Thursday September 15, 2011 Group Stage: Group K Finished Craven Cottage

Fulham 1 - 1 FC Twente

  • Johnson 19’
  • Schwarzer 41’ (o.g.)

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  1. Fulham held by Twente

    Fulham held by Twente

    Fulham extended their unbeaten European run at Craven Cottage to 21 matches with an entertaining 1-1 Europa League Group K draw with Twente. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Fulham
    • FC Twente
    • 90+3 Full time and a decent point for Fulham, who extend their unbeaten home run in Europe to 21 matches. Twente the best side in this group, so all good for both teams.
    • 90+2 I think both sides will be happy with the point as Fulham launch it long.
    • 90+1 Three minutes added on as Dempsey is booked for a foul on Landzaat.
    • 90' WIDE FROM ROSALES! It opened up for the Venezeulan but he drove it wide! Should have got it on target!
    • 89' Great defending by Douglas to hold off Zamora after a long ball almost sent him through.
    • 88' Mihaylov pumps one long but Fer commits a foul.
    • 87' A spell of Whites possesion breaks down and it flies out for a goal kick.
    • 85' Bajrami runs into Senderos but it breaks for Landzaat, who shoots but straight at Schwarzer.
    • 84' TWENTE SUB: Landzaat comes on for Janssen. That's Willem Janssen, by the way, not Steve McClaren's mate Theo, who joined Ajax last month.
    • 83' Good ball in by Duff but headed away by Wisgerhof. Senderos clobbers De Jong and sees yellow.
    • 82' Great cross by Grygera, who has moved to left back, flicked behind by a defender with Duff and Zamora flying in.
    • 81' FULHAM SUB: Briggs, who was great but has been labouring since he was clobbered by Rosales. Senderos on, despite a tummy tickle.
    • 80' Rosales to take this.. nodded well wide but it doesn't go out of play. Wisgerhof keeps it in play and a cross from Douglas comes in but no-one near it and it sails wide.
    • 79' Poor first touch from Briggs and he has to smack it away for a corner.
    • 77' Fulham will do well to hold on now. This and the tie in Holland are by far the toughest games of the group - OB and Wisla follow.
    • 76' De Jong on a mazy run but a poor final ball and Fulham break only for Murphy to give it away. Gah. Frustrating. Bajrami and Dembele square off.
    • 75' A nice Twente move breaks down when Baird intercepts Janssen's pass. Fulham counter, Duff on it now, good play as the work it inside, then wide left to Briggs, who has been excellent. But Hangeland gives it away! Rosales in, now De Jong, he slips though and Baird must clear, but he slips and Rosales is in but he slips too! Madness! Hangeland gets it away!
    • 74' FULHAM SUB: The Duffer comes on for Kasami. Cheers from the Hammersmith end.
    • 73' Ironic cheers as the ref ignores Rosales's latest claims for a foul.
    • 72' Murphy is booked for a challenge on Rosales, who makes a meal of it. He got the ball but showed his studs.
    • 71' Harsh foul called on Kasami after he met a cross from the left.
    • 70' The ref smacks Danny Murphy while swinging his body away. Red card? FA would probably ban you for that.
    • 69' SIDWELL HEADS OVER! He got away from Douglas to meet Kasami's cross but fluffed his lines!
    • 68' The closest thing we've had to a lull this match... The legs need refreshing.
    • 67' TWENTE SUB: John, no stranger to the Cottage having watched his brother here a few years back, comes off, Swedish winger Emir Bajrami on in his place.
    • 66' Zamora has scored 10 in 22 European matches.
    • 65' FULHAM SUB: An odd change for me - Johnson is coming off for Zamora. Bringing on Zamora makes sense but Johnson was excellent.
    • 64' DEMPSEY FORCES ANOTHER SAVE! This is a MOM performance from Mihaylov, he bats out the American's drive after Johnson plays him in.
    • 63' Rosales is booked for the swing at Briggs that left him in a heap as he cleared in that previous move. He played advantage, and well played I must say.
    • 62' Fulham counter as Briggs clears, Johnson races away on the left, takes on Cornelisse GREAT CUT BACK AND SIDWELL FLIES IN but he can't connect properly and Douglas slides in!
    • 61' Good run and cross by John and Briggs heads it away, with a weird curl on the ball taking it behind for a corner. Nothing comes of it.
    • 61' The ball is knocked in for Hangeland but doesn't reach him. Murphy drills it in low, Johnson tries to get a toe on it but fails.
    • 60' Brama catches Kasami, who rolls around in pain. Sure he's fine.
    • 59' Looking at a replay of that penalty shout earlier, no way, Johnson slipped.
    • 58' Cornelisse gets into space and blasts it wide. Well wide.
    • 57' Great backheel turn by Johnson, who goes down but no penalty! Dempsey shoots, blocked AND JOHNSON but Mihaylov blocks the low drive! Hacked away by Douglas!!
    • 56' Dempsey has space centrally, Murphy now on it, nice cross and Kasami flicks it on but he's falling and fails to square it to Dempsey arriving.
    • 55' This is a great game, I must say - both teams want to win it and are playing with quality. Fulham knocking it about nicely but unable to find a way through this time...
    • 54' Great turn Johnson to send himself clear but super keeping by Mihaylov who dives out at his feet. Fulham on fire now, wave after wave of attacks...
    • 53' HOW DID HE MISS? Wonderful cross from Kasami and Dempsey's great diagonal run leaves him with a diving header and no keeper but he puts it wide. Brave attempt but poorly executed.
    • 52' Great flick on by De Jong, who is taller than he looks, but no support and Schwarzer claims.
    • 51' Good ball in that Kasami meets but it's up in the air and Twente clear.
    • 50' Briggs wins a corner on the left. Good running from the youngster.
    • 49' Briggs does well to put to touch after a spell of pressure from the Dutch side.
    • 48' Fulham have had enough of this and get hold of the ball for a minute or so until Kasami loses control of it. He does well to track back and regain possession.
    • 47' Ooooh. De Jong is almost sent clean through by Cornelisse, the defence opened up to the diagonal run and the angle was right on the pass but not the weight - overhit.
    • 46' The second half gets underway!
    • 45' Twente are dominating now, that goal has knocked some stuffing out of Fulham. And that's half-time! 1-1, Johnson's opener cancelled out by De Jong.
    • 44' Baird heads behind for a corner, Fulham under pressure!
    • 43' Long ball easy for Schwarzer, who rolls it out to Grygera...
    • 42' Twente are back in their groove now, although Fulham would not have conceded there if Hughes was playing, he'd have tracked what was a standard run from De Jong.
    • 41' It's a great cross from wide, it gets a deflection off the man at the near post but the marking is slack and he's able to pick his spot low to the right. 1-1.
    • 40' TWENTE LEVEL! De Jong with a superb header!
    • 39' Janssen has a pop from range after the Fulham defence is caught ball-watching, but Schwarzer keeps his eye on it and gets down low to save.
    • 38' Murphy plays it in to Dempsey, wide to Briggs but his cross smacks against Rosales. Throw. Impressed by Briggs. Sidwell smacks one high and wide from an angle.
    • 37' Booking for Brama after a handball and a trip in succession.
    • 36' Briggs gets some help and is okay, just a bit winded. He even takes the throw,
    • 35' Rosales with a high boot into the midriff of Briggs, how that is not a free-kick I have no idea.
    • 34' Briggs gets around Rosales and fires in a really ambitious curler with his weaker right foot that zips a yard wide! Nice effort.
    • 33' That chance seems to have perked Twente up a touch as they start stroking it about like earlier.
    • 32' Rosales plays in a super cross and De Jong flies in with the header but well read by Schwarzer to choose the right side and hold on to the ball!
    • 31' Murphy and Sidwell combine but it doesn't come off. Both looking to sit deepish tonight.
    • 30' Mis-kick by Tiendalli again. Having a mare tonight.
    • 29' Super long pass from Kasami, and Murphy is onside despite Tiendalli's protestations but it's a bit too high for the little fella and he can only guide it wide!
    • 28' After a promising start Twente are being schooled now. Fulham dominating.
    • 27' Johnson is coming back from an offside position as he gets on to a high ball.
    • 26' Johnson knocks the ball back to Grygera, but too far back for the bounding right-back, who is well ahead of it and lets out a comedy yelp as he tumbles to the deck while stretching.
    • 25' Mihaylov must be sick of the sight of the English, having been on the end of a couple of defeats for his national team, Bulgaria. He clears upfield.
    • 24' Oooh great one-touch play by Fulham but Kasami slips just as Dempsey played in a delightful through ball. Good stuff from the Londoners.
    • 23' Dempsey gets away down the right but looks back due to a lack of support. Fulham keep the ball well though...
    • 22' Murph to take from the left with his right, an inswinger... No, he steps off and Johnson curls it in, good ball but De Jong heads away.
    • 21' Briggs on a great run down the left to win a free-kick off Cornelisse.
    • 19' GOAL FULHAM! Andy Johnson with a super finish from the tightest of angles after rounding the keeper. That came about from an error by Tiendalli, who made the cardinal sin of playing it across the face of the box. Terrible pass.
    • 18' The free-kick comes to nothing and Fulham break. Kasami wide to Dembele but Douglas is back to bring it clear and win a free kick. Great defending.
    • 17' This time Grygera does foul John, who had slipped it past him. He kicked out too and is booked. The Fulham fans are questioning the referee's solo leisure habits but it was a clear foul.
    • 16' Dembele cuts inside from the left and has a crack but wide.
    • 15' Douglas goes down and pretends he has done his ankle after a firm but fair slide tackle from Sidwell. The Twente players are whinging at Fulham for not putting it out but they know he's cheating and, lo and behold, he gets up seconds later.
    • 14' Great save Mihaylov! Dempsey surged through the defence and smacked a rising drive towards goal, good keeping though.
    • 14' Murphy puts the corner in but cleared. Then Murphy gets it back on the right but miscontrols out for a throw.
    • 13' Dempsey seems to overrun it but well played by Dembele to keep a lost ball in play, don't know how he did that, and in the end it's a corner to Fulham.
    • 12' This is a good spell for the Whites now as they lay camp on the edge of the Twente box... passing sideways though...
    • 11' Super tackle by Wisgerhof as Johnson almost got in behind. Then Kasami takes Fer out and is lucky not to be booked.
    • 10' Murphy takes, a clever low one that fools the defence but Briggs mis-kicks it and the chance fades.
    • 9' Down the other end Dempsey flies in to meet a Johnson cross but deflected wide for a corner.
    • 9' John works himself into a great spot on the edge of the box, the off-the-ball running of his mates allows him lots of space but he fires in a weak shot too close to Schwarzer.
    • 8' A bit of nonsense after players from both sides collide, cleared by Schwarzer and there's a handball from De Jong I think and play stops.
    • 7' Johnson on the left but his cross hits the ref. Oops. Dembele was waiting!
    • 6' Fulham have barely got out of second gear. Schwarzer hoofs a cleanace upfield.
    • 5' Bryan Ruiz is cup-tied but he's having fun in the stands, with some form of date in tow (the wife? no idea of his personal situation).
    • 4' Murphy harshly penalised after a collision with Rosales. Ah, no foul, a drop ball. Fair.
    • 3' Ola John, brother for ex-Fulham 'striker' Collins, wins a throw on the left. Collins John - amazing when he turned up in West London but went a bit mental after deciding he was too good to play on the wing, and lost his way.
    • 2' The Cottage is in fine voice tonight but Twente have kept the ball since kick off.
    • 1' So Fulham have set up with Baird at centre-back and Briggs and Grygera at full-backs. Makes sense.
    • 1' The first half is underway at the Cottage!
    • 19:58 My name is Reda Maher, by the way, and I will be taking you through from kick off to final whistle. Have your say on the comment facility below, or hit me up on Twitter @Reda_Maher
    • 19:55 Tonight's odds: Fulham - 11/10; FC Twente - 12/5; Draw - 12/5
    • 19:50 FACTS: Fulham remain unbeaten in 20 European home games (16 wins and four draws) stretching back to their European debut, a 0-0 UEFA Intertoto Cup draw against FC Haka on 6 July 2002; Twente have gone four games (three defeats and a draw) without a win on their European travels since beating FC Rubin Kazan 2-0 in last season's UEFA Europa League round of 32.
    • 19:45 FACT: Fulham have already played eight European games this season, since entering the first qualifying round through the UEFA Respect Fair Play system. They have won six of those and drawn two. The Cottagers are the only side to have made it all the way from the first qualifying round to the group stage this season.
    • 19:40 Tonight's referee is Antonio Damato of Italy.
    • 19:35 So as expected Zamora is rested, although he is on the bench in case of necessity. Swiss-Macedonian-Albanian midfielder Pajtim Kasami starts, he's an exciting prospect, while Matt Briggs also plays with Aaron Hughes injured and Philippe Senderos ill. Ruiz, remember, is cup-tied.
    • 19:30 TEAMS - Fulham: Schwarzer, Baird, Hangeland, Grygera, Briggs, Kasami, Sidwell, Murphy, Dempsey, Johnson, Dembele; Subs: Etheridge, Kelly, Orlando Sa, Senderos, Gecov, Duff, Zamora /// FC Twente: Mihailov, Cornelisse, Douglas, Wisgerhof, Tiendalli, Rosales, Janssen, Brama, Fer, John, de Jong; Subs: Boschker, Bengtsson, Landzaat, Bajrami, Berghuis, Leugers, Janko
    • 19:25 Twente are yet to win in 11 games against English sides, boasting the unenviable record W0 D4 L7 (W0 D1 L5 in England). Their two previous games in London ended in a 4-0 loss at Arsenal in the 2008/09 UEFA Champions League third qualifying round and a 4-1 defeat at Tottenham n last season's UEFA Champions League group stage.
    • 19:20 FACT: The sides are meeting for the first time in Europe and this is also Fulham's maiden experience of Dutch opponents.
    • 19:15 Co Adriaanse: "We will play for the win, because a draw at the end of the group is not much. Only when it appears unrealistic will we go for a draw."
    • 19:10 Martin Jol: "(Bobby Zamora) is fully fit, but we've got another game on Sunday, so that is another decision to make. It could be a problem with the likes of Bobby Zamora - a bit older, maybe not 100% fit. Don't forget that we missed Bobby in three league matches as well, so that was a problem. If you play in the Europa on a Thursday, you have to play your league games on a Sunday - that is tough. And that is why we will change a few positions to keep a few players maybe fitter for Sunday."
    • 19:05 Bryan Ruiz scored what turned out to be a consolation goal for Twente as they lost their second leg playoff 3-1 - he promptly joined Fulham but was "disgusted" to find out he was cup-tied, because even though he played in a Champions League qualifier, Twente are still in Europe. D'oh!
    • 19:00 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Fulham's Europa League clash with FC Twente, the excellent Dutch team who were unfortunate not to qualify for the Champions League after their rip-roaring play-off defeat to Benfica.
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