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  1. BRILLIANT ,ABSOLUTLEY BRILLIANT Mr Morgan man flu, i've­ heard it all now, excuse after excuse not to be­ there!!!! as stated ARMCHAIR SUPPORTER mate.!!!!!!! now­ lets get down to the real business............... THE­ SLIDE CONTINUES...................cant score in a­ brothel,how many games is that ?????????? whatevers­ happened to the Pope HAS HE REALLY RETIRED lol. i told­ you once and i'll tell you again super Micky's mad a­ right #$%$-up bringing Purse and Hughes in i'm afraid.­ Purse is leaking goals in left right and centre with­ his poor passing and Hughes well what can i­ say........the applecart's well and truly upset aint it­ ??????? The rest of the field are closing in fast­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Play offs at best for the FAIL­ i'm afraid. Bradford should have taken all 3 points­ last night. all predicted months ago / SOLID­ CREAM.

    From Michael, on Wed 6 Mar 9:12
  2. I do a manager mode with Bradford and I bought­ Aduriz,S.Ameobi,Adilson and Yepes.I`m in the euro­ league quater final againat Inter Milan.Hines was my­ best player but now Aduriz is.I`m in the npower league­ one.

    From michelle, on Tue 5 Mar 20:38
  3. From A Gillingham Supporter I would like to see both­ Port Vale and Gillingham fight for the title, I have a­ lot of respect for Mickey Adams and the work that has­ gone on to save the Vale from going out of business as­ a club. So for me these two should be contesting the­ top two places......

    From Laurie, on Tue 5 Mar 20:31
  4. C'mon Vale, a clean sheet is all well and good, but­ we need goals at the otherr end! Pity I can't be­ there - man-flu strikes again. Not something Michael­ would know a lot about!

    From Pete Morgan, on Tue 5 Mar 20:28
  5. Great to see Griff is back with us again; he will add­ some bite to midfield, which has looked a little­ light-weight at times. OK when we are bossing the game,­ but not so good when we have to battle to get the ball­ back. Be interesting to see Micky plays him and who he­ leaves out - hopefully not Burge. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Mon 4 Mar 17:54
  6. Please god we need this win!!we need to get out of this­ division,its ok for the likes of­ Barnet,Aldershot,chesterfield etc but not for the­ Vale.I'll be there for this game so we better win

    From Key, on Mon 4 Mar 14:55
  7. Not a good performance against Oxford, though I­ don't think we deserved to lose - a draw­ would've been a fair result - but if you give away­ goals like the first one, you are going to struggle.­ Credit to Oxford for taking their chances, but with the­ possession we had, we should've created more­ chances. The Pope needs to be fed if he is going to­ score, and at the moment we aren't delivering­ quality balls into the box. Doesn't help when we­ play with Purse and McCombe in the middle of the back­ four; too often both went for the same ball, leaving a­ gap where one of them should've been. Jones put in­ another good shift, looks like a good acquisition.­ Williamson worked hard but might have been better used­ on the right wing with Vincent on the left. Doubtless­ Micky will get it sorted for Tuesday, which is a game­ we really need to win. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Sun 3 Mar 21:47
  8. Omg thicky has posted on the spermites page and is­ slagging us off on there typical well at least we are­ thumbing him down on here well done guys,agree with you­ Bernard really on a downer the roads are bad where I­ live buses cancelled etc., so local pub here I come and­ as you and Pete say we are still TOP and yes TWOY

    From John, on Sat 19 Jan 9:30
  9. Oh well at least we are still TOP as you say Pete was­ really looking forward to going today,at least we are­ thumbing thicky down well done guys ha ha ha we are the­ Vale TWOY (whats TOOMA) :)

    From Bernard Evans, on Sat 19 Jan 9:12
  10. Pity for Delboy and Key that the game's been called­ off, and now would've been a good time to play­ Bradford with the game next week against Villa to­ distract them. But its another week at the top of the­ table, and we won't be the only club with a bit of­ fixture congestion to deal with and we've played­ most of the other top teams twice already this season.­ TOOMA!

    From Pete Morgan, on Fri 18 Jan 22:38
  11. TOOMA!!!!!!

    From Key, on Fri 18 Jan 12:42
  12. Hope the snow keeps away on Saturday so we can get­ another 3 points and get closer to automatic promotion.­ Keep feeding the Pope and he will score or set Hughes­ up! It'll be interesting to see how they gel and if­ we can reproduce our away form at home. TOOMA! (In case­ you can't work out what it syands for, Michael, try­ 'There's Only One Micky Adams')

    From PETER MORGAN, on Thu 17 Jan 15:01
  13. Morning all except the sicky one innit coming UP on­ Saturday hopefully by coach hope its on and roads are­ clear and safe fantastic day ahead and we are going to­ get our oatcakes bacon and cheese mmmmmmm looking­ forward to them as well .Why all these Sjokies keep­ leaving neg comments about us is down to jealousy the­ Vale have done brilliant this season and the Pope on­ his way to a record 27 plus goals we are going UP UP UP­ cus we are the Vale and yes TWOY

    From Delboy, on Thu 17 Jan 8:05
  14. Ha ha ha pathetic comments again from the Sjokie drag­ cream we love our oatcakes and our team and dont­ pretend to support any other we are the Vale and lets­ hope Saturdays game is not snowbound and yes I will­ continue to thumb sicky DOWN !!!!!!!!!! We are going UP­ TWOY

    From John, on Thu 17 Jan 7:42
  15. You,ve blown it Sicky Micky down down down we are going­ UP UP UP keep thumbing him guys down we are the Vale­ TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Thu 17 Jan 7:21
  16. FANTASTIC / it just goes to show how easy it is to to­ wind-up the FAIL oatcake clan FANTASTIC. I like the­ constant can i please kiss your feet Mr Adams­ admiration from Mr Morgan...........pathetic , but hey­ he knows more about fooball than i LOL. ­ YOU CANT POSSIBLY BLOW IT NOW CAN YOU­ ???????????????????????? CREAM.

    From Michael, on Wed 16 Jan 14:50
  17. Just hope it doesn't snow and the game gets called­ off,bloody hate the stuff! Ive managed get this weekend­ off an it'll be the first game ive been to for a­ while.So snow please #$%$ off cheers

    From Key, on Wed 16 Jan 12:31
  18. Good points Pete well the thumbing down of sickos­ comments is working yahoooooooo looking forward to the­ game myself and yes I too was,nt a Hughes fan but lets­ see what he and the Pope do for us­ Goalllllllllllllllllllllllls all the way,just heard­ Gannons been sacked hahaha come on the Vale TWOY

    From John, on Wed 16 Jan 8:46
  19. Be back at Vale Park on Saturday to enjoy what should­ be a great game. Be interested to see how the Pope gels­ with Hughes, assuming Micky plays both again. Have to­ admit to not being a Hughes fan in the past, partially­ because of his behaviour off the pitch, and didn't­ really rate him that highly on it, but both he and­ Purse have a lot of experience which they can use to­ bring on younger players and Micky has forgotten more­ about football than I'll ever know! I'd still­ like to see a ball-winner in midfield, but an automatic­ promotion place is ours for the taking. TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Tue 15 Jan 21:02
  20. The thumbing down of sicky thicky Micky is working guys­ keep it up please thanks TWOY

    From John, on Tue 15 Jan 10:46
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