Saturday November 19, 2011 Day 13 Finished Camp Nou

FC Barcelona 4 - 0 Real Zaragoza

  • Piqué 18’
  • Messi 43’
  • Puyol 54’
  • Villa 75’

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  1. Barca ease to win against Zaragoza

    Barca ease to win against Zaragoza

    Goals from Gerard Pique, Lionel Messi, Carles Puyol and David Villa gave Barcelona a comfortable 4-0 Liga win at home to Real Zaragoza. More

  • Live Commentary

    • FC Barcelona
    • Real Zaragoza
    • 90+3 And there is the whistle - Barca win with ease to go level with leaders Real Madrid for a couple of hours at least as they play Valencia next! Whoop!
    • 90+2 Barca again get in down the right through Cuenca as we enter the last minute of added time, but he is unable to pick anyone out.
    • 90+1 Almost a fifth as Messi skips in down the right, unable to finish from that tight but cutting it back, the ball deflected to Cuenca who fires over.
    • 90' Pique gives away a free-kick on halfway, he needs to keep it under wraps as he was booked for handball earlier.
    • 89' STATE: Barcelona with close to 70% possession.
    • 88' Alves I think has been booked for a foul on the Zaragoza left, possibly on Juan Carlos... Yes and yes.
    • 87' Thiago is said to be offside after getting in behind the Zaragoza defence but I'm sure it came off a Zaragoza player. Terrible decision, it hit Lanzaro.
    • 86' Villa on the left spots Pique who has bundled forward but his cross is blocked by Ponzio.
    • 84' Iniesta is weeping after that challenge but it wasn't really a foul - Mateos got the ball and Iniesta flew into the big man.
    • 83' A few hefty challenges from both sides and in the end Thiago is punished, although Iniesta has come off worse after being caned by Matteos.
    • 82' Messi drills one over to Villa but Lanzaro blocks and Zaragoza briefly clear.
    • 81' Barca cut through Zaragoza again as Iniesta plays a clever one-two with Villa down the left, Roberto and Juarez combing to block his finish for a corner.
    • 79' ZARAGOZA SUB: Abraham on for Paredes.
    • 77' Thago catches Paredes, who goes down holding his leg.
    • 76' Villa is played in again but a touch too wide to shoot so he holds it up, waiting for Messi, and the chance has gone.
    • 75' 4-0! A diving header frrom Villa after a flashing cross from Cuenca, who looked like he'd run it out. The Barca players mob Villa, who has not been in the best form. Shocking from Mateos to give it away in the first place.
    • 74' Iniesta shoots from a long way out but well over.
    • 73' JUST WIDE FROM INIESTA! It just rolled past the post with the keeper beaten after Messi slid him in. A corner is given - no idea why.
    • 71' Messi slides it wide to Cuenca but his low ball in is poor and Matteos clears.
    • 70' And as Zaragoza attempt to string said pass together, a long one from Paredes flies well beyond Juan Carlos.
    • 69' They may as well end this now as Zaragoza can barely string a pass together. So one-sided...
    • 68' Cuenca almost finds Messi by hooking down a long ball and dropping it for the Argentine, but Lanzaro gets across to block and draws the foul.
    • 67' BARCA SUB: Villa finally comes on for Fabregas.
    • 66' Messi on another dribble but his low shot is blocked by Juarez, Puyol initially brought it forward to create the chance.
    • 65' Iniesta with a glorious pass over the top and Cesc is in but it sails past him and the post!
    • 64' Great cross from Iniesta getting in down the right but nodded behind by Juarez. Corner. Taken short...
    • 63' The free-kick doesn't yield anything despite Zaragoza chucking all the big lads up - Matteos is 6'3".
    • 62' Home and away fans cheer Villa as he warms up - I reckon those cheers came more from his old club.
    • 61' Pique handles when Lafita almost get away from him and that is a booking.
    • 60' Messi and Cesc almost combine but Lafita gets it away.
    • 58' Zaragoza have had the stuffing knocked out of them now. They look half-interested.
    • 57' The free-kick finds Pique but he is offside.
    • 56' Golly Barca are all over Zaragoza here as Cesc has a shot blocked, the ball almost spinning to Sanchez. Meanwhile, Lanzaro slides in on Sanchez and Barca have a free-kick. They make a change first, Xavi off for Thiago. And Iniesta is on for Sanchez.
    • 55' Puyol, by the way, was offside on Cesc's original pass but it was aimed for Keita, whose knockdown was made when Puyol had returned back to an onside position. It may have been an own-goal as a defender slid in with Puyol on the line. Matters not.
    • 54' Alves takes but hits the wall. Given how Zaragoza have defended I would have gone for the Xavi cross. No mind, it's 3-0 anyway as the second ball is floated in by Cesc, headed down by Keita and bundled past the keeper by Puyol.
    • 53' Messi is on the deck beating the turf with his first after getting tripped. He's fine. Free-kick 30 yards out, Xavi and Alves over it...
    • 52' Lafita is on the ball now, superb individual run and he gets in on the edge of the box but thrashes the shot over!
    • 51' Keita with a superb block after Juan Carlos's low drive was aimed for the bottom right! And Puyol hacks it away as Garcia flew in!
    • 50' Sanchez seems to have been fouled but play on as Messi gets it, now Alves and Messi is on it again but Juarez does well to force him wide... Xavi floats it in for Cesc but he's offside.
    • 49' Juan Carlos tries it on but Alves reads his trickery and brings it away.
    • 48' Zaragoza break and Juan Carlos is in down the left but his cut-back to Postiga is blocked by Keita. Good defending.
    • 47' Messi slips Cesc clean through after a one-two, he holds off the challenge and tries to finish but a super save by Roberto! Great football!
    • 46' The second half is underway!
    • 46' A couple of changes for Zaragoza as Lafita and Micael come on for Barrera and Garcia.
    • - 328-133 - that's the number of passes from the teams. No prizes for guessing which side tallied which total.
    • 45+1 Half-time at the Camp Nou and it's pretty much been plain sailing for Barca, who lead 2-0.
    • 45' One minute added time being played.
    • 44' ALMOST THREE! Fabregas and Maxwell with the one two, Maxwell flies in down the left and drills in a wicked low ball that Cesc just misses flying in!
    • 43' GOAL BARCELONA! Cuenca gets on the ball, he finds Messi who is somehow onside andwriggles past one challenge as the Zaragoza defence parts like an inter-continental aquatic inlet for the Argentine to drill a low finish across Roberto and in. Classy. Lanzaro played Messi onside initially.
    • 42' Barrera gets the better of an out-of-position Pique, Maxwell nowhere to be seen, and he drills in a low ball that Valdes grabs gleefully.
    • 41' Carlos on the left swings in a nice cross aimed at Garcia but Pique nods it away.
    • 40' Matteos is getting patched up while Zaragoza play on - maybe not the best tactic, as five minutes with 10 men and these little fellas will carve you a new orifice.
    • 39' Matteos is down hurt after a challenge involving Alves...
    • 38' Another save by Roberto from Sanchez, although this time the Chilean put it too close to him after the backheel from Cesc.
    • 37' Sanchez now on the left, he has Cesc available but goes it alone, Mateos able to clear. Remember - Sanchez is feeling his way back in after injury.
    • 36' Messi is held up by a good Mateos challenge but Barca keep the ball. Swarming all over poor Zaragoza here...
    • 35' Following some more delightful passing Alves swings in a very good cross that just evades the leap of Messi!
    • 34' Barca are toying with Zaragoza now as they pass rings around them...
    • 32' Messi denied again as Lanzaro blocks his finish after a dribble! And Roberto keeps out a long-range one from Fabregas I think and eventually Alves gives away a free-kick.
    • 31' Garcia down the other end is yards offside on the Barrera through ball.
    • 30' Messi denied by Roberto! The rebound lands for Cesc but Juarez blocks! And a double save from Roberto as he keeps out Sanchez's finish! Great keeping after Barca cut Zaragoza apart with super one-touch passing!
    • 29' Messi almost flicks it past Roberto after a cute through ball by Fabregas but it strikes the keeper's shoulder! Messi picks it up again, on the right, and he tries to finish from an impossible angle after skinning two defenders but side netting!
    • 28' Nothing comes from the free-kick as Zaragoza have a throw on their left. A long one aimed for Barrera is intercepted by Maxwell.
    • 27' Juarez, on loan from Celtic, is booked for lunging in on Sanchez. Seemed a decent tackle, but Spain is Spain and you can't be remotely physical when Barca and Real are in town.
    • 26' Xavi shoots but well wide, Roberto watching it all the way.
    • 25' Free-kick to Barca as Lanzaro goes in late on Fabregas. Booking.
    • 24' Luis Garcia swings it for Lanzaro but cleared to touch by Barca.
    • 23' A break from Zaragoza results in a corner, Garcia getting forward but his drive deflected off Pique and wide.
    • 22' Wonderful pass from Xavi but Messi is again adjudged to have handled - I don't think so this time.
    • 21' Keita arrives from deep but blasts it well over. Fabregas's haircut is ridiculous, by the way, he looks like Benny del Toro's midget brother.
    • 20' Barca swarm forward again as Cuenca and Fabregas combine to win a corner.
    • 19' Pique was allowed to sneak in unmarked because Fabregas provided a decoy run, dragging Mateos out of position. Mark the space, not the man!
    • 18' GOAL BARCELONA! Great free-kick driven in by Xavi and Pique flies in with a power-header past Roberto for 1-0!
    • 17' Juarez and Mateos double up on Sanchez, fouling him probably necessarily. Free-kick on the left...
    • 16' Good corner from Messi and Puyol arrives unmarked but misses his header! It scuffs off his shoulder I think and skews wide right! That was a chance!
    • 15' Messi wins a corner after some more slick passing, he will take it from the left.
    • 14' Barca stroking it about nicely now, good stuff as Cesc and Xavi get their lovely feet on the ball.
    • 12' Messi of all people gives it away - he was looking for the run of a striker. He is the striker tonight. Xavi comes forward now, Cesc wide to Sanchez, he crosses but Juarez deflects it - Cesc plays it back in but Roberto claims.
    • 11' Barca come again, enlivened by that chance. Zaragoza will do well to get any of the ball for a few minutes at least...
    • 10' Sanchez should have done better with that - and kind of curl on the ball and he would have scored.
    • 9' Cuenca gets a touch, Fabregas on it with a superb low ball across goal, Messi slides in but just ahead of him, now Sanchez on the left with an open net but the angle is too tight for him and he drills it across goal -Messi slides in again but somehow the keeper Roberto gets hold of it and Zaragoza survive!
    • 8' Cesc gets hold of the ball, a pass wide to Sanchez who looks inside but Messi is tackled.
    • 7' A very lazy start to this match, Barca operating deeper than usual...
    • 6' Messi almost gets on to Xavi's pass but Roberto claims.
    • 5' As you'd expect Barca are bossing possession, although looking a touch sluggish post-international break at this early stage.
    • 4' Poor backpass from Maxwell but Valdes is alert and races out to clear.
    • 3' Messi handles as a ricochet flicks up into his arms following a mazy dribble.
    • 2' I know you like to have your say and that so feel free to give me grief on Twitter @Reda_Maher
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 18:58 This may go some way to explaining why Villa has been dropped - Lionel Messi has scored eight goals in his last six appearances played in La Liga vs Real Zaragoza; Villa has scored just three goals in this campaign; last season, after 11 matchdays he had netted six.
    • 18:57 FACT: Barcelona have always scored in 23 home games against Real Zaragoza in the league since November 1986. Pep Guardiola’s side are unbeaten in their last 15 games, currently the longest run in La Liga.
    • 18:56 FACT: Real Zaragoza have conceded 249 goals so far against Barça in the league, more than against any other Spanish team; Real Zaragoza have managed to win just twice in 57 previous meetings at Barcelona’s ground in La Liga: 1-0 in April 1961 and November 1965.
    • 18:55 Javier Aguirre (Real Zaragoza): I am expecting the best Barcelona. It is important that we have this attitude. We must be strong, that is more important than any other analysis. The team has trained well this week and I have great faith in the team. They are in a good mood at the moment."
    • 18:55 Pep Guardiola (Barcelona) (on Lionel Mess): "He trained well. I have some doubts (over player fitness after the international break). I will put out the side that I believe is best able to win the match."
    • 18:50 TEAM NEWS: For Zaragoza, Abraham Minero returned to training and is on the bench. Adam Pinter trained too, but he is not risked; Paulo da Silva is out with a leg injury.
    • 18:50 TEAM NEWS: For Barca, David Villa is dropped to the bench, with Leo Messi the lone striker. Brazil full-back Adriano Correia and long-term injury absentee Ibrahim Afellay are still out and, while Pedro returned to training, he is not risked: Cuenca starts in his place, working the flanks with Alexis Sanchez.
    • 18:45 TEAMS - Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Maxwell, Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez, Cuenca, Messi; Pinto, Fonstas, Abidal, Mascherano, Iniesta, Thiago, Villa /// Zaragoza: Roberto, Juarez, Paredes, Mateos, Lanzaro, Meira, Ponzio, Barrera, Garcia, Carlos, Postiga; Subs: Alcolea, Minero, Micael, Zuculini, Lafita, Gracia, Oriol
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Barcelona's Liga clash with Zaragoza - kicking off at 7pm UK time, 8pm local.
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    Manager: Josep Guardiola

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    Manager: Javier Aguirre

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