Thursday February 14, 2013 Last 32 Finished Petrovskiy

Zenit St. Petersburg 2 - 0 Liverpool

  • Hulk 69’
  • Semak 72’

  1. Europa League - Zenit punish Liverpool in Russia

    Europa League - Zenit punish Liverpool in Russia

    Goals from Hulk and Sergei Semak fired hosts Zenit St Petersburg to a 2-0 first-leg lead over Liverpool in the Europa League. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Zenit St. Petersburg
    • Liverpool
    • 90+2 The corner is take short as Witsel and Hulk exchange passes. The latter crosses but Carragher heads clear. Liverpool break with Downing wide right, but Johnson is tackled and the whistle goes. Zenit win 2-0.
    • 90+1 Zenit counter as Fayzulin has a dig from long range, it takes a deflection off Skrtel, beating Reina but dropping wide! Corner.
    • 90' Two minutes added time being played.
    • 89' Carragher with a foul on Hulk but Liverpool clear the free-kick.
    • 87' Skrtel hoofs to touch after Semak slides a lovely ball for Hulk on the left.
    • 86' Taken short by Zenit, who are happy to hold on to possession as they ride out this match.
    • 85' Shirokov finds Hulk on the left, who forces a corner off Johnson. Liverpool now leaving gaps at the back.
    • 84' Suarez and Gerrard over this, it's actually quite central so the shot is on! Suarez shoots around the wall, fine save by Malafeev low to the right, and it's scambled clear as Henderson arrives!
    • 83' Downing's corner is cleared, but Suarez has it back and fires a long one back to Downing, who is offside but the ref calls play back for Neto's collision with Suarez. Booking and a Liverpool free-kick on the left. Suarez got his man booked there, no way was that a foul.
    • 82' ZENIT SUB: Kerzhakov is replaced by Fayzulin.
    • 81' Downing earns his side a corner on the right, which he will take. An away goal would be nice, 2-1 a far better situation going to Anfield.
    • 80' Gerrard has a dig but it's blocked and Suarez can't get to the rebound.
    • 79' Easy claim for Reina as Kerzakhov shoots from a long way out.
    • 78' LIVERPOOL SUB: Rather negative given the circumstances as Lucas replaces Sterling.
    • 77' Witsel on the ball now but Henderson tackles and clears. Zenit come again though...
    • 76' Denisov races clear of Gerrard but his attempted shot is blocked.
    • 75' Near post delivery is put behind for a second corner, which is brought clear by Allen, who then gives it away.
    • 74' Anyukov's long ball almost sends Kerzakhov through but Carragher gets goal side and clears. Corner.
    • 73' Johnson was caught out of position there too. Poor all round from Liverpool.
    • 72' GOAL ZENIT! 2-0! Semak with an easy far-post finish after Anyukov's fine low cross splits Liverpool's defence in two. Skrtel should have intercepted that but was too concerned with shoving Kerzhakov out of the way.
    • 71' Zenit suddenly on fire as Witsel rampages through the middle, but his low effort is blocked!
    • 70' Reina barely saw that one from Hulk. No chance the keeper.
    • 69' GOAL ZENIT! Fantastic strike from Hulk who smashes a beauty from range into the top left! What a goal!
    • 67' Semak releases Shirokov, and now Kerzhakov is in but the ball from Shirokov is overhit. Goal kick.
    • 66' Corner to Liverpool after Suarez took on Shirokov following good work from Downing, who takes the corner that is cleared at the near post. Downing is then caught offside from Gerrard's pass.
    • 65' Anyukov on the right but Enrique intervenes and Suarez brings it away. Henderson is tackled by Lombaerts but LFC have a throw.
    • 64' Denisov to Semak, who almost sends Kerzhakov in but Skrtel intercepts! Back to Semak but there's no second ball and Liverpool clear as Kerzhakov fouls Downing.
    • 63' Semak goes wide to Hubocan, inside back to Semak but his attempt to run at Johnson does not work.
    • 62' Now Zenit are playing the longer passes as Liverpool start to dictate possession.
    • 61' Lovely flick by Suarez to set Gerrard away, wide to Downing, WHO FINDS SUAREZ but he fires wide! Again, should have got it on target!
    • 60' The free-kick is taken short to Allen, who wastes possession with an aimless long ball.
    • 59' Gerrard with a good interception in midfield and then Hubocan tries to undress him, booked for his troubles.
    • 58' Good challenge by Allen on Shirokov, and Sterling is fouled by Anyukov. Free-kick Liverpool.
    • 57' Gerrard gives it away but Skrtel saves the day by rushing out to clear as Shirkov almost got through.
    • 56' Neto with a shove in Suarez's back as the Uruguayan tried a flick-on.
    • 55' Apparently it's -4 celsius out there. Ow.
    • 54' Henderson closes down Anyukov but Sterling can't reach his through ball.
    • 53' ZENIT SUB: Danny - who picked up a knock in the first half - is replaced by Semak, the veteran Russia defensive midfielder.
    • 52' Free-kick to Liverpool on the right but Gerrard's ball is poor. Cleared and Hulk could be away here but Allen tracks back to clear.
    • 51' Henderson wins a free-kick for Liverpool. Looking at the replay it was a good save from Malafeev on Johnson earlier. Did well to rush out and close him down.
    • 50' The corner is cleared but Liverpool come again as Carra aims a long ball to Sterling, Anyukov beats him to it but Henderson dispossesses Hulk and Liverpool have a throw on the left wing.
    • 49' JOHNSON ALMOST SCORES A WONDERGOAL! He runs all the way from his own half, beating four men including a nutmeg on Lombaerts, but his finish is deflected wide off the keeper for a corne!
    • 48' Hulk takes on Carragher who shuts him down and forces him on to his weaker right.
    • 47' Both sides trade ineffectual attacks in the early stages of this half.
    • 46' The second half is underway!
    • - More on the attacks - no-one seriously injured thankfully, with security staff at a local bar fighting off a group of around 40 Zenit hooligans who attacked some Liverpool fans who were enjoying a pre-match drink.
    • - Getting reports that Liverpool fans have been attacked in St Petersburg. Can't say I'm surprised!
    • 45+2 Half-time and it's goalless, but there have been plenty of chances!
    • 45+2 Hulk with a poor cross aimed for Kerzhakov but nowhere near him and easy for Reina.
    • 45+1 Two minutes added time being played.
    • 45' Downing on the right cuts inside and has a dig with his preferred right foot but this one flies well over.
    • 44' Shirokov finds Witsel on the edge of the box, he shoots but Skrtel blocks well.
    • 43' Hulk and Spalletti are convinced they should have a corner off Skrtel but the linesman disagrees.
    • 42' Gerrard lofts a long ball for Suarez, but Neto and Anyukov shut him out. Great pass from Gerrard.
    • 41' Liverpool fans will always defend Suarez but that was silly, Balotelli esque. Ok fine if you score, but if you put it wide then questions will be asked.
    • 40' SUAREZ MISSES A SITTER! Rodgers will be furious as he went for a spectacular backheel when he should have just poked it in! Downing on the right slid a cute reverse pass for Allen, his cross almost swung in, Sterling picked it up and cut the ball across for Suarez who - with just the keeper to beat - went for a show-stopper when a straightforward finish would have sufficed!
    • 39' Enrique and Gerrard combine down the left but the final ball is overhit and Zenit have a goal kick.
    • 38' Hubocan with a cross from the left but easy for Reina. Should have done better after getting the best of Johnson.
    • 37' Liverpool with a free-kick just short of halfway and Enrique's ball, aimed for Suarez, rolls back to the keeper as the Uruguay striker and Neto collide. Suarez wants a foul but nothing in that.
    • 36' Neto has to pump it out for a throw after Johnson and Sterling combine. Johnson runs it down the right but Hubocan gets goal side of him and shepherds it out for a goal kick.
    • 35' Hulk miscontrols a long ball and it slides out for a goal kick.
    • 34' The mobile stretcher is out for Danny, who has had his injury problems in the past.
    • 33' Danny is receiving treatment after that knock. Johnson seemed to accidentally catch his foot as they contested for a ball, which the Liverpool defender won first.
    • 32' Malafeev gathers into his chest after Denisov intercepted a low cross from Suarez. Danny is down hurt after a collision with Johnson.
    • 31' Danny pops up on the right but declines to cross, instead keeping it short and low as Zenit try to play their way through Liverpool. Hulk now crosses and Kerzhakov tries a bicycle kick but completely misses the ball.
    • 30' Should have been a chance for Hulk but his touch is poor as Shirokov plays him through! The Liverpool defence had opened up for him there!
    • 29' Shirokov finds Denisov as the hosts move forward, now Danny on it but he fires well wide.
    • 28' Liverpool living on their wits as Reina mishandles a save from Hulk's shot, it hits the post but stays out as it bounces the right side of the line and - after a bit of a goalmouth scramble - Liverpool get it clear!
    • 27' Easy save for Reina as Anyukov flicks a weak header towards the near post.
    • 26' A Suarez flick lands at a Zenit player and Hulk scuttles away down the right, he leaves Enrique for dead as the Spaniard falls over but Carragher uses his experience to get goal-side and ease him off the ball. Great defending.
    • 25' Very close call as Suarez is flagged offside on a Gerrard long ball. I think he was on but will need to see that again!
    • 24' A long ball from Neto is intercepted by the chest of Skrtel, who brings it out of defence.
    • 22' Gerrard swings the ball in but the ref blows up as Skrtel was shoving Hubocan.
    • 21' Suarez takes on Neto and earns his side a throw on the left wing. That yields a corner as Neto pokes the ball behind.
    • 20' Liverpool with some time on the ball now as they look to build something on this poor pitch.
    • 19' Zenit have a corner as Hulk's cross is blocked by Skrtel. Hulk strides over to take it, but Gerrard heads clear. Downing then gives it away and Danny is in space wide left, but his ball for Hulk is intercepted by Gerrard and Liverpool survive.
    • 18 Danny takes on Gerrard, who keeps the Portuguese at bay before preventing the corner with a risky but ultimately effective pass to Skrtel.
    • 17' Downing aims a long ball for Suarez but this time it's no-nonsense from Lombaerts, who heads to touch.
    • 16' Skrtel, a former Zenit defender, is booked for a high and late tackle on Shirokov.
    • 15' SUAREZ SHOULD SCORE BUT MISSES! Lombaerts with some kamikaze defending, giving the ball straight to Suarez, who ran clean through but - when he should have finished - the Uruguayan elected to round the keeper, overrunning it in the end. The pitch is poor, he should have shot on sight.
    • 14' After that cracking start we have a bit of a lull here. The fans in strong voice.
    • 13' Gerrard lifts the free-kick into the box but it shaves the head of Suarez and lands well wide.
    • 12' Allen is tripped by Lombaerts and Liverpool have a free-kick 30 yards out, a touch to the right.
    • 11' Zenit overplay it as Kerzakhov and Hubocan fail to shoot from good spots, instead passing the buck as the ball eventually falls to Witsel out wide. Liverpool clear.
    • 10' Zenit with a good spell of pressure after Sterling loses the ball, but Skrtel clears.
    • 9' Long ball by Lombaerts releases Hulk but Henrique gets goal side of him, winning the ball and a free-kick.
    • 8' A promising spell of Liverpool possession ends when Henrique miscontrols. Throw to Zenit.
    • 7' Zenit with a spell of possession until Suarez intercepts, but he can only put it out for a throw.
    • 6' Suarez now on the left, he takes on Denisov but can't get past Lombaerts and Zenit clear. End to end!
    • 5' Anothe fine save by Reina, tipping Hulk's low finish just wide after a driving run from the Brazilian! Reina screams at his defence, who are not at the races!
    • 4' Hubocan with a run down the left but he clips it out of play while rounding Johnson.
    • 3' JUST WIDE FROM SUAREZ! Brilliant clipped pass by Johnson to release Suarez down the left, he cut inside the defender and drilled a brilliant low drive across the keeper but inches wide of the far post! What a start to this game!
    • 2' REINA WITH A FANASTIC SAVE! Kerzakhov with the finish after a short corner caught Liverpool napping! Zenit all over Liverpool!
    • 1' Fine attacking move by the hosts that sees Kerzakhov tackled by Johnson right as he was preparing to finish. Hulk led the charge. corner.
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 16:57 MATCH ODDS: Zenit 6/4, Liverpool 15/8, Draw 9/4. The odds shorten on Liverpool after that strong XI was named. Unsurprising, but Zenit still faves.
    • 16:55 FACTS: Liverpool have lost five and won just two of their last 11 away matches in the Europa League. However, both wins have came in their last three trips. Liverpool opened the scoring in five of their group games. No side scored the first goal more often.
    • 16:50 FACTS: Zenit have lost both of their previous European clashes with English sides 1-0; with both coming in the group stages of this Europa League. In 2005, they lost to Bolton and in 2007, they were bettered by Everton.
    • 16:45 FACTS: Liverpool have won four and lost one of their last six matches with Russian opponents in Europe; with that defeat coming in this season’s group stages (0-1 v Anzhi).
    • - Note - this is the first meeting between Zenit and Liverpool in European competition.
    • 16:40 Brendan Rodgers: "They were very disappointed (after a 2-0 loss to West Brom), like we all were, because we wanted to make our home form better in the league. We entered into the game against West Brom with the best defensive home record in the league, so that shows the mark of improvement we were making as a group. It's something that left the players disappointed, but they will react in the right manner.”
    • 16:35 Luciano Spalletti on racism among some fans: "I have absolutely no limits on signing players and the club has never put (limits on black players) in place. We've signed (non-white) players like Hulk, Bruno Alves and Axel Witsel, and I don't know what category you want to put them in, we don't have any problems like that."
    • 16:30 Liverpool are essentially full strength, with soon-to-retire defender Jamie Carragher starting alongside Martin Skrtel at centre-back, Dan Agger apparently dropped after a poor outing in the defeat to West Brom. Raheem Sterling gets the nod over Fabio Borini to start alongside Luis Suarez, while Stewart Downing also starts. January signings Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho were left at home as they are ineligible having played for Chelsea and Inter Milan respectively in Europe this season.
    • 16:25 Both sides name very strong teams for this match. Zenit give a debut to new signing Luis Neto, although fellow January arrival Milan Rodic is on the bench. No major injury worries for Zenit.
    • 16:20 TEAMS - Zenit: Malafeev, Anyukov, Lombaerts, Luis Neto, Hubocan, Shirokov, Denisov, Witsel, Danny, Kerzhakov, Hulk; Zhevnov, Rodic, Lukovic, Fayzulin, Semak, Evseev, Djordjevic /// Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Carragher, Enrique, Allen, Henderson, Gerrard, Downing, Suarez, Sterling; Subs: Jones, Coates, Lucas, Borini, Shelvey, Suso, Wisdom
    • 16:15 Follow live coverage of the Europa League last-32 clash between Zenit St Petersburg and Liverpool, kick off 5pm Uk time.
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    Manager: Luciano Spalletti

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    Manager: Brendan Rodgers

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