Wednesday May 15, 2013 Final Finished Amsterdam ArenA

Benfica 1 - 2 Chelsea

  • Cardozo 68’ (pen.)
  • Torres 59’
  • Ivanovic 90’

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  • Live Commentary

    • Benfica
    • Chelsea
    • 90+4' There goes the final whistle! A 2-1 win for Chelsea over Benfica. They win the Europa League. The Benfica fans in tears. So hard for them to take.
    • 90+3' Cardozo tackled by Cahill inches from sweeping in the equaliser. Astonishing stuff.
    • 90+2' GOAL! Ivanovic sends a header looping into the net from Mata's corner. Brilliant header and that is surely the winning goal. A 2-1 lead for Chelsea.
    • 90+1' Ramires sees the cross cut out by Jardel, but Chelsea have a corner here.
    • 89' Lima misses the target with a hit before Luisão sees a header blocked by a mindful Ashley Cole. We are into three minutes of time added on.
    • 88' Superb hit from Lampard! Wonderful effort from 25 yards, but the ball comes back off the bar with Artur well beaten. What an effort that was from the England midfielder.
    • 87' Cech saves from Matic. All too easy from Gaitain's free-kick. Chelsea try to take it forward.
    • 86' Both sets of fans looking more than a little anxious here. Benfica have a free-kick as some of their big men go up the park.
    • 85' Azpilicueta slams a volley at goal from distance. No real pace on the shot as Artur dives to claim the loose ball.
    • 84' André Almeida is penalised for a foul on Oscar. Chelsea on the ball and looking to build from deep.
    • 83' Mata with a superb run and pass into the path of Ramire, but Luisão dives into the challenge from a few yards off. Does just enough to get to the ball.
    • 82' Cardozo attempting to connect with a loose ball in the middle, but he stabs back into the traffic. Chelsea somehow clear. One goal now will surely win it for either side.
    • 81' Cardozo flicks a volley at goal from distance, but that is a brilliant diving stop by Cech to nudge the ball over the bar.
    • 80' In its current format (since 2009-10), only Falcao (30) has scored more Europa League goals than Óscar Cardozo (20).
    • 79' Ramires is the latest Chelsea figure to be penalised for offside.
    • 78' Meanwhile the injured Garay continues his long limp back to the technical area. Chelsea have possession in the Benfica half.
    • 77' Jorge Jesus is looking a bit animated on the touchline. He has hardly stopped moving all night.
    • 76' Jardel on for Benfica and Garay departs the scene. He is still limping here.
    • 75' Garay is down on the deck and in need of a spot of treatment here. He is off the park at the moment.
    • 74' Torres guilty of a dive. Luisão had his arms around him, but Torres waited to dive and the referee spotted it quickly.
    • 73' Mata on the run here for Chelsea, but can't quite control the loose ball as Artur emerges from his goal to swipe the ball away from the little Spanish player.
    • 72' Chelsea have conceded the most penalties in Europe this season, two more than any other side in the Europa Leage or Champions League.
    • 71' "Massive misjudgement from weakest link Azpilicueta," says Reda Maher from Amsterdam. You can say that again.
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    • 70' Ramires dumps a cross straight out of play from out wide. Benfica with a goalkick that Artur can hammer long.
    • 69' A message from Cardozo under his shirt that says Happy Mother's Day. Ramires caught offside.
    • 68' Cardozo suffering from a spot of cramp here. Real match on now. Chelsea's lead lasted less than eight minutes.
    • 67' GOAL! Cardozo rams the penalty down the middle as Cech dived to his left. Benfica are level at 1-1.
    • 66' PENALTY TO BENFICA! Clear penalty as Azpilicueta handles a chip from Cardozo. Poor stuff from Azpilicueta.
    • 65' Benfica decide to bring on Lima for Rodrigo and John for Melgarejo as they make the changes.
    • 64' Chelsea can play a smart game now. They don't need to chase this match and will hope to pick off the Portuguese side on the break.
    • 63' Matic brings down Oscar inside the Chelsea box and that is a free-kick to the English side.
    • 62' Mata knocks the ball into the wall from the free-kick. Looks like Benfica are going to make a change here.
    • 61' Luisão all over the place at the back and is guilty of another awful challenge seconds later as thumps Torres late. Chelsea lead 1-0 and have a free-kick 20 yards out.
    • 60' GOAL! Torres holds off Luisão before rounding Artur and slotting the ball into the net. Cool finish. His ninth goal in Europe this season.
    • 59' Bit of nonsensical play acting by Cardozo, but the referee correctly doesn't want to know as Cech launches it long from his goal.
    • 58' Oscar picks out Mata on the run seconds later, but the little Spaniard's cross is plucked out of the air by Artur.
    • 57' Chelsea making more of a fight of matters in this half as Luisão cuts out an Oscar pass intended for Mata.
    • 56' Artur goes through Ramires, who is a couple of yards offside as he sped through the middle. Thankfully, no harm done from that meaty challenge.
    • 55' Torres taken out of the action late by the enormous figure of Luisão. That is a free-kick to Chelsea, but it again comes up short.
    • 54' Chelsea had just 38% of possession in the first half vs Benfica, some way short of their Premier League season average of 55%.
    • 53' Chelsea with five offsides compared to only one for Benfica - that one for Cardozo.
    • 52' Another offside flag goes up. This time to penalise the run of Ramires after he set off too soon.
    • 51' Gaitán throws over a lovely cross. Cardozo with the headed finish, but is deemed to be offside. Didn't look much in that.
    • 50' Cardozo with a cutback looking for the run of Rodrigo, but Azpilicueta is covering to knock the ball over his bar.
    • 49' Gaitan with a shooting chance, but he guides a volley well wide of goal under pressure from Luiz.
    • 48' Ivanović then concedes a free-kick for a foul on Óscar Cardozo. Plenty of fouls as Ramires brings down Melgarejo.
    • 47' Cole concedes a free-kick for a foul on Salvio. The visiting fans in full voice, mainly the Benfica followers. Artur knocks it long from deep.
    • 46' Chelsea get the match off and running in the second half.
    • 45+1' Lampard wallops a shot over the bar from distance. That will be that for the first period. 0-0 at the break.
    • 44' Garay has been booked for a late challenge on Oscar. We are into one minute of time added on to this first half.
    • 43' Azpilicueta is deemed to be in an offside position after setting off too soon.
    • 42' "Artur looking flappy - you hate to say it but Chelsea need to get high balls in the box," says Reda Maher from deep inside the Amsterdam ArenA.
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    • 41' The only positive from Chelsea's performance so far is being level. This is a classy Benfica side, who look so comfortable on the ball. But they have lacked a finish.
    • 40' Cardozo going for a ball in the middle. Cahill doing really well to stay with his marker. Chelsea continue living off scraps.
    • 39' Mata almost picks out Torres with a lovely cross, but Torres and Ramires are both offside.
    • 38' César Azpilicueta in a spot of bother here. Not sure what is wrong with him. Is it a hamstring strain? Let us hope not.
    • 37' Best Chelsea move of the night so far. Mata's corner comes to nothing, but at least Chelsea have tested the Benfica goalkeeper.
    • 36' Brilliant effort by Lampard from 22 yards. Super attempt. Ball dipped and swerved, but Artur does superbly to nudge it over going the wrong way.
    • 35' Benfica keeping the ball before Torres tries to bring it out. He is then deprived off possession before the red shirts settle back into this pattern of play.
    • 34' Salvio is halted on his run, but Lampard heads away the free-kick. Benfica again taking up residence in that Chelsea half.
    • 33' Gaitan prods a shot over the bar from the edge of the area. Flicked that with the outside of his left boot. But never under control. Chelsea struggling to stay with the runners.
    • 32' Oscar doing well to poke a little ball through the middle, but Mata is held off. Luiz then slams a long ball straight into the arms of Artur.
    • 31' Cardozo slams the ball into the wall. Ball spins into the area, but Lampard watches it as Cech comes out to claim.
    • 30' Ivanović concedes a free-kick for a foul on Pérez. Benfica with another chance to work some magic from a free-kick. Between 20-25 yards out.
    • 29' Benfica could do with having a shot here. Dominating the ball, but doing very little with it. Perez comes up short and Cech is out to collect.
    • 28' Almeida with a cross. Picks out Gaitan, but he tries to dink the ball back across goal rather than attempt a volley. Luiz with the intervention.
    • 27' Oscar unloads a shot from distance. Plenty of pace on the ball, but Artur collects the shot at the second attempt. Somewhat casually.
    • 26' Since 05-06, Chelsea have won 63% of their European ties that have not involved John Terry, compared to 47% when he has played. Not sure that is going to have an effect this evening.
    • 25' Oscar with a flick on from Mata's pass. Almost broke to Ramires, but the loose ball spins harmlessly behind the goal.
    • 24' Garay penalised for a late one on Torres. Artur comes to punch out the free-kick from Mata. Not too convincing, but gets the job done.
    • 23' Chelsea have won their last five encounters with Portuguese opponents and have lost just one of eight in total.
    • 22' Garay rising to win the ball in the air after Oscar tried to pick out Cahill. Benfica continue enjoying plenty of possession.
    • 21' Almeida takes Oscar out of the action late. Chelsea with a free-kick out wide. Chance to throw the ball into the box.
    • 20' Torres doing well to hold off Luisão before Luiz is taken out late by Gaitan. Chelsea with the ball around the halfway line.
    • 19' "Benfica all over Chelsea, who are backing off far too easily. Trying to walk it in!" says our man Reda Maher from inside the Amsterdam ArenA.
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    • 18' Chance for Mata to fire a shot at goal, but he hesitates and the move founders. Luiz then penalised for a foul on Perez.
    • 17' Matic with a long ball over the top. Can't pick out the run of Cardozo. Ball safely in the arms of Cech.
    • 16' Rafa Benitez telling his players to lift it here. Chelsea have been second best all over the park so far. But at least they remain level at 0-0.
    • 15' That pitch has been heavily watered and some players are toiling to keep their feet. It worked in favour of Chelsea on that occasion.
    • 14' Astonishing stuff in front of that Chelsea goal. Rodrigo had two attempts at goal, but can't finish after working a short free-kick. He fell with the second chance. Chelsea being cut wide open here, but somehow scramble the ball clear.
    • 13' Oscar is booked for a late challenge on Perez as he cut a dash through the middle. Clear foul and Benfica have a free-kick 25 yards from goal.
    • 12' Luiz penalised for a tugging the shirt of Matic. Benfica passing the ball well after Chelsea shed possession.
    • 11' Another chance for Gaitan as he lifts the ball miles over the ball from Salvio's cutback. Some gorgeous football again by Benfica.
    • 10' Cardozo and Salvio with shots inside the Chelsea box. Ivanovic doing well to make a block. Chelsea cut open by Benfica, who are so, so comfortable on the ball.
    • 9' Lovely ball from Mata for Oscar there. He is going to pose a huge threat to the Eagles tonight. Chelsea lying fairly deep before Gaitan wins the ball from Ramires with a strong tackle.
    • 8' Super ball over the top looking for Oscar from Mata. Oscar fails to get the ball down and Artur collects in the opposition goal.
    • 7' Cech hammers the ball long from deep. Benfica again collect through Rodrigo. The Portuguese side looking menacing every time they collect.
    • 6' Ramires getting a spot of treatment before he returns to the action. Chelsea yet to cut Benfica open.
    • 5' Matic brings down Ramires with a cynical late challenge. That is going to be a talking to from the referee. Should have perhaps been a yellow card.
    • 4' Benfica appeals for a penalty against Cahill, but replays showed that it was a clear chest. Benfica fans making themselves heard here early on.
    • 3' Salvio knocks a chip into the box. Cahill with a block before Cole chests it back to Cech. Decent start here by Benfica.
    • 2' Cardozo with a header over the bar from Almeida's cross. Couple of yards over. Early warning for Chelsea. Can't allow the Paraguayan that amount of space.
    • 1' Off we go then. Benfica get the action off and running.
    • 19:42 Odds for this one tonight. Chelsea 6/4 Benfica 11/5 Draw 12/5. All ready to go then in this one.
    • 19:40 Teams on their way out here. Benfica in red, Chelsea in blue. Glorious night for football as that Europa League anthem blares out. Okay. It is not the Champions League tune. But is still quite catchy. We think.
    • 19:35 Benfica are looking to end 51 years without a European trophy after six straight final defeats. The sides met for the first time last season when Roberto Di Matteo's Chelsea won 1-0 in Lisbon and 2-1 at home to eliminate Jorge Jesus's men in the quarter-finals on their way to winning the Champions League.
    • 19:30 Jorge Jesus: "No Benfica player has undermined the quality of any Chelsea player or the Chelsea team (referring to Pablo Aimar's quote that the current squad is the worst since Roman Abramovich bought the club). Chelsea is an excellent team and they will finish third in the Premier League this year. They have quality... Benfica is a club that throughout its history has had an excellent performance in Europe. Benfica has recovered some of its prestige over the last few years."
    • 19:25 Rafael Benitez: "If we can do it I will be really proud because we have worked so hard in difficult circumstances... Benfica are a good team and they have experience in Europe. In a final it is 50-50 and we will see what happens. A European final is massive. Maybe you can score an early goal and change the game or concede three and have to change at half-time. You have to have confidence and belief you can do well."
    • 19:20 Chelsea could become the first team to hold both of UEFA's club trophies simultaneously, but Benfica are returning to the scene of their 5-3 win over Real Madrid in Amsterdam in the 1962 European Cup final at the old Olympisch Stadium. Ferenc Puskas scored a hat-trick for Real with Eusebio netting a double for the Portuguese side.
    • 19:20 Benfica right-back Maxi Pereira is suspended but they have a ready-made replacement in André Almeida. They have no other absentees, although Alan Kardec is unavailable after being left out of the club's premilinary European squad.
    • 19:15 Lampard plays alongside David Luiz as the two midfield holding players with Brazilian Ramires pushed forward to join compatriot Oscar and Juan Mata in a trio playing just behind Fernando Torres. Demba Ba, signed from Newcastle United in January, is cup-tied.
    • 19:10 John Terry's ankle injury sees him miss a second European final in 12 months. He is not fit enough for the bench while Eden Hazard is also out after sustaining a hamstring injury in the death throes of the 2-1 win at Aston Villa in the Premier League on Saturday. Frank Lampard - fresh from his record-breaking double at Villa Park - starts the match in a formidable looking midfield.
    • 19:05 Teams: Chelsea: Cech; Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Cahill, Cole; Lampard, Luiz; Ramires, Mata, Oscar; Torres..subs: Turnbull, Ferreira, Aké, Mikel, Marin, Benayoun, Moses////Benfica: Artur; Almeida, Luisao, Garay, Melgarejo; Salvio, Perez, Matic, Gaitan; Rodrigo, Cardozo..subs: Paulo Lopes, Jardel, Aimar, Urreta, André Gomes, Lima, John
    • 19:00 Good evening and welcome to LIVE coverage of Chelsea against Benfica from the Amsterdam Arena. Rafael Benitez's side are in the unique position of bidding for a European trophy for a second straight season after lifting the Champions League last term. Another glorious night ahead perhaps? A 7:45pm kick-off in the Netherlands.
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