Friday January 4, 2013 Day 27 Finished Banks's Stadium

Walsall 2 - 0 Portsmouth

  • Brandy 29’
  • Grigg 40’

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  1. Just as i predicted, 2-0, now get your mobiles and­ laptops out, you want another one? 4/6 going down. ­ GO

    From Roy, on Sat 5 Jan 11:56
  2. typical scummer banter from rleader and lewis, its­ always the same with you gutless lot, All the gob when­ theres no chance of you meeting us on the pitch or in­ the stands, and yes i have been to your place so i do­ no that this is probably as mouthy as your both gonna­ get! BLUE ARMY!

    From Matt, on Fri 4 Jan 21:30
  3. Ah #$%$ were #$%$, PTID :-\

    From steve, on Fri 4 Jan 21:05
  4. were not armchair fans

    From Gary, on Fri 4 Jan 20:37
  5. super saddlers

    From Gary, on Fri 4 Jan 20:37
  6. I'm a saints fan lewis and in no way can you blame­ the fans for pompeys fall, that's unfair.What goes­ on inside the club by the directors and managers is­ unknown to the fans until after it has been done as we­ did with that nob Lowe..Keep the banter up but­ don't blame the fans,Good luck for the game PFC.­ COYRs :o)

    From MARK, on Fri 4 Jan 18:10
  7. typical scummer remark lewis, you guys have short­ memorys , it wasnt to long ago that rupert and co had­ you boys in the same situ and your so called fans did­ nothing more than sceam and wave cards at each game !!!

    From PAUL, on Fri 4 Jan 17:42
  8. Go on you Saddlers, scat all over the skate shyte !!

    From rleader, on Fri 4 Jan 16:20
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    It is Portsmouths Fans fault they are in the­ predicament they are in. We at Southampton would never­ have let our club be managed the way you lot did!­ serves you right!

    From Lewis, on Fri 4 Jan 15:56
  10. 0-0 ; )

    From Kelly, on Fri 4 Jan 4:40
  11. 4-2

    From vincent, on Fri 4 Jan 1:45
  12. Yep a home win here, or should be. 2-0

    From Roy, on Wed 2 Jan 12:53
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