Thursday July 21, 2011 Qualifying Round 2 Finished Craven Cottage

Fulham 4 - 0 Crusaders

  • Johnson 19’
  • Duff 56’
  • Zamora 66’
  • Sidwell 70’

  1. Riise targets Euro success for Fulham

    Riise targets Euro success for Fulham

    Fulham defender John Arne Riise has dismissed the Europa League naysayers and believes the Cottagers can achieve something special. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Fulham
    • Crusaders
    • 90+2' The second half is brought to an end.
    • 90' We'll have two minutes of stoppage time.
    • 89' The chances are slim, but wouldn't it be nice to see Crusaders grab a consolation goal?
    • 88' Briggs bursts down the left and cuts inside of the covering defender. He crosses towards Frei but the ball is cleared at the front post.
    • 87' Riise finds some space on the right hand side of the penalty area and has an effort on goal. It flashes wide of the far post.
    • 86' McCann is replaced by William Faulkener.
    • 85' The Crusaders players are not too happy. Dallas dispossesses Duff but it's adjudged a foul.
    • 84' Adamson is replaced by Michael Halliday.
    • 83' Crusaders break down the Fulham attack and send the ball long. The hosts are short at the back but Rainey is up front on his own and can do nothing.
    • 82' Fulham are looking to rub down the clock a little bit now. The defenders are stroking the ball from side to side, occasionally giving it to a midfielder to allow themselves some space.
    • 81' Etuhu won't be too impressed with his contribution so far. Neither are the Craven Cottage faithful. The midfielder gives the ball away cheaply again. It's met with a round of groans.
    • 80' McKeown takes the free kick and drills it straight into the wall.
    • 79' Etuhu loses possession deep in his own half allowing Watson to attack the penalty area. Senderos fouls the man.
    • 78' McCann is caught and looks in a bit of discomfort. Frei knocks the ball out of play while he gets some treatment.
    • 77' They're still very dedicated, the visitors. Watson chases down what seems like a lost cause and wins his side a throw-in deep in the Fulham half. Good to see.
    • 76' Fulham are sitting back at the minute. Possibly catching a breather, possibly just waiting for an opportunity to counter.
    • 75' John Arne Riise is replaced by his brother Bjorn Helge Riise.
    • 74' Boos are making their way around Craven Cottage. Rainey clashes with Senderos off the ball and the defender goes down. Not sure if there was anything in it...
    • 73' Zamora attempts a wild effort from 30 yards. the shot is poor and flies high and wide.
    • 72' Effort!! Crusaders pass the ball around well in the Fulham half. Rainey finds a yard of space on the edge of the area and shoots. Schwarzer is down well to his right to save.
    • 71' It's a bit of a shame, that! The visitors haven't been great but the flood gates have well and truly opened and is a bit harsh on the Northern Irish team.
    • 70' Johnson is replaced by Kerim Frei and Sidwell is replaced by Dickson Etuhu.
    • 69' GOAL!! Finally, Sidwell gets his goal. Duff's corner is met by the diving midfielder in the box.
    • 68' Johnson takes the ball from his own half and deep into the opposition's. he shifts the ball into the centre for Zamora but the striker is dispossessed by the covering defender.
    • 67' Owens is replaced by David Rainey.
    • 66' GOAL!! Another great goal from the hosts. Another step over sets it up. Johnson crosses from the left wing which is dummied by Duff. The ball falls to Zamora who fires back across goal and into the net.
    • 65' It's good to see Zamora playing regularly again after his leg break against Wolves last season. He looks as sharp as ever.
    • 64' Duff finds AJ down the right wing. The Englishman shimmies past two defenders and drills the ball towards the front post. It is cleared. Just.
    • 63' Theset piece is cleared but, the ball comes straight back at them as it has done so many times today.
    • 62' Duff is again fouled by McBride after having his heels clipped. Murphy will take.
    • 61' The visitors are still fighting. They're passing the ball around the Fulham half pretty well.
    • 60' Oooh. Could have been great. It wasn't. Some very neat play down the left finishes when Duff centres for Sidwell. The midfielder completely scuffs his shot and it dribbles out for a goal kick.
    • 59' The visitors continue to chase the game even though the tie is over. How they'd love to score at this Premier League ground.
    • 58' Crusaders have given a good account of themselves today. Despite not really being in the game, they have certainly not embarrassed themselves.
    • 57' Zamora and Leeman challenge for a high ball. Both players get a bit annoyed with one another and the handbags are brought out...
    • 56' GOAL!! If it wasn't game over before, it is now. Senderos picks out Duff with a smart pass through the centre of the pitch. Duff bursts into the box and finishes at the far post from the tightest of angles.
    • 55' Hangeland climbs all over Watson and gives a free kick away. McCann's cross is headed away by Senderos.
    • 54' Senderos is pressures near his own corner flag. The defender looks in a bit of trouble but manages to win a goal kick off Adamson.
    • 53' Sidwell is in the thick of the action yet again. Zamora crosses from the right and finds the midfielder at the far post. Sidwell headers towards goal but it cannons off the foot of the post.
    • 52' Crusaders are enjoying a spell of possession for the moment. McBride works his way down the left wing before crossing. It's mis-hit though and is sent straight out of play.
    • 51' Watson receives the ball 35 yards from goal and has a shot at the first time of asking. It's hit well but curls wide.
    • 50' Dallas takes the ball down the left flankand wins a corner off Hughes. The corner is cleared.
    • 49' Murphy plays a ball through the Crusaders' defence for Duff but the flag goes up for Zamora who is standing in an offside position. He wasn't making an attempt to get the ball!!
    • 48' The set piece is met by Sidwell on the six yard box. The header flies into the keeper's arms.
    • 47' Duff is fouled on the right byline. He'll take the free kick himself.
    • 46' The second half is under way.
    • 45' The first half is brought to an end.
    • 44' Briggs finds some space down the left but is closed down and can't find a cross.
    • 43' Crusaders link nicely down the left flank. Adamson strays too far forward and is flagged offside.
    • 42' I don't think a member of the Fulham back-four have lost a header so far. Every time the Northern-Irish side send it long, the Fulham defenders win the header, allowing their side to attack.
    • 41' The hosts have controlled the game from the start but haven't created as many chances as boss Martin Jol would like.
    • 40' CHANCE!! Fantastic goal that would have been. Sidwell bursts towards the penalty area and plays a one-two with Zamora. The midfielder controls superbly with his right knee before attempting to volley at goal. The shot is dragged wide from 15 yards.
    • 39' Riise bursts into the Crusaders' box and receives the ball. he tries to work space for a shot but is closed down immediately. He shifts it out wide but Duff's cross is cleared.
    • 38' The free kick is poor and is cleared by the first defender. Very poor.
    • 37' Senderos climbs on gargan and concedes a free-kick 35 yards from goal. Crusaders pack the box.
    • 36' Duff asks too much of Sidwell who chases the ball down. O'neill is off his line and shepherds the ball out of play, but gets a barge from the midfielder when doing so.
    • 35' Half chance for the visitors. Watson bursts down the left and crosses for Owens. The striker gets in front of Senderos but can't keep his effort down.
    • 34' Another shocking pass from the centre half. This time he plays it from the edge of his area but it goes nowhere near the intended target and flies out of play.
    • 33' Hangeland cautiously ventures forward and after stepping near the Crusaders box, he attempts to play Zamora in. The ball is woeful and runs out for a goal kick.
    • 32' Duff misplaces a pass towards Murphy in the centre circle, allowing Watson to take control of the ball. Bot happy with his contribution, Duff races back and wins possession.
    • 31' It's probably not their intention, but Fulham seem to have stepped off the gas and are now allowing Crusaders a spell of possession.
    • 30' The visitors build up some pressure, passing around the Fulham box well. Gargan, who was brought into the side for tonight's game, sends his cross out of play.
    • 29' Crusaders are being very patient in their play, waiting for a Fulham mistake - not something that is going to get them back in this game.
    • 28' Neat work from Duff on the right flank. The Irishman crosses towards Zamora who rises highest to head at goal. O'Neill is stood firm and gathers.
    • 27' A small band of Fulham fans are now cheering every successfull pass. This will do the confidence of the Crusaders players no good at all.
    • 26' Zamora and Duff exchange a few quick passes down the left. The former attempts to feed the latter through on goal but the ball is cut out.
    • 25' Crusaders manage to string about ten passes together before McKeown goes long. It falls straight to the feet of Aaron Hughes.
    • 24' AJ bursts down the right before cutting in. The striker crosses for the onrushing Sidwell but the midfielder can only put his effort wide from a tight angle.
    • 23' And there's Craven Cottage's first sight of the Riise shot. It's one that they will forget though as it flies well wide.
    • 22' The Cottagers still look in complete control, perhaps even more so with that goal.
    • 21' Duff is fouled just outside the penalty area. Murphy sends the cross in which is met by Hangeland but the defender is penalised for a push.
    • 20' If the visitors though they had any chance at all going into this game, then it has surely gone with that goal.
    • 19' GOAL!! Great goal from the home side. Hangeland picks out Riise on the wing and the Norwegian centres for Johnson. AJ skips past the covering defender before lashing the ball in the back of the net.
    • 18' Hangeland gives away a free kick in his own half. Crusaders take it quickly but Senderos is across to clear.
    • 17' Sidwell attempts to find the overlapping brings down the wing. The ball is overhit but the Fulham man doesn't give up. The keeper is off his line quickly though, to stifle the attack.
    • 16' It looks very much like attack v defence so far. Crusaders are really struggling to get out of their own half.
    • 15' The following Duff corner is met by Hangeland at the far post. The header is tame and finds the keepers gloves.
    • 14' Duff's corner is allowed to bounce in the area but no Fulham player is able to take advantage and the keeper gathers.
    • 13' A very poor header from Leeman after a Sidwell cross. The defender attempts to flick behind him when facing his goal bt mis-times it and heads straight into the air.
    • 12' Zamora makes some space down the left and crosses dangerously for Johnson. The keeper struggles with cross but danger is cleared when Magowan heads behind for a corner.
    • 11' Former Liverpool man Danny Murphy is instrumental in the centre of Fulham's midfield. He is absolutely everywhere.
    • 10' Crusaders, trailing 3-1 from the first leg, are chasing the game already. The hosts look very relaxed in possession and are passing the ball around with ease.
    • 9' Unsurprisingly, every time J Riise collects the ball the Fulham faithful can be heard shuting "shoot!"
    • 8' Fulham link up well in the middle of the pitch. The Crusaders back-four open up allowing Johnson to have a shot at goal. It flies straight into the arms of O'Neill.
    • 7' Sidwell dispossess McCann in the centre of the park and drives forward, attempting to set up an attack.
    • 6' It's been a relatively uneventful start top the match. Neither side has been able to get on top.
    • 5' Apologies about the lack of commentary. We seem to be having some technical problems but we're back!!!
    • 1' The referee gets the game underway.
    • 19:25 Away from tonight's game, Fulham have announced that they will be taking further action against Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards. Fulham announce new Richards action
    • 19:11 Crusaders have made one change to the side that lost 3-1 at Seaview in the first leg, with the Northern Irish team starting Ciaran Gargan in place of David McMaster.
    • 19:08 John Arne Riise has been handed his Fulham debut this evening. The 30-year-old is part of a strong-looking side named by manager Martin Jol as the Cottagers look to secure safe passage into the third round.
    • 19:07 Crusaders: O'Neill, McKeown, Magowan, Leeman, McBride, Gargan, McCann, Watson, Dallas, Adamson, Owens -Subs-: Murphy, Rainey, McMaster, Halliday, Gibson, Faulkner, Roy
    • 19:06 The teams are in. Fulham: Schwarzer, Hughes, Hangeland, Senderos, Briggs, Duff, Murphy, Sidwell, John Arne Riise, Zamora, Andrew Johnson -Subs-: Etheridge, Kelly, Baird, Bjorn Helge Riise, Etuhu, Frei, Trotter
    • 19:04 Good evening and welcome to LIVE commentary of the second qualifying round of the Europa League. Fulham take on Crusaders at Craven Cottage and lead 3-1 on aggregate.
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    Manager: Martin Jol

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    Manager: Stephen Baxter

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