Saturday August 3, 2013 Day 1 Finished Deepdale

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    • Preston North End
    • Wolverhampton Wanderers

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  1. sad #$%$ albion fans obcessed with wolves go live your­ meaningless little lives in sandwell

    From Peter, on Mon 5 Aug 17:50
  2. aaaaa n0benders,whos top of the championship,coming to­ smashj and stuff yous on monday

    From Chris, on Sat 3 Aug 18:59
  3. Looks like same as last 2 years still cant score got­ rid of loads of players and bought no one moxey wont­ let them spend a penny

    From Martin, on Sat 3 Aug 16:47
  4. Gary do you mean the recognition that your the only­ club to go from the top division to the third in­ consecutive seasons on two occasions. Plus peace has­ turned round the fortunes of the club while Morgan and­ moxey have just taken the dingles downwards. I am­ beginning to think they are really baggie fans! Plus­ remember your club was sold for 10 ha ha!

    From R, on Sat 3 Aug 16:23
  5. west brom will never have the recognition wolves have ,­ albion will always be a tin #$%$ pot of a club, wait­ for peece to start his old tricks again ,you will soon­ fall from your podium

    From Garry W, on Sat 3 Aug 16:13
  6. however the baggies are swimming in the deep end of the­ pool while the dingles are paddling in the shallow end­ with a rubber ring and armbands trying not to sink even­ further. Boing, boing!

    From R, on Sat 3 Aug 15:49
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Welly, we'll be playing you next season...however­ neither the Baggies nor the Wolves are famous anymore,­ just minnows in the big boys pool.

    From Peter, on Sat 3 Aug 15:21
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    wolves famous ? you are not even listed on yahoo club­ badges league 1 pmsl boing boing!

    From welly, on Sat 3 Aug 11:48
  9. Wondering if this match is televised anywhere?

    From BigMatt, on Wed 31 Jul 18:30
  10. wolves should win every match

    From LAUREN, on Tue 30 Jul 11:46
  11. wolves 3 preston 1

    From LAUREN, on Thu 25 Jul 8:54
  12. wolves show the l1s youre the champs

    From LAUREN, on Wed 24 Jul 21:56
  13. Big game for starters, give you an indication if Simon­ Grayson can get your team promoted this season.

    From B4ts, on Thu 4 Jul 17:36
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