Saturday May 31, 2014 Friendlies Finished EstŠdio Nacional

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  1. World Cup - Portugal play out goalless draw with Greece

    World Cup - Portugal play out goalless draw with Greece

    A late Carvalho injury ends a miserable night for Portugal following their 0-0 draw with Greece at the Estadio Nacional. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Portugal
    • Greece
    • And that is the final whistle. The end of a pretty poor game of football to be perfectly honest!
    • 90+1 Heavy landing for Amorim after a petty lunge from katsouranis. Free kick which goes too long for Alves. That must be game.
    • 90' Portugal look like they want this game to end now.
    • 89' Neto comes on for the stricken William Carvalho.
    • 88' William Carvalho now down injured. He doesn't look too upset so probably something minor. Though it was an off the ball injury so....
    • 87' Good break from Vieirinha who whips a cross over but it is cleared to the edge of the area where Amorim scuffs his shot wide.
    • 86' Another sub as Samaras comes off for Chritodopoulos.
    • 85' Portugal on the ropes here! The ball played in to the box towards Gekas who chests it down and tries an overhead but he got called ofside with a late flag.
    • 84' Fetfatzidis nutmegs Costa at the corner flag and floats into the box letting go a low drive which Beto does well to get down and save.
    • 83' Nani is coming off for Silva in the last ten minutes here.
    • 82' Karagounis takes a short corner and receives it back. He takes on Nani and then tries to get round Ruben Amorim but the defender lets the ball run out of play.
    • 81' Torosidis does really well to find some space and flick a ball out to Gekas bu the is not strong enough to keep hold of it and Portugal clear.
    • 80' It is Pereira again down the right wing but he keeps getting doubled up on by Samaras and Holebas who have been worked hard tonight.
    • 79' Wiliam Carvalho with a barnstorming challenege on Karagounis. He is lucky the Greek was more interested in getting on with the game.
    • 78' Greece corner! Holebas swings it on from the right but Beto gets up to punch clear! The second cross comes in and he flaps at it again but is lucky to have Alves there next to him to clear the lines.
    • 77' Almeida trips Fetfatzidis on the right wing. More restbite for the tiring Greeks.
    • 76' Free kick inswinging from Veloso is gathered well by Larnezis who spanks it up to Gekas immediately and he wins a free kick on the half way line.
    • 75' Portugal back on the front foot as Pereira again forays down the right only to meet a white wall forcing him back to Carvalho in the middle.
    • 74' Samaras goes chasing a long ball down the line and manages to pressure Costa into giving away a throw in deep in the Portugal half.
    • 73' Karagounis in the middle tries a very over-elaborate ball over the top to Gekas but they're on completely different wavelengths and the ball goes out of play.
    • 72' Game being broken up by all these subsitutions. Getting a bit sturgid as both sides give away needles free kicks.
    • 71' Manolas comes off for Vyntra for Greece now.
    • 70' And that was his last action as Vieirinha comes on in his place.
    • 69' Varela tumbld over the clumsy tackle of Karagounis as he chased him down.
    • 68' Nani to swing it in again towards Alves again and it is cleared.... again. Follow up shot is clutched at the second attempt by Karnezis in goal. Comfortable.
    • 67' Corner is taken to the near post where it is acrobatically headd out. For another corner.
    • 66' Varela absolutely burning down the left. He switches to Nani who takes one touch and gets a shot away but it is blocked by Holebas.
    • 65' Greece trying to calm the play down having been under sustained pressure for most of this second half.
    • 64' And now Eder makes way for Vierinha
    • 63' Mitroglou and Salpingidis make way for Fetfatzidis and Gekas. Game-changers.
    • 62' Manolas calmly brings the ball out of defence only for Karagounis to get in his way. They've tried to play their way out of trouble but good pressure from Varela sees Portugal back with the ball.
    • 61' Beto with his first touch since coming on. He rolls the ball out to Alves to start yet another Portugal attack.
    • 60' Greece with some possession! Not for long though as Salpingidis plays a terrible one touch ball inside to... nobody.
    • 59' Pereira wins another corner off Holebas who is beginning to struggle with his pacy runs.
    • 58' Pereira breaks down the right trying to force a way through but Greece hold firm yet again.
    • 57' Veloso with a corner which Alves meets at the near post but he gets too much on it and it flies over the crossbar.
    • 56' William Carvalho plays it in to Varela who expertly spins away from Torosidis. The switch finds Nani who recycles the ball through Carvalho and on to Eder but his cross from the right doesn't find the on-rushing Almeida.
    • 55' Took an entire minute to get him of the pitch.
    • 54' Manolas is down injured clutching evrything in the Greece penalty area. Can't work out if it is a leg injury or a face injury or what. This much rolling around, he must be alright.
    • 53' Pereira with a foray down the right wing and manages to get a cross in but it is cleared for a corner. Greece clear it again though.
    • 52' Carvalho bundles over Karagounis and the Greek is fuming. Luckily doesn't connect with a poor kick-out.
    • 51' Veloso over it but he strikes it straight into the wall.
    • 50' Lovely switch to Almeida who does well to bring it down on the left. He gets a dangerous cross in but it is eventually cleared. Eder is then felled on the edge of the box by Katsouranis.
    • 49' Karagounis switches to Torosidis who almost gets in on goal but Alves gets across to clear it.
    • 48' Portugal have started on the front foot. Greece so far struggling to get out of their half without having to stretch too much defensively.
    • 47' Oh and Portugal brought on Beto in goal instead of Eduardo. In the mean time, we've missed a couple of long balls.
    • 46' And we're underway again in Portugal. Lets hope for just a little excitement in the second half! A couple of changes for both sides as veterans Karagounis and Hugo Almeida come on.
    • And that is half time. A pretty dull half of football. Not quite the recreation of the Euro 2004 final.
    • 45+1 There is a sight. Nani working back to dispossess Samaras as he tries to get away and at Pereira.
    • 45' Karnezis, sensing half time, takes almost a minute to retrieve and take the goal kick.
    • 44' Free kick wide on the edge of the box. Nani nutmegged Holebas before Samaras tripped him stopping him getting into the box. Veloso goes for goal but Alves gets in the way and it is out for a goal kick.
    • 43' Greece working ver hard off the ball to deny Portugal any space. Tziolis nips in to tackle Nani who protests to the referee but Greece play on.
    • 42' Aimless balls forward to Mitroglou who looks nothing like the player he was at the beginning of the season with Olympiakos. Devoid of anything so far.
    • 41' Slow play as Nani hols up and then fells Samaras on the left.
    • 40' And that is Sokratis' night over. He jarred his leg in the ground and that didn't look good. Tried to soldier on but on comes Moras in his place.
    • 39' Samaras and Sokratis back on their feet and they combine on the left only for Pereira to get in the way and shepherd the ball out of play.
    • 38' Torosidis forays inside onto his left foot and finds himself with space on the edge of the area. He lets a shot go but it balloons high and wide.
    • 37' Lovely little drag back and flick from Nani to get the ball to Veloso so he can cross from the left but it flies over everyone and out for a goal kick.
    • 36' The Greeks are going down like flies here. Now it is Papastathopoulos clutching his ankle on the side of the pitch.
    • 35' Pereira takes on and wins a free kick wide on the right from Holebas who body checked him. Veloso swings it in but Greece clear.
    • 34' Looks like he sliped and twisted his ankle slightly as he ran past Veloso. The physio is on but Samaras does not look happy. Probably best to just get him off.
    • 33' Eduardo out to claim a Salpingidis cross and get Portugal moving agan but Samaras is down injured.
    • 32' Nice from Eder as he lays off to William in the middle who finds Varela breaking down the left. The winger bombs on and cuts inside before whiping a cross over only for him to overhit it and the ball flies out for a goal kick.
    • 31' Greece poor on the ball as they try and play out from the back only for Alves to step in and clear as they bring it forward.
    • 30' Cross from Varela on the left finds Nani on the other side but his header goes well over and wide.
    • 29' Katsouranis plays a lovely lofted ball to the left but Holebas has run offside. The captain is not a happy man.
    • 28' Torosidis skips away from Almeida but doesn't back his pace and tries to whip an early ball over to Mitroglou in the middle but Alves cuts it out with ease.
    • 27' Slow build up from Portugal as Alves and Costa exchange a series of passes. Eventualy Veloso gets involved and moves Portugal forward.
    • 26' Greece survive a scare as Veloso lets rip from 25 yards but it flies over the crossbar.
    • 25' Top class from Greece manager Fernando Santos. The ball runs out of play and he just calmly chests it down to Almeida taking the throw to his left. And yes the game isn't that great hence that being a highlight!
    • 24' Holebas now with it on the left for Greece but he is forced backwards because of the lack of movement in front of him. Eventually it goes long but Torosidis, scampering down the wing, cant stop it from going out of play.
    • 23' Portugal pressing much higher now and causing problems. Postiga ends up bundling over Katsouranis in his enthusiasm.
    • 22' Veloso with a huge switch to Nani on the right but he just overhits it and it flies over the wingers head. Greece with a free kick on half way as Postiga jumps into Holebas.
    • 21' Portugal pop the ball about at the back but Greece are in solid shape. Eventually they go long but it runs through to Karnezis.
    • 20' Bit of a lull in play as a series of throw ins on the left for Portugal take their time to be taken. Classic working the line stuff this.
    • 19' Cynical from Almeida as Salpingidis spins him and is about to get away on the right wing but he steps across and bodychecks the Greek.
    • 18' Veloso breaks through midfield and lifts a ball into Postiga who flicks the ball with the outside of his boot with his back to goal towards Varela but Torosidis gets a toe in before he can get a shot away.
    • 17' Greece now as Samaras cuts in on his right foot and puts a dangerous ball to the far post which just goes beyong Salpingidis.
    • 16' Nani with a dangerous cross towards Varela as he came in from the left. Greece allow it to bounce but Torosidis does well to head away.
    • 15' Same again. The hosts go forward with speed but Greece repel them with narrow defending.
    • 14' Portugal showing intent when on the ball trying to move the ball quickly but Greece are doing well to close down the spaces.
    • 13' Big strong tackle from Carvalho as Torosidis dribbled inside. He sets up Nani on the right wing who lays the ball centrally towards Eder who just can't get there before Papastathopoulos who clears.
    • 12' In good possesson and Torosidis goes backwards to Karnezis who clears up to Samaras ho uses his strength well to fend off the defender and keep Greece attacking.
    • 11' Lovely flick from Varela as he is pressured by Torosidis to set Portugal down the left wing.
    • 10' Samaras beats Pereira to a header alowing Holebas to break forward but the defencer gets back to tackle well.
    • 9' Eduarda goes long to Postiga but Katsouranis wins it and Greece work the ball out to Holebas and Maniatis.
    • 8' Greece with a poor free kick which Postiga pounces on and sets the hosts going forward. Veloso fouls Holebas though and Greece are reprieved.
    • 7' Tziolis foul Postiga in the middle as he pulls him back o get a toe on the ball.
    • 6' Veloso over to take a corner for Portugal on the left. He swings it in to the near post where Alves gets a run and flicks the ball goalwards. Karnezis has to be alive to tip it over the crossbar.
    • 5' Greece penned in on the left as Holebas prepares to take a throw by his own corner flag. They go long and Portugal have it back with Alves.
    • 4' Pereira on the right tries to clip a ball in to Varela but Papastathopoulos heads clear.
    • 3' Samaras breaks from the left and is one on one with Alves. He shifts the ball to his left but the shot is blocked and the keeper gathers.
    • 2' Greece now playing out from the back and go long towards Mitroglou who can't bring it in allowing Alves to clear.
    • 1' And we are underway and Portugal start fast as Nani swings in to Eder who gets his head on it but Karnezis is there to save easily.
    • 19:25 Five minutes to go before kick off and the odds are in. Portugal are strong favourites at 20/21 while Greece are priced at 3/1 for the win. A draw is at 9/4.
    • 19:20 Both managers will be going in to this World Cup hoping to spring a few surprises. Greece have been drawn in a group with sides they would fancy themselves against while Portugal go into this World Cup with a very strong squad plus the small matter of Cristiano Ronaldo.
    • 19:15 Greece go for a strong side, probably one pretty close to what will be starting their World Cup campaign. Mitroglou up front is supported by Scottish champion Samaras while Katsouranis retains his place in midfield. young stars Kone and Fetfatzidis are among the substitutes.
    • 19:10 Ronaldo misses the biggest game he's had since last weekend. He picked up an injury towards the end of the Champions League final and has been complaining of pain in his left thigh. Aside from that, certain World Cup starter Moutinho starts on the bench while Eder gets a chance up front and highly coveted William Carvalho gets a chance to impress in central midfield.
    • 19:05 TEAMS: PORTUGAL: Eduardo, Pereira, Alves, Costa, Almeida, Varela, Carvalho, Veloso, Nani, Eder, Postiga. Subs: Patricio, Beto, Neto, Coentrao, Amorim, Moutinho, Silva, Vieirinha, Almeida. /// GREECE: Karnezis, Torosidis, Manolas, Papastathopoulos, Holebas, Tziolis, Maniatis, Katsouranis, Saplingidis, Samaras, Mitroglou. Subs: Glykos, Kapino, Moras, Tzavelas, Vyntra, Samaris, Karagounis, Gekas, Christodopoulos, Kone, Fetfatzidis, Tachtsidis.
    • 19:00 Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Euro 2004 final... No wait, this is just a pre-World Cup warm up game. No Ronaldo but there'll still be some rivalry!
  • Summary

    • 84' Fetfatzidis nutmegs Costa at the corner flag and floats into the box letting go a low drive which Beto does well to get down and save.
    • 6' Veloso over to take a corner for Portugal on the left. He swings it in to the near post where Alves gets a run and flicks the ball goalwards. Karnezis has to be alive to tip it over the crossbar.

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