Sunday March 17, 2013 Day 29 Finished Stadio Olimpico

AS Roma 2 - 0 Parma

  • Lamela 7’
  • Totti 70’

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  1. Italian Serie A - Totti inspires Roma victory over Parma

    Italian Serie A - Totti inspires Roma victory over Parma

    Roma maintained their push for European qualification as they dispatched Parma 2-0 at Stadio Olimpico. More

  • Live Commentary

    • AS Roma
    • Parma
    • FT Parma did not create much and, though they had a fair share of possession, Roma looked very good here – they could have had five or sixth, in truth.
    • FT And that’s that – Roma with a deserved victory at the Olimpico, a goal in either half keeping their European ambitions alive.
    • 90 +2 Balzaretti makes a good tackle to dispossess Rosi on the left wing.
    • 90 +1 Odd chance, there. Lamela is put through by Bradley but he canters with the ball and Parma are able to get back and clear. I suppose that’s the luxury of having a two-goal lead.
    • 90' We will have three minutes of stoppage time here in Rome.
    • 89' We’re nearing the end of the game here and Parma are still trying to make something happen but a hopeful Lucarelli ball forward is overhit and flies harmlessly over Stekelenburg’s goal.
    • 87' One replacement each here. The influential Marco Parolo comes off for Daniele Galloppa, while Roma’s Perrotta is replaced by Brazilian Rodrigo Taddei.
    • 84' Lucarelli rises to meet a corner but it is deflected wide, before Stekelenburg punches the resulting corner clear of the Roma area. The hosts happy to soak pressure at the moment.
    • 82' Some activity on the sidelines and it’s Roma who will make a change. Marquinho comes off to applause from Roma fans, replaced by Federico Balzaretti.
    • 81' And Totti very nearly gets a second. Roma break away through Bradley and Lamela holds the ball up well, feeding in the Roma captain who fires just wide from inside the area.
    • 80' The corner is easily dealt with by Roma, who clear their lines.
    • 79' Parma, to their credit, are building up some good pressure and look like they want to make a match out of this. A good cross from the right is knocked out for a corner by Castan.
    • 78' CHANCE! Bradley starts a good move with a nice ball ahead and Totti flashes wide from outside the area.
    • 76' CHANCE! Castan nearly makes it three for Roma but he is unable to direct his header goalwards. A third goal would kill off this tie for the home side.
    • 75' Sansoni will comes off for Parma, replaced by Algerian striker Ishak Belfodil
    • 74' Parma seem a bit devoid of ideas at the moment. Their balls ahead to Amauri were not working and Roma are wise to everything they are trying at the moment.
    • 72' Very nearly a disaster for De Rossi as he slices a clearance just outside the Roma area and it goes high into the air, but falls away from danger. That really could have gone anywhere but Stekelenburg is able to collect.
    • 71' Superb free-kick. All the Parma players in the wall were facing the other way, though – completely defeats the point of having one, doesn’t it? Still a great free-kick - and it might just have secured three points for Roma.
    • 70' GOAL FOR ROMA! And that is how you take a free-kick. His curling effort earlier struck the woodwork, so Totti drills the ball under the wall and past Mirante to put Roma 2-0 up.
    • 69' A big ball forward puts Totti through but he is pulled down by Jamie Valdes outside the area – there’s a bit of discussion with the reff and Valdes will go into the book there. Can’t argue with that. Free-kick to Roma, Totti standing over it.
    • 68' Sansone goes close but again some stellar Roma defence keeps Parma at bay – Burdisso getting down to deflect the ball away for a corner. He pumps his fists after doing so as well. That was a big moment and he knows it.
    • 67' And USA international Michael Bradley is set to enter the fray – he will replace Tachtsidis, who caused Parma some problems in the middle of the park in that first half.
    • 66' A good attack from Roma as Lamela charges through the Parma back line but he tries to take on one too many defenders, slipping over on the edge of the area and the ball is cleared.
    • 64' Roma sitting back now as Parma apply more pressure. Paletta launches a ball towards Samson but Burdisso rises to head clear.
    • 63' Those two chances are proof Roma’s lead means little at this stage. Parma very unlucky not to be back on level terms.
    • 62' CHANCE! Parolo nearly levels for Parma. A good ball into the middle is knocked back across goal by the towering Amauri and Parolo fires it goalwards, but it deflects off Burdisso and creeps just over for a corner.
    • 61' WOODWORK! And this time it’s Parma’s turn. A brilliant outswinging corner is met by the head of defender Gabriel Paletta but it bounces back of the bar.
    • 59' At the other end Nicola Sansone nearly finds some space in the area but he can’t shake the attention of two Roma defenders and he scuffs a shot at Stekelenburg.
    • 58' CHANCE! Florenzi tries his luck from distance as a corner falls to him just inside the area but he can’t keep his shot down.
    • 57' Debutant Ampuero comes off for Parma – he had a quiet game. Jonathan Biabiany comes on in his place.
    • 56' Looking at that Totti free-kick from earlier again. It hit the bar AND the woodwork, before bouncing down agonisingly the wrong side of the line – for Roma anyway. Would have been some goal.
    • 55' Totti plays the free-kick forward but Lamela is unable to turn it towards goal.
    • 54' Benalouane gets himself in the book. A ball goes forward from inside Roma’s half and the Parma defender tugs Perrotta down to the floor. He knew what he was doing there – free kick to the Giallorossi
    • 53' And Stekelenburg comes out to punch away the subsequent corner .
    • 52' Important header away from Burdisso. Parma again attack down the left – which they are doing with some degree of success – and the Argentine is able to header away for a corner.
    • 51' Leandro Castan and the Roma back line happy to pass the ball between themselves. The hosts are good at the patient build-up play – it has served them well so far this evening.
    • 50' CHANCE! Parma now attacking down the left wing. Ampuero hits a testing ball forward from deep and Amauri and Stekelenburg go up for it, but the Dutchman fumbles it and Amauri, who is off balance, knocks the ball over the bar. Tough chance, but a chance nonetheless.
    • 49' Well that’s twice now Roma have hit the woodwork and you can’t help but think they might come to regret those two misses at the end of the game.
    • 48' WOODWORK! What an effort from Totti. The 36-year-old curls the free-kick goalwards and it beats Mirante but clatters off the bar and back to the floor – and away from any onrushing Roma players. Superb free-kick, deserved a goal.
    • 47' Marquinhos and Aleandro Rosi come together in the Roma half and go to ground. Di Nola awards a free-kick to the hosts and shows a yellow to Rosi. Odd decision.
    • 47' Lamela tries to hit a cross field pass but the ball clatters into the referee. Frustrating start for Roma.
    • 46' And Roma get the second half back underway.
    • HT The players are heading back out of the tunnel and we are just about ready for the second half. A finely poised game here - it might be a horrible cliche but this game really could go either way.
    • HT And that’s that for the first half. Roma ahead thanks to Florenzi’s seventh minute deflected effort but might feel they could be leading by a greater margain.
    • 45 + It’s still wonderful to watch Totti doing his thing on the left. The Roma stalwart gets the ball and jinxes around two players before the ball gets caught between his feet and is cleared away. I was always disappointed we never got to see him in the Premier League.
    • 45' Aurelio Andreazzoli will be the happier of the two managers as half-time approaches, the assistant indicating just one minute will be played.
    • 44' A testing cross from Roma nearly finds Perotta, before falling to Lamela who cuts inside on the left but the assistant has his flag up for offside as he hits it back towards goal.
    • 43' Tachtsidis and Lucaelli both go for the ball and the Greek goes down – winning a free-kick deep inside Roma's area. The Parma captain isn’t happy but the decision stands.
    • 42' We have a player down in the area. It’s Roma’s Florenzi, chasing a ball ahead, who goes down as he and Benalouane challenge for the ball. Nothing malicious there, and he’s soon back on his feet.
    • 41' CHANCE! Parolo, who has been just about everywhere in this game, lashes the ball straight at Stekelenburg after a patient passage of play from the visitors.
    • 40' Totti nearly creates an opening with a sublime back heel which fools everyone – including team mate Marquinhos, as it just rolls behind him.
    • 38' Quiet game so far from debutant Ampuero, but he finds some space on the left wing but his cross isn’t brilliant and Burdisso is able to hack the ball clear.
    • 37' De Rossi exchanging verbals with the referee Russo di Nola. Don’t know quite what that’s about, but clearly the World Cup winner is upset about something.
    • 36' Good work from Parolo down the left wins Parma a corner but he over hits it and that is wasted yet again.
    • 35' Benalouane making a meal of... something there. The corner isn’t dealt with properly but he heads the rebound over – and then goes down clutching his face with no-one around him. Comical.
    • 34' CHANCE! Parolo has a shot on the edge of the area but it is deflected wide. Corner to Parma.
    • 33' De Rossi has been quite successful with some of his through balls from deep today but not on this occasion, launching one forward which rolls through to a grateful Mirante.
    • 32' CHANCE! And just as I say that, Roma have a chance to make it two. Parma are caught napping at the back with a good through ball and Lamela gets his first touch all wrong and Mirante is just able to smother the ball. It bounces off the Parma goalkeeper and Perrotta has a shot deflected away.
    • 31' Parma looking the more confident on the ball but Roma also look happy just to soak this pressure.
    • 30' Having just seen a replay, I can safely say Roma did not, in fact, have a fair shout for a penalty. Perrotta went down like Liston under pretty much no contact whatsoever. Credit to the referee there.
    • 29' A spot of ping-pong in the area as the ball bounces around in the Roma penalty area and no-one seems to want to claim it. Parolo raises a foot and is penalised. Roma free-kick.
    • 28' Parma build a patient attack but a poor cross is easily knocked away by Nicolas Burdisso.
    • 28' Marquinhos had played a testing ball into the centre and Perrotta, who turned inside to take it on to his left foot, seemed to be caught – but did he go down too easily?
    • 27' PENALTY SHOUT! This could be controversial. Perrotta goes down in the area and everyone stops, half expecting a penalty, but it doesn’t come. Looked like Roma had a fair shout there.
    • 25' Marquinhos tries to make something happen on the right but his touch is too heavy and the ball goes out of play for a Parma throw.
    • 24' Yohan Benalouane gets himself in the way of the first corner and concedes another. Totti overhits the second one and it is flicked out of play for a throw by Mirante.
    • 23' Lamela causing a nuisance on the right and his cut is only half cleared by Parma. The ball is recycled by Roma and Totti has a shot deflected out for a corner.
    • 22' It’s clear who Parma think is their main threat. Everything is aimed towards Amauri as Parolo hits another long ball towards the front man but it is cut out.
    • 21' And Amauri finds some space on the left but his cross is overhit to the right wing. The ball is worked back to the edge of the area and Marco Parolo hits a great cross into the middle but no-one is there to connect and it rolls out for a goal kick.
    • 20' On the balance of play so far Roma definitely deserve their lead but they will be kicking themselves they aren’t two goals ahead. Parma are growing into this game and Amauri looks threatening up front.
    • 19' De Rossi hits a hopeful ball forward which is cut out by a Parma defender.
    • 17' Both teams are playing with a good deal of width and it’s making for a fascinating contest so far – Roma have been most successful down the flanks so far.
    • 15' Amauri has a half chance at the other end but it is gathered comfortably by Maarten Stekelenburg.
    • 14' WOODWORK! How has he missed this? Brilliant play by Roma but the finishing product just wasn’t there. Lamela works the ball down the left works well and his ball into the centre isn’t dealt with by Parma, Simone Perrotta smacks the bar from 10 yards out.
    • 13' CHANCE FOR ROMA! And it’s that man Totti. The Roma captain given way too much space as Parma let him run and he unleashes a vicious shot which is just turned away by Mirante. Good save, still 1-0 to Roma.
    • 11' That goal hasn’t done much to kick this game into life so far. Neither team able to string two passes together very well at present, evidenced best by a wayward Totti pass to nobody.
    • 10' Roma come forward again as a Parma pass goes to a red shirt but a hopeful Daniele De Rossi ball forward isn’t troubling Mirante.
    • 9' Parma look to have been kicked into life by that goal and they are stringing together a good passage of play as they patiently wait for an opening in Roma’s half.
    • 8' Appeals for offside there from Parma. They had one man off the pitch behind the goal from a charged down cross, and when Lamela fired the initial shot in it did look like Florenzi was in an offside position. The goal stands though, and Roma lead 1-0.
    • 7' GOAL! Roma take the lead!! Alessandro Florenzi with deflecting the ball home from the six yard box.
    • 6' Parma enjoy their first real foray into Roma territory and they look to have a chance but Amauri just strays into an offside position.
    • 5' Tachtsidis very nearly finds an opening in the Parma defence with a lofted ball forward but the bounce doesn’t quite fall properly for Lamela and it runs through to Antonio Mirante.
    • 4' Totti finds space on the left wing, and he cuts inside and lofts a cross towards goal but it is too high for any one of the three Roma players in the area. Positive start from the home side., though.
    • 3' The home support in good voice here at Stadio Olimpico as Roma build patiently through the phases looking for an early opening.
    • 2' Good work from Erik Lamela down the right as Roma win an early corner, but it comes to nothing.
    • 1' Parma, attacking from left to right, get proceedings underway.
    • 20.45 Nice gesture before the game. Captains Francesco Totti and Alessandro Lucarelli show large red cards towards the stand as part of the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ campaign.
    • 20.45 The two sides are out on the pitch under the floodlights at Stadio Olimpico.
    • 20.40 Parma in their home white kit with black cross – a classic – with Roma in their traditional red kit which I swear hasn’t changed in about ten years.
    • 20.40 This is a great match for a child of the 1990’s who grew up watching Football Italia. This used to be one of those glamour ties you just couldn’t miss. It still is though, isn’t it? Both sides are due out on the field any moment now.
    • 20.35 If Roma harbour any ambition of qualifying for Europe they need a win here tonight. They are unbeaten in five games but still three points behind Inter Milan in fifth.
    • 20.30 Greek midfielder Panaiotis Tachtsidis is the only change from the Roma side which was held to a 1-1 draw with Udinese last weekend – replacing Ivan Piris in an attacking 3-4-3 formation.
    • 20.25 Parma hand a debut to Peruvian left winger Alvaro Ampuero, with last weekend’s hat-trick hero Amauri spearheading a 4-5-1 formation for a side with just one win in their last eight.
    • 20.20 PARMA - Mirante; Benalouane Paletta, Lucarelli, Rosi, Parolo, Valdes, Gobbi, Ampuero, Amauri, Samson /// Subs: Morrone, Marchionni, Pavarini, Ninis, Biabiany, Galloppa, Strassa, Belfodil, Boniperti, MacEachen
    • 20.20 LINEUPS : ROMA - Stekelenburg; Marquinhos, Burdisso, Castan; Florenzi, De Rossi, Tachtsidis, Marquinho; Perrotta, Lamela, Totti /// Subs: Lobont, Taddei, Balzaretti, Bradley, Osvaldo, Piris, Dodo, Goicoechea, Lopez, Jonatan
    • 20.15 Good evening and welcome to live coverage of this Serie A clash between AS Roma and Parma from Stadio Olympico!
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