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  1. worms

    From Michael, on Fri 17 May 15:40
  2. Oh the thicky is back from Spain or is he a lying git­ Chesterfailed Sjokie LOSER we are the Vale and we are­ UP TWOY

    From John, on Tue 7 May 18:18
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From Michael, on Tue 7 May 16:15
  4. Sicky Thicky is upset he is thumbing our comments down­ because we are UP UP UP just get back in your pram­ Chesterfailed Sjokie TWOY

    From John, on Wed 1 May 16:11
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    well well well , the seasons over and the FAIL have­ managed to slide over the line,like the worms they­ are!!!!!!! Over the last 15 games , the FAIL actually­ were the 2nd worst performing team in the #$%$ poor­ league !!!!!!!FACT. Not exactly the way forward for any­ team entering division one ???????????????? PREDICTION ­ its straight back down i'm afraid.!!!!!! ­ .............. and remember the CREAM will be back to­ have a good old laugh when it starts to go wrong­ ............... oct/nov.

    From Michael, on Mon 29 Apr 15:01
  6. Forgot the Pain was in Spain hope he gets some­ Rain,must have done his tiny brain cell in at least­ everything he predicted sent us UP TWOY

    From John, on Mon 29 Apr 10:09
  7. Think Michael mentioned he was going to Spain (good­ place for somebody who spins as much bull as him), but­ I'm sure he'll be back Pete, so don't get­ all sniffly about him being gone ;)

    From Gerard, on Mon 29 Apr 1:14
  8. We are UP UP UP thicky Micky and you didnt even make­ the playoffs hahahaha we are the Vale yahooooooo TWOY

    From John, on Sat 27 Apr 17:22
  9. Tough going you lot. The Chairboys are no pushovers!

    From John, on Sat 27 Apr 15:59
  10. Have a Good day see you Guys in Division One from a­ Gills fan

    From thebear1968, on Sat 27 Apr 14:52
  11. Cant believe how many are going down today loads of­ coaches and Smurfs fantastic really looking forward to­ the marquee Wycombe have laid on for us travelling Vale­ fans,what a day to look forward to and then back to­ Boslem to celebrate even more yahoooooooooooooooo TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Sat 27 Apr 9:33
  12. On the fun bus here we come Adams Park we are the Vale­ and we are going UP TWOY TOOMA

    From John, on Sat 27 Apr 8:56
  13. My thoughts exactly Peter we need him to continue­ giving out his predicktions to get us into the­ championship next season we are the Vale TOOMA and TWOY

    From John, on Thu 25 Apr 23:09
  14. I hate to admit it ..... but I'm missing Michael!­ He might be a pain, very predictable and wildly­ inaccurate with his predictions, but, rather like an­ over-excited puupy, there was something almost­ endearing about his stupidity. Promotion must be making­ me go soft! Noticeable how he has gone very quiet now­ we are going up! 3 points would be a great way to end­ the season, although nothing can detract from the joy­ of this season. Bearing in mind where we started, Micky­ and the team have done a great job. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Thu 25 Apr 21:30
  15. Great weekend on the razz in Burslem big town to us­ Vale fans looking forward to this one and another­ session on the razz well done the Vale players MA,Smurf­ and Wildes done us proud oh and so did the fans TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Wed 24 Apr 6:42
  16. Michael is a used car salesman, so you should trust his­ guarantees

    From Gerard, on Wed 24 Apr 0:51
  17. Have we got rid of sicky thicky Micky,hope not because­ his predicktions gave us promotion hahaha and of course­ Chesterfailed did,nt make the playoffs he guaranteed­ that so championship here we come,and bye bye thicky­ TWOY

    From John, on Tue 23 Apr 22:19
  18. Give Gareth a good sending off on Saturday - but not 3­ points! He has been a credit to all the clubs he has­ played for and will doubtless do a good job for Wycombe­ as manager. Fond memories of him at Vale Park, a class­ player.

    From PETER MORGAN, on Mon 22 Apr 17:47
  19. We are the Vale and we are UP UP UP so happy thicky­ with your tricky predickytions haha oh dear and­ Chesterfailed to reach the playoffs yahooooooooooo­ Championship here we come TWOY TOOMA

    From John, on Mon 22 Apr 9:24
  20. Thought you'd left yourself hanging another week,­ when Yahoo incorrectly had the score 1-2 in completed­ matches. I'm sure Michael will be profuse in his­ congratulations now its assured

    From Gerard, on Mon 22 Apr 2:45
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