuyt wins a corner.
    • 13' The home fans are furious after Pereira is penalised for challenging Gerrard.
    • 12' Pereira puts the ball back in, deflected into the path of Di Maria and a super cross for Cardozo who must score but he shanks the finish high and wide! Should have been 1-0! Agger put him off with a desperate slide tackle but he should have got that in, Reina was stranded.
    • 11' Corner to Benfica, Martins trots over to the left to take... decent ball but Carragher gets his head on it.
    • 10' The referee initially was not going to give the free-kick, by the way - the linesman signalled for it. Correct decision though, it was a foul from Pereira.
    • 9' Gerrard to take... GOAL LIVERPOOL! WHAT A GOAL FROM AGGER! Gerrard drilled it low into the box and Agger with an OUTRAGEOUS backheel into the bottom left past the desparing lunge of Luisao, ooh that was cheeky and it's 1-0!
    • 8' Gerrard puts in the corner but too close to the keeper Cesar who punches clear. Liverpool have it back, Gerrard on the left gets around Pereira who trips him just outside the box and a free-kick.
    • 7' Liverpool now earn a corner on the left, Torres again working hard.
    • 5' Torres does really well to chase the full-back down and Gerrard has it but Coentrao slides in to put it out for a throw.
    • 4' Carragher slides in to put to touch after Benfica get forward for the first time.
    • 3' Benfica sitting deep early on as they focus on holding Liverpool off.
    • 2' Babel goes on a run down the left wing but he loses control and another throw to the hosts.
    • 1' You can hear the thousands of Reds fans singing You'll Never Walk Alone at the Estadio da Luz, this is their last chance of silverware this season. Johnson runs down the right but the ball spins out for a throw to Benfica.
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • - Liverpool start with what is arguably their strongest possible line-up, bar the AGAIN injured Aquilani of course. He almost doesn't count. Babel is to play off Torres, with Benayoun, NGog, El Zhar and Pacheco on an attack-minded bench.
    • - Benfica are missing one player, Javier Saviola, for whom Carlos Martins steps in, with Pablo Aimar moving further up front to play off Oscar Cardozo. Still a fearsome attacking line-up. This is the side that hammered Everton home and away in the group stages. Ow.
    • - Referee: Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
    • - LIVERPOOL TEAM: Reina, Johnson, Agger, Carragher, Insua, Lucas, Mascherano, Kuyt, Gerrard, Babel, Torres; Subs: Cavalieri, Benayoun, Kyrgiakos, Ngog, Plessis, El Zhar, Pacheco
    • - BENFICA TEAM: Julio Cesar, Maxi Pereira, Luisao, David Luiz, Fabio Coentrao, Javi Garcia, Ramires, Carlos Martins, Di Maria, Aimar, Cardozo; Subs: Moreira, Airton, Ruben Amorim, Nuno Gomes, Luis Filipe, Sidnei, Alan Kardec
    • - Benfica provide Liverpool with a big big test in the first leg of their Europa League quarter-final clash at the Stadium of Light. The match kicks off at 8.05pm and we'll give you live text comments and scoring.
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