Thursday August 26, 2010 Play-off round Finished Hüseyin Avni Aker

Trabzonspor 1 - 2 Liverpool

  • Gutierrez 4’
  • Kaçar 83’ (o.g.)
  • Kuyt 88’

  1. Liverpool leave it late in Turkey

    Liverpool leave it late in Turkey

    An own-goal and Dirk Kuyt strike in the last 10 minutes steered Liverpool to a 2-1 win at Trabzonspor and a place in the Europa League. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Trabzonspor
    • Liverpool
    • 90+3' FULL-TIME! Liverpool edge through. They had a tricky night and tough opponents, and only at the death did they do what was required. They deserve credit for sticking to the task, and they did it without Gerrard and Torres on a rainy night in Turkey. The group stages await, and the draw is tomorrow.
    • 90+2' Skrtel has a long range effort blocked and Liverpool go backwards.
    • 90+1' Corner - Pacheco very slowly moves across to take it.
    • 90' Skrtel comes on for Poulsen as we edge into stoppage time.
    • 89' Gutierrez flashes a long range shot narrowly wide, but Reina may have had it covered.
    • 88' Reina has to come out of his box to deal with another through ball.
    • 87' KUYT SCORES! Babel breaks down the left, sets the ball across to Joe Cole, whose shot is spilled by Kivrak, and Kuyt taps home.
    • 87' Selcuk's set piece is comfortably caught by Reina and Liverpool break.
    • 87' Jaja comes on for the home side, a fresh attacking option.
    • 86' Clumsily Carragher brings down Gutierrez, and that provides a chance for Babel to replace Ngog.
    • 85' Liverpool lining up a second sub, and Ryan Babel, who has looked disconsolate this evening, will get some action.
    • 84' Huge chance for Trabzonspor! Burak makes a great run and plays a low ball into the middle. Alanzinho meets it at the near post, and cannot steer the shot on target.
    • 83' Trabzonspor may have been broken here - Liverpool have their away goal, and their lead in the tie on aggregate.
    • 82' LIVERPOOL ARE LEVEL! OWN GOAL! Johnson sweeps down the right, plays a good ball and under pressure from Ngog Giray turns it into his own net!
    • 81' Carragher leaves his foot in a tackle from behidn on Burak, and the hosts have a free kick.
    • 80' Liverpool's turn to move forward with Poulsen, and they earn themselves a corner which Pacheco will take.
    • 78' Cale with a throw on the left hand side as Trabzonspor continue to pres.
    • 77' Burak goes on a long run, runs out of options and drops the ball back for Alanzinho. He blasts his shot over, but it's another lively moemnt from the hosts as we get nearer to the end of normal time.
    • 76' First sub for Liverpool - finally! Danny Pacheco comes on to replace Aurelio.
    • 75' Ngog plays a dangerous looking cross, but Kivrak plucks it at full stretch.
    • 74' Alanzinho and Gutierrez break at pace for Trabzonspor from the corner, and as the Colombian looks to find the Brazilian it's just a step out of reach. Carragher catches his breath.
    • 73' Aurelio's shot from the set piece takes a little deflection, so the Brazilian jogs to the corner to take his next set piece.
    • 72' Nice interplay from Cole and Kuyt looks set to release Ngog - when it becomes apparent that he cannot move because Egemen has him wrapped tightly in his arms. He grovels on his knees not to be booked, but it's a clear yellow.
    • 71' Selcuk's kick reaches Gutierrez at the far post but his header is more of a flick than an attempt at goal. Reina grabs it, and Liverpool clear.
    • 70' Finally the ball looks set to come in from the Trabzonspor right - Burak tries a cross, but Kelly blocks it for a corner.
    • 69' Selcuk and Alanzinho are quite happy to stroke the ball around without great intent, waiting for an opportunity.
    • 67' Hodgson has still not opted for any substitutes - and this game as it stands is heading towards extra time.
    • 66' Poulsen has had a quiet game for the Reds so far.
    • 65' Sub for Trabzonspor - Baris comes on for Ceyhun.
    • 64' Johnson pegs Cale back in his own half and wins a useful throw for the Reds.
    • 63' Another British team have seen their first leg advantage wiped out - Celtic are 2-0 down in Utrecht, and they're not long into that game.
    • 62' Trabzonspor back on the offensive, but they too are struggling to break down the opposition defence.
    • 61' Ngog almost does, though! He comes within a whisker of having a chance from five yards, but he cannot get it away.
    • 60' Liverpool emerge from their own half. Johnson and Lucas swap passes, and Kuyt cannot get through.
    • 59' Alanzinho tries a shot from range which is deflected. Gutierrez runs towards the ball before all the Liverpool defenders - but not before Reina.
    • 58' Corner for the Reds after Egeman heads away a set piece attempt.
    • 57' Tricksy from Ngog! He turns and shifts the ball past two defenders, then fires a shot from the edge of the box narrowly past the post. Half a chance, and a moment of brilliance to fashion it. Still the hosts lead.
    • 55' Aurelio wins the ball back and does a good job to get a cross in, but it's met by Cale rather than a Liverpool man.
    • 54' The crowd is getting louder, though Trabzonspor's lively start to the second half has tapered off for the time being.
    • 53' Kivrak takes a goal kick and Trabzonspor clear their lines. The Ngog miss becomes a little more agonising every time you look at it.
    • 52' BIG MISS FOR LIVERPOOL! NGOG HEADS WIDE! It was a superb ball from Joe Cole, who stood a cross up for him from the right, and N'gog met it at full pace, only to put it inches wide. That might just have settled the tema's nerves, but they didn't take advantage.
    • 50' Gutierrez has a chance to turn provider, but nobody anticipates his ball from the edge of the penalty area and on this occasion Reina has some respite with a goal kick.
    • 49' And again Liverpool are cut apart, Alanzinho plays a through ball for Burak and only the rushing Reina gets the ball out of harm's way.
    • 48' My word that was close! The ball is in the net from Burak of Trabzonspor and Martin Kelly has only kept him offside by a whisker - just as well, because the finish is clinical.
    • 46' Steady start to the second half again. Liverpool taking their time on the ball.
    • 45' The second half begins!
    • 45' Sub: Gomes da Costa Carlos Alanzinho - or Alanzinho as he'll be known here - replaces Yattara.
    • - There's a call to put Babel in for Lucas in the comments section from Ziyarn_10 - you might be on to something there - Liverpool aren't creating much at the moment, and Babel did score the only goal last week in the first leg. Remember, you can join in with the comments down below.
    • 45+1' HALF TIME: And there's not much injury time here - Liverpool have plenty to do in the second half. Was it a misjudgement to leave Gerrard and Torres at home?
    • 45' For a moment the ball lands just to Ngog's right. He tries to fire off a shot but he's blocked, and the referee calls a foul for a perceived hack at the Turkish defender's legs.
    • 44' Kelly makes a good break down the left. He appeals to the referee that Yattara got a touch on it - and he did. Corner.
    • 43' Goal kick for Kivrak here. The crowd has grown a little quieter but the Turks still have the advantage on the night.
    • 42' Liverpool back in possession, but again achieving very little with it.
    • 41' Burak picks up a yellow card and there's a bit of needle with Johnson.
    • 40' Leiva swaps passes with his defenders before Carragher brings the ball out.
    • 39' The first yellow of the encounter - Ceyhun gets it for a rash challenge on Joe Cole.
    • 38' Johnson, the first man for Liverpool, heads that one away with ease. It breaks down the right but Yattara cannot make any headway on this occasion.
    • 37' Dangerous looking free kick chance, Selcuk stands over it.
    • 35' Gutierrez shapes to shoot from distance as he runs out of options, but with two red shirts closing in on him he ducks out of it and slides a pass backwards. Colman moves on with the ball, looking for more support.
    • 34' An away goal would really be a huge blow if Liverpool can strike it - Trabzonspor would then need to find the net twice to go back in front in this tie.
    • 33' Giray puts the ball out as he tries a gentle pass left from the centre circle. The tide feels as if it is turning.
    • 32' Liverpool's best chance of the half ends up with the ball in the net - but Glen Johnson was offside when he latched on to the pass and his calm finish won't stand!
    • 31' Egeman puts the ball out for Trabzonspor, a little respite after good moments for Liverpool.
    • 30' A better spell of possession for the Reds - though they have yet to make it count or push into the final third.
    • 29' Cole gives Johnson plenty of space for a cross, but it's a poor effort, drilled low and without great direction.
    • 28' Egeman is struggling for the hosts. There's a short interruption in play as he attempts to rise to his feet.
    • 27' Long ball from Carragher to Ngog this time. The young striker gets a touch, but he cannot keep it in as he rushes towards the touchline at full speed.
    • 26' Kelly hits a hopeful long ball forward for Ngog, and Cale comfortably gets to the header first.
    • 25' Burak wins his side a throw, but the Turks do very little with this one and the Reds clear through Poulsen.
    • 24' The ball breaks for Aurelio from thirty yards on his left shot. Of course he has a shot - but whilst it's struck well, it's struck left of target and stays left of target. Goal kick.
    • 23' Liverpool enjoying a rare foray forward, but lacking an outlet Dirk Kuyt loses the ball and commits a foul.
    • 22' Huge chance! The ball is superb, Yattara gets a free header and he glances it beyond the far post. Should have scored from that range.
    • 21' Yattara floats a ball across the penalty area which Burak picks up on the other flank. Trabzonspor go backwards, but Burak gets another chance and is scythed down by Johnson. Dangerous free kick opportunity from the left.
    • 20' Reina grabs the ball as Gutierrez threatened to run on to a through ball. Johnson breaks forward for Liverpool.
    • 18' An announcement goes over the public address system and play resumes with Trabzonspor in the ascendancy.
    • 17' An interruption in play as the referee consults with Trabzonspor manager Senol Gunes - a laser is being pointed at Reina. That's a bad idea.
    • 16' Colman fires a shot from just outside the box which Reina does well to tip around the post. Another corner, thoguh.
    • 16' Chance for Trabzonspor! Yattara, who's been lively so far, broke fast, and his right foot shot from ten yards looked destined to be dangerous until Carragher's lunging block.
    • 16' Good shape on the corner but Kivrak clears.
    • 15' Some strong play from Johnson on the right - he loses control at the vital moment but still wins a corner.
    • 14' Kyrgiakos loosk to have tripped Colman on a tricksy run on the edge of the box, but it's not awarded.
    • 13' Yattara wins a throw on the right flank which Serkan takes.
    • 12' Yattara threatens on the right wing for Trabzonspor but the Liverpool box is packed with defenders and Kelly does a good job to usher him away.
    • 11' The ball breaks to Ngog, who tries to burst past Cale and Giray - he doesn't manage to evade them both.
    • 10' The Turkish fans are bouncing up and down in the stands, but Liverpool seem to be settling. Even if it's only a few passes between the back four, the Reds are being allowed some time.
    • 9' A promising flick on threatens to get Joe Cole into the box, but not this time - Kivrak claims the ball with ease.
    • 8' Some Liverpool possession - Kuyt and Leiva swap passes.
    • 7' Hodgson already looking a little agitated. That may just be the rain - it's still coming down heavily here.
    • 6' Yattara sat on the ball now for Trabzonspor. He's the skipper the Turkish side tonight. Liverpool haven't touched the ball for a couple of minutes.
    • 5' Well, that's changed the complexion of this match right away. The Turks are in control and playing the ball with confidence. Liverpool must rebuild.
    • 4' GOAL! TRABZONSPOR LEAD! Liverpool are shell-shocked as the ball is played through to Gutierrez. They look for an offside flag the Liverpool defence, but none is forthcoming. All square in the tie!
    • 3' First possession for the Turks - interrupted when Kelly at left-back knocks it out for a throw.
    • 2' Corner for Liverpool - Aurelio floats it in, Kyrgiakos gets to it first, but he heads it into the ground for a simple catch.
    • 1' A quiet first minute - Trabzonspor get a goal kick, and it takes some time before Kivrak clears it.
    • 1' Away we go!
    • 18:30 The referee is Ivan Bebek. He's a Croat, as are his assistants.
    • 18:29 The players have taken the field. Jamie Carragher is captain tonight for Liverpool in the absence of Gerrard.
    • 18:28 Trabzonspor is a sea of colour - the atmosphere is superb, noisy and intimidating. Only 20,000 fans in attendance, but you wouldn't know it.
    • 18:25 It's raining in Turkey - it might even be worse than the weather is back in the UK.
    • 18:25 Liverpool were semi-finalists in the Europa League last time out, and their new manager Roy Hodgson took Fulham to a memorable final. Should Liverpool successfully negotiate their way to the final, they'll be amongst the favourites to win the competition.
    • 18:20 There's one place everyone at Anfield would rather have been today, though - and that's in the Champions League draw. More on those mouthwatering match-ups here
    • 18:20 Odd stat of the day - Liverpool have yet to record a win on four visits to Turkey in European competition. There's a decent chance for the Reds tonight, though.
    • 18:15 No sign of Gerrard or Torres on the Liverpool team sheet for tonight's game, of course - they didn't travel. Mascherano unsurprisingly also doesn't feature. That aside, it's a fairly strong Liverpool side, and a good chance for Joe Cole to impress in a red shirt.
    • 18:10 Trabzonspor tonight: Kivrak, Cale, Korkmaz, Kacar, Balci, Colman, Gulselam, Inan, Yilmaz, Gutierrez, Yattara - and on the bench - Zengin, Baytar, Atas, Alanzinho, Badur, Jaja, Oztorun
    • 18:10 Liverpool tonight: Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Kyrgiakos, Johnson, Aurelio, Lucas, Poulsen, Kuyt, Cole, Ngog - and on the bench - Gulacsi, Pacheco, Babel, Spearing, Shelvey, Skrtel, Eccleston
    • 18:05 Liverpool claimed the first leg 1-0 at Anfield, so they have a slim advantage for tonight's tie.
    • 18:00 Good early afternoon everyone, and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!'s live updates from Liverpool's away trip to Trabzonspor as they continue to seek European qualification.
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