Saturday August 3, 2013 Day 1 Finished Fratton Park

Portsmouth 1 - 4 Oxford United

  • Agyemang 25’
  • Smalley 34’, 72’
  • Potter 38’, 64’

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  1. Take this result on the chin and move on to the next­ game because quite frankly these things happen.....Well­ played Oxford because even if it was not for the­ sending off I don't think we would have won­ although it may have been a draw.....Looking to the­ positives at times last season I felt Portsmouth would­ go out of business and Pompey this season are­ essentially a brand new team. The only way is up P U P

    From Raymond, on Mon 5 Aug 11:30
  2. The big test will be next weeks game against­ Accrington Stanley.If you lose forget about being­ favorites for promotion it will be favorites for the­ conference.

    From MARK, on Sun 4 Aug 12:21
  3. I have a lot of sympathy for PFC, as we were in a­ similar situation a few years ago. It's not fun. ­ However, reading the tosh spouted by the skates on this­ page, tee effing hee!!! COYR!

    From PETER, on Sun 4 Aug 10:51
  4. Oh dear not the best start but what can you expect with­ a team of everyone's else's rejects, 10'000 season­ ticket holders in a recession paying to watch this­ load of #$%$ unbelievable

    From Twinny, on Sun 4 Aug 0:33
  5. how come this game not over already

    From fitzer, on Sat 3 Aug 17:10
  6. excellent result against the pompey rejects coz­ that's all they are players no one else wanted.

    From MARK, on Sat 3 Aug 16:48
  7. I see Potter, ex Havant & Waterlooville player, is­ showing us what we have missed. Looks like Oxford will­ be a team to watch in League 2 and Pompey are­ definitely still work in progress. About the only­ positive thing for Pompey, from today, is the sell out­ crowd. Roll on next week...PUP.

    From Ace, on Sat 3 Aug 16:46
  8. come on you yellows

    From Nicky, on Sat 3 Aug 15:50
  9. 18000 plus home gate, not bad for a league two team­ once on the brink..only way is up! Those tossers up­ the road will be lucky if they survive the drop this­ time around...

    From ......, on Thu 1 Aug 17:10
  10. Get over yourselves Saints in terms of trophies won­ Portsmouth are a much bigger club than­ Southampton.....Pompey are the only team in league two­ to ever win the old First Division league­ title.....Also well supported as we are the only way is­ up for Pompey now although admittedly it is a long way­ back.....Let5 us not forget Saints also spent many­ years in the lower divisions

    From Raymond, on Mon 29 Jul 23:45
  11. Good luck this season Pompey from a Brighton supporter.­ We've fought the same battles as you and survived.­ Real clubs with real supporters.

    From Marysia, on Fri 26 Jul 15:45
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Look out skate shyte, non league football is on­ it's way !

    From rleader, on Sun 21 Jul 11:10
  13. Although i have lived in London for 23 years Im pompey­ born and bred and I still go to as many home games as i­ can along with my son..We go to many away games and it­ still gives us pride and pleasure to see an average of­ 1500 true pompey supporters supporting the best club in­ the land...I see us walking league 2 and next season­ back in league 1....Pompey till we die...

    From andrew, on Sat 20 Jul 12:50
  14. I see that Pompey have just sold their 10,000th season­ ticket for the 2013/2014 season. Consider that the­ average League 2 gate was less than 5,000 last year. I­ can see plenty of League 2 clubs will be welcoming the­ money that Pompey's travelling support will bring­ as well. I can see that Carl and Paddy are already­ bricking it, now that a proper football team will be­ playing in League 2 and their teams will be playing for­ scraps behind the resurgent Pompey. PUP.

    From Ace, on Tue 16 Jul 18:41
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Nice easy win for Oxford as Pompey slide ever downward­ towards the Conference singing along the Elaine Paige­ and Memories ......

    From Carl, on Fri 12 Jul 15:21
  16. Big crowd for this one. 4-1

    From ......, on Thu 11 Jul 13:50
  17. Why is this shyte still on the League 1 page ? Yahoo­ sort it ! They'll soon be in the Conference !

    From Paddy, on Wed 3 Jul 20:01
  18. I am chuffed that so many players are interested in­ joining, not surprised with the player that seem to­ have frozen him self out - still lets have a season of­ stability as well as self belief. P - U - P

    From STARGATE, on Sun 23 Jun 22:06
  19. It's so good to be looking forward to next season­ with hope, rather than uncertainty. It's going to­ be a long hard road back up the league, but Pompey­ aren't afraid of the hard work. Just look how far­ Bournemouth have come since they became a community­ club. Have a great season Pompey. PUP.

    From Ace, on Sat 22 Jun 18:58
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