Saturday November 17, 2012 Day 18 Finished Vale Park

Port Vale 2 - 2 York City

  • Burge 30’
  • Myrie-Williams 44’ (pen.)
  • Rodman 67’
  • Reed 89’

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  1. you really are retarded John Boy.

    From Michael, on Tue 20 Nov 8:54
  2. Hahaha 16th thicky Micky down down and we are 2nd the­ Vale are tops you spermites are,nt bye bye thicko TWOY

    From John, on Sun 18 Nov 6:15
  3. Sloppy sloppy ,as predicted the slide has­ begun............early november/december another 2­ points lost at home,hardly the form of a team in­ second place??????????? MID TABLE AT BEST come end of­ year !!!!!!! The CREAM are on the march we are­ climbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Michael, on Sat 17 Nov 19:22
  4. Proud of the Vale great time at the statue and all the­ applause at 8mins 37secs was great and we are still 2nd­ well done guys considering our lack of squad TWOY

    From John, on Sat 17 Nov 17:49
  5. Come on the Vale just doing my bacon cheese and­ oatcakes with my brew then getting ready for a great­ day at the ground do the business you Valiants and UP­ we go TWOY

    From John, on Sat 17 Nov 7:44
  6. What did you expect from thicky Pete lol enjoy your day­ know I will come on the Vale TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Fri 16 Nov 6:37
  7. Thanks for the congratulations, Michael, it is­ birthday, not birth, and its is grandchild number 3,­ all boys, and all had Boomer sleepsuits, like good­ little Valiants! Pity one of them has gone over to the­ Gunners. Much as I'd like to be at Vale Park for­ the unveiling of Roy Sproson's statue - as I­ recall, Man Utd wanted to sign him and he wouldn't­ leave the Vale, obviously a man of discernment and­ taste - and the taking of 3 points off York,­ grandparent duties call. Get behind the team, Key,­ John, Bernard and Delboy, give 'em a yell for me.­ TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Thu 15 Nov 22:03
  8. Deffo thicko Micko get up thee jitto sicko­ creamo...............837 appearances for the Vale great­ footballer but of course thickos like you wouldnt know­ one when you saw one would you............come on the­ Vale TWOY

    From John, on Thu 15 Nov 16:04
  9. Roy Sproson who the hells Roy Sproson ??????????????­ aint that him off Coronation Street ?????????? Roys­ Rolls ????????????????.

    From Michael, on Thu 15 Nov 15:03
  10. Well said Delboy TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Thu 15 Nov 7:09
  11. Wotz diz Daz doin on ere boyzees eez fick innit get­ back up da Palarze innit come on Port Vale go for it­ ,its now your time all the way TWOY

    From Delboy, on Wed 14 Nov 23:22
  12. Im looking forward to seeing the Roy Sproson statue­ myself,UP THE VALE!!

    From Key, on Wed 14 Nov 16:52
  13. Just keep thumbing them down total wasters.......come­ on the Vale TWOY

    From John, on Wed 14 Nov 15:50
  14. Hi Key probably Michaels illegitimate son haha plays­ the same keyboard suffered him all last season he­ supposedly supports the Palarze even they thumb him­ down on their page haha anyway back to the Vale­ unveiling Roy Sprosons statue on Saturday at long last­ should be a great turnout and 3 points more come on the­ Valiants TWOY

    From John, on Wed 14 Nov 15:40
  15. Alright lads! Yahoo is #$%$ one minute i can see­ comments the next they are gone #$%$... 3 points coming­ up for the mighty Vale and who in gods name is Daz????

    From Key, on Wed 14 Nov 14:46
  16. Innit and thicky back again total saddos just get back­ to your supposed teams or are they­ figments.........come on the Vale TWOY all the way TWOY

    From John, on Tue 13 Nov 17:30
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    PALACE ULTRAz r goin up. WAVIN at da LOZERZ

    From Daz, on Tue 13 Nov 15:43
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    make that birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Michael, on Tue 13 Nov 14:49
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    congratulations Pete on the birth of your grandchild /­ respect.

    From Michael, on Tue 13 Nov 14:48
  20. Think its THICKY Mickey guys now down to 18th down down­ down his spermite haha looking forward to the unveiling­ of Roy Sprosons statue on Saturday will be a great day­ for us Vale fans,and keep feeding the Pope,just keep­ thumbing the sour cream down cos thats where he,s going­ yahoo TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Tue 13 Nov 6:08
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