Wednesday May 2, 2012 Day 20 Finished Camp Nou

FC Barcelona 4 - 1 Málaga CF

  • Puyol 13’
  • Messi 35’ (pen.), 59’ (pen.), 64’
  • Rondón 26’

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  1. Messi breaks Mueller record in romp

    Messi breaks Mueller record in romp

    Lionel Messi scored his seventh hat-trick of the campaign in a 4-1 win at home to Malaga but it was not enough to hold onto their crown. More

  • Live Commentary

    • FC Barcelona
    • Málaga CF
    • 90+3' Nasty clash of heads between Demichelis and Camacho, but they look to be fine. That's the last action of the match anyway and it's over to Madrid to win it themselves. Follow it here
    • 90+1' Three minutes of stoppage time here. Don't know where they came from.
    • 90' Chants of 'Guardiola' come down from the stands as Van Nistelrooy gets onto a long ball and volleys towards the far corner! It's an excellent save from Pinto though as he palms it away.
    • 89' Afellay wriggles out of a tight space and is fouled. Break on for Malaga though through Portillo, but Barca get men behind the ball.
    • 87' Messi forward for Fabregas, but Demichelis - who has had a good game for a defence that has conceded four - again is there in the right place.
    • 86' Tello gets into the six yard box, but Demichelis is there to slide in and take the ball away. Eliseu goes down as Tello catches him as the defender clears.
    • 85' Seba fouls Mascherano as he chases down the long ball. Cuenca gets out of a tight space and Barca are content to keep hold of the ball.
    • 84' Barca substitution: Pedro is replaced by Tello.
    • 82' Malaga make an absolute mess of the freekick and give it straight to Barca. Pedro puts the ball across the six yard box and it's just out of the reach of Cuenca.
    • 81' Fabregas now picks up a yellow card after cynicaly bringing down Duda from behind.
    • 80' Messi chests the ball down and instantly releases Alves, who overruns the ball and knocks it out for a Malaga throw.
    • 79' Messi has a glimpse of a fourth on the edge of the box, but tries to pass it square to Affelay and it's cut out.
    • 78' Van Nistelrooy plays across the box for Portillo, who tries to bend it into the far corner. Pinto's comfortable though as he watches it travel wide.
    • 76' Barca substitution: Iniesta gets a standing ovation as he is replaced by Afellay.
    • 75' Iniesta floats one over for Pedro. The flag stays down as the defence run out, but there's just too much on the ball.
    • 74' Malaga have all but given up trying to go forward now and they just have all 11 men behind the ball.
    • 73' Van Nistelrooy looks to pounce in behind, but at his age the ball is going to have to be more to feet than that.
    • 71' Eliseu outmuscles Alves then jockeys the ball out for a goal kick.
    • 70' Alves with his umpteenth cross of the night and for the umpteenth time it's onto a defender's head.
    • 69' Malaga: Pellegrini concedes defeat as he brings off Cazorla for Recio.
    • 68' Barca sub: Puyol is given a rest and Bartra gets his first appearance since December in the heart of that defence.
    • 67' Pedro picks up the second yellow of the night as he drags back Duda.
    • 66' Alves with a break forward. He plays the ball across towards Messi and it strikse Demichelis' arm. The ref doesn't see though and he gets away with it.
    • 65' Goal! Barcelona 4-1 Malaga - And it's that man's hattrick. Iniesta with a wonderful through pass, Messi dinks it over the keeper and rolls the ball into the empty net. Record broken.
    • 64' Eliseu has a shot from the corner of the area and Valdes palms the effort away.
    • 63' Cuenca claims he's caught and rolls around for a few seconds. As soon as he realises he won't get anything he's straight up onto his feet.
    • 62' And within 30 seconds of coming on Van Nistelrroy misses a golden opportunity as he prods Gamez's cross over the bar from six yards.
    • 61' Malaga sub: Van Nistelrooy is on as is Fernandez as Rondon and Buonanotte come off.
    • 60' Messi is off again and it's desperate defending from Malaga as Sanchez just about gets the ball away.
    • 59' Goal! Barcelona 3-1 - Messi puts it into the top corner, Kameni goes the right way but has no chance. That's the record equalised.
    • 58' Messi brings down a wonderful ball from Adriano. He's six yards from goal and Duda clips his heels! Linesman signals for the penalty...
    • 57' Probably out of shooting range, but Messi goes for it hits the wall and out for a corner.
    • 56' Adriano tries to play the quick throw, but it is Malaga's. Puyol goes to ground and clears the ball away. The first yellow card of the night to Camacho as he brings down Messi from behind.
    • 55' Fabregas is flattened by Demichelis, but he gets the pass out first to Messi. He plays on to Alves and he's back to his wayward worse as the cross is straight to the defender.
    • 53' Keita very nearly loses the ball on the half way line with very little cover, but he gets out of trouble.
    • 52' Messi cuts in from the right and has a dig, but his effort it charged down. Once again he's not having a great game, he just looks so tired now.
    • 51' Freekick to Malaga. It's deep and Duda pumps it into the box. Demichelis heads across the box and Puyol has to stretch to get it clear.
    • 50' Long ball played forward to Camacho, but there's too much on it and it's straight out for a goal kick. Van Nistelrooy starts to warm up...
    • 48' Barca having all of the ball again. Iniesta with a lovely flick into Messi. Alves this time plays a great cross into Fabregas, but he's caught offside.
    • 47' Camacho is penalised for a high foot on Cesc, when in truth both players were guilty.
    • 46' Pedro easily away from Eliseu at the start of the half, but his cross is drifted well over the entourage of playes and out for a goal kick.
    • 45+1' It comes to nothing and there's no stoppage time at all.
    • 45' Messi with an unusually heavy pass out to Pedro forces him wide. No need for him to pass so early on the break either. Corner nevertheless...
    • 44' Rondon with a good run in behind Puyol, but he crosses without looking up and it's cleared by Mascherano.
    • 43' Duda looks for all the world like he'll score as Pinto flaps the ball down into his path. Fabregas with a heroic block though and it's cleared. John Terry in disguise.
    • 42' Messi really should be offside as Cuenca nudges him through on goal. It was a good call from the linesman though.
    • 41' Messi, Iniesta and Fabregas all fail as they try to beat their man in succession.
    • 40' Cesc nips in front of Rondon and smuggles the ball back to Pinto. He's straight up the other end as he tries to beat the offside trap, but is caught marginally offside.
    • 38' Alves sometimes just isn't a very good footballer. Today's one of those days. Another cross sails into Kameni's arms.
    • 37' Malaga win a corner up the other end, but it's hit straight out for a goal kick. Good ball from Keita to Iniesta, who again is fouled.
    • 36' Gamez argued that the foul occured outside the area. It was mighty close, but the ref gave the right call; it looked to have happened on the line.
    • 35' Goal! Barca 2-1 Malaga - No prizes for guessing who takes it. And no mistake as the little Argentinian sends Kameni the wrong way. That's 66 goals for the season.
    • 34' Messi lets the ball come across his body beautifully, but can't quite work the space to shoot. Iniesta picks the ball up and drives into the area. Gamez fouls him and it's a pen!
    • 33' A mix up between Cuenca and Iniesta, but Rondon is running into a blind alley. Way more through balls from Barca than usual though and again this one is cut out.
    • 31' Freekick as Messi is fouled. Alves tries to play a one-two with Pedro, but is caught offside. The Brazilian quickly wins the ball back, but overhits the through ball to Messi.
    • 30' Iniesta's pass is cut out. Alves gets the ball but once again his cross is awful. He's having a terrible game.
    • 29' Cesc gets away with what very much looks like a foul. Messi plays right to Alves, but his cross doesn't beat the first man.
    • 28' Barca's reply comes from Messi as he darts down the right, leaving defenders in his wake. Not enough support though and Malaga win the freekick.
    • 26' Goal! Barcelona 1-1 Malaga - Buonanoote plays the ball through for Portillo, who lays off for Gamez. It's Rondon surrounded by four Barca players, but he still finds room to head it into the far corner. Great goal.
    • 25' Rondon has the ball, but he's really isolated as two Barca players track him all the way. Malaga win it back though and it takes good covering from Adriano to clear the danger.
    • 24' Duda plays a perfect blind pass across to Eliseu. The shot's on, but his effort is woeful as he slips and goes miles wide.
    • 23' Alves punts it long towards Messi, but it has no accuracy at all and it straight through for Kameni.
    • 22' Alves loses the ball then fouls Cazorla trying to win it back. He's an incredibly infuriating player to watch at times.
    • 21' Messi with his first real but of magic as he beats two men, plays a one two with Iniesta then flying kicks the return ball to Pedro.
    • 20' Alves puts in a deep cross that's picked up by Adriano. His shot is firm, but from a tight angle and Kameni comfortably pushes it away.
    • 19' That Puyol goal takes Barca up to 105 in the league alone this season. That's a club record, but still behind Madrid's current total.
    • 18' Cuenca brings the ball down on his chest, but is off balance and can't get to it before the defender.
    • 17' Alves loses the ball on the halfway line, but swiftly gains it back. Barca moving it around sweetly now.
    • 16' Iniesta just about keeps the ball on, but Pedro is unable to control later on in the move and it's straight through for Kameni.
    • 15' The silkiest of touches from Pedro to bring down a high ball. He's outmuscled in the area by Eliseu, but once again Messi picks it up. He's crowded out though by sheer numbers.
    • 14' Goal! Barcelona 1-0 Malaga - Short corner as Messi darts into the area, plays a clever reverse pass into Iniesta and the little Spaniard plays across the face of goal for Puyol to apply the finishing touch into the roof of the net.
    • 13' Cuenca's unable to find Iniesta out on the wing, but Barca win it straight back. Brilliant play from Pedro as he brings it down and turns in an instant. Messi picks the ball up and plays into Fabregas, who completely scuffs the shot.
    • 12' But it's Duda who goes with his left peg towards the other side! Pinto gets nowhere near it, but it shudders of the face of the post and out to safety.
    • 11' Poor challenge from Fabregas 25 yards from his own goal and this is perfect for Cazorla, who's scored plenty of freekicks this season...
    • 10' Pinto's alert as he comes to the edge of his area. Curiously risky though as he sweeps a rapid pass up with one hand.
    • 9' Iniesta's touch is too heavy and the ball is played off his ankles and out for a goal kick.
    • 8' Reakky nice build up from Malaga as Duda plays the ball into the box, but Puyol is there to clear his lines.
    • 7' Pedro's caught offside as Puyol plays a rare pass long.
    • 6' Mascherano is obstructed by Gamez and earns the freekick. The square pass is way overhit though and over Alves' head for a throw.
    • 5' Pinto is playing as the sweeper much like Valdes here. He's getting game time because he's Barca's Cup keeper and they want him sharp for the final.
    • 4' Messi puts in a cross from deep and Demichelis gets a foot on it. The ball looks like it might be creeping into the near post for a second, but Kameni gets down well.
    • 3' Pedro chases down a pass from Iniesta and earns the freekick from Eliseu...
    • 2' No Xavi, no Pique, but Barca start predictably dominant in possession. Brilliant ball from Puyol dissects the defence, but Alves goes for goal from a ridiculous angle.
    • 1' Hundreds of 'Thank you Pep' and the like signs and banners around Camp Nou. It's Malaga who get us underway on a warm, sunny spring evening.
    • 18:55 Manuel Pellegrini: "We are going to go and play at the Camp Nou as we have tried to play all year. Obviously we face a tough opponent in Barcelona, but the mindset and intention is to go and claim all three points."
    • 18:50 Malaga in reality have much more riding on this game. They're level on points with Valencia in the race and just three points ahead of Levante. Lose today and they could drop out of 4th place and the last Champions League spot.
    • 18:44 If Messi scores a brace today he will equal Gerd Muller's European record of 67 goals in a single season. It he scores a hattrick he'll break maths that.
    • 18:36 The teams are in – Barcelona: Pinto, Alves, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano, Keita, Cesc, Iniesta, Cuenca, Pedro and Messi. Subs: Valdes, Montoya, Bartra, Sergio, Tello, Afellay, Thiago///Malaga: Kameni, Gamez, Demichelis, Sergio Sanchez, Eliseu, Portillo, Camacho, Cazorla, Duda, Buonanotte, Rondon. Subs: Van Nistelrooy, Ruben, Fernandez, Joaquin, Weligton, Monreal, Recio.
    • 18:33 Pep Guardiola: "The fatigue I feel after these years is not due to (Real Madrid coach Jose) Mourinho. He is not even responsible for one per cent. Mourinho does not tire you out, it tires you out winning so much."
    • 18:26 It won't be an easy game for Madrid in the San Mames against Athletic Bilbao, but just one win in any of their last three games will seal it, so it's only a matter of time.
    • 18:24 You can catch up with all the latest news and the La Liga table here
    • 18:20 Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live minute-by-minute coverage of Barcelona vs Malaga. Barca need to get a result to prevent Madrid taking the title, but if Real match or better their result when they kick off straight after it's all over anyway.
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