Sunday February 24, 2013 Final Finished Wembley

Bradford City 0 - 5 Swansea City

  • Dyer 16’, 47’
  • Michu 40’
  • de Guzman 59’ (pen.), 90’

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  1. League Cup - Swansea batter Bradford in Cup final mismatch

    League Cup - Swansea batter Bradford in Cup final mismatch

    Swansea City won the first major trophy in their history, overwhelming Bradford City 5-0 in the Capital One Cup final at Wembley. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Bradford City
    • Swansea City
    • - A brilliant Cup run from Bradford to reach the final, but they were simply outclassed. Congratulations nonetheless, but this game is about Swansea City!
    • 90+4' SWANSEA HAVE WON THE LEAGUE CUP! It's their first major trophy, and it could hardly have been more emphatic. A terrific, professional performance from Swansea who took the Bradford dream and trampled all over it.
    • 90+3' Seconds remain, as the Swansea fans get ready to erupt...
    • 90+2' Into the second of three minutes of stoppage time.
    • 90+1' GOAL! Five for Swansea! Rangel crosses low from the right, De Guzman gets in front of his marker and tucks the ball past McLaughlin at the near post.
    • 90' MICHU!! His shot is saved by McLaughlin! And the follow-up hits both the post and the bar!
    • 89' This is certainly Bradford's best spell of the game as Hines gets it down the right. A decent finale in front of their fans.
    • 87' Jones has a shot from long range for Bradford, which is blocked. He has another go that bobbles weakly through to Tremmel - but that's a shot on target!
    • 86' High ball into the box from Bradford... headed back in front of goal and cleared for Bradford's first corner! It is greeted with absolute rapture from the Bantams fans.
    • 85' Tricky footwork in the box from Lamah, who passes up several chances to cross and ends up taking the ball out for a goal kick.
    • 83' Mind you, if I don't want Bradford to be patronised, I should probably want to see 90 minutes of football.
    • 82' Swansea are just knocking it about to muted 'Ole's. I don't think anyone would mind awfully if the ref ended proceedings now.
    • 80' Routledge takes a corner and bashes it 40 yards backwards!
    • 79' Hardly the most dignified performance from Nathan Dyer. Takes just a tiny bit of gloss off this victory.
    • 78' And off goes Nathan Dyer! He is replaced by Lamah, and Dyer immediately complains to Michael Laudrup about the penalty! Laudrup is able to laugh it off.
    • 77' Pablo Hernandez sees a shot from the edge of the box deflected over.
    • 76' Roland Lamah is about to come on for Swansea.
    • 75' Swansea are passing the ball sideways. They look largely content to stick at four goals. And that will come as some relief to Bradford.
    • 74' Bradford sub: Zavon Hines comes on for Garry Thompson.
    • 73' Dyer blazes a shot over from the edge of the box and holds his head in his hands. He really wants this hat-trick.
    • 72' From Tom Adams at Wembley: 'Rousing song of "stand up if you love City" from the Bradford end being applauded by the Swansea end.'
    • 71' The Bradford fans have broken into song and are waving their flags for all they are worth. They have done astonishingly well to get this far - they should enjoy themselves.
    • 70' The ball comes into the box wherwe Ashley Williams tries to force it goalwards but the sub keeper Jon McLaughlin makes a save.
    • 69' Bradford appear to have won a corner, but the ball spins back into play and the linesman says play on... inevitably, Swansea now clear.
    • 68' Info from Opta's Duncan Alexander: 'Biggest winning margin in an FA Cup/League Cup final is Bury 6-0 Derby in 1903.'
    • 67' A good pullback from the right for Michu, whose attempted shot is charged down immediately.
    • 66' The debate continues to rage about the Duke red card. It was a definite red card - personally, I think it would be patronising to let him stay on.
    • 64' Michu tries to find Dyer inside the box, but this time the pass is cut out.
    • 63' Swansea: Garry Monk comes on for Ki Sung-Yeung. Monk is the longest-serving Swansea player. He's been there since 2004.
    • 62' Swansea continue to pour forward. If they keep pushing against 10 men this could be an absolute horror show.
    • 61' From Tom Adams: 'Obviously it's as clear a red card as you will ever see. But that's like shooting a puppy in the face.' Tom Adams on Twitter
    • 60' Dyer now reluctantly embraces De Guzman - what a bizarre tiff. What was Dyer thinking of? De Guzman's the penalty taker, and Dyer clearly has no right to pull rank...
    • 59' GOAL!! De Guzman tucks the penalty into the left corner! Big celebrations, but Nathan Dyer continues to sulk! Incredible...
    • 58' Dyer is going mad! He wants a chance to complete his hat-trick...
    • 58' Sub keeper Jon McLaughlin replaces Nakhi Wells for Bradford.
    • 57' And now there's an argument between Dyer and De Guzman over who will take the penalty! De Guzman has the ball...
    • 56' And it's a red card to Matt Duke! It's a horrible decision for Kevin Friend to have to make, but it was a certain red.
    • 56' Penalty! Duke brings down Dyer and that has to be a spot-kick! He stuck out his leg and tripped him.
    • 55' Bradford throw deep inside the Swansea half... Doyle flings it in and Tremmel catches it.
    • 54' Bradford win a free-kick inside the Swansea half - a roar of anticipation from their fans...
    • 52' Routledge roasts his marker then crosses with the outside of his left boot... cleared.
    • 51' Hanson tries to close Tremmel down, but the Swansea keeper gets the ball away.
    • 49' Well, you fear for Bradford now. This could easily turn into a complete rout. Swansea just toying with them.
    • 48' GOAL!! The perfect start to the half for Swansea, and it's so easy! He runs inside from the right, exchanges passes with Routledge and finds the left corner.
    • 47' A half-time change for Bradford - Andrew Davies on for Curtis Good.
    • 46' Second half under way! A great roar from the Bradford fans. They have done some pretty amazing things in this Cup run, but to get back into this would be by far their greatest achievement.
    • 45+2' Davies takes a heavy touch on the chest and the ball goes out for a goal kick. And that's half time! Swansea in complete control.
    • 45+1' One minute of stoppage time to be played.
    • 45' The visitors just need to get through to half time without sustaining further damage, and try to collect their thoughts.
    • 43' Bradford on the ropes here - Routledge races through and fires at goal. Duke tips it over.
    • 42' Nearly three! Dyer takes the ball past Duke but his touch is heavy and he cannot get a shot away.
    • 41' Well, this could be curtains for Bradford. They haven't been in the game at all, and now they have a mountain to climb.
    • 40' GOAL! MICHU!! Swansea go 2-0 up, and that could be a kliller! McHugh does not get tight, Michu has time to turn and he tucks it into the right corner.
    • 40' Tom Adams: 'Defensive hard-man Ki underlines his reputation for being an enforcer when chopping down Nahki Wells. Bruising, and a booking.'
    • 39' Knocked high into the box, but Swansea deal comfortably with it.
    • 38' Yellow card for Ki Sung-Yeung, the game's first, and a chance for Bradford to stick it in the mixer...
    • 37' Bradford attempt to build a spell of possession, but Swansea press and the ball goes all the way back to Duke who hoofs another long clearance upfield.
    • 36' Michu chases a slow backpass... and Duke races out to clear it... and then another iffy backpass nearly lets Michu in. The last thing Bradford need is to gift Swansea a goal.
    • 34' This is a pretty tough watch. Swansea just vastly better. Bradford handing in there but it's incredibly one-sided.
    • 33' Davies bends a nice-looking cross from the left, but Bradford repel it. Backs to the walls a bit here.
    • 31' The corner is cleared as far as Britton, who fires his shot wide from 20 yards.
    • 30' Darby concedes a corner to Swansea. Bradford need to stand firm here.
    • 28' Dyer tries a through-ball for Pablo Hernandez, but gets it all wrong and the ball rolls through to Duke.
    • 27' There's a tussle between Angel Rangel and Curtis Good inside the Bradford box - and the linesman flags for a Bradford free-kick.
    • 26' Really, we could just be in for the longest sequence of short passing in football history.
    • 25' This is certainly making life difficult for Bradford. With Swansea content to knock it around and keep their shape, it's hard to imagine the League Two side scoring.
    • 24' More from Tom Adams @tomEurosport 'The technical gap between the two teams is vast. As you'd expect.'
    • 22' Long diagonal ball for Hanson, who is a lone figure up front for Bradford at the moment. He's isolated and he loses the ball.
    • 20' Incidentally, Nathan Dyer celebrated his goal by turning his shirt back to front, but as he did so without taking it off he avoided a booking, Savvy.
    • 19' From Tom Adams @tomEurosport at Wembley: 'Premier League class shows in that move, started by De Guzman, through Routledge and then Michu's shot before Dyer tucks away rebound.'
    • 18' Bradford come forward, urged on by their fans, but Swansea swarm around the ball and the ball is played back. Eventually Hanson plays it through but it goes harmlessly through to Tremmel.
    • 17' That's the start Swansea wanted. For once Bradford had some players forward and they got caught on the break. Routledge supplied Michu - and Dyer was first to the rebound when Duke parried the Michu effort.
    • 16' GOAL!! Nathan Dyer puts the ball in from close range after Matt Duke gets a hand on Michu's shot, and Swansea lead!
    • 15' Nearly 15 minutes gone, and Swansea are starting to look more dangerous...
    • 13' Ben Davies arrives to meet a looping ball in the air - his header bounces just wide! Duke probably had it covered.
    • 12' Rangel hooks in a cross from the Swansea right, which has been the focus of their attacks so far. But Duke catches.
    • 10' The League Two side knock it long, but Ashley Williams is strong in the air.
    • 9' Writes our man at Wembley, Tom Adams: 'Leon Britton has started very well. Alert and tidying up in the deep. A remnant of the fourth-tier days of course.' Tom Adams on Twitter
    • 8' All Swansea early on, but they have not threatened the Bradford goal, and Phil Parkinson will be happy with his side's start.
    • 6' The ball runs through to Bradford keeper Matt Duke, who gets an early touch.
    • 5' Swansea pass it patiently around as Bradford get men back. I think we'll be seeing a lot of this today.
    • 4' De Guzman dinks a cross from the right... over the head of Michu. Swansea yet to find their range.
    • 4' The early pattern is set. Plenty of possession for Swansea, Bradford back in numbers.
    • 3' Another cross from the Swansea right, this time towards Michu... scrambled clear.
    • 2' Dyer races down the right and crosses low... Doyle puts it behind for a corner.
    • 1' GAME ON! Swansea kick off, playing from right to left in all-white. Bradford in their claret and amber hoops.
    • 15:59 Seconds away from kick-off - tremendous atmosphere at Wembley!
    • 15:57 The teams are introduced to dignitaries including Fabrice Muamba.
    • 15:55 The teams come out to a wonderful ovation. Bradford fans hold aloft a banner saying 'Always Remember' in honour of the 56 people who died in the fire of 1985.
    • 15:50 If you haven't already, read Jim White's uplifting piece on this game. Jim White: Finalists embody best of football
    • 15:45 We should not let Bradford's achievement overshadow what Swansea have done to get here - Liverpool and Chelsea are among their victims en route to the final as they look to win their first major trophy.
    • 15:40 It has been an amazing run to the final for Bradford - they have knocked out Notts County, Watford, Burton, Wigan, Arsenal and Aston Villa on their way to Wembley. Can they make Swansea their fourth top-flight scalp this afternoon? The League Cup so far
    • 15:35 Bradford are 8/1 to win inside 90 minutes, but there is hope for the Bantams. Here's our list of the greatest cup final upsets. Read
    • 15:30 My name's Alex Chick, and I'll be doing live comments on the game. Meanwhile Tom Adams is at Wembley and will be tweeting updates throughout the game. Find him online @TomEurosport... Follow!
    • 15:25 Roughly what you'd have expected then, from two sides going for a huge prize. Swansea bring back the big names after losing 5-0 at Liverpool last week with an understrength side, while Bradford field 10 of the 11 players that started at Villa Park in the semi-final second leg, with only Zavon Hines on the bench.
    • 15:20 BRADFORD: Duke; Darby, McArdle, McHugh, Good; Thompson, Doyle, Jones, Atkinson; Hanson, Wells - Subs - Reid, McLaughlin, Ravenhill, Connell, Hines, Turgott, Davies /// SWANSEA: Tremmel; Rangel, Ki, Williams, Davies; Britton, de Guzman; Routledge, Hernandez, Dyer; Michu - Subs - Vorm, Monk, Tiendalli, Shechter, Agustien, Lamah, Moore
    • 15:15 Welcome to LIVE coverage of the Capital One Cup final between Bradford City and Swansea City from Wembley Stadium!
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