Sunday April 15, 2012 Day 34 Ciudad de Valencia

Levante UD v FC Barcelona

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  1. Matchpack: Levante v Barcelona

    Matchpack: Levante v Barcelona

    Team news, manager quotes and match facts ahead of the Liga clash between Levante and Barcelona at Ciudad de Valencia. More

  • Live Commentary

    • 90+4 That's it! Barca stay four points behind Real Madrid after stealing victory with a dodgy penalty. Messi level with C-Ron on 41, 11 wins in a row. Ominous.
    • 90+3 Torres has a dig from range but easy for Valdes to gather.
    • 90+3 Pedro Lopez with a long throw but cleared. Now Valdo wins another throw, taken short this time. This would be so harsh on Levante. Decent cross from the right but Ghezzal heads well over! Almost too many Levante players in there, they got in each other's way.
    • 90+2 Alves with a chance to send Iniesta through but he overhits the crossfield pass beyond the little Spaniard.
    • 90+1 In the first of three minutes added on.
    • 90' All hands to the pump now for Barca as Adriano hacks clear. Juanlu wins a corner. No he doesn't, it came off him not Alves.
    • 89' Levante swarm forward but Mascherano - who has done well again tonight - clears.
    • 88' LEVANTE DOUBLE SUB: Suarez on for Iborra, Barkero replaced by Juanlu.
    • 87' Tap tap, tick tock, the clock winds down as Barca retain the ball - 69% so far...
    • 85' Barca hanging on to the ball as is their speciality. Could be all Cules from now on.
    • 82' That spell of Levante pressure is over after the throw is given away and Barca have it back. They will probably keep it too.
    • 81' Levante have a free-kick which is swung wide for Valdo, back to Barkero and the cross is blocked.
    • 80' Lovely skill from Iniesta, but a theatrical fall as Ballesteros robs him to clear. Give over.
    • 79' LEVANTE SUB: Ghezzal on for Botelho.
    • 77' Iniesta slides Cesc through, now Cuenca but the ball gets caught between his feet and Levante clear.
    • 75' BARCA SUB: Alves to come on for Alexis.
    • 74' Levante ride the latest Barca attack but an aimless ball flies out for a throw.
    • 73' Barca have been poor tonight but lead and will keep the gap on Real at four points. Unless Levante do something special.
    • 72' Wel then. Messi steps up - top right. Not deserved. Mourinho will be calling UNICEF tonight, that was a shocker from the assistant.
    • 72' I need to see that again! Juanfran is booked for arguing and he's still mouthing off. Levante are furious and rightly so - that was NEVER a penalty! Botelho was kicked by Cuenca! Awful!
    • 71' Cuenca takes on Botelho, who brings it clear. Cuenca wants a penalty but the referee waves play on - but the assistant is flagging! Penalty! The ref didn't see anything but his assistant has told him to give it!
    • 70' Ballesteros with a fine challenge to block Messi in full flight. The genius has awoken from his slumber.
    • 69' Cabral is booked I think for some of the pre-kick nonsense.
    • 68' Finally Messi takes it - but poor, well over.
    • 67' A bit of nonsense surrounding that free-kick but it calms down before Barca take an age to take it, Levante being annoying about the wall.
    • 66' Messi dribbles through to the edge of the box and he is taken down by Iborra, who is booked.
    • 65' That was Messi's 40th Liga goal of the season. One behind C-Ron...
    • 64' GOAL BARCELONA! Messi from nothing, finding a bit of space on the edge of the D after a one-two with Alexis before curling a cracker past a flying Munua and inside the left-hand post. 1-1.
    • 64' Botelho with a wonderful run and pass to send Kone through but somehow Mascherano makes the slide tackle to nick it away from him!
    • 63' Barkero almost slips Kone through but back with Barca as the Ivorian fails to reach the pass.
    • 62' Cesc has a pop from the edge of the box but well wide with Munua watching it.
    • 61' Good sweeping from Munua to race out ahead of Messi and clear.
    • 60' Poor low cross by Cuenca again, against the first man and out for a throw. Now Adriano races across the edge of the box and he tries a surprise curler with his right and a fine stop from the keeper Munua!
    • 59' Iniesta tries to feed Alexis but there's Ballesteros again to hoof clear.
    • 58' Barca holding on to the ball as per usual but doing less with it than is the fashion.
    • 57' Cuenca takes on Valdo but the Cape Verde forward shadows him and it rolls out for a goal kick.
    • 55' Botelho on the left, now Valdo in but Mascherano closes him down to clear off him for a goal kick.
    • 54' BARCA SUB: Iniesta on for Pedro. That's more lik it. Levante fans applaud Iniesta for winning Spain the World Cup.
    • 53' Cuenca in on the right but, with acres of space, he selects the wrong cross and behind everyone. Juanfran with the slip to let him in.
    • 52' That was terrible from Thiago to miss the clearance, but Mascherano was all over the place too. Barca not on form tonight.
    • 51' Mascherano and Thiago get their knickers in a twist and Kone is in! He's through but still has Puyol to beat so feeds Barkero, pushing him wide, and the low cross-shot is hacked away by Puyol!
    • 50' Poor, poor corner by Thiago. Levante take their sweet time over the goal kick. And why not?
    • 49' Botelho is rounded by Cuenca, who wins a corner off Iborra.
    • 48' Lopez appears to handle the other Pedro's cross but it was point-blank range and his arms were by his side so we'll let him off.
    • 47' Barca with an early move forward as Cuenca finds Tiago. First touch for Cuenca.
    • 46' BARCA SUB: Cuenca on for Xavi. I suppose his passing is moot on a surface like this, best get it wide and get the shots in.
    • 46' The second half is underway!
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    • 45+2 Barca toiling at the end of this half as the whistles ring out from Levante fans. Finally the ref blows, half-time and Bara trail 1-0!!
    • 45+1 Two minutes being added on.
    • 45' Messi takes the free-kick but not his best delivery.
    • 44' Botelho, Levante's Pedro who is on loan from Arsenal, is booked for a late challenge.
    • 42' Great run by Messi down th left but his cross is into the side netting. Oddly poor ball from superman.
    • 41' Messi and co charge forward but Levante have lots of men back and a foul on Iborra gives the ball back to the hosts.
    • 40' Both men are back on the pitch now. Should be a few minutes added on for that.
    • 39' Ha, and as I say that the ref books Adriano after treatment.
    • 38' How Adriano has failed to get at least booked for ramming into Valdo as he left it for Lopez is beyond me. Both are down, winded I assume.
    • 37' Sanchez drives in another cross but Ballesteros clears. Levante break, and Valdo sends Lopez in but he drills wide! Took it too early!
    • 36' Lopez fouls Thiago on the Barca left. They had countered from a Levante break. Pretty fluid despite Barca's woes.
    • 35' From Otto on Twitter (@incakolanews): "Bizarre potential stat: Messi breaks Gerd Muller's all comps season record (67) but can't win Spanish season top scorer." FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 34' Ignore the bizarre formation in the graphic below - our stats provider is having a 'mare. Xavi is NOT playing as right wing-back, and Barca are NOT in a back three.
    • 33' A long ball sees Kone give chase but Mascherano manages to clear.
    • 32' Looked a foul to me. Barca looking tired, to be honest. Iniesta surely to come on...
    • 31' Xavi's free-kick is headed away b the imperious Ballesteros. Levante counter, and Kone is surely fouled by Mascherano but nothing given.
    • 30' Barca have a free-kick now. Xavi to take on the left.
    • 29' Juanfran wins it then gives it away, now Messi crosses in for a late-arriving Fabregas but he heads straight at Munua!!
    • 28' A long delay before Messi bends it into the wall. Still with Barca but Pedro's nice cross is not attacked and Munua gathers.
    • 27' Torres fouls Thiago then prevents a quick Fabregas free-kick. Cesc is not pleasd.
    • 26' Pedro flies into Lopez trying to win a header far post, free-kick Levante.
    • 25' Super cross from Sanchez but Pedro gets his cut-back all wrong.
    • 24' Real Madrid came back from a similar situation earlier - but they weren't facing European contenders Levante. Can Barca claw this back? Let me know on Twitter. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 23' GOAL LEVANTE! Barkero sends it down the middle, Valdes diving to the right. Eerie replica of Sporting's goal against Real earlier, also a handball penalty.
    • 22' Barkero to take, Ballesteros flicks it on and half-parried by a flappy Valdes, Kone nods it bakc in AND BUSQUETS HANDLES! PENALTY LEVANTE!
    • 20' Valdo does well to win a corner off Adriano, the crowd cheering the ex-Madrid trainee.
    • 19' Weirdly the ref penalises Botello for winning the ball when Cesc seemed to go in late. Odd. Messi to take. Free header for Thiago but again a poor one, straight at Munua this time!
    • 18' Munua is forced to tip over after a mis-hit Pedro cross almost swings in. Corner.
    • 17' Sweeping counter by Levante, Valdo knocks it wide to Barkero in tonnes of space but a dodgy offside ends that move. Close.
    • 16' Busquets tries to flick it in for Messi but the ball races away from the Argentine, too heavy, and Munua claims.
    • 15' Almost a mishandle by Munua but he holds on to the dropped ball.
    • 14' Another good interception by Ballesteros, but Pedro again closes hi down and Barca have it back.
    • 13' The corner is cleared by Barkero but Pedro gets back to intercept and it's Barca ball.
    • 12' Great cross by Pedro but Llorente doesn't play for Barca and the little men fail to connect! Behind for a corner though.
    • 10' JUST WIDE BY THIAGO! Sanchez with a fine cross down the right after a cool one-two but Thiago nods it low and wide. Should have scored!
    • 9' Messi somehow manages to win a brawl with two beefy Levante defenders but, falling and on the turn, can only fire well over.
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    • 8' Xavi with a teasing low ball in but beyond Messi and the keeper Munua claims.
    • 7' Barca corner on the left, initially not signalled and it should not have been too as the ball didn't go out. Driven across goal but cleared.
    • 6' Kone gets away from Mascherano but the Barca defence closes him down to clear.
    • 5' Messi finds Pedro wide left but his rasping drive from an angle is beaten away by Munua!
    • 4' Long-range drive from Cesc but weak and straight at the keeper.
    • 3' Cesc robs Iborra before freeing Messi wide left - but he can't get past the defender Cabral.
    • 2' Cesc back defending is able to clear well.
    • 1' Early throw to Levante as Iborra's flick is knocked out by Adriano. Lopez to take.
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 21:00 A minute's silence for poor Piermario Morosini, the Livorno player who sadly died after suffering a cardiac arrest on the pitch today. Report here.
    • 20:59 Pep Guardiola (Barcelona): "Is winning the Liga still possible? You know what I think: We'll just try to stay in contention for as long as we can. But if we make a mistake, we're out, both in the league and in Europe."
    • 20:58 Juan Ignacio Martinez (Levante): "We know we face a tough test, but must give our best to trouble the opposition."
    • 20:57 No issues for Levante, meanwhile - they surprisingly lost to Sporting last week but have watered and grown the grass to annoy Barca. Sneaky.
    • 20:56 So Iniesta is rested for Barca, while Isaac Cuenca is also on the bench. Boo, I was going to Euroscout him for you all. Fabregas and Sanchez start instead. Ha ha. Gerard Pique and Daniel Alves are back but on the bench after minor injuries. Midfielder Seydou Keita worked apart from his team mates due to a thigh problem and is unavailable, while Eric Abidal and David Villa's absences are well documented.
    • 20:55 Teams news: LEVANTE: Munua; Pedro Lopez, Ballesteros, Cabral, Juanfran; Xavi Torres, Iborra; Valdo, Barkero, Botelho; Kone; Subs: Navas, Serrano, Juanlu, Ghezzal, Suarez, Farinos, Navarro /// BARCELONA: Valdes; Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano; Busquets, Thiago, Xavi, Fabregas; Pedro, Messi, Alexis; Subs: Pinto, Alves, Pique, Tello, Cuenca, Montoya, Iniesta
    • 20:50 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Liga clash between Levante and Barcelona at Ciudad de Valencia.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Levante UD

    Manager: Juan Ignacio Martínez

  • FC Barcelona

    Manager: Josep Guardiola

  • Line-up

    Expected Line-Up

    • Starting line-up

      • G. Munúa
      • P. López
      • S. Ballesteros
      • G. Cabral Yellow Card
      • Juanfrán Yellow Card
      • Xavi Torres
      • V. Iborra Yellow Card Substitution Out (89′)
      • Valdo Yellow Card
      • J. Barkero Goal Substitution Out (88′)
      • Botelho Yellow Card Substitution Out (80′)
      • A. Koné


      • D. Navarro
      • O. Serrano
      • K. Navas
      • F. Farinós
      • Juanlu Substitution In88′
      • Rubén Suárez Substitution In89′
      • A. Ghezzal Substitution In80′
    • Starting line-up

      • Víctor Valdés
      • C. Puyol
      • J. Mascherano
      • A. Correia Yellow Card
      • S. Busquets Yellow Card
      • C. Fábregas
      • Xavi Substitution Out (45′)
      • Thiago
      • A. Sánchez Substitution Out (76′)
      • Pedro Substitution Out (54′)
      • L. Messi Goals×2


      • J. Pinto
      • A. Iniesta Substitution In54′
      • G. Piqué
      • Dani Alves Substitution In76′
      • M. Montoya
      • Tello
      • I. Cuenca Substitution In45′
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