Saturday May 12, 2012 Semifinal Finished Stadium MK

Milton Keynes Dons FC   -   Huddersfield Town

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  1. Rhodes helps Huddersfield grab away win

    Rhodes helps Huddersfield grab away win

    Jordan Rhodes grabbed his 38th goal of the season in Huddersfield's 2-0 win over MK Dons in the League One semi-final play-off first leg. More

  • Live Commentary

    • 90+7' There goes the final whistle! A 2-0 win for the visiting team. They play to a finish on Tuesday night. Huddersfield look good value for a final spot. Thanks for joining us today.
    • 90+6' Brilliant stop by Bennett to deny Ibehre's header. Super cross by Chicksen. How important will that diving save prove to be?
    • 90+5' Wonder how MK will solve this problem in the second leg. They will need a 3-0 win to progress or a 2-0 win to force extra-time and penalties in Huddersfield. Looks like a monumental task.
    • 90+4' Lee heads on. Just evades the run of Higginbotham as Martin collects. Huddersfield looking the stronger side late on.
    • 90+3' The legs seem to have gone from MK Dons as Peter Clarke launches a ball out of play. A few of the home fans begins to traipse slowly for the exit doors.
    • 89' We are into an astonishing SEVEN minutes of time added on. Who knows where that came from? Peter Clarke was down and Novak needed some treatment. Not sure if that constitutes seven minutes.
    • 88' The home fans trying to encourage their side to get one goal back. Would make their tasks so much easier ahead of the return leg.
    • 87' Chicksen seems to have lost the spot here a bit as he takes out Johnson with a late challenge. A booking for him.
    • 86' Huddersfield have got their tactics spot on today. Full credit to Grayson for calling it right as Lewingston knocks Lee over.
    • 85' Second leg of this one is to be staged on Tuesday. We will of course have the second leg for you here.
    • 84' Huddersfield with ten men behind the ball. So difficult for the home side to detect space amid such packed ranks.
    • 83' O'Shea brings down Lee. Time not really on the side of the home side.
    • 82' Rhodes departs to be replaced by Alan Lee. He is given a warm reception from Grayson and the visiting bench.
    • 81' Higginbotham none too pleased after being taken out of the game late by Chicksen.
    • 80' Bennett off his line to collect a loose ball under pressure with Ibehre on the rampage.
    • 79' An offside flag goes up against Rhodes. Looked to be well onside. That is a bad call. Fortunate for MK it must be said.
    • 78' O'Shea with the corner for the home side. Morrison rises to head clear. Peter Clarke back in the action.
    • 77' Peter Clarke seems to have been knocked out cold challenging for a loooe ball. Looking a bit groggy as Robinson continues his protests on the touchline.
    • 76' Jabo Ibehre replaces Charlie MacDonald for the home side. Last throw of the dice perhaps? In this leg at least.
    • 75' Away goals do not count double so it would be well worth the home side's trouble getting one back here.
    • 74' Robinson is furious that Novak was allowed back on the park so soon. He was involved in the build-up to the second goal.
    • 73' MK manager Karl Robinson is furious with a linesman after Hunt netted his third goal of the season. The visiting fans in party mood. Looking at a 2-0 lead before the home leg. Nice work if you can get it.
    • 72' GOAL! Hunt slams a shot beyond Martin from inside the area. A 2-0 lead. Lovely ball by Higginbotham and the visiting side in the driving seat now.
    • 71' MacKenzie across quickly to win the ball from Novak, who has returned to the action here.
    • 70' Novak has either got a touch of cramp or a calf injury. He is needing a few minutes off the park.
    • 69' Peter Clarke and Miller are the only men booked in this match today. Both from the visiting team.
    • 68' Miller is going to be booked for a late challenge on Powell.
    • 67' Novak tries to pick out Ward. Just overhits the pass as Martin collects. MK Dons throwing caution to the wind here.
    • 66' Visiting boss Grayson was a play-off winner as a player with Leicester in 1994 and 1996, and with Blackpool as a manager in 2007.
    • 65' Rhodes flicks the ball into the path of Novak. Should have scored, but ends up dragging the effort inches wide. Golden chance for a 2-0 lead.
    • 64' Bennett off his line quickly to punch out the corner by Bowditch before Powell sees an effort blocked in the traffic in the area.
    • 63' The visiting side have spent most of the second period camped in their own half, but they seem to be coping with the MK threat without too much fuss.
    • 62' Rhodes tries to pick out Novak, who is caught just offside for the visitors.
    • 61' O'Shea thumps an effort at goal. Decent touch, but the shot is not really up to the mark as it flies well wide of the target.
    • 60' James O'Shea is wheeled on to take over from Alan Smith, who is given a big pat on the back for his efforts.
    • 59' Tom Clarke again forced to use his body strength to win the ball from MacDonald. Solid piece of defending in his own box.
    • 58' Bowditch slams a shot at goal. All very speculative as he drags the effort well wide of the target.
    • 57' Huddersfield finished a point better off than the visitors. Not much between them as Tom Clarke clears the ball from MacDonald with Powell in plenty of space out wide.
    • 56' MK Dons ended the season in fifth place in the table, but they outscored Sheffield Wednesday and Charlton - who won automatic promotion to the Championship.
    • 55' Bennett claws out the corner by Bowditch before Clark heads clear. Huddersfield being pushed back here.
    • 54' Hunt heads behind his own goal after MacDonald tried his luck. A corner to the home side.
    • 53' Smith rises in the visiting box, but can't get the header on target. MK continue on the offensive.
    • 52' Woods is forced to leave the action early to be replaced by Tom Clarke. Woods hobbles off.
    • 51' Clark forced to make an excellent tackle on Bowditch before Bennett throws himself at the ball to cut out the ball across goal by Powell.
    • 50' MK Dons have made a bright start to the second period. They began the first half well and fell away. Can they build on this.
    • 49' Ward is on the deck. Looks to be in a spot of trouble. Back on his feet. Hobbling a bit, but back in the game. Martin with the goalkick.
    • 48' Superb save by Bennett to halt a shot by Lewington. Ball broke to him in the area, but he could not convert. Peter Clarke all over the place in defence.
    • 47' Chicksen brought down by Higginbotham. Free-kick chance here.
    • 46' We are off and running then in the second period. Huddersfield get the ball rolling.
    • 45+2' There goes the whistle for the break. A 1-0 lead for the Terriers. Well worth their lead with that man Rhodes making the difference. Join us for more play-off drama in the second period. You don't want to miss this second half.
    • 44' We are into two minutes of time added on in the first period.
    • 43' Offside flag goes up against the evergreen Smith after he set off too early.
    • 42' Looks like we are heading for the break with Huddersfield holding a 1-0 lead. Their sit deeper and break tactics have worked a treat in this first period.
    • 41' Johnson drags a shot wide after Lewington had lost possession. Should have looked to have done better with the ball there.
    • 40' Rhodes tries to win a ball in the home area, but MK hold firm. Higginbotham throws a ball to the back post, but Rhodes is penalised for pushing Lewington.
    • 39' Bowditch ends up smashing a volley miles over the bar from 25 yards out after MacKenzie won a header in the area.
    • 38' Clarke forced to nod the ball behind from Bowditch's delivery. MK have another corner here.
    • 37' Gleeson with a free-kick into the area. MacDonald and Powell challenge for the same ball, but MK have a corner.
    • 36' Powell dashes into the area. Ball bobbles around in the area. Smith can't get on the end of the cross from Powell.
    • 35' Those visiting fans in party mood. 25 goals in 28 games away from home now for Rhodes, the hero of Huddersfield.
    • 34' Huddersfield on the ball and looking very good. Rhodes really looks the business. Some fine movement by him.
    • 33' GOAL! Rhodes nets his 38th goal of the season. Brilliant finish with a glancing header from Novak's cross. No chance for Martin.
    • 32' Martin pulls off an excellent save! Rhodes sets up Higginbotham, but the keeper makes a fine stop.
    • 31' Clarke then hammers a ball straight out of play. All a bit scrappy at the moment. The visitors content to sit deeper and let MK have the ball in their own half.
    • 30' Woods with the chance to deliver a dangerous ball, but the cross is overcooked by miles. MK Dons handed cheap possession.
    • 29' Strong appeals for a free-kick on the edge of the Huddersfield box, but nothing doing. Arfield has his ankle iced up.
    • 28' Danny Wilson of Sheffield United and Gary Smith of Stevenage are watching the action. Their sides drew 0-0 last night. Read about that one here..... Blades hold Stevenage in play-offs
    • 27' Arfield looks like he is in a spot of trouble. Think he has run his race for the day. He will be replaced by Kallum Higginbotham.
    • 26' Bennett is 40. A real credit to the way he has conducted his business throughout his career. He still looks in great nick.
    • 25' Bowditch with the free-kick. Throws it into the danger area, but easy take for Bennett.
    • 24' Smith gets the better of Clark on the edge of the visiting area. Going to be a booking here for the Huddersfield skipper.
    • 23' MacKenzie squandering possession before MK win it back seconds later. Martin wallops it long down the pitch.
    • 22' Ward winning plenty of balls in the air. Really intelligent stuff. A real tempo to this one.
    • 21' Martin with a fine stop at the other end as he gets down to save from Ward. A real openness about the game. What we need now is a goal.
    • 20' Williams bounds forward from the back. Unloads a shot at goal, but Bennett is down quickly to hold the ball.
    • 19' Pitch in decent nick at this stage of the season as Peter Clarke makes a timely tackle on Powell. Had to get that one spot on.
    • 18' MK Dons chasing a place in the Championship for the first time since they changed their identity from Wimbledon in 2004.
    • 17' Powell has scored 10 goals this term. Should have thrown his head at that cross there. Dons continue to fraternise with this passing game.
    • 16' Powell almost on the end of a cross after a brilliant run and delivery by former Brentford man MacDonald. Fine piece of play by the Scottish forward.
    • 15' Arfield knocks the ball into the home box, but cleared by Williams. Huddersfield slowly finding their feet in Milton Keynes.
    • 14' Ward with the corner. Flies off the head off a home shirt for another throw-in at the other side of the pitch.
    • 13' Novak forces Williams to knock the ball behind for a corner to the visiting side. Chance to apply some pressure.
    • 12' Huddersfield enjoy a 50 percent winning record over the home side over the past nine years. The Terriers have only lost two out of 12 against the Dons in League One.
    • 11' Woods drives the ball into the box. Rhodes almost on the end of the shot, but not quite. Not sure if the Scotland forward was onside there.
    • 10' Lewington across to make a superb tackle on Arfield. Martin hammers the ball long. The Terriers yet to really trouble the home goal yet.
    • 9' The onus really on MK Dons to carry a lead to Huddersfield with them. Another piercing run by Smith, but the visitors deal with the danger again.
    • 8' Lovely piece of play by Smith. Studied his options, but ends up volleying well wide of the target. Great control. Straight from his Old Trafford glory years.
    • 7' Huddersfield have been in this league for eight seasons. The 'nearly men' really of this league. So close so many times to joining the Championship. Will this be the year for Simon Grayson's men?
    • 6' Chicksen the latest man to join the party for MK as he races down a flank. Throws over a lovely telling cross, but over the head of MacDonald and Bennett collects without too much fuss.
    • 5' Williams being barged in the back by Novak, but shows great strength to retain the ball. A goalkick for the home side.
    • 4' Powell on the dash for the home side, but Huddersfield deal with the danger. Lovely day for football in Milton Keynes, it must be said. MacDonald with a loose pass. The visitors pick up.
    • 3' Full teams and subs for you: Milton Keynes Dons: Martin, Chicksen, MacKenzie, Shaun Williams, Lewington, Daniel Powell, Potter, Gleeson, Smith, Bowditch, MacDonald..subs: : McLoughlin, Doumbe, Flanagan, Ibehre, O'Shea////Huddersfield: Bennett, Hunt, Peter Clarke, Morrison, Woods, Arfield, Miller, Johnson, Ward, Rhodes, Novak..subs: Smithies, Tom Clarke, Lee, Robinson, Higginbotham////Referee: Darren Deadman (Cambridgeshire)
    • 2' Bowditch throws over a corner. Misses everybody before Smith cracks a shot wide of target. The home side pushing forward early on.
    • 1' We are off and running here. MK Dons with an early corner.
    • 12.25 A healthy crowd in for this one. Both teams like to get the ball on the deck and move it around. MK Dons the second highest scorers in League One this season. With Rhodes around, there are certainly goals for Huddersfield in this match. Teams out on the pitch. Home side in white, visiting team in changed red.
    • 12.20 MK Dons make one change to the side that played in the final league match against Walsall with Gary MacKenzie brought in for Tom Flanagan at centre-half. Mathias Kouo-Doumbe is back in the squad after a groin strain. Charlie Collins and Luke Chadwick are not in the squad. These sides drew 1-1 in both their meetings in League One.
    • 12.15 The one change then for Huddersfield from the team that overcame Yeovil Town as Rhodes replaces Kallum Higginbotham. Looks to be a 4-4-2 formation for the visitors with Lee Novak set to partner Rhodes up front.
    • 12.10 Simon Grayson (Huddersfield): "We need the players to play the game and not the occasion and get the result we need and ensure that we are in the tie when we come back to the Galpharm on Tuesday night."
    • 12.05 Karl Robinson (MK Dons): "I back my players against any team in this league. Nobody is going to stop us, we are going to make sure we put every bit of effort into it. I will deal with the pressure, I will deal with the adversity and I will take that on my shoulders. The players' job is to perform and play football. That is the most important thing, that is what they are paid to do. Saturday i an opportunity for them to perform at the highest level and show what they can do."
    • 12.00 Teams: MK Dons: Martin, Chicksen, MacKenzie, Shaun Williams, Lewington, Daniel Powell, Potter, Gleeson, Smith, Bowditch, MacDonald////Huddersfield: Bennett, Hunt, Peter Clarke, Morrison, Woods, Arfield, Miller, Johnson, Ward, Rhodes, Novak
    • 11.55 Striker Jordon Rhodes is set to be handed the chance to add to his 38 goals this season by returning for the visitors after being rested while Lee Novak and Kallum Higginbotham are also in contention. Fellow striker Alan Lee, also rested in the last two games after recovering from a knee injury, will return to contention, leaving Grayson with a dilemma as to who to start with up front at Stadium mk. Midfielder Anton Robinson, winger Gary Roberts and defender Tom Clarke are all pushing for spots.
    • 11.50 Karl Robinson expects to welcome back Gary MacKenzie for MK. The centre-back missed the Dons' final-day defeat to Walsall through illness but should be fit for selection. Luke Chadwick picked up a knock in that fixture after replacing Adam Chicksen but is also expected to recover in time. Defender Mathias Doumbe has missed several games through injury recently and could remain sidelined. Leading scorer Dean Bowditch is set to lead the line with Charlie MacDonald.
    • 11.45 Good morning and welcome to LIVE coverage of the League One play-off semi-final first leg between MK Dons and Huddersfield from Stadium mk.
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