Sunday October 28, 2012 Day 9 Finished Stadio Angelo Massimino

Catania 0 - 1 Juventus

  • Vidal 57’

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  1. Serie A - Juventus seal controversial victory at Catania

    Serie A - Juventus seal controversial victory at Catania

    Juventus extended their unbeaten league run to 48 games and ended opponents Catania's undefeated record at home with a controversial 1-0 win in Sicily. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Catania
    • Juventus
    • 90+5 And the final whistle goes. Juventus march on with another three points. Not a classic, but they could have won by more had their finishing been a little sharper. 1-0, though, was enough
    • 90+4 Caceres tries to get away from Spoli, who just does enough to get away from him. Referee Gervasoni is looking at his watch...
    • 90+3 Not much longer for Juventus to hang on now, and Catania appear to have run out of steam
    • 90+2 Padoin is on for Pogba in the final Juventus change
    • 90+1 A touch of panic at the back for Juve - a ricocheted clearance or two, but they get away with it
    • 90' There will be five minutes of stoppage time - still a faint flicker of hope for Catania
    • 89' Giovinco tries to exploit some of that space for Juventus, but gets his shot wrong and it bends well over
    • 88' Defenders Rolin and Spoli are both well forward. The latter does well to find a cross, but it's overhit and Juventus can clear
    • 87' Last knockings for the home side - they're inevitably, a man and a goal down, leaving increasing amounts of space for Juve
    • 86' Vidal hits a fine shot from the edge of the area, which is well saved. Bendtner was free, and looked daggers after the pass didn't arrive. Lichtsteiner off, Caceres on for Juventus
    • 85' We're into the last five minutes, and Buffon shows his qualities as he imperiously comes out to claim a cross from the right
    • 84' He jinks past a defender and, with the angle narrow, opts to try a low cross, which is cut out. Fine piece of work by the striker
    • 83' Lovely run from Bendtner... he's approaching the area on the Juventus left
    • 82' Morimoto tries to dribble his way into a shooting position on the edge of the Juve area, but he's thwarted because the whistle had gone for an earlier foul
    • 81' A little under ten minutes remaining for the leaders to hold out if they are to notch up another victory - and they're forced to hack the ball clear as Catania start to get a bit more direct
    • 80' Very nearly an equaliser for the home side: the ball is swung in dangerously and Barzagli's touch is into the side netting of his own goal
    • 79' Foul by Chiellini. Before the free-kick can be taken, Gomez comes off and Morimoto on in Catania's last change of the afternoon
    • 78' A fizzer of a shot from the new arrival Giovinco forces Andujar into action - he kept his team's hopes alive there
    • 77' Vucinic off, Giovinco on for Juventus. Almiron off and Biagianti on in the home side's second change
    • 76' It's cleared, and Juve will make a change
    • 75' He attempts a low cross, which is scrambled behind for a corner
    • 74' Lichtsteiner is moving down the right, stretching the home defence
    • 73' Asamoah is crowded out down the Juventus left, but the ball is soon back with the champions
    • 72' Almiron is trying hard to make something happen for the home side, and he switches possession to Izco. The ten men, just at the moment, are keeping the ball well
    • 71' Bonucci wins possession inside his own area and then simply strolls out of defence for Juventus before the insouciant effect is spoiled by a misplaced pass
    • 70' They are undefeated at home, remember, and won't be keen to surrender that record lightly
    • 69' More last-ditch defending for Catania - but as long as they can keep it to 1-0 they have a flicker of a chance
    • 68' A flicker of promise for Catania, but Gomez tries a trick too many in the Juve penalty area and is dispossessed
    • 67' Barrientos is off and Castro on as Maran makes his first change for the home side
    • 66' It nearly was impossible: Pogba gets a strong header in from a free-kick, only for Andujar to deny him with a good save
    • 65' And he's off - a difficult task for Catania may just have become impossible
    • 64' Marchese is in trouble here - he clearly handles the ball in midfield, having already been booked...
    • 63' A rare aimless long ball from Juventus. Bendtner was nowhere near being found by that, and he doesn't look too thrilled
    • 62' Pogba's on the move again, but his latest run comes to a painful end when he gets an (accidental) arm in the face from Spoli
    • 61' Catania just let him go on and on, but his shot doesn't match the approach play, scuffed weakly wide from the edge of the box
    • 60' Juventus are in command, and scorer Vidal illustrates their confidence with a meandering run
    • 59' They look a touch shell-shocked. Almiron tries to lift the mood with a purposeful run, but the threat fizzles out
    • 58' A big test for Catania now - they are 1-0 down and have not created a great deal. Can they find a way back into the match?
    • 57' Juventus have the advantage that, on the balance of chances, they deserve
    • 56' Bendtner looks offside when the ball is played through to him - his shot is parried by Andujar but Vidal is on hand to sidefoot home
    • 55' Izco is simply brushed off the ball as Catania try to get something going down the right, and Juve steam forward...
    • 54' Bendtner's in a heap in the D after being challenged. No free-kick, though
    • 53' It comes to nothing... a slightly scrappy start to this second period so far
    • 52' Down goes Lichtsteiner, and Juve take the free-kick quickly. Asamoah, this time, is adjuged to have been too keen in his efforts to win back possession, and Catania have a free-kick of their own
    • 51' A deep and dangerous cross by Asamoah, who won possession after tangling with Izco, who was hurt in that challenge. The ball is cleared, and Izco is back on his feet
    • 50' A spell of Catania possession is ended by another offside flag, this one against Gomez. Again, it's questionable
    • 49' Bendtner drops a bit deeper and then plays the ball out to the right. Andujar claims as the pass is played into the area
    • 48' Free-kick to Catania down the left. Lodi will whip it in, but the visitors deal with it easily enough
    • 47' The pattern of dubious offside calls continues. Bendtner is threaded through - he looks onside, but the flag goes up. And he doesn't manage to beat the keeper in any case
    • 46' Izco tries to get something going down the right for them, but his attempted ball into the area has a bit too much on it and Juventus can sort that one out with no problem at all
    • 46' Catania get the second half under way
    • 45+1' The half-time whistle goes: no goals between Catania and Juventus at the break
    • 45' Final seconds of the half, and Catania have a free-kick inside the visitors' half. Juve stand firm as the ball is floated in, and we move into the one minute of added time at the end of the first 45
    • 44' Pirlo, though, fluffs his lines, sending the ball miles over the bar
    • 43' Almiron sends Pogba crashing to the floor. Free-kick, about 25 yards out and pretty central
    • 42' Three minutes to the break in what, despite the 0-0 scoreline, has been a decent game so far
    • '41 Something of a charmed life for the home goal, and Andujar is on his toes again - this time, he beats away a swerving effort by Pirlo
    • '40 And so should this: another cross comes in, Bendtner heads down and Vucinic prods his effort too close to Andujar
    • 39' That really should have been 1-0 to the visitors
    • 38' Clear chance for Juve: Pirlo's corner and Bonucci, who had pulled away to the back post, can only direct his header across goal and wide
    • 37' He's allowed to go a long way, and his well-struck effort from just outside the box sails over
    • 36' A little under ten minutes to the break. Pogba is on the charge for Juve...
    • 35' He looks up and sizes up his options before appearing to decide that the best one is to float the ball into the stands
    • 34' Catania work the ball well in midfield and it comes to Lodi
    • 33' Juve are upping the pressure and Marchese is booked, as was Asamoah earlier, after fouling Vidal. The free-kick is floated in and, although a couple of players look offside, no flag goes up and Bendtner again heads over
    • 32' The ball, however, is headed over by the lurking Bendtner
    • 32' Pogba takes it up and dinks in a cross...
    • 31' Blood and thunder in midfield - the ball breaks loose after a couple of crunching challenges
    • 30' Then Bendtner gets on the end of a threaded pass into the area: he prods the ball goalwards, but Andujar blocks
    • 29' Down goes Barrientos on the Catania left. Free-kick
    • 28' The moment of the first-half so far: despite having been under the cosh for much of it, Catania are convinced that they ought to be in front
    • 27' Juve back in midfield possession. They lose the ball, but Spoli overcooks his pass forward and Buffon gathers
    • 26' There are a few tempers running a little high as play continues - not least on the home side's bench
    • 25' And the goal is ruled out. It didn't look clearly offside, but referee Gervasoni says no goal - Catania are furious
    • 25' The hosts think they have the breakthrough, but the referee is now consulting with his linesman
    • 24' And they engineer a great chance - the ball is played into the area and flicked on. It runs past Buffon and hits the post. Bergessio taps it in but Juve are furious, appealing for offside
    • 23' Lodi tries to bend it goalwards, but it's deflected to safety off the wall. The hosts are coming out of their shell a bit now...
    • 22' Asamoah is penalised for clipping Lodi's heels about 25 yards out. Catania free-kick in a promising position....
    • 21' Good determination by Rolin in the right-back area gets the ball away from Pogba, who was trying to engineer a crossing position
    • 20' Loads of space for Asamoah on the right - his cross is deep. Bendtner heads down, but that's a pretty straightforward gather for Andujar
    • 18' There seems to be a bit of pushing and shoving in there, but the referee deems it to have been six of one and half a dozen of the other
    • 17' Rolin strides forward for Catania - he's crowded out, and seconds later is penalised for handball back in defence as Vucinic comes foward. Free-kick...
    • 16' The flag-kick comes to nothing: Juventus are soon back on the ball
    • 15' A stray ball, and suddenly there's a Catania break - Gomez gets away down the right and clips in a lovely cross that Barzagli does well to clear. Corner...
    • 14' Coming up to the quarter hour, and it's pretty much one-way traffic. Bendtner chases a long ball from the back. He's flagged offside, but there wasn't much in that
    • 13' Pirlo bends it in and, when it's cleared, Pogba thumps over from the edge of the area
    • 12' Free-kick this time, though - Bendtner goes to ground on the right
    • 12' Earlier, the same player had been refused a free-kick after tumbling under challenge from Rolin - who wasn't too impressed with that - but it doesn't seem to have put him off his stride
    • 11' Pogba tries to float a pass into the area, but it's too far in front of both Bendtner and Vucinic
    • 10' Catania are hardly getting the ball and, when they do, they aren't keeping it. The lonely Gomez chases a hoof out of defence, but he can't cause any problems from it and the black and white tide rolls forward once more
    • 9' Pogba is impressing: he embodies the confidence of his team with a couple of drag-backs as he pops up near the area on the right, but overdoes it and Catania have a throw
    • 8' Vucnic starts a run but, as he approaches the area, pushes the ball too far in front of himself and Catania get that away
    • 7' The visitors are starting exactly as you might expect a team in their sort of form to start - they look hyper-confident and are dominating possession
    • 6' A lovely move from Juve, started by Bendtner, who flicks the ball out wide to the right. When the low cross comes in, keeper Andujar is brave and gathers inside the six-yard box
    • 5' From it comes a corner, which Vidal will take short... Catania don't stand on ceremony and the ball is blasted downfield, where they have nobody to chase it
    • 4' Juve starting with purpose, and they win another free-kick as Vucinic is barged over
    • 3' The ball is played to Vidal, who hits a thumping effort from just outside the area which Andujar saves
    • 3' There's a tangle between Baerrientos and Pogba near the cemtre-circle: free-kick to the visitors
    • 2' Asamoah bends in the first decent cross of the game from the Juve left, but the ball is headed clear and Marchese completes the tidying-up for Catania
    • 1' And we're off - the home side try to play the ball out to the right, but Juve get it clear and play a quick ball forward themselves
    • 11:31 Kick-off is seconds away - Buffon is geeing up his team-mates on what is his 500th appearance in Serie A
    • 11:31 Catania: Andujar, Rolin, Spolli, Legrottaglie, Marchese, Izco, Lodi, Almiron, Barrientos, Bergessio, Gomez
    • 11.30 Juve: Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, Lichtsteiner, Pogba, Pirlo, Vidal, Asamoah, Bendtner, Vucinic
    • 11:25 Last year's match between these two sides here finished in a 1-1 draw. The teams are emerging on what is a beautiful, sunny Sunday lunchtime, and the line-ups are as follows:
    • 11:22 After a week in which Nicklas Bendtner's agent has voiced discontent at the amount of time his client has been spending on the bench, the on-loan Arsenal striker starts alongside Mirko Vucinic up front
    • 11:18 Hello and welcome to live coverage of Catania v Juventus: an intriguing game in prospect here, with the unbeaten Serie A leaders facing a team who have yet to lose on their own pitch and are seventh in the table. Juventus chief Agnelli calls for drastic reform
  • Summary

    • 65' And he's off - a difficult task for Catania may just have become impossible
    • 56' Bendtner looks offside when the ball is played through to him - his shot is parried by Andujar but Vidal is on hand to sidefoot home
    • 25' And the goal is ruled out. It didn't look clearly offside, but referee Gervasoni says no goal - Catania are furious
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    Manager: Rolando Maran

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