Thursday October 25, 2012 Group Stage: Group A Finished Anfield

Liverpool 1 - 0 Anzhi Makhachkala

  • Downing 53’

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  1. Europa League - Downing howitzer gives Liverpool win over Anzhi

    Europa League - Downing howitzer gives Liverpool win over Anzhi

    A brilliant goal by Stewart Downing gave Liverpool a 1-0 Europa League win over Anzhi Makhachkala at Anfield, putting the Reds top of Group A. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Liverpool
    • Anzhi Makhachkala
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    • 90+3 Liverpool hold on for a 1-0 win over big-spending Anzhi, which is a real boost for them. That puts them top of their group. Group A standings
    • 90+3 Sahin gives away a free-kick on the Anzhi right. Last chance for them probably as Samba and co come up for it. But inexplicably they play it short to Eto'o, whose pass is intercepted and Liverpool clear.
    • 90+2 Suarez goes down on the edge of the box looking for a free-kick. For some reason Liverpool had over-committed in attack, but Eto'o can't get Traore through and Liverpool have it back.
    • 90+1 As three minutes of added time are signalled, Carcela smacks a vicious low drive just wide of the far post!
    • 90' Mazy run from Sterling and it takes four men to hold him up otherwise he'd have gone all the way.
    • 89' Liverpool take the corner short as they look to hold on to the ball in the closing stages. Good keep-ball until Gerrard gives it away.
    • 88' Sterling is happy to take the corner after giving Zhirkov some trouble down the right.
    • 87' Eto'o threads it into Carcela but his shot is too close to Jones. Poor connection.
    • 86' Downing's clearance is blocked and Traore is putting himself about but finally Liverpool get it away. Assaidi races clear down the left and he finds Gerrard, who is beckoned to shoot but sends it well over.
    • 85' Sterling almost sends Gerrard in with a nice reverse pass but blocked and Anzhi clear.
    • 84' Hopp Schwiiz! Young Boys are now 3-1 up against Udinese. Liverpool just need to hang on now...
    • 83' Traore just wide! Shatov with a clever low cross from the left but Traore is just too far ahead of it.
    • 83' Suarez on the left finds Assaidi behind him, now Sterling shifts it inside to shoot but sends it well wide.
    • 82' Mad minute that. Anzhi have some wind in their sails but Carcela hits the deck only to be penalised for a foul.
    • 81' Great run and shot from Carcela but Skrtel blocks and Liverpool hack it clear! Great turn from the Belgian-born half-Spanish Morocco winger.
    • 81' Well Agger has been booked for heading the ball out of the keeper's hand before scoring. You're not allowed to do that now. Shame.
    • 81' LIVERPOOL SUB: Allen replaces Shelvey as Skrtel heads at the keeper.
    • 80' Udinese have pulled one back against Young Boys, 2-1 to the Swiss now. Hopp Schwiiz!
    • 79' The final corner of the trio is caught by Jones, who launches a counter.... Poor pass from Suarez straight to the keeper with Gerrard, Shelvey and Sterling racing clear.
    • 78' ANZHI SUB: Lakhiyalov replaces Boussoufa for Anzhi. Sahin, meanwhile, heads the first corner away. And the second is knocked behind by Wisdom.
    • 77' Shatov finds Traore, now Boussoufa who smacks a shot on goal but Skrtel blocks and it's a corner. No, not a corner. Odd. No, it is a corner - play is stopped for a substitution...
    • 76' This appears to be collective punishment for Liverpool, who are paying the price as a team for Suarez's reputation. Assaidi is a very honest player, and that was afoul.
    • 75' Gerrard with a crossfield pass to Assaidi, who skins his man and is in! He cuts inside one man, then another and is brought down surely! The ref says no and the chance is gone! Suarez is booked for protesting but that was a clear foul from Logashov, who he has skinned the first time.
    • 74' Suarez is tripped by Boussoufa, who fesses up as the ref penalises him. For some reason Suarez is wagging his finger at the ref, who has a word - ah, he was asking him not to book the Anzhi man, who appeared to catch him accidentally.
    • 73' Eto'o almost releases Boussoufa but he fails to control it and Liverpool clear.
    • 72' Great long ball from Gabulov (the midfielder), but Traore with a dreadful first touch sends it out for a goal kick.
    • 71' Logashov fouls Assaidi clumsily and Liverpool have a free-kick.
    • 70' Good news for fans of Liverpool - Young Boys have scored again against Udinese! 2-0 to them.
    • 69' Downing with a terrible pass across the face of his goal that Skrtel only half clears, it falls to Eto'o but his shot is straight at Jones!
    • 68' Sahin fouls Carcela, then immediately after fouls Shatov. Easy now...
    • 66' Eto'o has a rare effort which is blocked. He's been a disappointment tonight - I say that and he'll probably go and score.
    • 65' Traore cost a whopping 18m euros from Rubin, where he spent a season after impressing at Cluj. Anzhi prices. Can't take a throw though, his first act a foul throw.
    • 64' ANZHI SUB: Smolov is replaced by the massive Traore.
    • 63' Shelvey should have scored after Suarez played him clean through but his first touch was heavy, allowing Joao Carlos to clear.
    • 62' ANZHI SUB: Agalarov, who picked up a knock a few minutes ago, is replaced by Logashov.
    • 61' Suarez dinks a nice ball over to Sterling but the young English-Jamaican forward is just offside.
    • 60' Wisdom shows super skill as he plays his way out of trouble after a fine tackle. Wisdom looks a good player.
    • 59' Poor touch from Suarez as it broke to him on the edge of the box. Liverpool are now going all-out for a second.
    • 58' Cool defending from Wisdom to hold up Smolov on the run, Skrtel hoofs it clear and Assaidi gives chase, great running as he somehow keeps it in on the left wing, cross in for Shevley but his flick-volley doesn't come off and the visitors clear.
    • 57' Sterling back defending blocks an attempted cross from Zhirkov. Throw to Anzhi on the left wing.
    • 56' Earlier Skrtel kicked Smolov in the gut but got away with it; this time he wins the header cleanly and is penalised. Ho-hum.
    • 55' Half the crowd think Suarez has scored but his snap-shot from the edge of the box went just wide, side netting.
    • 54' Downing is much maligned - I think you play him on the left or not at all, don't like him on hr right - but left-back? He wasn't defending there!
    • 53' OH WHAT A GOAL! And it's a howitzer from Stewart Downing! He is moved to left-back but that was a winger's goal, cutting inside from the left and unleashing a wondrous drive with his unfavoured right, the keeper caught too close to his near post as it flies into the top right. What a goal.
    • 52' That chance appears to have sparked Anzhi into action as the Russian side keep the ball for a spell.
    • 51' Big miss from Gerrard! Anzhi were all over the shop as Sterling of all people flicks on a long ball, Shelvey free on the left, a super cross for the arriving Gerrard but he fluffs his header, guiding it wide!
    • 50' Skrtel gets forward to unleash a booming effort after Downing's cross was headed clear by Samba - too close to the keeper, who does well to hold on!
    • 49' Sterling finds Suarez on the right but Zhirkov tackles the Uruguayan and hoofs to touch.
    • 48' Smolov almost slips away from Agger to find Eto'o but he loses control of the ball.
    • 47' Wisdom gives away a free-kick on the right wing after getting forward.
    • 46' The second half is underway.
    • - LIVERPOOL SUB: I thought Johnson played well but he is off with Sterling on in his place. Meaning Downing plays left-back. Bizarre.
    • - Any half-time chat, feel free to Tweet me @Reda_Eurosport. I certainly won't be getting involved in that car-crash on the message board below. I say that, and all the comments suddenly disappear. Eerie. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 45+2 Half-time and it's goalles - maybe my prediction of goals was a touch over enthusiastic!
    • 45+1 Smolov pops up on the inside left, he looks for Eto'o but the Cameroonian is too far behind play so the Russian unleashes a rasping drive that flies across Jones and wide.
    • 45' One minute added time signalled.
    • 44' Assaidi almost releases Suarez on the edge of the box but he slips a touch and Anzhi clear.
    • 43' Gerrard will likely whip this in from the left, although Suarez is with him. Gerrard it is, and Agger flies in but Samba gets a touch and it lands behind Shelvey.
    • 42' Agalarov is booked for a cynical block on Asaaidi as he looked to counter.
    • 40' Agger unleashes one of his long-range drives after Anzhi back off him, but it's a yard wide. The crowd got excited but the keeper would have had it covered.
    • 39' Bit of a scrappy spell now as Johnson puts his foot through it after his team-mates dithering while clearing the threat on the Anzhi right.
    • 38' Agalarov almost picks out the sprightly Smolov with a through ball but he just overhits it and Liverpool have a goal kick.
    • 37' The replay comes for the Johnson 'penalty' and he slipped and missed the ball. Meanwhile, a Liverpool corner from Gerrard finds Sahin but he's being marked and can only loop a header well over.
    • 36' Now Anzhi want a penalty after Wisdom blocks Smolov. That was less clear cut, still waiting on a replay for the earlier Johnson one.
    • 35' Johnson is livid after racing through inside from the left, Agalarov was behind him and he's sure that he was tripped, but it seemed like Johnson just slipped and kicked air! Need to see that again!
    • 34' Terrible pass from Boussoufa after Agalarov made a great run into space on the right wing. The Dutch-Moroccan winger played it three yards behind the overlapping full-back.
    • 33' Anzhi now have a free-kick on the right wing, which almost finds the head of Samba but for an intervention from Gerrard. Throw to the Russians on the left.
    • 32' Assaidi takes the free-kick but sends it too close to the keeper. That was a shot.
    • 31' Zhirkov fouls Downing and the home fans cheer ironically. Gerrard to take this from the right as Skrtel and Agger move up. Assaidi and Suarez join Gerrard...
    • 30' Suarez and Shelvey almost link up down the other end but Samba intercepts the pull-back. Lively stuff it has to be said!
    • 29' Eto'o and Shatov get their wires crossed when the chance was there for the former to find the latter for a shot. Liverpool clear as they look quizically at one another.
    • 28' Assaidi shoots from just inside the box but the keeper is well-placed to claim it at the second attempt. There appeared to be a trip on Johnson in the build-up but the ref ignored it.
    • 27' Johnson in space on the left, he finds Gerrard, who finds Sahin, who finds Suarez, who mis-kicks it on the turn.
    • 26' Skrtel with a late challenge on Smolov but he just about gets away with it as the Russian midfielder cuts inside to try and shoot, easy for Jones in the end.
    • 24' Terrible miss from Shelvey after a Suarez-led break saw him picked out totally unmarked on the edge of the box. He leaned back and smacked it miles over.
    • 23' Almost a lovely one-two between Gerrard and Suarez but hacked away by Joao Carlos. Nice play Sahin in the build-up.
    • 22' Suarez and Gerrard are over this. Gerrard obviously wants it but he hits the wall.
    • 21' This time Samba does foul Suarez, right through him, and it's a booking for the big man.
    • 20' Another good run by Assaidi allows him to pick out Johnson, whose drive is parried by Gabulov! Liverpool still have it but Suarez's touch lets him down.
    • 19' Eto'o has space but he runs into a sea of red and Jones is able to clear.
    • 18' Assaidi with a neat touch and cross from the left but Samba is on hand to knock it clear.
    • 17' Another attempt by Liverpool to win a free-kick as Downing goes down after nutmegging Zhirkov. That did look a foul.
    • 16' Suarez touches it past Joao Carlos, a heavy touch so he goes down and the ref just ignores him. Clear dive.
    • 15' Carecela fouls Assaidi, it seems, but play on and Anzhi counter. Wisdom snuffs it out though.
    • 14' Not seen much of Eto'o so far but he gets a touch, turning and passing wide to Carcela-Gonzalez, but the ball is poor.
    • 13' News from Switzerand - Young Boys have scored against Udinese.
    • 12' Great pass again from Johnson to free Assaidi, super pass back from him to SUAREZ but he shoots tamely at Gabulov.
    • 11' Suarez is released down the left, great first touch but a poor cross well beyond Downing on the right wing.
    • 11' Smolov is back on, the home fans booing him for some reason, so he shows them the stud marks on his shirt.
    • 10' Smolov limps off for more treatment, that was unnecessary and dirty from Skrtel, who is usually a hard but fair player. He could face action for that.
    • 9' A clear kick in the midriff by Skrtel on Smolov as the Slovakian rose for a header. The ref was in front of him and I have no idea how he missed that.
    • 8' @08Prateek: "I'm thinking a draw, in my opinion Liverpool just don't have the attack but I don't think Anzhi will break LFC's defence" - not sure I agree. Can see both sides scoring goals. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 7' Sahin swings the corner over but it skims Agger's head. Gerrard tries to release Suarez down the right but he overhits it.
    • 6' Good attacking move as Johnson nods one down for Assaidi, who earns a corner off Samba.
    • 5' Suarez on the right after a nice pass from Gerrard, he cuts inside to beat Zhirkov but overplays the dribble allowing Joao Carlos to clear.
    • 4' Sahin is one of Liverpool's key men tonight, he will need to do a lot of running as well as his usual fine passing. Nice ball out wide but Suarez can't pick it up.
    • 3' You have to say that Anzhi's XI looks stronger than Liverpool's - Eto'o v Suarez is a fantastic head-to-head, and while Gerrard is still a top player you'd fancy the Russian side to test them at least.
    • 2' Decent start on a nice pitch as both sides pass it around nicely.
    • 1' The first half gets underway. Liverpool in red, of course, and Aznhi in yellow. Eto'o!!
    • 19:59 No need to be gentle with me Tom - I'm a big boy (bigger than him anyway). Any predictions for tonight and Tweet me on that link below.
    • 19:58 On that note I hand you over to Reda, who will be taking you through tonight's game. Be gentle with him. Follow Reda Maher on Twitter!
    • 19:55 Anzhi currently top the group with four points from two games, level with Udinese, though Liverpool are just one point behind in a very tight group. Group A details
    • 19:50 A few facts for you: Hiddink was Chelsea manager when they eliminated Liverpool from the Champions League in 2008-09. Liverpool in the Champions League eh, remember those days? Liverpool have won four of their seven games against Russian sides, but this is the first time they have played Anzhi.
    • 19:45 So Rodgers has undoubtedly taken a risk in playing Suarez. With Borini injured he is the only fit senior striker Liverpool have. Of course, this explains his inclusion to an extent tonight, but they may have been better served trying Yesil, who is on the bench. If Suarez picks up an injury tonight and misses Everton at the weekend...
    • 19:40 By the way, you can keep up with all tonight's scores on our dedicated live page.
    • 19:35 This is what Hiddink had to say ahead of tonight's game: "I hope it will be a great game. Anfield has a fantastic atmosphere. I hope this time the stadium will be filled as well. This match is significant for us: it will be broadcast across the whole of Europe, and as far as I know several Asian channels are also going to screen it. Anzhi has gained great success in its short history. It is not easy to play at Anfield, but we are not afraid and will fight."
    • 19:30 Anzhi currently top the Russian Premier League with nine wins, two draws and one defeat from their 12 games this season. Hiddink has fashioned them into a very good side, although tonight they are without star midfielder Lass Diarra due to injury.
    • 19:25 Rather unexpectedly, Liverpool only make three changes from the side that beat Reading 1-0, with Stewart Downing, Jonjo Shelvey and Oussama Assaidi coming in for Joe Allen, Raheem Sterling and Suso. That means Liverpool start with Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez despite the Merseyside derby coming up on Sunday.
    • 19:20 TEAMS: Liverpool: Jones, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Wisdom, Sahin, Gerrard, Downing, Shelvey, Suarez, Assaidi. Subs: Gulasci, Carragher, Henderson, Allen, Sterling, Suso, Yesil. /// Anzhi: Gabulov, Samba, Carlos, Shatov, Agalarov, Boussoufa, Gonzalez, Zhirkov, Gabulov, Eto'o, Smolov. Subs: Pomazan, Gadzhibekov, Tagirbekov, Logashov, Lakhiyalov, Mukhammad, Traore.
    • 19:15 This is a formidable test for Brendan Rodgers and his side today as the Russian club are managed by Guus Hiddink and have a certain Samuel Eto'o in attack.
    • 19:10 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Europa League game between Liverpool and Anzhi at Anfield. Kick-off is at 8.05pm
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  2. Has anyone else noticed that when the idiot ...socrates­ ...Gets people coming back at him he resorts to the­ stupid school boy back chat....Think its called being a­ loser ...Or a #$%$..take your pick ......Ok I'm being­ polite...:o)

    From jenny J, on Fri 26 Oct 7:25
  3. Been a Liverpool fan for forty years. Well done for the­ win. However, their playing was not impressive and­ certainly cannot continue to play like that against the­ bigger clubs. What happened to the Barca style of play­ that the owners said that rodgers had similarities when­ he was at W.B.A.. Liverpool always had that fast type­ of play and passing years ago. I look forward to seeing­ some real changes on players and manager next season.

    From carl, on Fri 26 Oct 0:09
  4. socrates has mental health issues but you will be glad­ to know his carers just turned up.

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  5. Brendan wins the daz door step challenge 3 clean­ sheets.

    From a, on Thu 25 Oct 23:50
  6. hey Socrates Don't write like a child , We like­ adult contributions here

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  7. Chris, Liverpool arent as decorated as Man U!!

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  8. Liverpool are lucky. Baines and Pienaar are best­ linkers in the prem and Steven gets sent off for­ slipping the week before.

    From , on Thu 25 Oct 22:14
  9. Suarez would be a major up-thrust for Uruguay at Rio­ 2014-His dives would be off the judges scale

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  10. Socrates, The Liverpool stalker. He has an inferior­ problem with the most decorated club in England. What a­ plastic muppet.

    From Chris, on Thu 25 Oct 22:07
  11. Good win. And what's up with that SOCRATES kid? ­ His parents must be proud.

    From forti, on Thu 25 Oct 22:01
  12. Was anyone from yahoo watching this game?. Why put­ Reina's photo up at the end. He wasn't­ playing.

    From southdown, on Thu 25 Oct 22:00
  13. Liverpool 1 nil .....And ????

    From jenny J, on Thu 25 Oct 22:00
  14. YNWA

    From okey, on Thu 25 Oct 21:59
  15. Socrates....learn to spell you illiterate mong. Have­ you noticed the many thumbs down to your feeble ­ comments....and the thumbs up to mine? An alleyway­ would be too grand a place for you to be born in. I­ would imagine you crawled from the womb of a rabid dog­ in a desperate country like brazil....which­ is one big landfill site...suitable for you

    From Mick, on Thu 25 Oct 21:52
  16. I applauded Liverpool for there stance on effectively­ banning the Sun but now you harbour and support Suarez.­ I have said it before and I will continue to say it he­ is very very bad for English football, and the sooner­ he leaves our game alone the better.

    From Peter, on Thu 25 Oct 21:40
  17. best diver in the world suarez.....

    From Linmin, on Thu 25 Oct 21:36
  18. are living proof of a grade 1­ gobsh1te....backs up a bile spewing #$%$ then gobs off­ a load of uneducated drivel. Go watch the match­ muppet...or do you not have a telly?

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  19. Wow Traore's just come on, with a haircut like that­ mate don't go down Gloucestershire way, you'll­ get culled!

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  20. YAAWWNN....boring......

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