Saturday February 15, 2014 Day 32 Finished Fratton Park

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  1. As a True Pompey supporter I look forward to the­ comments left by two certain individuals who come on to­ our site every week and leave such stupid remarks, It­ just shows the huge jealousy they must have towards us.­ So as a reminder to them. We ARE still the best and­ most successful team in the south, with the best­ supporters, the best atmosphere in our ground Oh and­ the club belongs to us and not In debt PLAY UP POMPEY­ !!!

    From Blueboy, on Sun 16 Feb 12:40
  2. rleader and Jake Elliott are two sad people really­ aren't they surprising how they use the same­ terminology week after week.....Again I would not be­ surprised if they were the same person they are­ obviously of limited intelligence and they probably­ only have one single brain cell between the pair of­ them and that is not in working order.....I'm not­ sure but I think rleader could be a Cardiff City­ supporter and they have never really got over being­ beaten by Portsmouth in the FA Cup Final (Sour­ Grapes).....I have no real animosity for Cardiff and I­ thought they might go well this season but they are out­ of the cup now and will probably be relegated at the­ end of the season (all rather sad).....On the same note­ Southampton are in the middle of a good run aren't­ they really (Not) out of the FA Cup with nothing to­ play for and after quite a good start Saints beat­ Liverpool at Anfield

    From Raymond, on Sun 16 Feb 0:57
  3. al over great win , thanks r bleeder & joke idiot­ for your predictions, keep em coming PLAY UP POMPEY

    From Ricky, on Sat 15 Feb 16:57
  4. Go on you Dons, sink the skate shyte!

    From rleader, on Sat 15 Feb 15:27
  5. afternoon jake idiot , thanks again in advance for your­ prediction , that are always wrong !!!!!! time for the­ win POMPEY,PLAY UP POMPEY

    From Ricky, on Sat 15 Feb 14:26
  6. Go on you Wombles, bury the skate shyte !

    From Jake Elliott, on Sat 15 Feb 12:40
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