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  1. Man United held as Vidic returns

    Man United held as Vidic returns

    Nemanja Vidic featured for the first time in eight months as Manchester United were held to a 0-0 draw with Valerenga in Oslo. More

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    • Vålerenga Fotball
    • Manchester United
    • FT Somehow it finishes goalless here after United created chance after chance without finding the back of the net. They'll be punished by Barcelona, who they face on Wednesday, if they are that wasteful in front of goal again.
    • 90' FT Valerenga 0-0 Manchester United.
    • 89' That could be that for United.
    • 88' So close for United! Anderson tries his luck from 20 yards but can't quite guide his shot into the top corner as the ball flies over.
    • 85' Huge chance as Valencia bursts down the right and pulls it back to Hernandez, who miscues from close-range. Yet another big miss.
    • 82' Chance for United as Kagawa flashes the ball across goal from the left and Hernandez is inches away from making contact at the far post.
    • 80' Powell gets clattered as he wins a header - and United will send a few of the big men forward for the free-kick.
    • 77' Rooney, Scholes and Young are the players to make way.
    • 76' United subs: Lingard, Powell & Hernandez ON
    • 75' At the other end Kagawa lashes a loose ball wide under pressure from two Valarenga defenders.
    • 74' But replays suggest the ball may have crossed the line... Certainly the closest we've come to a goal.
    • 73' Rooney clears off the line! Or does he? Lindegaard misses a high cross and Anene lashes the loose ball towards the empty net. But Rooney appears from nowhere to clear off his own line.
    • 72' Another missed chance for United, but at least this time the flag is up. Rooney's little through ball finds the offside Young, who stumbled as he was about to shoot.
    • 71' Rooney makes a brilliant drive forward down the right and pulls it back to Kagawa, who had made a superb run, but Rooney's cross is just behind the Japanese midfielder.
    • 69' Anderson drills the free-kick through the wall but Hirschfeld gathers it well.
    • 68' Nani is tripped on the edge of the box and United are awarded a free-kick - but replays show it was inside the box. Should have been a penalty.
    • 66' Valencia clips a cross in from the right and the United players are queuing up in the box - but somehow Valerenga clear again!
    • 64' Kagawa drives forward and finds Young, who cuts inside and sees his shot deflected out for a corner.
    • 62' Valencia and Anderson combine to work the ball to Scholes, who drags his Hollywood shot wide from 25 yards.
    • 60' Vidic lasted an hour on what was a comfortable return to first-team action.
    • 59' United sub: Anderson ON, Vidic OFF.
    • 58' United sub: Kagawa ON, Welbeck OFF.
    • 56' Valencia whips an early cross in to Scholes, but he is beat to the header.
    • 54' Nani drives down the right, but just over runs it and the ball goes out of play. Nani had support there.
    • 52' United have picked up from where they left off in the first half. Utter domination, but unable to break the Norwegian side down.
    • 50' Good build-up by United down the right, but Rooney can't keep his header down.
    • 48' Scholes picks out Nani with a lofted ball forward, but Hirschfeld is quick off his line to deny the Portuguese.
    • 46' SECOND HALF. We are underway again in Oslo.
    • HT What's your reaction to that half? How has Vidic looked? Let me know on Twitter
    • 45' HT Valerenga 0-0 Manchester United. Big misses at both ends after a half utterly dominated by United. Welbeck the main culprit for United, Suleiman guilty of a big miss right at the end of the half for Valerenga.
    • 45' Big chance for Valerenga as Suleiman's header goes just wide after a swift counter-attack. Should have been the first goal of the game.
    • 45' Young whips the ball in from the left - but Rooney's glancing header goes wide.
    • 45' Welbeck skips into a shooting position 25 yards from goal - and his excellent low shot is turned around the post.
    • 44' Young finds Scholes on the edge of the box from the corner - and the United veteran lashes it at goal. Blocked. Classic corner routine by United.
    • 43' Rooney goes for goal with another free-kick - and again it flicks off the top of the wall for a corner.
    • 42' Welbeck should score. The striker exchanges a neat 1-2 with Rooney and finds a shooting position 12 yards out - but the ball gets caught under his feet and he fails to get a shot away. Big chance.
    • 40' Vidic puts Lindegaard under pressure with a poor back pass - and the keeper is forced to save a corner with a sliding clearance.
    • 39' That was as close as United have come.
    • 38' United geting closer to a goal. Rooney picks out Welbeck from the left, but Welbeck glances his header just wide of the left-hand post.
    • 37' Vidic attacks the corner, but Larsen flicks it away.
    • 36' Scholes rolls it wide to Nani, whose cross to the far post almost drops under the bar. Valerenga clear for a corner.
    • 34' Welbeck tries to bend the ball in from the edge of the box, but he doesn't make a great connection and it's well wide in the end.
    • 32' Fellah lets fly for Valerenga with a venomous left-foot drive from 20 yards, but it sails just over. Not a bad effort by the fella.
    • 30' This pure domination by United. Valencia receives the ball on the right and whips a cross in towards Keane at the far post, but Valerenga are able to head clear before Keane can execute his header.
    • 28' United work the ball into a crossing position on the left, but Young's ball to Rooney at the far post is just too high for the England striker.
    • 27' Welbeck is tripped on the edge of the box, and Rooney goes for goal from the free-kick - but it glances off the wall and is out for a corner.
    • 25' Scholes lets fly from 25 yards. Blocked. The crowd are loving Scholes's willingness to have a go from distance though.
    • 23' Young, who has switched to a central role, is offside from Carrick's pass.
    • 21' But another chance for Valerenga as Anene drives down that left side again, before cutting in and letting fly from 20 yards. The ball deflects off the shin off Valencia and goes just wide.
    • 20' Keane having a busy game in midfield for United; seen a lot of the ball so far.
    • 18' Zajić fires the first meaningful effort just wide. With the United defence backing off, Zajić lets fly with a left-footed effort from 25 yards and it flies a couple of feet wide.
    • 17' Scholes running the show from central midfield at the moment. He releases Valencia with a sumptious ball to the right wing, but Valencia over hits his cross.
    • 16' Valerenga drive down the right and pull the ball back towards Zajić, but Carrick gets back to snuff out the danger.
    • 14' The crowd shout "shoot" as Scholes receives the ball some 40 yards from goal. He opts to find Valencia on the right and United have a throw as they continue to keep the pressure up.
    • 12' Nani has a sight at goal as he receives the ball at the far post and lifts it over the head of the defender, but the keeper smothers the effort well.
    • 11' Young finds Rooney, who releases Welbeck with a beautiful ball down the wing - but Valerenga intercept and clear.
    • 10' Quite a muted crowd at the moment. I guess that's because everything has gone United's way here.
    • 9' Rooney is spraying some beautiful passes around the pitch here. Valerenga allowing him plenty of space in which to operate.
    • 7' Nani coaxes a lovely cross in from the right - but Valerenga get it away. The home side really under the cosh early on here.
    • 5' Scholes involved again. Welbeck lays the ball back to Scholes on the edge of the box and he goes for goal first time – but it wasn’t one of his finest efforts and Valerenga block – and clear.
    • 3' Paul Scholes wins the ball with a flying early tackle in the centre circle. No one told him that this is a pre-season friendly.
    • 1' KICK OFF. We are underway at a sold out Ullevaal Stadion.
    • 14.58 Man Utd XI vs Valerenga: Lindegaard, Valencia, Ferdinand, Vidic, M. Keane, Young, Carrick, Scholes, Nani, Welbeck, Rooney.
    • 14.55 Hello everyone. Welcome to live coverage of this friendly between Norwegian side Valerenga and Manchester United.
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  1. Fergie was slaughtered on this site early last season­ for saying it was a 2 horse race with City, with the­ main criticism coming primarily by Liverpool fans­ stating that United were over the hill and they'd­ be challenging for glory. As usual, Sir Alex was right.­ Ignore friendlies and watch what happens in the­ league

    From Ian, on Mon 6 Aug 13:40
  2. lol the big boys are back and they still suck

    From Alex, on Mon 6 Aug 2:10
  3. Its a pre season friendly fffs get a grip its about­ match time and match fitness. Ho and clev and giigs to­ return.

    From keith j, on Sun 5 Aug 17:37
  4. Berbs needs desperate to be out of this

    From Scenicman, on Sun 5 Aug 17:35
  5. It's a preseason match where they got paid really­ well to play a Norwegian side.....who really cares what­ happened on the pitch.....the team looks sharp enough­ for Aug 5th....

    From Ned, on Sun 5 Aug 17:26
  6. Bret, what creativity. Scholes passes to Nani on the­ right... Fancy footwork from Nani then passes to­ Valencia who runs past the last defender then, in less­ than 50% of cases, produces a proper cross which is­ wasted by Rooney or Wellbeck. Come on. That's how­ the game went for more than 50 minutes. I still say­ Rooney and Wellbeck are not superstars. We need change.­ I believe that Berbatov is too under-rated. If you take­ his goal tally last season to the minutes played...­ well you can figure out that he over scored Rooney,­ Wellbeck and Hernandez. I'm not saying that we­ should stick with him but we need RVP class.

    From Mojojo, on Sun 5 Aug 17:19
  7. manic major, we will never really know until the season­ starts. But if they played like this next season, no I­ wouldn't bet on it. But we never know, plus with­ Lucas and RVP looking more likely...

    From Bret, on Sun 5 Aug 17:09
  8. Bret. Your right you know, there is no hunger or real­ determination in the team at the moment. Maybe they­ will get it right before the season starts, hopefully.­ It's seems to be the same thing at the moment as­ last year, get the opposing team to defend and United­ find it hard to penetrate. Can't see them getting­ the title

    From manic major, on Sun 5 Aug 17:00
  9. i love public sex

    From Robert, on Sun 5 Aug 16:53
  10. Mojojo, plenty of creativity, just can't finish the­ chances. They've had like 5 or 6 simple tap ins,­ nobody is hungry for it. Also the whole squad has only­ just joined up...

    From Bret, on Sun 5 Aug 16:51
  11. I am really disappointed. I've been a United fan­ for 40 years and I can't see this team winning the­ PL. No creativity. All the opposing teams know how we­ play, which is never changing, and counteract­ accordingly. We need talented players, maybe Moura can­ change our style the way Ronaldo did in his second­ year. Kigawa seems to be OK. Wellbeck and Rooney are­ much over rated. RVP would suit our wingers more than­ either of them. They miss a lot of straight forward­ chances. Scholes is still the king of the midfield.­ I'm amazed he was not picked for England. Let's­ hope for signings... good ones.

    From Mojojo, on Sun 5 Aug 16:41
  12. No worries i will give us a penalty in a mo.

    From a, on Sun 5 Aug 16:39
  13. So far I have seen Nani playing and I am not impressed.­ He is still too greedy and does not help. Get rid of­ him as he was trouble last year with his passing and­ greedy thoughts

    From manic major, on Sun 5 Aug 16:29
  14. Richard, United fans are not like City fans. We­ don't jump on the band wagon when a bit of money­ comes along

    From LM, on Sun 5 Aug 16:27
  15. Brilliant to see vidic back utd r going to need him

    From Jake, on Sun 5 Aug 16:21
  16. richard by name .... #$%$ by nature

    From tom, on Sun 5 Aug 16:20
  17. any half time subs??

    From Robert, on Sun 5 Aug 16:04
  18. Same #$%$ just another year older, Why do we waste­ there money on them.

    From a, on Sun 5 Aug 15:56
  19. not enough goals in this pre-season for all the­ domination

    From Robert, on Sun 5 Aug 15:48
  20. how many chances does Welbeck need before he scores it­ wud not be back if he gets them on target He may be 29­ bring on RVP for at least for 2 - 3 seasons

    From ROBERT, on Sun 5 Aug 15:47
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