Thursday February 18, 2010 Last 32 Finished De Grolsch Veste

FC Twente 1 - 0 Werder Bremen

  • Janssen 39’

  1. McClaren's Twente shade ahead

    McClaren's Twente shade ahead

    A wonderful goal by Theo Janssen gave Steve McClaren's FC Twente a 1-0 first-leg lead in their last-32 Europa League clash with Bremen. More

  • Live Commentary

    • FC Twente
    • Werder Bremen
    • 90+3 Bremen have not given up, as a cross from the left is hoofed away by Douglas. Hunt on the right makes a mess of trying to put it back in and that's the whistle! Janssen's wonder goal gives Twente the win!
    • 90+2 A spell of Bremen pressure breaks down and Ruiz chases it upfield. Frings should deal but he slips and RUIZ IS IN BUT BRAVE FROM WIESE! Wiese just threw himself head-first at the Costa Rican and gets a knock in the process.
    • 90+1 Nkufo gets away from Fritz and could be in but flashes a poor finish well over.
    • 90' Wiese is forced into action, parrying Ruiz's shot as Twente threaten to get a second.
    • 88' Abdennour harshly adjudged to have fouled Ruiz.
    • 87' A long ball towards the Twente goal, knocked back by Pizarro to Almeida but his volley is wild and well over.
    • 86' Fritz gets forward but his cross across goal is poor and easily cleared by the hosts.
    • 85' TWENTE SUB: De Jong on for Stoch.
    • 84' Abdennour has another crack but well wide.
    • 83' Twente are closing this game out rather well. Rather unlike England under McClaren.
    • 80' Good hands from Boschker after Abdennour nodded Pizarro's cross towards goal.
    • 79' ALMEIDA HEADS WIDE! It took a touch off a defender, corner.
    • 78' Mertesacker brings it forward from the back. That is a very tall central defensive partnership with Naldo.
    • 77' BREMEN SUB: Borowski is on for Niemeyer.
    • 76' Twente now have a free-kick on the right...
    • 75' Niemeyer swings in a cross from the right and it flies past Pizarro BUT ALMEIDA IS FREE AND MUST SCORE but a horrible first touch and the ball spins to safety!
    • 74' Ruiz with quick feet in the middle to win a free-kick.
    • 72' Twente have a free-kick on the right, another super delivery from Janssen and Wisgerhof heads on goal but straight at Wiese.
    • 70' TWENTE SUB: Cheik Tiote comes on for Perez.
    • 69' Perez has the ball in the back of the net after getting around Frings and Fritz but the whistle has gone for a push on Frings. Harsh.
    • 67' Almeida lets Brama know he's about by cheekily tripping the Twente man, who makes a right old meal of it, diving late and rolling around.
    • 66' BREMEN SUB: Almeida on for Oezil, who has been disappointing.
    • 65' Pizarro picks the ball out some way out and he fizzes a crashing low drive past Boschker but wide!
    • 62' Nkufo makes a back for his marker and is penalised.
    • 60' Nope, Perez takes. The free-kick is curled right-footed over the wall and keeper but is a touch too high and does not dip in time. Twente are in control now.
    • 59' Free-kick to Twente on the left, Janssen will take this one again I'm sure...
    • 57' Cheers from the crowd as they knock the ball around in style. It's only 1-0 lads, don't get cocky!
    • 56' Bremen clear the corner but Twente keep the ball. It's easy to see why Steve McClaren's side are doing so well: loads of youthful energy and a couple of clever old heads to run things. Stoch weaves in and out of two defenders before losing the ball.
    • 55' WHAT A SAVE BY WIESE! Twente tore them apart on the break again as Nkufo slipped it into Janssen, who skipped away from Mertesacker's lunge and pinged it to the top left. Somehow Wiese tipped it away. Corner.
    • 53' Perez gives away a free-kick deep in Bremen's half.
    • 51' Boschker with a super save! Well he recovered from getting maimed by Naldo to spectacularly tip away Niemayer's curler after the Germany international turned on to his left.
    • 49' Boschker needs treatment, as one would expect after being taken out by a man whose friends call him "Beast".
    • 48' The ball is swung by Marin right into the heart of the six-yard box but Boschker punches clear, getting taken out by the frankly gigantic Naldo.
    • 47' Corner to Bremen on the right, Naldo is up for this one...
    • 46' Second half underway!!
    • 45+2 Half time and Schteeeeeve's Twente lead Bremen by that wonderful goal by Theo Janssen.
    • 45+2 Same routine on the Naldo free-kick as earlier, except this time his shot is dreadful and easily cleared by the wall.
    • 45+1 Brama with the slightest nudge on Hunt, who goes down hard and wins a free-kick that the Twente man scarcely believes.
    • 45' Fritz gets down the right and he clips a lovely near-post cross that Hunt meets with a header but parried by the keeper! He almost loses the second ball but just gets there before Pizarro.
    • 45' Veteran winger Perez plays a lovely ball in for Stoch that is just beyond the grasp of the Slovakian. A longer-legged man may have got that!
    • 44' Only one man will take this and it's the man who won it: Naldo is renowned for a ferocious free-kick and after it's taken short by Hunt to Frings, Naldo smashes a drive so fast that you barely see it fly over!
    • 43' Naldo gets his considerable frame forward again and is brought down clumsily by Tiendalli. A free-kick, some 30 yards out, central...
    • 42' Incessant pressure from Bremen as Marin puts in a teasing cross, then Oezil tries a shot, Twente are hurling their bodies at the ball... Marin is surely fouled but play on!
    • 41' Bremen break, Abdennour down the left shows good pace and digs out an excellent outswinger that reaches Pizarro far post but the angle is too tight and he fires wide!
    • 39' Marin is booked for speaking out of turn to the referee.
    • 38' GOAL TWENTE! Theo Janssen raced forward down the left, it opened up for him and he wrapped his sweet left foot around a 25-yard screamer that just flew across Wiese and into the bottom right. What a goal!
    • 37' Naldo goes in late on Stam but, bizarrely, no foul. Stam was in free flow down the right, he knocked it past the big Brazilian who clearly put his leg across him and even apologised for the trip. Odd.
    • 36' A good move by Bremen breaks down as Niemayer's pass inside is intercepted.
    • 35' The corner is played far post, where Pizarro knocks it back into the danger zone but Douglas clears.
    • 34' The danger hasn't been cleared and Twente are at sixes and sevens and Pizarro wins a flick on, they stand still as he bustles on to the loose ball AND PIZARRO MUST SCORE BUT SOMEHOW BOSCHKER BLOCKS IT!
    • 33' Pizarro on the left wing, he cuts inside and out and feeds Oezil who hammers it on goal but batted away by Boschker!
    • 32' Niemayer clobbers Janssen, foul, no card. Pasanen is injured and is replaced by Abdennour.
    • 31' The ball trickles harmlessly wide of the post after a Werder counter breaks down.
    • 30' Pizarro has a crack but well wide.
    • 28' Oezil almost races clear but Janssen fulfils the other side of his responsibility by sliding back to tackle, playing the ball off Oezil for a goal kick.
    • 27' JANSSEN HITS THE BAR! What an effort from the acutest of angles from the portly playmaker! He curled it from wide to crash off the underside of the bar, Wiese may have got a touch too.
    • 26' Ruiz gives Naldo a torrid old time on the right and wins a free-kick off Pasanen, who is lucky not to be booked.
    • 25' Nkufo just cannot get through after good play by Ruiz. Twente wake up.
    • 24' Niemeyer plays a low daisy-cutter across the box, everyone misses it including the keeper and Pasanen sliding in at the far post can finish but it just spins beyond him!
    • 22' That miss gets no better when you look at it. Terrible. How did he miss from there?
    • 21' Oh dear. First Frings was given the freedom of Twente's half to race towards goal and drill a weak shot at Boschker. It was routine but the keeper spilled it and - with the goal at his mercy - Marin put wide.
    • 20' So far Bremen have had five chances to Twente's zero.
    • 19' Marin has a chance to shoot but Wisgerhof hoofs the ball to touch.
    • 18' Good play on the edge of the box by Werder but Oezil's attempted scooped pass is chested away by Stam.
    • 17' Delay in play with a Twente player down injured... Stam got a stray arm in the gob from Oezil, totally accidental as Oezil was slipping after being tripped and merely tried to keep his balance.
    • 15' Fritz cuts in from the right and hammers a drive on target but straight into the chest of the keeper.
    • 14' Marin puts in the corner but the hosts clear. Then Oezil with a handball, free-kick Twente.
    • 13' Naldo again surges forward and he has a crack from the edge of the box that Boschker just manages to tip away!
    • 12' Perez with a ball wide right to Nkufo, but he is offside.
    • 11' Twente score! But the flag is up! Correct decision, Stoch just did not check his run while latching on to Ruiz's through ball to the left. Stoch played it across goal where Nkufo, who was onside, knocked it in but Stoch was at fault.
    • 9' The Stoch playing tonight is Miroslav Stoch, on loan from Chelsea. He has scored an impressive 10 goals for Twente this season, from the wing. Expect him back in England next year....
    • 8' Fritz almost plays his way into trouble at right back but manages to put the ball out for a throw under pressure from Stoch.
    • 7' Naldo strides forward from defence, shuffling right to the edge of the box before exchanging slick passes with Marin and Pizarro and firing a shot that is easy for Boschker but a sign of the Brazilian defender's great skill. Not bad for a man standing 6'6".
    • 5' Pizarro almost gets in behind Douglas but loses out. He then fouls the Twente defender in his eagerness to win the ball back.
    • 4' Lovely pass from Ruiz that sets Nkufo in but the Twente striker is offside.
    • 3' Oezil with a diagonal ball for Pizarro but beyond the former Chelsea striker and out for a goal kick.
    • 2' Bremen hold on to the ball in these opening minutes. A long one is easy for Boschker.
    • 1' Match underway in Enschede!!
    • - Bremen team: Wiese, Mertesacker, Niemeyer, Pasanaen, Naldo, Fritz, Frings, Oezil, Marin, Hunt, Pizarro
    • - Twente team: Boschker, Wigerhof, Brama, Tiendalli, Stoch, Stam, Perez, Janssen, Ruiz, Douglas, Ikufo
    • - Welcome to our LIVE coverage of Steve McClaren's FC Twente as they face Germany's Werder Bremen in the Netherlands for their Europa League last-32 first-leg match: from 6pm UK time.
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  • FC Twente

    Manager: Steve McClaren

  • Werder Bremen

    Manager: Thomas Schaaf

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