Thursday August 4, 2011 Qualifying Round 3 Finished Craven Cottage

Fulham 2 - 0 RNK Split

  • Johnson 19’
  • Murphy 57’ (pen.)

  1. Johnson on song as Fulham down RNK

    Johnson on song as Fulham down RNK

    Andy Johnson scored a goal and won a penalty as Fulham beat RNK Split 2-0 at Craven Cottage to progress in Europa League qualifying. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Fulham
    • RNK Split
    • 90+4' FULL-TIME: Fulham through! It was comfortable enough - and Fulham played well, particularly in the first half. RNK Split threatened, but only sporadically. A good showing for English clubs in the Europa League, and a rough night for Split, who lost both their teams.
    • 90+3' Slick passing from Fulham and Riise almost plays the killer cross to end the game with a third goal - RNK scramble it clear.
    • 90+2' Vidic hobbles off for treatment. He's booed as he limps along.
    • 90+1' Not that you're nervous, but there are three minutes of stoppages to play.
    • 90+1' Kasami hits the resulting set piece - not a bad effort, but a little too central and just over the bar.
    • 90' The petulance continues - Budisa fells Murphy while the pair challenge for a header.
    • 89' We're going to get a look at Kasami - about two minutes' worth. He's on for Duff.
    • 89' This is all rather silly - Yellow for Rasic who flies in late on a tackle. The game's all but over, but the cards are flowing.
    • 88' Resounding boos fro Marcic every time he touches the ball. And cheers for Briggs when he gets his foot to it.
    • 87' Handbags at five paces - Briggs is booked for having a friendly exchange of views with Marcic - that's not clever from the youngster - Fulham don't need these extra cautions.
    • 86' Jordan gets his head to an Obilovic set piece, but didn't control it and it loops over the top.
    • 85' GREAT SAVE SCHWARZER! He has to be spot on to make a full-stretch save against Simic's long-range strike, and that could have prevented Fulham from enduring a panicky end to this tie.
    • 84' Yellow for Murphy - not his finest moment, as he body-cheecks his opposite number. Needless yellow with the tie all but won.
    • 83' Final change for RNK - Jordan replaces Cop.
    • 82' Vidic doesn't seem to believe that his hooked clearance has gone out for a Fulham throw - but once again, it has.
    • 81' Obilinovic has looked busy since his introduction, but every delivery has been just off the mark, and largely wasted.
    • 79' Another Fulham change - and it's Dempsey who'll get a 10-minute rest ofor his performance and allow Matthew Briggs a run out.
    • 78' Obilinovic curls in a free-kick, but it misses everyone and goes out for a goal-kick.
    • 77' The game drifting quietly along now - it looks like it will be a bad night in Split with both their teams dumped out by English opposition.
    • 76' And Fulham make their first substitution - Zamora replaced by Dembele.
    • 75' Second change for RNK - Vitaic off, Rasic on in his place.
    • 74' Obilinovic takes a punt from range, and Schwarzer does well to tip his low effort around the post.
    • 73' Riise's cross from the right cut off by Budisa, who gets RNK moving. They don't look like they believe that they can turn this one around though.
    • 72' DUFF CLOSE FROM DISTANCE! Would have been a wonder goal had his left-footed volley smashed into the net, but it whistles just wide of the far post.
    • 71' Vukovic forced to use his head to clear a looping ball forward - just as well the goalkeeper knows what he is doing!
    • 70' Strong defending from Milovic, who holds off the charging Johnson to shepherd a through ball back to his goalkeeper.
    • 69' For once Johnson's control in the box lets him down and Budisa hoiks a clearance away.
    • 68' Promising Swiss star Patjim Kasami is on the bench today, as well - plenty of Fulham fans would like to see what the new arrival can do...
    • 67' Fulham's intensity has dipped a bit here. They do have their full complement of substitutes to turn to should they choose to freshen things up.
    • 66' HALF A CHANCE FOR THE VISITORS! The ball breaks for Simic in the D, and he cracks a first-time shot away that Schwarzer stops well.
    • 65' Murphy penalised for clipping the heels of Golubovic. Game just being interrupted by these stoppages a touch in the last few minutes.
    • 64' Cop offside! He doesn't agree, but Schwarzer has a free-kick.
    • 63' RNK certainly having a much better half, and are on the edge of the Fulham box. But until they find the first, the hosts will feel at ease.
    • 61' RNK HIT THE WOODWORK! Nice set piece, Milovic drifts into space, sticks a leg out, and rattles the frame of the goal. He looks desperately frustrated to have missed.
    • 60' Barbaran off, Obilinovic on in RNK's first change.
    • 59' That was very close to being the goal that killed the tie completely. In the meantime, Etuhu has gone to the sideline for treatment after being caught by Cop.
    • 58' JOHNSON PUTS THE BALL IN THE NET! NO - OFFSIDE! He's played through, and ignores or doesn't hear the whistle to finish. He wags his finger in dispute of the decision when he realises, and is booked for his troubles.
    • 57' Cop tries an overhead kick on the edge of the area. Do you even need me to tell you it's still 2-0?
    • 56' MURPHY TO TAKE - AND HE SCORES! He sends the keeper the wrong way, and tucks it left of centre. That's the cushion Fulham wanted!
    • 55' FULHAM PENALTY! Booking for Vidic after he brings down Johnson with a poorly-judged lunge. No questions about that one, and the right decision reached!
    • 54' Nice move from RNK, and neither Barabran nor Cop can get the crucial header. Marcic pops up on the right and goes for glory, but it's a wild effort.
    • 53' RNK break, but an even quicker counter-attack from the Cottagers sees Duff attempt a cross which Zamora cannot quite get his head to.
    • 52' Good spell of possession for Fulham here - they've not had too much of the ball in the second period yet.
    • 51' Hughes, Hangeland and Senderos stroke the ball around, trying to open up a little space for an attack.
    • 50' Fulham just need to be careful here - RNK have come out altogether more positive in the second half.
    • 49' GREAT EFFORT FROM VITAIC! Swerving from left-to-right, that was only just the wrong side of Schwarzer's post, and the Australian keeper didn't necessarily have it covered...
    • 48' Hangeland gives away a foul in a dangerous area - he was late on the challenge and RNK are taking their time to set up a shot at goal.
    • 47' A one-two from the visitors goes awry and Etuhu cleans up.
    • 46' The second half begins! RNK kick us off, needing to score in the next 45 minutes to have any chance of progressing.
    • 45' HALF-TIME: I was going to write that there wasn't much in the way of delays in the first half, but there were probably more than the five or six seconds' worth that the referee played. Fulham won't mind - they've turned in a very decent first half, scored the goal, and control the tie. They'll know they're not safe until they have a bigger cushion, but will pleased thus far. We'll be back in a few minutes to see if they can protect that advantage.
    • 44' Dempsey back on his feet, but it was a poor challenge from the RNK Split forward, one born of frustration as Fulham have taken the initiative in this tie so effectively.
    • 43' Ouch - nasty late foul from Barbaran on Dempsey - and it's earned him a yellow card.
    • 42' Great strength from Dempsey to hold off a challenge and lay a ball back. He and Johnson have been the two Fulham players who have stood out in the first half.
    • 41' Schwarzer launches a long goal kick forward, and Zamora is muscled off the ball by two red shirts.
    • 40' Fulham pressuring well whenever they don't have the ball. They're not making life easy at all for their opponents.
    • 39' Stoke are through! Read the match report here
    • 38' Good effort from Riise to keep the ball in play, but that was an impossible chase to the byline. Goal kick for the visitors.
    • 37' A good spell of possession for RNK, though, but it comes to an end when Dempsey cuts off a loose ball and gets Fulham moving forward again.
    • 36' Hiorrible attempted cross (or was it a shot?) from Vitaic, who's been entirely anonymous so far.
    • 35' Promising little move between Johnson and Zamora looks to have freed up Duff, but the Irishman judged to be offside. If he was, it was not by much.
    • 34' Vukovic has to rush out of his box to deal with a loose ball, but does so with confidence, chipping a ball out to his right-back.
    • 33' Dempsey staying down, but the referee not interested as Marcic surges on. RNK have a chance to make progress down the right.
    • 32' Murphy seems to glide through the middle there, and Johnson holds up the ball superbly to play him for a decent long-range hit.
    • 31' CARELESS! Gentle back pass gives Schwarzer an uncomfortable battle with Cop, which the Australian only just wins.
    • 30' Duff almost tricks his way through from the right - good skills, but he opts to take a touch the wrong way, away from goal, and the Split defenders regroup just in time. A frustrated Vidic flattens his man and is given a talking to by the referee.
    • 29' RNK needn't be too disheartened - despite losing at the moment, their brief hasn't really changed. They have to score a goal.
    • 28' DEMPSEY CLOSE! REALLY CLOSE! Powerful run across the edge of the box and delicate shot, curled just beyond the far post. Very close to the cushion of a second goal.
    • 27' The long ball pays off there, with Hughes playing a ball straight into Zamora's path. He holds the ball up well but cannot link up with a team-mate.
    • 26' Did we just see Andy Johnson break out the stepovers? I think we might just have done... Baraban, tracking back, is unimpressed, and boots out for a throw.
    • 25' Not Danny Murphy's best delivery - he curls this one from the left straight into the path of Vukovic, who claims with confidence.
    • 24' Milovic gives away a free kick just outside the box on the left hand side, and again he protests his innocence. Again, not entirely convincingly...
    • 23' Flowing football from RNK Split - when they start moving the ball around they are good to watch. Budisa released on the left, but his pass back into the middle lets the move down.
    • 22' Fulham playing a bit of keep-ball before Etuhu tries to fling a long ball sixty yards forward. Straight into the goalkeeper's hands - not the sort of thing that will impress manager Martin Jol.
    • 21' Cheers as Baraban puts in a tackle and wins the ball for RNK Split in a dangerous area - and cheers again when, having swapped passes with his winger, the striker slams a shot over the crossbar from the edge of the penalty area.
    • 20' And there's been a late goal in Split where Stoke are taking on Hadjuk - how did it turn out? Click here for the final result.
    • 19' GOAL FOR FULHAM! ANDY JOHNSON! A good corner left-footed from Duff, and Johnson's glanced header at the near post beats everyone. Fulham on track for the next round!
    • 18' Good pressure from Jonson to win a corner. Milovic says it didn't come off his head last - he's wrong.
    • 17' Marcic and Duff latest to clash on the touchline - this time the Irishman comes off better and Fulham move out of defence.
    • 16' Not a huge number of Split fans in the ground for this - perhaps no great surprise, but they are enjoying the contest as their side settle.
    • 15' Decent corner in from Fulham, but amidst the typical pushing and shoving in the area, the ball sails tantalising over everyone by a foot.
    • 14' Fulham win a corner as Duff and Milovic tussle for the ball. Milovic felt hard done by there.
    • 13' Etuhu slides a pass down the line towards Duff - who can see no way through, and works the ball backwards afresh.
    • 11' Some promising passive from the Fulham midfield, with Dempsey and Murphy both involved in some good touches.
    • 10' It's settled down to a very gentle pace after the initial excitement. RNK, a side on the up, are no pushovers.
    • 8' Predrag Simic tries to chip a ball forward towards the frontmen - but Fulham also look strong at the back, with the combination of Hangeland and Senderos.
    • 7' Andy Johnson tries to carve a way through from the left-wing, but the Split defence is well-organised, and two men block him.
    • 6' Applause from Vukovic as his defenders shepherd the ball clear.
    • 5' Zamora penalised as he challenges for the ball. RNK have just drawn the sting from that early Fulham assault.
    • 4' Speculative hit from striker Djue Cop for RNK. Wide of the mark, and disappointing, all things considered.
    • 3' That seems to have got Fulham up straight away, and the Craven Cottage crowd, which is not bad at all, are making themselves heard.
    • 2' CHANCE! WHAT A CHANCE FOR FULHAM! A free-kick won early by the byline - Danny Murphy knocks it flat into Damien Duff's path, catching everyone by surprise, and his left-footed effort is very close indeed.
    • 1' Away we go!
    • 19:25 A reminder of the permutations, then - Fulham win on the night, and they're through. Lose, and they're out. A score draw also knocks them out, but a goalless draw means extra time.
    • 19:20 Europa League junkies - remember that you can keep up to date with the latest goings on between Hadjuk Split and Stoke in Croatia by clicking this link.
    • 19:15 That's a strong-looking Fulham team, then, with new arrival Kasami one to watch on the bench. Fulham will be pleased to pair up Zamora and Johnson in attack, but word is that the Londoners are keen on another striker, having made a bid for Cameron Jerome. More on that one here.
    • 19:10 RNK SPLIT TEAM: Vukovic, Milovic, Krizanac, Vidic, Budisa, Vitaic, Marcic, Simic, Baraban, Erceg, Cop Subs: Zagorac, Radnic, Rasic, Jordan, Obilinovic, Galovic, Barisic
    • 19:10 FULHAM TEAM: Schwarzer, Hughes, Senderos, Hangeland, John Arne Riise, Duff, Etuhu, Murphy, Dempsey, Zamora, Andrew Johnson Subs: Etheridge, Kelly, Baird, Kasami, Gecov, Briggs, Dembele
    • 19:05 First leg - Fulham have already travelled to Split and secured a goalless draw with the Croatian outfit. Refresh your memories of that game here.
    • 19:00 Good evening all and welcome to LIVE text coverage of Fulham's Europa League third round second leg tie with RNK Split at Craven Cottage.
  • Summary

    • 55' FULHAM PENALTY! Booking for Vidic after he brings down Johnson with a poorly-judged lunge. No questions about that one, and the right decision reached!

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  • Fulham

    Manager: Martin Jol

  • RNK Split

    Manager: Ivan Katalinic

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