Thursday April 25, 2013 Semifinal Finished Sankt Jakob-Park

FC Basel 1 - 2 Chelsea

  • Schär 87’ (pen.)
  • Moses 12’
  • David Luiz 90’

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  1. Europa League - Last-gasp Luiz sees Chelsea win at Basel

    Europa League - Last-gasp Luiz sees Chelsea win at Basel

    David Luiz scored in the last second to give Chelsea a 2-1 win in the first leg of their Europa League semi-final at Basel. More

  • Live Commentary

    • FC Basel
    • Chelsea
    • 90+5 Last kick of the game and Chelsea have won through David Luiz. Justice really - that Basel penalty was weak. Chelsea lead 2-1.
    • 90+4 Luiz looks set to blast this, although Mata is hanging around... AND LUIZ SCORES! Low and fizzing, the keeper unsighted and inside the right-hand post and in! Lovely accuracy between the men in the wall but Sommer at fault.
    • 90+4 Stocker fouls Ramires on the edge of the D and Chelsea have a free-kick at the death...
    • 90+3 Cole earns Chelsea a corner after a surging run down the left.
    • 90+2 Oscar wide to Torres, who returns the favour but Frei rolls it out for a corner. Mata will take this as smoke billows on to the pitch. The ball goes far post, Ivanovic nods it across, now Moses helps it on AND TERRY MUST SCORE but his header is saved brilliantly by Sommer!!
    • 90+1 Four minutes added time being played as Basel continue to attack in waves.
    • 90' Mata is over it, and Luiz. Just about shooting range... and Mata swings it wide.
    • 89' Moses scuttles away down the left and he is hacked down by Schaer, who is booked.
    • 88' HUGE MISS OSCAR! Chelsea should have gone back again after the keeper fumbled, Torres should have scored but he couldn't get a boot on it, Mata had a dig and then Oscar had to finish but he hammered it well over!
    • 87' Schaer to take the penalty... rolled down the middle for 1-1, Cech going right. Harsh penalty, Basel level.
    • 86' Cech makes a pig's ear of punching clear so Schaer nods it towards goal but cleared by Chelsea. Back into the box and Zoua head it across goal, and the ref gives a penalty!! Was that for Terry's tug on Streller or Azpilicueta's good challenge on Stocker? Either way, never a pen!
    • 85' Diaz to take this free-kick then, 30 yards slightly to the right... Ramires heads clear, but Dragovic gets hold of it, releasing Zoua who is free on the left but his cut-back for Streller is scrambled behind! Degen returns for the corner, which Luiz heads clear. Frei has a pop from range, deflected and over. Corner again!
    • 84' Degen is in real pain and needs on-pitch treatment but I think that's just a bruise, his leg didn't see to twist in any way.
    • 83' Luiz loses control of the ball, slides in on P. Degen and catches him on the shin! Lucky not to see red, yellow for now.
    • 82' Bit of a scramble in the Chelsea box but Ivanovic gets it clear!
    • 81' Chelsea have a free-kick on the left, Mata swings it far post and Ivanovic slides in but puts it wide!
    • 80' CHELSEA SUB: Oscar on for Lampard, who practically crawls off.
    • 79' BASEL SUB: Salah has not been at his best today and he is replaced by David Degen, Phil's twin brother.
    • 78' Mata on a mazy run but his route is blocked off by multiple blue and red shirts. So instead he plays it wide to Lampard, who hammers one well off target.
    • 77' Another heavy touch from Salah but this was a real chance as Dragovic had played him in behind a confused Luiz. Should have taken it in his stride, but the youngster is raw.
    • 76' Salah is close to wriggling through but his first touch lets him down and Cech watches it roll behind for a goal kick.
    • 75' Lampard has a shot now but Diaz is back defending to block the finish.
    • 74' Diaz gets away from Lampard's challenge but his shot flies high and wide! Not enough curl on it, should have tested Cech!
    • 73' Stocker on the run now, wide to Streller, who uses Diaz. Now Schaer strides forward but he hits it to Austria.
    • 72' Ramires is offside as the plays Torres one-on-one, so the Spaniard wasn't really trying when he shot straight at Sommer.
    • 71' CHELSEA SUB: Mata makes an entrance, I think for Hazard.
    • 70' Dragovic lunges in on Torres but wins the ball - however, the referee decides it was two-footed, so books him much the home fans' disgust. Was certainly a dangerous challenge.
    • 70' Frei sends Soua through down the right but Terry blocks his low cross.
    • 69' Cole is booked for time-wasting, meaning he will miss the second leg. Best get it out of the way before Amsterdam, eh Ashley?
    • 68' Frei hits a rising drive well wide with Cech pulling out of the diving save when he realised it was off target.
    • 67' Somehow Basel fail to get a shot on target after Streller, Salah and Diaz all had opportunities to get a shot away following a Degen run.
    • 66' Cute ball by Hazard to send Ramires away but a dreadful cross from him, straight to touch after Lampard had made a super run into the box.
    • 65' BASEL SUB: ElNeny off for Zoua.
    • 64' Salah gives it straight to Hazard, who bides his time before swinging an overhit ball well beyond Moses. Scrappy game it has to be said.
    • 63' Torres fouls Schaer as the pair tussle for the ball.
    • 62' BASEL SUB: Diaz, an attacking midfielder, replaces the more defensive Die.
    • 61' Hazard with a nice piece of control and a low pass to release Ramires, who feels he was fouled by Drgaovic but the ref ignores his pleas.
    • 60' Lampard clips a ball wide for Hazard but a bizarre pass gives it away. Now Salah runs in through the left, he finds Stocker, but a predictable ball is cleared by Luiz.
    • 59' Azpilicueta with a low ball wide for Torres, who skips past Park but the Korean recovers and the Spaniard's cross is deflected behind for a corner. Before Lampard takes it I think Basel will make a change... No, not yet, Lampard swings it in but Dragovic clears.
    • 58' ElNeny swings the corner AND CECH FLAPS WILDLY BUT STRELLER MISSES HIS HEADER! Deary me, two men you'd expect to be dominant in those positions with terrible errors!
    • 58' Stocker on the left and his low cross almost gets through Luiz, who pokes it behind for a corner.
    • 57' Schaer plays it in for Streller to try and bundle his way through but Ivanovic lashes the ball to touch for a throw.
    • 56' Fine run by Stocker but a dreadful, overhit pass as ElNeny was running through. Action on the Basel bench, a few changes in order.
    • 55' That spell of Basel pressure ends as Die sends a low drive well wide.
    • 54' The home fans think Moses handled as he cleared Salah's ball to Streller.
    • 53' TORRES HITS THE ANGLE OF POST AND BAR! A rasping finish from the penalty spot after a fine run and cut-back from Hazard! Unlucky, it somehow bounced down away from danger.
    • 52' Luiz, for all his sins, is proving very effective at shielding the defence. A touch more discipline to his play and he could be a world-beater as a DM.
    • 51' Schaer mis-kicks a clearance to Lampard but Chelsea don't capitalise on it and Park brings it down the left...
    • 50' Hazard goes down after colliding with Schaer following an error from the Basel defender. He went down quite theatrically but there was a flick from the Swiss stopper!
    • 49' Streller turns Azpilicueta, who recovers to tackle for a corner. Great start to this half by Basel! Cech punches the corner clear and ElNeny is caught offside on the follow-up.
    • 48' STOCKER HITS THE POST! Lively run inside from the left, leaving a lumbering Luiz for dead before dummying past Lampard and drilling a low finish off the post with Cech beaten all-ends up! Terry knocks it out for a corner.
    • 47' Hazard and Ramires on the charge but the Belgian fails to squeeze the pass out to the Brazilian, who had run in from the right with some pace.
    • 46' Roger Federer is a touch late taking his seat, but with that brown leather jacket we'll forgive him anything.
    • 46' The second half is underway.
    • 45+1 Half-time and Chelsea lead through Victor Moses's goal. Scrappy game for much of the half but Chelsea improved into the break and should have scored another!
    • 45' Another miss from Hazard, even worse than the last one as Torres sent Moses through, who picked out the Belgian but he fired wide with just Sommer to bear!
    • 44' Ramires with another good challenge to stop Stocker getting in. Now Torres on the run, wide to Azpilicueta, his cross is blocked but it drops for Torres who misses his bicycle kick and now HAZARD but he blasts it over!
    • 43' Ramires is covering when Azpilicueta fails to block the run of Stocker. Still Basel's though as ElNeny and Die combine, but Salah loses out to Lampard. Salah is being targeted by Chelsea, who are doubling up on him.
    • 42' Die almost gets the ball through to Salah but an excellent interception from Cole.
    • 41' Streller on the left but he can't get the ball into Park because Lampard is tracking back to shepherd it behind for a goal kick.
    • 40' The ref accidentally gets in the way of Frei's ball but Basel get it back anyway.
    • 39' Terry is rolling around in very un-Terry fashion after Schaer catches him on the head.
    • 38' ElNeny pulls back Luiz and Chelsea have a free-kick. Yakin thinks Luiz dived but he didn't see the cheeky shirt-grab.
    • 37' Chelsea have a free-kick on the right that Hazard will take, but his centre is poor and Steller hoofs to touch for a throw.
    • 36' Basel all over the place after Lampard flicks a short pass to an unmarked Ramires on the right, but his low finish is saved one-handed by Sommer! Good save!
    • 35' Die tries to shoulder barge Luiz but bounces off him then gets angry when Luiz stands his ground to win the loose ball. Why are footballers such casual hypocrites?
    • 34' ElNeny goes down under Hazard's challenge, which was fair according to the referee and Torres could be in but his shot is weak and easy for Sommer. Definitely not a foul on ElNeny after seeing the replay, a fine tackle.
    • 33' Streller wide to Salah, good run from him but Cech reads his cross and rises to claim.
    • 33' Lampard whips the corner in but Ivanovic a bit too rough on Sommer for the referee's liking.
    • 32' Torres on the right, he cuts inside to shoot but Schaer blocks! Chelsea want a penalty but nothing given! Looked like it hit the arms...
    • 31' Moses on the left, he cuts inside and tries a give-and-go with Hazard but is checked by Dragovic. No foul though!
    • 30' Dragovic finds Park on the left but Azpilicueta spots that it went out and the linesman agrees.
    • 29' Lampard almost releases Torres but cleared by Basel. Now Terry tries to bring it forward but runs it out of play.
    • 28' Moses on the left is challenged by Schaer, who conceds a throw.
    • 27' Streller thinks he has won his side a corner but the officials disagree, to the annoyance of the home players and fans.
    • 26' Chelsea have a throw but Basel clear their lines. Despite the goal, Chelsea looking a tiny bit predictable going forward.
    • 25' Chelsea now have a corner on the left but Lampard's delivery is cleared.
    • 24' Salah to Streller, fine cross aimed for STOCKER AT THE FAR POST but it spins just away from his outstretched leg and wide. Azpilicueta caught on the outside there.
    • 23' Stocker to take this corner from the right, but Terry heads strongly clear. Die now finds Dragovic on the left, the defender swinging over an inviting cross but Schaer seems caught out by the speed of it and just stands still as it flies over him and behind for a goal kick.
    • 22' Streller with a cute flick into Degen's path, he swings in a cross that is headed up in the air by Cole and tipped behind by Cech. Corner.
    • 20' ElNeny mis-hits a drive high and wide after good play by his fellow Egyptian Salah to squeeze the pass out for him.
    • 19' Basel wanted a penalty for Ivanovic's check on Stocker but I don't think it was a foul.
    • 18' Stocker's corner is cleared by Moses could be caught in possession - not, superb turn away from Die and he releases Luiz. Fine run from Luiz but he overplays it a touch and is tackled by Die. Basel counter, Stocker gets inside Ivanovic, possibly a foul as the Basel man stumbles but the ball is squeezed out to SALAH WHO CAN FINISH but Cole gets in his way and the scuffed effort is taken by Cech!
    • 17' Schaer to take - and he blasts it towards goal, a slight deflection and a good save by Cech! Corner.
    • 16' Free-kick to Basel on the edge of the D after Ivanovic checks Streller.
    • 15' The bouncing atmosphere in Basel is somewhat muted now.
    • 14' Basel with a spell of pressure as they try to bite back immediately but Chelsea resist.
    • 13' Ivanovic initially celebrated that goal but in muted fashion - I think he thought it came off a defender, but once Moses started doing backflips we knew who got the vital touch.
    • 12' GOAL CHELSEA! Ivanovic with the initial flick from Lampard's corner and it hit an unaware Moses and flew in! Unusual headed goal for the Nigerian, and Chelsea lead.
    • 11' GREAT SAVE SOMMER FROM LAMPARD! Fantastic cross from Azplicueta which Lampard pokes home from the near post but the keeper bats it behind.
    • 10' The pitch at St Jakob Park looks absolutely fantastic given we're getting towards the end of the season. Really lush and bright green.
    • 9' Salah chases a long ball down the right but he just fails to keep it in, under pressure from Terry.
    • 8' The corner is cleared and Salah could be away but for Azpilicueta's intervention. Now Lampard could be in but the ball is back with Sommer, who claims to his chest.
    • 7' Torres with a towering flick on to release Hazard, now Moses on the right, in to Ramires, who finds Hazard but he loses control of the ball. It's back with Moses though who buys a corner off Dragovic.
    • 7' ElNeny finds space on the right but he overhits his cross, and Streller wasn't in the box anyway so it flies out for a throw.
    • 6' Hazard on the run but Fabian Frei flies in with a superb slide tackle.
    • 5' Hazard on the right, taking on two men before flicking it back to Azpilicueta. His cross is poor though, cleared by Schaer who sends Stocker away. He loses control of the ball, Chelsea throw.
    • 4' Luiz is playing in midfield, initially doing well but showing too much of it to Die. Lampard sweeps up though, his long ball almost releasing Moses but for Schaer's intervention.
    • 3' ElNeny to take the first corner of the match, taken short and back to ElNeny whose cross-shot lands on the roof of the net with Cech covering.
    • 2' Moses tracks back to concede a throw. ElNeny and Salah combine, Die wide to Stocker but his cross is blocked by Ramires for a corner. Basel very much starting on the front foot.
    • 1' Torres loses the ball and looks to the ref. No, he says. Stocker leads the charge but Azpilicueta gets across and plays the clearance off the Basel man for a goal kick.
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 20:00 The teams are out for the usual pre-match theatre. While Chelsea are narrow favourites I have to say Basel have been very impressive going forward and could give Terry and co a torrid time - particularly given Cole is not exactly match fit.
    • 19:55 Looks like David Luiz is playing in midfield, unless Ivanovic plays right-back and Azpilicueta plays in midfield. Either way it's an interesting choice...
    • 19:50 Chelsea's Fernando Torres: "We have a young squad, we need to learn winning ways and this is a very good way. Now we're in the semi-finals everyone can see we want to win and the team I think is happy. The competition is helping the team a lot because it is giving us a lot of satisfaction - not like in the Premier League this season, and we lost the semi-final of the FA Cup, so we were also close. But the Europa League is keeping us in a good mood and thinking it could be a good season."
    • 19:45 Czech ref Pavel Kralovec is in charge tonight. He is a 35-year-old engineer. He has shown 37 yellows in seven European club matches this season, a huge return, but no red cards. He has sent a few people off in domestic matches so expect him to be fussy if reluctant to go "all the way".
    • 19:40 What's your prediction? Should Juan Mata have started this match as it represents Chelsea's final shot at silverware? Let me know on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. Follow on Twitter!
    • 19:35 MATCH ODDS: Basel 15/8 Chelsea 11/8 Draw 12/5
    • 19:30 Rafael Benitez: "Basel are in the semi-final and deserve to be there. They've worked very hard, have played well, and are well-organised. They press well and launch good counter-attacks. They have good players with pace and ability, so we will have to do really well if we want to win."
    • 19:25 Murat Yakin: "We are very close to the final. I started this campaign at Videoton when we were last in the group. I have tried to present my vision to the team, one I hoped could lead the way to the final in Amsterdam. Now we are so close that we can reach it in two games. We have played some good matches at home, which we deserved to win. Now we need two very good performances, or one very good one and one average, to make it to the final – we believe we can do it."
    • 19:20 Ashley Cole makes a surprise start for Chelsea after recovering from injury ahead of schedule. Gary Cahill is back on the bench too, but Oriol Romeu is out in the longer term. Demba Ba is cup-tied. As a result Fernando Torres starts up front helped by Victor Moses, with Juan Mata, Oscar and Benayoun on the bench.
    • 19:15 Former Liverpool right-back Philipp Degen has recovered from a muscular problem to start this match. Basel are without Alexander Frei, who retired after the previous leg to become boss at FC Luzern. Watch out for Mohamed Salah, the exciting young winger forward who gave Spurs a torrid time in the last round.
    • 19:10 TEAMS - Basel: Sommer, P. Degen, Schaer, Dragovic, Park, Frei, Elneny, Serey Die, Stocker, Salah, Strelle /// Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Terry, Cole, Luiz, Lampard, Ramires, Hazard, Moses, Torres; Subs: Turner, Cahill, Bertrand, Mikel, Oscar, Mata, Benayoun.
    • 19:05 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Europa League semi-final between Chelsea and Basel, with the first leg kicking off in Switzerland at 8.05pm UK time.
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  1. Marin is good

    From Ali, on Fri 26 Apr 13:53
  2. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Ivanovic's daughter bit him yesterday so she's­ banned from having the next 10 meals and it will be­ reviewed at a later date. She has the right to appeal­ but being only 5 months old she cannot talk. Ivanovic­ stated that not being able to talk is no excuse for­ losing her right to appeal or her behaviour,­ doesn't she know who he is? Ivanovic denied­ rumours that the child is the biological daughter of­ Luis Suarez.

    From MICHAEL, on Fri 26 Apr 9:21
  3. Well done Chelsea......

    From wiggins, on Fri 26 Apr 0:57
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Terrible assault by David Luis. Ivanovic looked like­ his time in intensive care had worked as he got back to­ his usual thuggish style. He didn't even need a­ plaster over the Suarez ten game suspension bite.Baby­ girl.

    From , on Thu 25 Apr 22:57
  5. @AnyanwuC - Why are you sorry for Benitez? Didn't­ Chelsea just win?

    From AndyS, on Thu 25 Apr 22:57
  6. Torres celebrates another game without scoring even­ though he's wearing blinkers

    From B, on Thu 25 Apr 22:29
  7. why don't the 4th and 5th officials on the goal­ line go on the opposite side to the linesmen then they­ might,i say might pick up on where they take corners­ from,about a foot outside the quadrant for the 2­ corners that led to the penalty for basle

    From Daniel Mitchell, on Thu 25 Apr 22:20
  8. Gerry benitez is not fit to clean the special ones­ shoes , the little fat spainish onion.

    From Alan Knights, on Thu 25 Apr 22:19
  9. Ella, maybe now would be a good time to point out that­ the Chelsea squad contained 6 Englishmen, more than any­ other nationality. Not one for defending Chelsea­ usually, but please get your facts right.

    From Nathan, on Thu 25 Apr 22:13
  10. Jean ,how can i put thi nicely go and blow it out your­ #$%$, if liverpool had been playing the yoss ,instead ­ of the chel,s suarez would have been banned ,he hates­ kosher

    From Alan Knights, on Thu 25 Apr 22:12
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Well done Chavski - good result.

    From Death Wish, on Thu 25 Apr 22:10
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Chelsea don't represent the UK, they represent­ Spain/Africa

    From Ella, on Thu 25 Apr 22:09
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Suppose all the chelski fans still hate our Raffa.­ little shites have no idea of the mans proffesionalism­ and if we at LFC get him next season, Watch out,­ there's a Raffa about You should all be disgusted­ with yourselves and I hope that you lose the next round­ because that is as much as you all deserve.

    From Gerry, on Thu 25 Apr 22:09
  14. Haha. What you gotta say about that you haters. ­ Chelsea will represent the UK in Europe.

    From annon, on Thu 25 Apr 22:08
  15. mata is indespensible as Lampard !

    From Manfred, on Thu 25 Apr 22:07
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I'm glad chelskiy plastics take Europa League so­ seriously. Good preparation for next season when you­ will playing in it again. It'll be funny when­ Swansea pass your tired legs off the park at the­ weekend. What was the score last time you played­ Wales's finest?

    From Ella, on Thu 25 Apr 22:06
  17. maruis i bet your not saying that now hahahahah 2/1

    From Captain Leader Legend!, on Thu 25 Apr 22:01
  18. Terrific result.

    From Peter, on Thu 25 Apr 22:00
  19. Chelsea so much better than spurs

    From Mr Erebus Chaos, on Thu 25 Apr 22:00
  20. YES, well done Chelski.

    From LaserFrog, on Thu 25 Apr 21:58
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