Sunday March 21, 2010 Day 27 Finished Estadio La Romareda

Real Zaragoza 2 - 4 FC Barcelona

  • Colunga 85’, 89’
  • Messi 5’, 66’, 78’
  • Ibrahimovic 90’ (pen.)

  1. Messi hat-trick sinks Zaragoza

    Messi hat-trick sinks Zaragoza

    Lionel Messi shrugged off illness to score a superb hat-trick as Barcelona sunk Real Zaragoza 4-2. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Real Zaragoza
    • FC Barcelona
    • 90'+3 And that's the final whistle!! A thoroughly entertaining match ends Real Zaragoza 2 Barcelona 4! Thanks for joining us!
    • 90'+1 GOAL BARCELONA!! The spot-kick is given to Ibrahimovic and he sends Roberto the wrong way to FINALLY get on the scoresheet!! It's Zaragoza 2 Barcelona 4
    • 90' MESSI!! Another great run!! Beats two defenders and Contini brings him down!! Barcelona have a penalty!!
    • 89' GOAL ZARAGOZA!! Quick free-kick by Contini, Colunga races onto the ball and scores!! It's Zaragoza 2 Barcelona 3!!
    • 86' WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT!! Ibrahimovic has missed again!! He receives the bal in the box, the left-foot strike is on, he elects to flick it with his right and makes a complete hash of it!! Two goals is poor return for the money he cost!
    • 85' GOAL ZARAGOZA!! Colunga latches onto a ball over the top of Marquez and slots it past Valdes!! 3-1!!
    • 84' It's Barcelona on the attack again. Messi is unselfish and tries to set up Ibrahimovic - and he's fired over!! The Swede can't buy a goal at the moment!!
    • 83' Roberto palms that one away, played back in and now the keeper can claim the ball.
    • 83' Good defending by Zaragoza, but they've conceded a corner.
    • 82' Valdes claims well and sets Barca away again.
    • 80' This match is way beyond Zaragoza. This can only be a run-out for Pennant.
    • 79' Zaragoza with another change. Jermaine Pennant is on for Suazo.
    • 78' GOAL MESSI!! That's how to do it!! Barcelona come straight back at Zaragoza after Ibrahimovic misses! Messi picks it up on the edge of the box, cuts in on his left foot and fires home!! 3-0 Barca!!
    • 77' IBRAHIMOVIC!! It's two against one as Barca counter! He's played in by Pedro and he's missed again!!
    • 76' And still Barca come forward. Alves has it, poor delivery! Bangs a cross out of play with Ibrahimovic and Messi waiting hopefully!
    • 75' Ibrahimovic! Tries to take that cross on his chest and it bounces through to Roberto. A header might have been a better option.
    • 74' Diuogo is in the book. Fouls Pedro and then punches the ball into the stand.
    • 73' And as that clearnace finds touch, Gabriel Milito makes way for Rafael Marquez.
    • 72' Roberto bangs another back pass forward as Barca line up another sub.
    • 71' Messi goes for goal himself from the tight angle. Roberto saves comfortably.
    • 71' Messi gets clattered and smiles wryly as he picks himself up.
    • 70' Pedro with the cross in for Barcelona and Roberto makes a brilliant reaction save from his own player!! That was so close to three!
    • 69' Change for Barcelona. Piquet comes on and Carles Puyol is on.
    • 68' Zaragoza have a corner as they try to get back into this match. Headed clear.
    • 67' You'll have to go a long way to find a better individual goal this season! Watch out Arsenal is all I can say!
    • 66' GOAL MESSI!! WHAT A GOAL!! He shrugs off Ander Herrera, beats two defenders, turns Contini inside out and rifles the ball home!! Barca lead 2-0!!
    • 65' Messi comes forward, Ibrahimovic makes the run, Messi elects to ignore the Swede and that's a good take by Roberto.
    • 63' And one for Barca. It's Andres Iniesta who replaces Toure.
    • 62' Sub for Zaragoza. Arizmendi is off for Adrian Colunga.
    • 62' Cross in for Messi, tries to get on the end of that one, butcan't direct the header on target.
    • 60' Looks like Zaragoza have marked out Pedro tonight.
    • 59' Pedro is halted illegally and goes down again under another challenge!
    • 58' Toure goes down under Lafita's challenge. Free-kick to Barca just inside their own half.
    • 58' The corner's too deep, kncoked back in and that's hooked away.
    • 57' Alves with the cross as Barca attack again. Looks for Messi and there's Jarosik to head the ball behind for a corner!
    • 56' Pedro is in the box and that's a pinpoint tackle by Contini in the box. That had to be perfect!
    • 54' Pedro finds Busquets, to Ibrahimovic.. TOURE!! Powers it off-target!! Great thinking by Valdes to set that up, but disappointing finish!
    • 53' Claimed by Valdes and he bowls it out immediately. Barca have a four against three advantage here!
    • 52' And Suazo wins a corner for Zaragoza. Good header away by Mazwell and that'll be a another corner!!
    • 51' Barca pick it up from the clearance, good play as the cross comes in - looking for Messi. Zaragoza get it clear.
    • 50' Knocked forward, but the ball finds its way back to Roberto.
    • 49' Maxwell comes forward again for Barca. That's a subtle shirt tug by Eliseu, spotted by the ref. Free-kick.
    • 47' And Ibrahimovic is flagged offside at the other end. Looked close that one!
    • 46' And Lafita is staright into the action down the Barca right flank, but he's crowded out.
    • 46' And Zaragoza have made a change at the break. Edmilson is off and Angel Lafita is on.
    • 46' And Barca get the second half underway.
    • 45'1 And that's the half-time whistle! Barcelona lead Real Zaragoza 1-0.
    • 45' There'll be one minute of time added on.
    • 45' Messi with it and the wall does its job. The ball spirals up inti the air and Roberto claims the ball - and Busquets throws himself to the floor under the slightest of challenges.
    • 43' Free-kick to Barca as Pedro hits the deck. This is dangerous for Zaragoza. It's central and just outside the box!
    • 43' Good ball with the outside of his foot by Arizmendi. Looks for Suazo, but that's a little too strong.
    • 42' Messi curls it in and that's a routine take for Roberto.
    • 41' We're in the last five minutes as Messi comes forward. Good tackle by Contini, but Barca have the corner!.
    • 40' In comes the free-kick from Arizmendi! Straight at Valdes!
    • 39' Toure is in the book for a challenge on Ander Herrera.
    • 38' Ibrahimovic again making a nuisance of himself on the edge of the Zaragoza box. Can't get his foot on it and Zaragoza will break.
    • 37' Messi goes down, quick free-kick by Barcelona, Ibrahimovic thumps it forward as Zaragoza complain about the original decision.
    • 36' Piquet with the header away, slight suspicion of handball. Play on says the ref.
    • 35' Valdes plays it short, good build up by Barcelona from the back. Won back by Ander. He nips through two tackles before being halted.
    • 34' Barca tackles fly in on the edge of the box. The Zaragoza fans are howling for a foul.
    • 33' Ander Herrera gets a blow to the back of the head and wins a free-kick just in the Zaragoza half.
    • 32' Alves shoulders that one away!
    • 31' Suazo catches Maxwell with a swinging arm, but the assistant has given it the other way! Zaragoza have the free-kick close to the corner of the box.
    • 30' Messi's corner, IBRAHIMOVIC!! Free header and he's put it wide from around six yards out!! That should have been two!
    • 29' Great play by Messi. Shrugs off two challenges and Barca have the corner.
    • 29' Ibrahimovic now to Toure, brings Maxwell into the game and that's handball against Diogo. Accidental, so no card for the Zaragoza man.
    • 28' Gets it with Alves. That's put out for a Barca throw.
    • 27' Curled in and headed straight out. Chance of a counter but Ibrahimovic elects to hold the ball up for support.
    • 26' Milito with the foul on Suazo. Zaragoza free-kick midway in the Barca half.
    • 25' But Barca have another free-kick. Poor delivery by Messi of all people, coes out to Alves who strikes from distance!! Wayward effort by the defender, but it seems Barca are prepared to shoot from sight tonight!
    • 24' TOURE!! Good play by Maxwell! He gets behind the Zaragoza defence, puts in the cross and the stretching Toure fires over the bar!!
    • 23' Toure looks for Messi, it falls to Contini who hooks it clear. The Zaragoza man was taking no chances!
    • 22' Alves seems to have shaken off that knock, but that won't help as he goes down under a challenge. He probably made more of that than necessary.
    • 21' Zaragoza have settled down now after that early strike by Messi.
    • 20' Busquets with a pass in. Messi looks for Pedro and that's cleared by the hosts.
    • 19' Play resumes. Messi can't find the pass and it's eventually cleared by Zaragoza.
    • 18' And Alves is hurt after that challenge.
    • 17' Great ball in by Suazo over the top and that's a superb tackle by Alves! Eliseu had a couple of yards on the Barca man there! What a recovery!
    • 16' Toure is urged to shoot by the Barca fans. He does, but that's why the Ivory Coast man doesn't get on the scoresheet as much as he should!
    • 15' Zaragoza now. Ball in by Ander Herrera, again that's a poor ball in.
    • 14' Barca win it back. Ibrahimovic is on the edge of the Real box. He's surrounded by defenders and concedes the free-kick.
    • 13' Gabi wins a throw to Zaragoza on the halfway line. Forced backwards though and they'll build again.
    • 12' Chip from around the halfway line by Edmilson! No threat to Victor Valdes as the ball drifts harmlessly wide.
    • 11' Yaya Toure finds Ibrahimovic. Poor ball to Dani Alves. Move breaks down.
    • 10' Long ball looking for the lone Suazo, cut out by Barcelona.
    • 8' Leonardo Ponzio on the run for Real, Pique with a superb tackle. Took the ball perfectly!
    • 8' GERARD PIQUE!! Gets on the end of that one and that's straight into Roberto's midriff!
    • 7' Matteo Contini is caught out now and Barca have a corner.
    • 5' GOAL BARCA!! No sooner said than ignored! Mistake by Carlos Diogo lets in Pedro Rodriguez. He crosses and there's Messi to head home!! 1-0 Barca!!
    • 4' Looks like Zaragoza aren't going to give Barca any time on the ball tonight if those early tackles are anything to go by!
    • 3' Suazo with the ball in, that's cleared by the Barca defence.
    • 3' Another thumping Zaragoza challenge. No foul says the ref.
    • 1' Good possession by Barca but the cheers ring out as the Zaragoza challenges fly in! Humberto Suazo made sure Sergio Busquets felt that one!
    • 1' Early free-kick to Barca.
    • 1' And it's Zaragoza who get us underway!
    • - And here come the teams!
    • - And the good news for Barcelona is that Messi starts. There had been a doubt over the Argentine, but that's a huge boost for the visitors.
    • - Meanwhile, Barca beat Valencia 3-0 thanks to a Messi hat-trick.
    • - Jorge Lopez replied for Zaragoza - who drew 0-0 with Real Santander last time out.
    • - Seydou Keita got a hat-trick, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored twice and Lionel Messi chipped in with one.
    • - And it's certainly in the realms of possibility after Barca walloped the Blanquillos 6-1 at the Camp Nou in October!
    • - Barcelona could hit the top with a sizeable win over tonight's opponents.
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of tonight's La Liga clash between Real Zaragoza and Barcelona.
  • Summary

    • 90' MESSI!! Another great run!! Beats two defenders and Contini brings him down!! Barcelona have a penalty!!

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Real Zaragoza

    Manager: José Aurelio Gay

  • FC Barcelona

    Manager: Josep Guardiola

  • Line-up

    Live Team Line-Up

    • Starting line-up

      • Roberto
      • C. Diogo Yellow Card
      • J. Jarošik Yellow Card
      • M. Contini Yellow Card
      • L. Ponzio
      • Gabi
      • Edmílson Substitution Out (45′)
      • Arizmendi Substitution Out (62′)
      • A. Herrera
      • Eliseu
      • H. Suazo Substitution Out (79′)


      • J. Pennant Substitution In79′
      • J. López
      • J. Paredes
      • A. Lafita Substitution In45′
      • J. Carrizo
      • A. Aguilar
      • A. Colunga Substitution In62′ Goals×2
    • Starting line-up

      • Víctor Valdés
      • Dani Alves Yellow Card
      • G. Milito Substitution Out (73′)
      • G. Piqué Substitution Out (69′)
      • Maxwell Yellow Card
      • S. Busquets
      • Y. Touré Yellow Card Substitution Out (63′)
      • S. Keita
      • L. Messi Goals×3
      • Pedro
      • Z. Ibrahimovic Goal


      • T. Henry
      • R. Márquez Substitution In73′
      • C. Puyol Substitution In69′
      • J. Pinto
      • A. Iniesta Substitution In63′
      • D. Chygrynskiy
      • Bojan
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      Substitution Out79′ - -
      Substitution In79′ - -
      Substitution In45′ - -
      Substitution In62′ Goals ×2 - -
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