Wednesday March 3, 2010 Friendlies Finished Stade de France

France 0 - 2 Spain

  • Villa 21’
  • Ramos 45’

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  1. Spain outclass France in Paris

    Spain outclass France in Paris

    David Villa and Sergio Ramos scored a goal apiece as Spain downed France 2-0 in the Stade de France More

  • Live Commentary

    • France
    • Spain
    • 90'+2 We're in the last seconds. Is there time for one more attack? No! That's the final whistle!! Spain have won 2-0 in the Stade de France!
    • 90'+1 NAVAS!! That's a whisker away from being three!! He bursts down the French right, his shot beats Lloris but drifts beyond the far post!!
    • 90' We're in the last minute of normal time. There'll be two added minutes to play.
    • 89' Gourcuff agian with another wayward ball that drifts out for a goalkick. He signals that he's sorry, but that'll be scant consolation for his frustrated team mates!
    • 89' In it comes but the ref has spotted an infringement. A relived France have a free kick in their own area.
    • 88' In it comes and Lloris claims. Poor throw out though and Spain atack again. Down goes Torres. Spanish free kick in a dangerous position wide of the box.
    • 87' And at the other end, Spain have a corner out of nothing.
    • 86' Great tackle on Ramos! Malouda has it but can't find the final ball.
    • 85' CIANI!! Poor control in the box and another French chance goes begging! Spain were caught out there and Ciani only had Casillas to beat!!
    • 83' Sagna brings it out again. He's covered a lot of ground tonight..Malouda, brought down and that's a French free kick.
    • 83' Navas now. Twists and turns and almost gets the cross in. Blocked by the French defence.
    • 82' Poor control by Gourcuff and again the whistles ring out.
    • 81' We're in the last ten minutes. Spain still leading 2-0.
    • 80' And Vincente del Bosque's response is to make another sub. Silva is off and Dani Guiza comes on.
    • 79' Arbeloa tries to counter but he's carried the ball out. Cisse has it.. great cross!! And Malouda's hit the post with Casillas beaten!! So close!!
    • 78' Now it's Gourcuff who has a pop!! Good effort but that was straight at Casillas again! Routine save for the keeper!
    • 77' CISSE!! The sub's first contribution is to lash the ball wide of Casillas' post. In fairness, that was no threat to the Spanish keeper!
    • 76' Another sub for France. Anelka is off to be replaced by Djibril Cisse.
    • 75' Still Spain attack. Given away but that's a woeful ball by Govou! That was a pass to Casillas and the Stade de France crowd were distinctly unimpressed!
    • 75' Good play by Spain, but Xavi's back-heel finds empty space and France will clear their lines.
    • 74' And that's Ribery's last contribution. Florent Malouda comes on.
    • 73' Meanwhile Ribery again tries to make inroads. Finds its way to Govou and that's another foul on the sub!
    • 73' And France are lining up another change.
    • 72' Foul on Govou. Taken quicky by France. It's with Sagna on the right. He did well to get his cross in but there's no Frenchman in the area to benfit from the Arsenal man's hard work!
    • 71' Played long for Anelka, but he's on his own up there and all he can do is try to head it back into midfield. Spain have it.
    • 70' Won back by the Spanish. Ramos breaks but that's a poor ball.
    • 69' Good counter by France. Gourcuff's cross is blocked and France have a throw.
    • 68' Long ball for Navas! He goes down under Diarra's challenge in the box!! No penalty says the ref as Navas looks in disgust!
    • 67' Ribery takes it, but that's got just too much on it and Casillas claims.
    • 66' Good possession by Spain. But that's one too many! France break and Ramos fouls Ribery. Free kick to France.
    • 64' And the first change for Raymond Domenech. Henry makes way for Sidney Gouvou.
    • 64' Xabi Alonso and Iniesta are off and on come Jesus Navas and Marcos Senna.
    • 63' RIbery and Sagna combining down the right. That's off and there'll be more Spanish subs.
    • 62' And Spain have stepped it up again. Xavi so close to finding David Silva!
    • 60' TORRES!! Ramos plays him in and Torres is straight on to it, he shoots, but that's too close to Lloris!
    • 58' Ribery now. He has to play it backwards as the Spanish lines stand firm. That's looking for Sagna. Arbeloa challenges and that's cleared.
    • 56' Iniesta wins a free kick courtesy of a sandwich involving Diarra again. The Real Madrid man will have to tread carefully as he's been penalised for a few fouls tonight!
    • 55' The free kick fails to clear the Spanish wall and that's another great counter by Spain! Iniesta looks for Torres but Lloris spots the danger and races off his line to claim the ball!
    • 54' This has been a brighter start by France - and there's the first yellow card for Ramos for a cynical block on Evra!
    • 53' HENRY!! Neat bit of ball-juggling in the box, but it just won't come down and he can only poke the ball goalwards where a thankful Casillas smothers the danger!
    • 52' It's Villa, Fabregas and Puyol who have made way for Xavi, Albiol and Torres.
    • 51' Played out to Sagna, now Ribery and that's thumped clear by the Spanish backline.
    • 50' That's a waste and France come away.
    • 49' Torres now! Great run and Ciani can only stop the Liverpool man illegally. Spain have a free kick just to the right of the French area!
    • 48' Sagna again making a nuisnace of himself down the Spanish left, it eventually falls to Anelka!! He shoots, but Casillas got everything behind that one!!
    • 47' And Gourcuff is stretchered off for the moment right after the restart. Play continues and the free kick is headed away.
    • 46' It looks like three changes for Spain at the break. On come Xavi, Raul Albiol and Fernando Torres. Can't see who they've replaced as yet as Gourcuff goes down.
    • - And here come the teams for the second half!
    • 45'+2 And that's the last action of the half. Sergio Ramos adds to Villa's 21st minute strike to make it 2-0 right on the half time whistle!!
    • 45'+1 GOAL SPAIN!! The ball is eventually played out to Ramos who's in acres of space on the French left, he cuts inside and curls the ball beyond Lloris! 2-0 Spain!!
    • 45' We're in the last minute of normal time. Henry tries to play in Anelka. It's blocked. Spain counter and for a second it looks like Iniesta might benefit here..
    • 44' That's knocked out for a Spanish throw and it goes all the way back. Knocked forward and now Iniesta hits the deck under Diarra's challenge!
    • 43' That's another free kick to Spain as Diarra goes in late on Alonso on the halfway line.
    • 43' That's overhit and Spain can come away.
    • 42' Silva holds his head as he sees his pass to Villa blocked. Good counter by France, Ribery tumbles in the box. No penalty but France have a corner.
    • 41' And the whistles ring out again around the Stade de France. This time they're for France as they take time to bring the ball forward.
    • 40' We're in the last five minutes. Spain lead 1-0 with the only chance of the match put away by David Villa.
    • 39' But it's back with Sagna. Toulalan looks for Henry, but Henry fouls Puyol and Spain have a free kick.
    • 38' Played forward by Diarra. Henry tries to get on the end of it, but can't find a way through the blue Spanish line in front of him.
    • 37' And now Villa is penalised for a challenge on Julien Escude. Free kick to France in the centre circle.
    • 36' That's another long ball looking for Villa, headed away.
    • 35' Meanwhile Fabregas is given a quick talking to by the Scottish ref.
    • 34' Another nervy moment for Lloris as he takes his time with a back pass. It's eventually played long. Finds Henry, but he's judged to have taken the ball out of play.
    • 33' That's an awkward ball high across the Spanish backline. That might have been Arbeloa but it's brought under control as Spain come forward again.
    • 31' It's with Alonso. Poor pass by Fabregas but Spain win it back and there's Fabregas again! He almost robs Toulalan, but the Frenchman offloads the ball just in time!
    • 30' Iniesta is stopped illegally by Sagna and Spain have a free kick in their own half.
    • 29' And there's a French player down. It's Henry, but he picks himself up after taking a deep breath.
    • 28' Ribery takes it, firm header away by Alonso. It's fired back in but there's nothing on it and Iker Casillas gathers easily. We haven't seen too much of the Spanish keeper tonight so far!
    • 28' Ribery to Sagna. Great run by the Arsenal man and he's won a corner!
    • 27' Fabregas is penalised for a push on Toulalan. The Arsenal man looked like he disagreed with that decision!
    • 26' Ribery wins it on the halfway line. Tries to flick it through but that's blocked.
    • 25' Ramos now. To Fabregas. Good play by Spain, but they're forced backwards and it's back with Pique.
    • 25' And that's another dodgy momnent for France as Lloris skies a clearance!
    • 23' That's a body blow for France. That goal started in the Spanish half and three passes later, it's in the back of the French net!
    • 21' GOAL SPAIN!! Spain counter after a French attack with Henry breaks down, Villa latches on to an incisive pass from Iniesta and slots the ball past Lloris. Spain lead 1-0!!
    • 21' Lloris snuffs out the danger as Fabregas looks to get on the end of that one.
    • 20' Alvaro Arbeloa taking on Sagna. The Frenchman wins that tussle, but Spain have it again.
    • 18' Alonso with the free kick.. Busquets with the header!! Just wide!! Great effort!!
    • 17' Ramos now on the French left. Fabregas is looking for options as Gourcuff brings down Ramos.
    • 17' That's headed away and now Spain have a free kick just inside their own half.
    • 16' Good counter by France, Bacary Sagna with a dangerous ball into the box and France have a corner as Anelka challenges!
    • 14' Free kick to France. Jeremey Toulalan plays it into Spanish territory, but again, the Spanish defence clean up.
    • 13' Henry now trying to make progress down the Spanish right. He's not as fast as he used to be and Alonso out-muscles the Frenchman.
    • 12' Good possession by Spain in the middle of the pitch. That's a great ball looking for David Villa and Lloris was almost caught out there as he came to collect the ball!
    • 11' Ciani again with a long ball over the top. That's well-marshalled by the Spain defence.
    • 10' But that was a good run down the Spanish left by Franck Ribery. Just couldn't cut the ball back to a French foot.
    • 10' So nothing too much to show for the first ten minutes. It's been fairly even without any goalmouth action.
    • 9' That was slack by Alonso! Lassana Diarra robbed the Real Madrid man and almost put Anelka through!
    • 8' Xabi Alonso again for Spain. He's forced backwards and that's hoofed long. Cleared by the French defence.
    • 7' Patrice Evra now for France. No way through for the Frenchman as Sergio Ramos hacks it clear!
    • 6' Wasted by Spain and France have the goal kick.
    • 5' Alonso finds Fabregas with a delicate chip, Andres Iniesta almost benefits and that's out for a corner!
    • 4' Alonso to Cesc Fabregas, but Yoann Gourcuff picks the ball up and races down the Spanish left. Good cover by Carles Puyol.
    • 4' France regain possession. Michael Ciani looks for Nicolas Anelka but the Frech striker can't gather the ball in.
    • 3' The whistles are already ringing out around the Stade de France as Spain play it around their backline.
    • 2' Hugh Lloris plays it short, good play out of the back by France, now it's knocked long and Henry is beaten to the header.
    • 1' Early offside for David Villa.
    • 1' It's Spain who get us underway!
    • - So the formalities are over and it's down to business!
    • - The anthems ring out around the Stade de France. Both teams are looking tense.
    • - And here come the teams!
    • - Our ref tonight is Craig Thomson from Scotland.
    • - And Spain's starting XI: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Puyol, Pique, Arbeloa, Silva, Alonso, Fabregas, Busquets, Iniesta, Villa. Subs: Reina, Marchena, Xavi, Torres, Capdevila, Mata, Guiza, Albiol, Senna, Negredo, Jesus Navas, Diego Lopez.
    • - And the teams are in! France line up as: Lloris, Sagna, Ciani, Escude, Evra, L, Diarra, Ribery, Toulalan, Henry, Gourcuff, Anelka. Subs: Mandanda, Boumsong, Sissoko, Cisse, Govou, Ben Arfa, Malouda, Cheyrou, Rami, Remy, Cissokho, Fanni, Carrasso.
    • - History shows that these games have been close affairs. In 29 meetings, Les Bleus have won 12, Spain 11, while six have been draws.
    • - The last meeting between the two came in February 2008. Joan Capdevila netted the only goal as Spain edged to a 1-0 victory.
    • - Spain are currently number one in the FIFA rankings, while the French are six places below in seventh.
    • - It promises to be an intriguing encounter as both sides look to ramp up their preparations for the World Cup finals.
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of tonight's friendly international match between France and Spain from the Stade de France.
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Team Line-up & Ratings

  • France

    Manager: Raymond Domenech

  • Spain

    Manager: Vicente del Bosque

  • Line-up

    Live Team Line-Up

    • Starting line-up

      • H. Lloris
      • B. Sagna
      • M. Ciani
      • J. Escudé
      • P. Evra
      • J. Toulalan
      • L. Diarra
      • F. Ribéry Substitution Out (74′)
      • Y. Gourcuff
      • T. Henry Substitution Out (65′)
      • N. Anelka Substitution Out (77′)


      • J. Boumsong
      • B. Cheyrou
      • F. Malouda Substitution In74′
      • D. Cissé Substitution In77′
      • R. Fanni
      • S. Govou Substitution In65′
      • S. Mandanda
      • L. Rémy
      • A. Rami
      • M. Sissoko
      • C. Carrasso
      • H. Ben Arfa
      • A. Cissokho
    • Starting line-up

      • I. Casillas
      • S. Ramos Goal Yellow Card
      • G. Piqué
      • C. Puyol Substitution Out (45′)
      • Á. Arbeloa
      • X. Alonso Substitution Out (64′)
      • S. Busquets
      • D. Silva Substitution Out (80′)
      • C. Fábregas Substitution Out (45′)
      • A. Iniesta Substitution Out (64′)
      • D. Villa Goal Substitution Out (45′)


      • J. Capdevila
      • C. Marchena
      • J. Reina
      • F. Torres Substitution In45′
      • M. Senna Substitution In64′
      • J. Navas Substitution In64′
      • R. Albiol Substitution In45′
      • Xavi Substitution In45′
      • D. Güiza Substitution In80′
      • D. López
      • J. Mata
      • &. Negredo
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