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  1. Doomed Pompey DOOMED!!!!!!

    From bryan, on Sun 10 Feb 0:56
  2. Southampton for the League NEVER HAPPEN

    From Raymond, on Sat 9 Feb 23:54
  3. This is honestly the worst Pompey team in all the years­ i have supported and watched the club from the old days­ in Division 4 in the 70's. I blame the UK courts­ too for proving how inept they are dragging out the­ ownership issue, the club will definately be in league­ two next season, what a disgrace to the previous owner­ Gaydamak and Chainrai no care about the club, history­ and fans. Love reading the comments from idiots on­ here like Jonathan Banks.

    From Mike, on Sat 9 Feb 21:28
  4. hahahaha, Pompey going down with no money in the bank.­ Still have at least -10 points to come. If they finish­ this season in the relegation zone they should be­ docked the points next season in league 2. Starting at­ least -10 in league 2 will surely mean non league­ awaits. Mean while down the road at St Marys. Saints­ hammer Man city 3.1.

    From roger m, on Sat 9 Feb 20:09
  5. Stuck in China! Still could be worse could be in­ Southampton. If you're blue, you're blue. It's my team­ wherever I am and always will be. We've been done by­ people who neither understand or feel the same way I­ do. Difficult to read some of the c--p going on but if­ the Park's still there and the team's still there, I'm­ still there, Old Division 4 is not a new experience and­ we will bounce back. Had the misfortune, once, to live­ in the #$%$ and will never forget the sign on the old­ Dell which said " knocked down by Hughes & Salvidge,­ Portsmouth". Always a smile there and more to come in­ the future I think. In my head and in My Heart. Come on­ you Blues!

    From chris, on Sat 9 Feb 18:00
  6. Eddie Howe is doing a great job at Bournemouth and they­ will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. ­ I thought we were going to get stuffed today with Matt­ Richie scoring a hat-trick or something. I'd take­ 0-0 all day long. Play Up Pompey.

    From Ace, on Sat 9 Feb 16:06
  7. You need this one Bournemouth

    From Alfred, on Sat 9 Feb 15:31
  8. Would like to see Bournemouth win today, but I­ sincerely hope Pompey get their problems sorted out and­ stay up. I served in 1 R Hamps with a lot of Pompey­ lads, and I share their passion for my team, as they do­ theirs.

    From KEITH, on Sat 9 Feb 15:25
  9. Compare Pompey to the Bradford Bulls Rugby League club.­ Bradford are a big club one of the biggest in Rugby­ League but last season they were in financial­ difficulties themselves and in the absence of any other­ acceptable bids the Rugby League were willing to buy­ the club. ... Why can't the FA and Football League­ bid to buy a football club like Portsmouth and I say­ this because Pompey while I don't think they will­ go out of business will not be the last club to go this­ way.....Clubs are promoted every season from the Blue­ Square Premier League then on being promoted they do­ not have the money to sustain full time football no­ longer semi professional and more important be­ competitive

    From Raymond, on Sat 9 Feb 14:22
  10. b'mouth 3-0

    From Tatsiana, on Sat 9 Feb 13:33
  11. Go on you Cherries, shatter the skate shyte !! Soon­ to be flung out of the league. !!! hahaha !!!

    From Jonathan Banks, on Fri 8 Feb 13:50
  12. well said raymond , but we've been here before , we­ will survive PLAY UP POMPEY

    From Ricky, on Wed 6 Feb 18:35
  13. It doesn't get any easier for Portsmouth does­ it?..... Bournemouth are probably the best team in­ League One on current form and if Eddie Howe was­ Manager since the start of the season Bournemouth may­ well be challenging to be promoted as Champions as it­ is they can look forward to the Play Offs at least but­ more than that they play good football .....Pompey will­ be relegated now nothing more certain and the court ­ case regarding the ownership of Fratton Park is­ dragging on for too long now. What a pity things were­ allowed to get so bad an absolute Disgrace

    From Raymond, on Wed 6 Feb 8:19
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