Thursday March 18, 2010 Last 16 Finished Craven Cottage

Fulham 4 - 1 Juventus

  • Zamora 9’
  • Gera 39’, 49’ (pen.)
  • Dempsey 82’
  • Trézéguet 2’

  1. Fulham thrash Juventus

    Fulham thrash Juventus

    Fulham registered a famous 4-1 win over Juventus at Craven Cottage to book a place in the Europa League quarter-finals 5-4 on aggregate. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Fulham
    • Juventus
    • 90'+4 And that's the final whistle!! Fulham have pulled off an incredible come back to dump Juve out of the Europa League. Fulham have beaten Juve 4-1!!
    • 90'+3 And that's straight to the flag as the whistles ring out aroud Craven Cottage. Fulham are seconds away!
    • 90'+3 Adn Melo's in the book as Fulham win a free kick by the Juve corner flag.
    • 90'+2 Juve have a free kick on the edge of their own box. Launched forward.
    • 90'+1 Zebina is off for Juve! Del Piero and Duff square up but Zebina kicks out and he's off!
    • 90' There'll be three minutes of added time.
    • 90' We're in the last minute as Konchesky is yellow carded for time-wasting.
    • 89' Dempsey is brought down by Salihamidzic. Fulham probably won't take this too quickly.
    • 88' Two minutes left for Fulham. Two minutes left for what may be one of Fulham's greatest achievements!
    • 86' ZAMORA!! Tests Chimenti again! Fulham want to put this tie to bed!
    • 85' Both teams make changes. Gera is off for Fulham and is replaced by Bjorn Helge Riise and it's Alessandro Del Piero on for Grosso.
    • 84' Grosso in the box!! He delays the pass and Salihamidzic now with the poor ball in. Gathered by Schwarzer.
    • 84' Juve are on the brink but they just need one goal with a little over six minutes remaining!
    • 83' AND IT'S THERE!!! What a chip into the far corner!! Superb goal and Fulham lead 4-1!! INCREDIBLE!!
    • 82' Still Fulham come forward! Etuhu to Dempsey, chips it...
    • 81' We're in the last ten minutes of normal time! Can either side get the breakthrough?
    • 80' GERA!! Shifts the ball onto his right on the edge of the Juve box and again Chimenti is equal to it!! Fulham have stepped it up and Juve are rocking again!!
    • 78' DEMPSEY!! He's unmarked in the box, heads it!! That's a good save by Chimenti!!
    • 76' Great work by Davies to win the ball for Fulham. Goes down, the ref plays advantage, but the move is wasted as Baird's ball goes astray.
    • 75' Etuhu to Gera. Goes for the corner!! That's just off-target as the Hungarian looks for his hat-trick!
    • 74' High ball in, Hangeland looked like he was tugged back, but again there's no foul!
    • 74' And Fulham have a corner!
    • 72' Dempsey looks for Duff, that's dangerous across the Juve box, cleared by Diego, but given away.
    • 71' Clint Dempsey is on and it's Stephen Kelly who makes way.
    • 70' But Davies tries to pick up the pace with a great strike!! Dealt with unconvincingly by Chimenti!
    • 69' Chimenti with a goal kick for Juve. There's no doubt that all the energy has currently gone out of this game.
    • 67' Juve have steadied their ship in this second half as Diego drags a shot well wide of the target.
    • 66' Etuhu is back on for Fulham.
    • 65' Etuhu limps to the touchline for treatment and play resumes. Juve are back to ten, so it's ten against ten at the moment.
    • 64' Now it's Etuhu down for Fulham after a collision with Sissoko.
    • 63' And Clint Dempsey looks set to come on soon.
    • 63' Juve sub Paolo De Ceglie is receiving treatment. Juve are down to nine for the moment.
    • 62' Gera goes down under a Juve sandwich, no foul says the ref and Duff's follow-up is off-target.
    • 61' Melo now with another long ball into the box. That's catching practice for Schwarzer.
    • 60' Diego with the corner, Zebina can't get the contact he wants and the header sails over.
    • 60' Chipped into the box and that's headed behind for a Juve corner.
    • 59' Diego goes down under Etuhu's challenge. That looked soft but Juve have a free kick. It's a long way out but worth a pop!
    • 57' There's a bit of a lull in play as both sides try to catch their breath.
    • 56' Diego finds Trezeguet!! Shoots!! But that lacks the power to trouble Schwarzer and the Fulham keeper gathers it in.
    • 55' Good approach play by Fulham, That's one pass too much and Juve counter.
    • 54' Sissoko with the foul. Free kick delivered by Konchesky. Duff tries to control it but that's gone out for a Juve throw.
    • 53' That's probably a wise decision before Camoranesi earned himself a red card!
    • 52' Sub for Juve. Camoranesi is off and on comes Paolo De Ceglie.
    • 51' A stunned Juve try to get their heads together as Melo finds Sissoko. He tries a shot and that's way off-target!!
    • 50' And Diego has been yellow carded in the middle of the mayhem.
    • 49' GERA!! Sends Chimenti the wrong way and smashes it home!! Fulham lead 3-1 and it's all square in the tie!!
    • 48' PENALTY TO FULHAM!! Handball against Diego from Duff's ball into the box!
    • 47' Melo with the foul and Fulham have a free kick.
    • 47' Jonathan Zebina shepherds the ball away on the corner of the Juve box as Fulham attack.
    • 46' No changes for either side at the break as Chimenti takes a goal kick.
    • 46' And we're underway again at Craven Cottage!
    • 45'+2 And that's the half time whistle. Fulham looked out of it after two minutes but they'll fancy their chances against ten-man Juve now! They lead 2-1!
    • 45'+2 Good ball in for Grosso. Davies with the tackle as that looks for Sissoko.
    • 45'+1 Gera loses out to Melo. Juve will try and take the sting out of the game in these final minutes.
    • 45' There'll be two minutes of added time.
    • 45' Davies delivers, headed out and Trezeguet completes the clearance.
    • 44' And Fulham again come forward. Kelly on the right and he's won a corner!
    • 44' Hoofed clear by Fabio Grosso. Anywhere will do at the moment!
    • 43' Fulham clear and counter. Baird tries to find Zamora. That's got too much on it but Juve just can't handle Zamora at the moment!!
    • 42' Juve win a free kick and it'a the Italians who are desperately looking for a few seconds of relief!!
    • 41' Baird now with the strike!! That's well wide of the post but Fulham are rampant!!
    • 40' GOAL FULHAM!! GERA BREAKS THROUGH!! No one can say that hasn't been coming!! Great play by Zamora, flicks the ball to Davies, he guides the ball across the box and Gera finishes from close range!! 2-1 Fulham!!
    • 39' ETUHU!! Heads against the post from some five yards out!!
    • 38' DAVIES WITH THE FREE KICK!! Hits the bar with Chimenti nowhere!! Not sure if that was a goal attempt but that was so close!!
    • 37' Camoranesi again with the foul! This time on Zamora and Fulham have a free kick on the edge of the box.
    • 36' Appeals now from Juve for a free kick. Again the ref ignores it.
    • 36' But Zamora is penalised now and Chimenti will launch it forward.
    • 35' Appeals for a foul against Camoranesi as Duff tries to burst through. Nothing doing says the ref.
    • 34' That's another hopeful - and ultimately hopeless - lofted ball into the Fulham half. There's not a Juve man in sight!
    • 33' Davies looks to get on the end of an incisive pass and Chimenti reacts well to smother the danger at the Fulham man's feet.
    • 32' Chimenti takes a free kick after Zamora is penalised and now Juve are caught offside.
    • 31' Alberto Zaccheroni is looking a worried man at the moment, despite their two-goal advantage.
    • 30' There's 15 minutes left in a first half that has raced by - and Fulham are causing the illustrious Italians all sorts of problems!
    • 29' And just before that free kick, Antonia Candreva was sacrificed for Zdenek Grygera.
    • 29' ZAMORA!! Takes it left footed, and that's tipped away by Chimenti!!
    • 28' And after all the fuss has died down Fulham have a free kick just outside the 18 yard box and central!
    • 26' Hangeland for Fulham. Stumbles and Camoranesi wins it back, but not for long. Fulham break with a great ball to Gera. He's brought down by Cannavaro and that's a straight red for the Juve man!!
    • 25' Diego now for Juve. Finds Sissoko on the opposite flank. Salihamidzic now, but there's no way through for Juve as the final ball goes astray.
    • 24' Good play down the Fulham flank by Juve, that's a foul on Camoranesi by Davies.
    • 23' And that's a hopeful Juve ball over the Fulham backline. There's no one there and Schwarzer will clear.
    • 22' Good counter by Juve, but that's broken up by Hangeland.
    • 21' That's wasted and Fulham come forward. Gera finds Davies. Looks for Zamora at the far post and that's just too long!
    • 20' Good play by Juve from the back. Salihamidzic to Diego and now Camoranesi. Diego goes down and Juve have a free kick. a little way out from the corner of the 18 yard box.
    • 20' Howls of derision from the Fulham faithful as a Juve pass flies into touch.
    • 19' In it comes, Hangeland tries to make the header, can't make it, but there were three Juve defenders wrestling Zamora in the box! How can the ref and the assistants not spot that?
    • 18' Still Fulham come forward and Melo concedes the corner!
    • 18' In comes the delivery and it's Trezeguet who is all the way back to head clear.
    • 17' Another Juve foul on Zamora, this time by Felipe Melo.
    • 16' Fulham certainly have Juve rattled after conceding that early goal!
    • 15' Good header in by Zoltan Gera. Cannavaro is holding Zamora but the ref doesn't see it!! The Juve man heads clear!
    • 14' Chris Baird with a ball over the top looking for Zamora. Thought about the right foot shot but it was just beyond him!
    • 13' Juve win it back and Salihamidzic comes forward again, but Fulham see something in this game and have the ball again.
    • 12' First yellow of the match goes to Camoranesi for a foul on Paul Konchesky. The Italian will miss the next game.
    • 11' Diego again but that's wayward!
    • 10' DIEGO FOR JUVE!! Strikes it!! Schwarzer can only parry it and the danger is cleared!
    • 9' GOAL FULHAM!! Zamora chests the ball down after brushing off Fabio Cannavaro and levels for the Londoners!! 1-1!! Game on!!
    • 9' Zamora tries a little dinked ball over the top. Doesn't quite make it and Fulham will have a throw.
    • 8' Camoranesi trying to get through on the edge of the Fulham box. There's no way through and Fulham get it away. And that's back with Juve keeper Chimenti.
    • 7' Stephen Kelly plays it out of defence. Duff now, runs into trouble and Salihamidzic brings it out for Juve.
    • 6' Good ball in by Damien Duff, looking for Simon Davies!! Just can't reach it!!
    • 5' Felipe Melo thumps it clear as Bobby Zamora tries to get on the end of that pass.
    • 3' That's just what all the pre-match talk was about, but Fulham have conceded the early goal and it's an uphill task from here!
    • 2' GOAL JUVE!! Disaster for Fulham!! The Cottagers fail to clear and Trezeguet strokes it into the corner!! Juve lead 1-0!!
    • 2' Juve have a free kick in the centre circle. Played short. Mohamed Sissoko finds Mauro Camoransei, to David Trezeguet..
    • 1' This is a tinier ground than Juve are normally used to. Will that make a difference?
    • 1' That's immediately thumped clear by the Juve defence, all the way through to Mark Schwarzer.
    • 1' And it's Juve who get us underway!
    • - Fulham are in their traditional black and white while Juve are in an impressive kit of gold shirts and white shorts!
    • - And here come the teams!
    • - We're a little over ten minutes away from kick off and the excitement is building in Craven Cottage!
    • - Alberto Zaccheroni brings in keeper Antonio Chimenti following the thigh injury sustained by Alex Manninger. First-choice stopper Gianluigi Buffon has long been out with a similar injury.
    • - But Danny Murphy and Jonathan Greening miss out through suspension.
    • - So Brede Hangeland plays after recovering from a chest injury and Bjorn Helge Riise makes the bench following his recovery from a stomach bug picked up in Turin.
    • - And our referee tonight is Bjorn Kuipers (Holland).
    • - And Juve's starting XI: Chimenti, Salihamidzic, Zebina, Cannavaro, Grosso, Camoranesi, Felipe Melo, Sissoko, Diego, Candreva, Trezeguet. Subs: Pinsoglio, Iaquinta, Del Piero, Poulsen, Grygera, De Ceglie, Marrone.
    • - And the teams are in! Fulham line up as: Schwarzer, Kelly, Hughes, Hangeland, Konchesky, Duff, Baird, Etuhu, Davies, Gera, Zamora. Subs: Zuberbuhler, Nevland, Riise, Dempsey, Smalling, Dikgacoi, Marsh-Brown.
    • - Juve stsrt favourites as they defend a 3-1 lead from the first leg in Turin, but boss Roy Hodgson believes his side are still in it, thanks to Dickson Etuhu's away goal.
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the second-leg Europa League clash between Fulham and Juventus from Craven Cottage.
  • Summary

    • 48' PENALTY TO FULHAM!! Handball against Diego from Duff's ball into the box!

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