Sunday February 24, 2013 Day 26 Finished Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

Internazionale 1 - 1 AC Milan

  • Schelotto 71’
  • El Shaarawy 21’

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  1. Italian Serie A - Schelotto rescues point for Inter in Milan derby

    Italian Serie A - Schelotto rescues point for Inter in Milan derby

    Ezequiel Schelotto scored his first goal for Inter Milan after coming off the bench to earn his side a 1-1 draw with AC Milan. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Internazionale
    • AC Milan
    • 90+4' Final whistle sounds! A 1-1 draw in this one. Milan were the better side, but Inter manage to rescue a point.
    • 90+1' Muntari departs the action to be replaced by Massimo Ambrosini for Milan. We are into four minutes of time added on.
    • 89' Zapata picks up a booking for a crunching late tackle on Palacio.
    • 88' Handanovic dives to halt the drive by Niang. Decent hit and a good save.
    • 87' El Shaarawy is taken off to be replaced by Bojan Krkic.
    • 86' Abate's cross is deflected behind for a corner to Milan. First corner of the half for Milan, but El Shaarawy's volley is blocked. Almost broke to Muntari before Inter scramble it clear.
    • 85' Balotelli with a late one on Ranocchia to prompt more boos. Abbiati with possession for Milan. Will there be one more chance?
    • 84' Abate strongly into the tackle on Palacio. One mistake or piece of brilliance will win this derby match now.
    • 83' Inter quickly retrieve possession before Zapata empties the ball out of play.
    • 82' Zapata forced to make a timely challenge on Guarin. Inter on the attack here but M'baye Niang wins the ball from Gargano.
    • 81' Milan yet to make a change, but here comes their first of the evening with Boateng departing to be replaced by M'baye Niang.
    • 80' Ezequiel Schelotto's goal is the 13th headed goal conceded by AC Milan in Serie A - a league-high this season.
    • 79' Boateng with a late push on the back of Ranocchia. That will be an Inter free-kick deep in their own half.
    • 78' Cristian Chivu brought on to take over from the injured Nagatomo for Inter.
    • 77' Cassano goes to ground very easily, but buys himself the free-kick. Meanwhile, Nagatomo is injured and will have to depart the scene.
    • 76' Muntari decides to thump a shot at the Inter goal. A couple of yards wide, but Handanovic dived to make sure it wouldn't trouble his net.
    • 75' Zdravko Kuzmanovic is wheeled on to replace Alvarez with Inter suddenly sensing a win that never seemed likely not so long ago.
    • 74' Palacio dinks a header across the Milan goal. Abbiati scrambles across his goal to make sure Milan don't shed a quick second of the night.
    • 73' Not sure what Mexes was doing there. Was all at sea when that cross came in, but Inter are somehow all square at 1-1. Should be a rousing finale here.
    • 72' GOAL! Schelotto meets the cross from Nagatomo to glance a header into the corner of the net. Brilliant finish from the substitute, who is only on the park. 1-1.
    • 71' Mexes reacting quickly in the heart of the Milan box to clear and also prevent Inter from earning their first corner of the half.
    • 70' De Sciglio with another run down the flank from his left-back berth, but the cross is greeted by the welcoming arms of Handanovic.
    • 69' Cambiasso departs the scene to be replaced by Ezequiel Schelotto for Inter.
    • 68' Milan just trying to slow down the play. Keeping the ball well before Nocerino lifts the volley over the bar from Boatang's cutback. That was a decent passage of play by Milan.
    • 67' Balotelli with a shooting chance from distance. Drives the ball wide of goal when he should have perhaps looked to pick out a companion.
    • 66' Handanovic caught on the back of the head by Balotelli making a save. Lovely run and cross by Nocerino. Brave goalkeeping by Handanovic.
    • 65' Palacio needing some treatment here for a split lip. Juan back to block a shot by El Shaarawy.
    • 64' Gargano uncorks a shot from some 35 yards out. Speculative attempt as the ball sails over the Milan bar.
    • 63' Plenty of boos against Balotelli around the San Siro. A few Inter players trying to wind up the former Manchester City forward.
    • 62' Balotelli gets the faintest of touches on the Montolivo delivery, but Inter benefit from defending well in their own box to stave off that attack.
    • 61' Balotelli takes a bit of a dive out wide, but the referee decides it was a free-kick against Juan. Milan have a free-kick out wide.
    • 60' Boateng does well to get a cross in before Montolivo sees a shot blocked by Cambiasso from distance. Abate showing real power on his right flank.
    • 59' De Sciglio always a willing runner, but can't get enough pace on the cross that time as Handanovic is presented with the chance to get Inter on the move.
    • 58' Abate taken out of the action late by Cambiasso, who has certainly made his presence felt this evening.
    • 57' Get the feeling that the second goal is going to decide the outcome of this game. Gargano with a poor pass straight to Zapata.
    • 56' Cambiasso all over the back of Muntari, who is far from happy about Cambiasso's attention. Milan have a free-kick.
    • 55' Inter really piling on the pressure as they search for a leveller after being outplayed in that first period.
    • 54' Abbiati dives to claw out the shot from Palacio from Cambiasso's cross. Brilliant stop by the Milan goalkeeper to preserve his side's lead. Cassano couldn't turn it in on the rebound.
    • 53' Superb run and cross by Abate. Inter have at least come to life a bit more at the outset of this second period.
    • 52' Lots of smoke and fog in the San Siro. Not the best for seeing the ball as Muntari miskicks on the edge of the Inter area.
    • 51' Abate brings down Palacio with a late one. Inter with another chance to apply some pressure with a free-kick out wide, but Ranocchia can only knock Cambiasso's delivery out of play.
    • 50' Five in the Milan wall and they do enough to block that attempt by Alvarez. Not his best effort.
    • 49' Montolivo booked for the eighth time this term after a cynical late tackle on Palacio. Suddenly Inter have their own free-kick chance 25 yards from the Milan goal.
    • 48' Boateng heads a few yards wide from the delivery. Wasn't likely to hit the target from that position.
    • 47' Abate goes to ground under pressure from Alvarez and Milan have a free-kick that is going to be swung in by Montolivo.
    • 46' The second half is off and running. Inter were quickly out for the second half. Can they recover?
    • 45+1' There goes the whistle for the break! A 1-0 lead for Milan. Should be more comfortable for the Champions League hopefuls.
    • 44' Juan picks up a booking for a poor challenge on Boateng. This adding up to a fairly wretched first period for Inter, who are lucky to be only one goal down at the moment.
    • 43' Montolivo and Cambiasso having a bit of a disagreement. Montolivo furious with the conduct of the Argentina player, who appeared to leave in a little late kick off the ball.
    • 42' Balotelli gets plenty of pace into that shot, but Handanovic gets down well to make the stop. That ball had plenty of dip and swerve on it.
    • 41' Gargano late on Boateng and that will be another free-kick to Milan around 40 yards out. Probably too far out for a shot, but you never know with Balotelli over it.
    • 40' Guarin goes beyond Muntari. Clearly held by the Milan midfielder. Should have been an Inter free-kick outside of the Milan box, but is instead a Milan goalkick.
    • 39' Zanetti wins a clever free-kick after going to ground under pressure from Nocerino. Inter trying to escape from the grip Milan have on this derby.
    • 38' Stephan El Shaarawy has now scored his first goal in the Milan derby and his first in Serie A at the San Siro in 2013.
    • 37' Balotelli's free-kick comes back off the wall and Inter try to break up the park at pace, but Alvarez's control lets him down at the key moment.
    • 36' Boateng is brought tumbling to the deck by Cambiasso and now Milan have a free-kick some 22 yards from the oppostion goal.
    • 35' A deflected shot by Boateng breaks into the Inter area, but Zanetti is back to clear the danger.
    • 34' Ranocchia booked for an ill-advised late challenge on Balotelli. Milan have the free-kick.
    • 33' Guarin with a cross at the other end, but Palacio can't really get his neck into matter as the ball drops for Abbiati to make a comfortable stop.
    • 32' Abate with a cross. Met by the head of Muntari, but straight into the arms of Handanovic in the Inter goal.
    • 31' Zanetti back to head out the cross from De Sciglio, who is enjoying the freedom of his left flank at the moment.
    • 30' Muntari is going to be booked for a late challenge on Gargano. Silly challenge really by the former Portsmouth midfielder.
    • 29' Another superb stop by Handanovic to prevent Balotelli from scoring as he stuck out a toe to knock the ball goalwards from De Sciglio's cross.
    • 28' Handanovic with a quite brilliant stop to claw out the header from Balotelli. A powerful header from the El Shaarawy corner, but Inter prevent a second goal from hitting the net.
    • 27' Nocerino's corner far too deep. Flies over the box, but Milan retrieve the ball with Nagatomo losing it. Another corner to Milan seconds later.
    • 26' Zanetti back to cut out the attempted cross from Abate, but Milan will have the corner here.
    • 25' El Shaarawy closed down by Ranocchia as he was preparing another shot. Some more fine wing play by De Sciglio.
    • 24' Abate being closed down, but Milan are creeping further and further up the park. Inter toiling to close down space.
    • 23' Cassano showing his class at the other end. Wins space, but can only crack his shot wide from 22 yards out.
    • 22' 19th goal of the season for El Shaarawy. A quite brilliant finish and suddenly Milan are looking at a four-point lead over Inter and cutting Napoli's lead in second spot to only four points.
    • 21' GOAL! El Shaarawy slides the ball high into the Inter net with the outside of his right foot. Brilliant counter attack and finish from Boateng's pass.
    • 20' Zanetti with a strong challenge on Mexes in the Inter box after he burst up the park. Balotelli then lifts a cross straight out of the park.
    • 19' Both teams enjoying some bright spells with Zapata winning a header ahead of Palacio on the edge of the Milan box.
    • 18' Nocerino with a long hopeful ball, but the cross ends up safely in the arms of Handanovic.
    • 17' Quick break by Inter, but Milan are caught napping at the back as Palacio fires the shot across the face of the opposition goal.
    • 16' De Sciglio causing Milan all sorts of problems on the run. Those crosses are carrying some menace.
    • 15' Glorious chance for Balotelli, but he fails to convert the cross from De Sciglio. Real chance, but he decided to control it rather than hit the ball first time. Ball ends up back with Handanovic.
    • 14' First booking of the match sees Mexes collect his 13th yellow of the campaign for a late one on the swift Cassano.
    • 13' Mexes doing just enough to prevent Palacio from getting a shot away. Lovely pass from Cassano. Inter trying to build up a head of steam here.
    • 12' El Shaarawy slides trying to collect the pass from De Sciglio. Would have been a chance if he had stayed up in the box.
    • 11' Nocerino failing to pick out Balotelli with a defence-splitting pass. Inter can regroup here. All very tactical at the moment in this derby.
    • 10' Palacio's cross into the Milan box just too strong for the run of Cassano. Inter looking to exert themselves, but Milan can break.
    • 9' Prince Boateng goes in late on Alvarez. Inter again pick up possession. Milan with 11 men behind the ball in their own half.
    • 8' Mexes across to make a strong challenge on Guarin after Montolivo was hustled out of possession. Brilliant tackle by Mexes.
    • 7' De Sciglio slams a shot a couple of yards wide of that Inter goal. Decent hit, but looked like Handanovic had it covered. Just about.
    • 6' Cambiasso picks out Cassano, but his effort is easily plucked out of the air by Abbiati in the Milan goal. First sign of Inter moving forward.
    • 5' Muntari fires the ball wide from distance after Guarin was guilty of shipping possession 25 yards from his goal.
    • 4' Juan brings down Prince Boateng and that will be a free-kick to Milan as they look to move up the park.
    • 3' The Milan derby hasn’t ended in a draw in the league since October 2004. That is 16 fixtures. Somebody usually wins then over the past decade of these contests.
    • 2' Zanetti looking to get the ball on the deck here early on. Cambiasso penalised for a late challenge on Muntari. Or a hand ball.
    • 1' Milan get the action off and running then.
    • 19:40 Teams out on the ptich here. Everybody well wrapped up ranging from the teams to the fans in the stands. 80,000 fans packed inside the stadium. A rare full house inside the old stadium.
    • 19:35 Here is the preview for this match as we look ahead to what should be a fascinating evening at a freezing cold San Siro.. European Match of the Weekend: Inter Milan v AC Milan
    • 19:30 Alvaro Pereira is banned for Inter while Diego Milito, Matias Silvestre, Walter Samuel, Gaby Mudingayi, Joel Obi and Luca Castellazzi are all injured. Andrea Ranocchia passes a late fitness test after damaging his knee against Cluj in the Europa League on Thursday while Ricky Alvarez is also in from the start.
    • 19:25 Milan are on a run of six straight home wins in Serie A. Robinho, Mathieu Flamini, Daniele Bonera and Nigel De Jong are injured, but Antonio Nocerino is in. Mario Balotelli starts for Milan after being cup-tied for the win over Barcelona. Stephan El Shaarawy and Kevin-Prince Boateng start with M’Baye Niang starting on the bench.
    • 19:20 Teams: Inter: Handanovic; Zanetti, Juan Jesus, Ranocchia, Nagatomo; Gargano, Cambiasso, Alvarez; Guarin; Cassano, Palacio..subs: Belec, Carrizo, Mbaye, Jonathan, Chivu, Stankovic, Kovacic, Schelotto, Pasa, Benassi, Kuzmanovic, Rocchi////Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Mexes, De Sciglio; Muntari, Montolivo, Nocerino; Boateng, Balotelli, El Shaarawy..subs: Gabriel, Amelia, Salamon, Zaccardo, Yepes, Ambrosini, Antonini, Bojan, Niang Traoré, Pazzini
    • 19:15 Good evening and welcome to LIVE coverage of Internazionale against AC Milan from Serie A. A 7.45pm kick-off for this one at the San Siro with third-placed Milan one point clear of Inter in fifth. Inter were thumped 4-1 at Fiorentina last week and have also lost (3-0) at Udinese and (3-1) at Siena since the turn of the year.
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