Friday January 25, 2013 4th Round Finished The Den

Millwall 2 - 1 Aston Villa

  • Shittu 27’
  • Marquis 89’
  • Bent 22’

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  1. FA Cup - Villa misery continues with FA Cup loss at Millwall

    FA Cup - Villa misery continues with FA Cup loss at Millwall

    Millwall recovered from trailing to complete a 2-1 win over Aston Villa in the fourth round of the FA Cup at The Den. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Millwall
    • Aston Villa
    • 90+6' There goes the final whistle! A 2-1 win for Millwall. They are into the last 16 of the FA Cup. Villa's horrid season continues to go from bad to worse. A fine win for Millwall. Another dismal outing for Villa.
    • 90+4' N'Zogbia trying to engineer some magic, but ends up lifting the cross out of play. A grim finish to that move. Villa on the brink now.
    • 90+3' Jack Smith replaces John Marquis for Millwall, who are so close to this win.
    • 90+2' Millwall fans in full voice here as Shittu with a clearance that goes straight into the paws of Given.
    • 90+1' Shittu forced to clear the cross from N'Zogbia. Millwall almost over the line here.
    • 89' But there are going to be six minutes added to the match.
    • 88' Hard to see Villa recovering from this now. Has been a bit of shambles for Villa. What a week for them.
    • 87' GOAL! Marquis nets for Millwall from close range after the ball had come back off the bar. Smith with the cross ball. Disaster for Villa. Millwall lead 2-1 now.
    • 86' Ball flies into the Millwall box, but Bent's header is pretty tame. Given collects at the other end from a longish ball.
    • 85' Five minutes or so to go. Looks like a replay. Clark knocks the ball back to Given, who hammers it long. Beevers meets it with his head.
    • 84' Marquis chasing a long ball down the middle, but a fine piece of defending by Vlaar to turn and empty the ball out of the park.
    • 83' Dany N'Guessan replaces Keogh for Millwall for these closing moments of the match.
    • 82' Bowery is going to be booked for what looked like an elbow in challenging Shittu. Less than 30 seconds on the park and he is booked.
    • 81' Weimann departs for Villa to be replaced by Jordan Bowery.
    • 80' Into the final 10 minutes. Beevers gives the ball away before he fouls Lichaj. And that is going to be a booking for Beevers.
    • 79' Smith's cross is cleared by Clark before Given gathers in a loose ball seconds later.
    • 78' Forde forced to repel the shot by Bannan. That shot was moving, but Millwall survive. Shittu does the clearing up work for Millwall.
    • 77' Shittu is obviously a big hit among the Millwall fans. He gets a huge cheer every time he gets on the ball.
    • 76' Bennett takes a bit of an awkward fall before he picks himself to take a throw-in. N'Zogbia brings the ball forward for Villa. Bennett picks it up out wide. Shittu then clears from Bannan's delivery.
    • 75' But they end up being forced to moved backwards. Not sure how Bannan and Clark have wound up back at the halfway line. Villa trying to keep the ball. Lack of urgency and pace.
    • 74' N'Zogbia on the break for Villa, but Shittu is back to make a timely block. Better stuff from Villa on the attack.
    • 73' The mood of this match suggests Millwall may well get a second goal before Villa get one. Tense moments for Villa fans. A replay at Villa Park would be no bad thing at the moment.
    • 72' Given with a clearance for Villa, but another horrendous piece of play by Villa. Ball out of play and he holds his hands up.
    • 71' Given out to punch clear the Henry cross. Millwall continue this aeriel bombardment as Given clutches another high ball seconds later.
    • 70' Bannan with a horrid pass. Lowton was looking for it, but was never likely to collect the loose pass.
    • 69' Smith continues to get stuck in for Millwall. Villa not showing much in this game. At the moment, Villa don't look likely to get a win from this match.
    • 68' Millwall on the move here again. N'Zogbia wins the ball from Trotter before giving the ball away needlessly seconds later. Poor stuff from players of this quality.
    • 67' Henry lifts the ball miles high and wide. A bit of a shambles with that effort there.
    • 66' Clark brings down Marquis and Millwall have a free-kick a couple of yards outside of the Villa box.
    • 65' Forde quickly off his line to make a fine block from Bent after he was sent clear by N'Zogbia. Great piece of goalkeeping.
    • 64' Henry tries to lift the ball over Given, but misjudges the attempt on goal. Just too high.
    • 63' Villa on the break, but N'Zogbia comes up with a poor pass trying to feed Bent and Weimann. Chance is lost.
    • 62' N'Zogbia needing a spot of treatment. Millwall keeper Forde has hardly made a save this evening. Which is pretty depressing for the Premier League team.
    • 61' N'Zogbia is on the floor here. Looks like an injury. Smith clears the ball into touch.
    • 60' Lichaj with a clearance, but straight to Shittu. A struggle once again for Villa to find any decent movements.
    • 59' It was plastic water bottles rather than glass ones in case you were wondering. No snow falling tonight, but a coldish evening in the capital.
    • 58' Bennett lifts the ball straight out of play under a spot of pressure. We remain at 1-1.
    • 57' Villa and Millwall fans continue to exchange ditties. Debris cleared from the pitch. N'Zogbia hurls a free-kick into the box, but Clark can't get on the end of the delivery.
    • 56' Four bottles have been tossed onto the pitch. This is ridiculous behaviour. Stupid conduct. Millwall will be in trouble for this.
    • 55' A lively evening here at The Den. Game has stopped for a few moments. Not sure what is going on here. Referee speaking to a steward.
    • 54' A real scramble in that Villa box. Chance for Marquis, but he can't get the shot off and Villa do enough to clear the danger.
    • 53' Referee is going to have a word with Bennett, who has been booked for a late tackle on Smith.
    • 52' Bannan with the deliivery from the corner. Not overly memorable. Trotter intercepts a Weimann pass seconds later.
    • 51' Bent trying to pick out Westwood. Shittu heads out of his own box. And Villa have a corner.
    • 50' Villa clear the ball deep inside their own half. Marquis hooks the ball up into the air. Chased by Keogh.
    • 49' Westwood not a flair player, but making sure he doesn't give the ball away in his midfield area.
    • 48' Henry with a corner for Millwall. This time taken by Given. All very nervy whenever a ball is flighted into that Villa box.
    • 47' Lichaj wins the ball in air against Shittu from Henry's delivery. First time he has won a header against Shittu. Or certainly feels like it.
    • 46' We are off and running then in the second period.
    • 45+2' There goes the whistle for the break as Forde blocks a shot by Bannan. 1-1 at the break. All to play for in the second period.
    • 44' Not sure there is going to be much time added on here. Has been a very tight contest. 1-1 is about right as Henry narrowly fails to pick out Trotter in the Villa area.
    • 43' Weimann can't get the ball under control in the Millwall area before Westwood is penalised for a push. Keogh caught offside at the other end for the Championship side.
    • 42' Villa have a rare corner here in this match. In comes the corner, but Osborne ensures Bent can't get a header on it. All too easy for Millwall.
    • 41' Delph is going to depart the scene here for Villa. He spits on the ground before being replaced by Barry Bannan. Not too sure the Millwall fans are too pleased.
    • 40' Henry with a decent little flick in the visiting area, but Lowton this time deals with the danger.
    • 39' Weimann with a cross looking for Bent. Looked like a handball by Smith, but the referee didn't want to know. Smith a bit fortunate there.
    • 38' Villa giving the ball away under little or no pressure as Smith sees a shot held by Given from distance.
    • 37' Trotter makes a dash into the Villa area with Vlaar forced to clear the danger.
    • 36' Marquis a bit too eager for the ball over the top. Has to bend his run a bit more. He is offside. Villa will accept that decision.
    • 35' Ciaran Clark empties the ball into the stands seconds later under little or no pressure. A draw would be a good result for Villa this evening the way this match is working out.
    • 34' Osborne with a botched clearance under pressure from Weimann. Eventually clears the danger at the second attempt.
    • 33' Weimann is caught offside after setting off too early. Disappointing move again from Villa's point of view.
    • 32' Vlaar forced to clear the ball after Smith had tried to open up the Premier League side, who are looking very nervous here.
    • 31' N'Zogbia with a pass from deep. Looks for Weimann, but overhits the pass. Poor, poor stuff.
    • 30' Adam Smith bundled to the deck by Bent. Henry with the free-kick. Ball missed by Given. Not sure what is going at the back for Villa. Given fortunate to escape.
    • 29' Villa bullied in defence. All the good work has been undone by some shocking defending. Really basic errors by Villa. Basic header by Shittu.
    • 28' GOAL! Shittu rises to force the ball over the line from the corner. Villa once again go to sleep from a corner. Lovely ball by James Henry. Millwall are level.
    • 27' Shittu doing fairly well for Millwall at the back this evening. Millwall responding well here as they earn another corner.
    • 26' Corner to Millwall, which is Villa's problem but Shittu's header is well over. Goal kick.
    • 25' Henry with a fine run and pass towards Marquis in the box, but Lowton clears and the follow-up shot is easy for Given.
    • 24' Forde could have done better with the save, should have put it behind - Bent almost fluffed the finish too, messy all round.
    • 23' GOAL VILLA! Weimann in the middle now, he gets around Shittu and shoots - Forde saves but Bent scores! Not the prettiest finish but they all count!
    • 22' This match is, alas, a dirge so far. Millwall would do well to take the game to Villa, who are awful.
    • 20' Villa with an extended spell on the ball but Millwall are standing off and eventually the visitors give it away.
    • 19' Delph on a run now, Lichaj on the right, back inside to Delph via Bent, now Bennett - good possession from Villa but not moving forward yet.
    • 17' Wayward long pass from Vlaar, which Osborne controls to clear. Shittu then has to clear after a poor pass across goal from a team-mate. Very scrappy.
    • 16' Villa forced back into their half but they play it out through N'Zogbia, with Lichaj crossing against Beevers. Throw. Westwood then gives the ball away.
    • 15' N'Zogbia with a mazy run but Trotter challenges Delph, only for the ball to break back to Villa. Scrappy.
    • 14' Shittu with another mighty header clear, Bent never going to win that. All the way back with Given.
    • 13' Henry snatches at the volley and sends it well off target after good play by Feeney.
    • 12' Lowton with a strong challenge on Marquis. Millwall with a lot of younger players too tonight.
    • 11' Trotter on the run, he finds Keogh who shoots from range but the daisy cutter is meat and drink for Given.
    • 10' Vlaar gets a little shove from Marquis and Villa have a free-kick in their area.
    • 9' Feeney gets a cross in but Lichaj blocks and it's a throw to Millwall.
    • 8' Millwall get forward through Keogh, Smith overlapping on the right, now Henry plays it in, Clark clears and a shout for handball! Nothing given - he headed it on to his own arm.
    • 7' Millwall get the ball clear from that free-kick. Weimann, meanwhile, is chasing around all over the place, playing as a winger-forward.
    • 6' A bit scrappy to be honest but Villa have a free-kick about 10 yards from the box.
    • 5' Millwall resisting early spell of Villa pressure. We said that when Villa faced Bradford in the week...
    • 4' Monster clearance from big Danny Shittu as N'Zogbia went on a run. Villa come again though as Bent picks it up, now Lichaj crosses but Osborne hacks away. Corner.
    • 3' Weimann with a nice ball into Bent, who lays it off for N'Zogbia who shoots well wide from range. Smart play Bent.
    • 2' Villa in lime green today as they resist an early Millwall attack. Villa clear but Shittu gets the ball away.
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 19:40 You can follow the latest updates across sports on Twitter by following @EurosportCom_EN. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 19:35 Referee: Neil Swarbrick (Lancashire)
    • 19:30 MATCH ODDS: Millwall 7/5, Aston Villa 2/1, Draw 13/5.
    • 19:25 Paul Lambert: "We'll go again and stick together. It's a big wheel and it always turns. No fan can be hurting more than me and we must win them back. No matter what happens, we must stick together. We defended well for three clean sheets out of four just a couple of months ago and we must get back to that. The relegation issue doesn't frighten me. There'll be a lot of clubs worried about getting sucked into it. We won't shy away from the challenge."
    • 19:20 Kenny Jackett: "The Aston Villa game will look after itself. I think we'll get a really positive performance from the players on Friday. But in the games coming up, it's going to be tough and we do need to improve. If we could bring in players today, we would. But the good thing is the loan window opens again in February. We will try to improve the squad and if that happens in January, that would be terrific."
    • 19:15 Villa finally hand Darren Bent a start up front, instead of Benteke. Midfielder Ashley Westwood and striker Jordan Bowery were cup-tied for the shock League Cup exit to Bradford, but return, with Westwood starting and Bowery benched. Defender Nathan Baker is again ruled out with a hamstring injury and it is too soon for centre-back Richard Dunne to be considered after recovering from his groin injury.
    • 19:10 Millwall restore Feeney and Osborne to the XI, while Marquis makes his first start of the season. Martyn Woolford is cup-tied, Darius Henderson in talks with Forest, and Nathan Tyson injured. Former Villa centre-half Shane Lowry misses out against his old club through suspension and full-back Scott Malone is still sidelined with a back injury. Skipper Paul Robinson is to see a specialist after suffering a setback in his recovery from a groin problem.
    • 19:05 TEAMS - Millwall: Forde, A.Smith, Shittu, Osborne, Beevers, Henry, Abdou, Trotter, Feeney, Keogh, Marquis; Subs: M.Taylor, Dunne, J.Smith, Wright, Batt, N'Guessan, Wilkinson /// Villa: Given, Vlaar, Clark, Lowton, Bennett, Lichaj, Westwood, Delph, N’Zogbia, Weimann, Bent; Subs: Guzan, Ireland, Agbonlahor, Holman, Bowery, Bannan, Williams
    • 19:00 Follow LIVE coverage of Millwall and Aston Villa's FA Cup fourth-round clash at The Den - kick off at 7.45pm!
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