Sunday September 25, 2011 Day 6 Finished Estadio La Romareda

Real Zaragoza 0 - 0 Málaga CF

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  1. Zaragoza and Malaga in stalemate

    Zaragoza and Malaga in stalemate

    Real Zaragoza and Malaga played out a dull 0-0 draw in La Liga at the Estadio La Romareda. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Real Zaragoza
    • Málaga CF
    • 90+3' No more chances for either team and Zaragoza will be happy with the point. Malaga on the other hand will be disappointed by what was a pretty poor performance.
    • 90' Willy thumps the freekick downfield, but Zaragoza clear easily. Isco flies down the right, breaking the offside chance. His cross reaches Seba at the back post, but Roberto flies to his right to clear the danger.
    • 89' Zaragoza would have been expecting an onslaught in this second half, but it just hasn't happened from Malaga.
    • 87' Another disastrous cross from Eliseu goes miles over.
    • 86' Sanchez dives in and needs to be careful having already been booked.
    • 85' Malaga are playing on with Barrera lying on the floor with a bout of cramp. Needless to say the crowd don't like it.
    • 84' Eliseu puts in a poor cross when Malaga desperately need some quality with time running out.
    • 83' Malaga Sub: Baptista is replaced by Seba Fernandez.
    • 81' Toulalan takes the freekick on halfway. Paredes brings down Cazorla and it will be Duda to whip it in. Off the head of Demichelis and that was all very uninspired.
    • 80' Eliseu's sheer pace wins a throw for his team. Cazorla with quick feet to set up the shot, but his left-footed effort flies miles over.
    • 79' Toulalan is felled and Malaga get the game quickly back underway and win their umpteenth corner in this second half. It drops dangerously in the six yard box, but Zaragoza smuggle it out.
    • 78' Malaga Sub: Joaquin off, Isco comes on.
    • 77' Rondon wins a corner for Malaga, but the corner arcs in to Roberto's hands.
    • 76' Zaragoza have made all three subs so he'll have to play on if he can...
    • 75' Baptista slides one forward for Rondon. He's challenged by Paredes on the edge of the area and it is the defender who comes off worse.
    • 74' Zaragoza Sub: Ponzio comes off for Ruben Micael.
    • 73' Joaquin cuts inside from the right and plays an accurate ball into Baptista's feet, but his turn isn't sharp enough and it's cleared for a corner.
    • 72' Postiga shows why he does shoot all the time as his attempted pass is awful.
    • 71' Postiga rolls the defender well, but he's obsessed with shooting at the merest glimpse of goal and wastes another good position.
    • 70' The Beast doesn't bother to chase a ball over the defence, though he probably could have got there.
    • 69' Baptista's through pass is to no one - to be fair he probably assumed an overlapping fullback - and it's out for a goal kick.
    • 68' Baptista's deep cross is excellent and Lanzaro dives to clear the ball excellently at the expense of a corner.
    • 67' Joaquin's corner is cleared. Malaga get the ball back into the box and Redondo's shot is high, wide and handsome. Meira picks up a yellow card for a challenge on Cazorla.
    • 66' Cazorla lays forward for the onrushing Toulalan, but his cross it cut out for a corner...
    • 65' Duda puts in an angles pass for Baptista to chase, but Roberto flies out of his area and clears.
    • 64' Cazorla fires in a deep freekick, but straight into the arms of Roberto. Baptista drives into the area and goes down, but the ref isn't buying it one bit.
    • 63' Again an offside decision goes against Zaragoza unfairly. This time it was Demichelis playing them on.
    • 62' Postiga is called up for offside as he puts the ball into the net, hitting it across Willy into the far corner. He looked to be level - tough call for Zaragoza.
    • 61' Mathijsen this time ploughs into Postiga on the halfway line.
    • 60' Demichelis dives in on Postiga. The freekick is taken quickly and Postiga's shot from range is easy for Willy.
    • 59' Malaga Substitution: Luis Garcia off, Lafita on.
    • 58' Joaquin hares down the right, but his low cross in is cleared. The ball works its way to Baptista and he shoots, but doesn't get a brilliant connection and it dribbles into Roberto's arms.
    • 57' Carlos is getting over confident with a pointless Joe Cole style behind the leg pass that gose straight to Malaga.
    • 56' Malaga Substitution: Van Nistelrooy is replaced by Rondon.
    • 55' Juan Carlos drives down the left and his corner is cut out at the expense of a corner. It's short, but it's also offside.
    • 54' It's all Zaragoza in this second half. Postiga tries to turn Mathijsen, but he gets tangles up and the Dutchman clears.
    • 53' Slack play from Duda as his square pass is just about cleared by Mathijsen.
    • 52' Toulalan nips the ball away, but out for a throw to the delight of the crowd.
    • 51' Carlos cuts inside and plays to Ponzio, whose shot is charged down. A late challenge from Carlos and Sanchez is lying on the floor, but he's fine.
    • 50' Garcia throws in a wondrous freekick with three Zaragoza players running on to it as RVN played them all on. None of them can touch the ball in though as it whips just past the post for a goal kick.
    • 50' A lovely bit of skill from Carlos as he nutmegs Sanchez, who crudely brings him down and picks up a yellow card.
    • 49' Joaquin is hit hard after the ball is gone by Ponzio and Malaga have the foul.
    • 48' Roberto's wearing tights. Presumably to keep him warm. They're not helping his kicking though as he boots straight out for a throw.
    • 47' Baptista miscontrols almost straight after the whistle when in a very good position.
    • 46' Malaga really need to step up in this second half as they get us under way.
    • 45' Only a minute of added time and there's only time for a foolish foul from Carlos on Sanchez.
    • 44' Cazorla tries to line up the shot a couple of times, but each time he's closed down and so is forces into trying to poke the ball through for the onrushing attacker, but it's cut out with ease.
    • 42' Ponzio battles in the centre, but he doesn't come out on top. Zaragoza get it back though and Barrera gets in behind the defence down the right, but his pullback is terrible, to no one.
    • 41' Cazorla launches the ball in, but a great right hand from Roberto clears it miles long.
    • 40' Lanzaro picks up the first booking of the game after a challenge on Baptista.
    • 38' Eliseu clears, but Duda loses the ball. Carlos keeps the ball moving, it eventually gets to Garcia, but his chipped pass is cut out in the area.
    • 37' A ball straight down the centre as Barrera darts in from out wide, but it's too far forward and Willy holds.
    • 36' Sanchez can't make any headway down the right hand side after he's challenged by Garcia.
    • 35' There are players strewn on the floor as the surface seems to be a bit dodgy. It's cutting up and they're slipping around everywhere.
    • 34' Mathijsen very nearly loses the ball on the edge of his area, but just clears it. Baptista plays the ball through for Sanchez, but his cross evades everyone.
    • 33' Zaragoza Sub: Lanzaro replaces the injured Mateos.
    • 30' He looks pretty badly hurt and he hasn't got up. The injury buggy comes out , he's wrapped in a blanket and it all looks pretty serious, though it can only surely be a muscle injury.
    • 29' Luis Garcia hauls down Joaquin 40 yards from his own goal. Cazorla prepares to take the freekick...Mateos clears on the stretch with a good header, but has done himself some damage in the process.
    • 28' Duda out to Cazorla, but he can't beat the banks of defenders. Postiga gets on the ball 30 odd yards out and his optimistic shot goes predictably high and wide.
    • 27' Baptista uses his massive body to shield the ball, Joaquin hits a wasteful pass with the outide of his boot and loses the ball.
    • 26' Juarez wins his team a throw near the corner flag after Mathijsen's interception. Juarez hits the ball miles over.
    • 25' Eliseu attacking down the left as he spins away from the challenge, but his cross is blocked.
    • 24' Postiga felt he'd beat the offside trap following a clever Barrera reverse pass, but the linesman blows. He was definitely level there.
    • 23' Da Silva heads the corner well over and Malaga play the ball short out of defence.
    • 22' Postiga with a hopeful shot after being given far too much space. It clips off the defender's heels for a corner.
    • 21' Cazorla tries a one-two with Baptista, whose pass is short. He should have tried the shot there as he has so much time and space.
    • 20' Joaquin with his head down on the right byline and his drives cross flies into the hands of Roberto.
    • 19' A few tackles come flying in and Juarez gets stuck into Cazorla a little too much and concedes the foul.
    • 17' Good turn from Postiga in the area. It looks like he'll pull the trigger, but Demichelis with an even better tackle to deny him.
    • 16' Mathijsen clears and Paredes charges into a good tackle on Demichelis.
    • 14' Baptista lines up Ronaldo style to take the freekick. His shot just gets over the wall, but it's a yard or so wide and Roberto wasn't worried.
    • 13' RVN turns and he's fouled on the edge of the area by Ponzio.
    • 12' Duda commits the foul and Zaragoza have their first period of sustained possession. Barrerra gets into the area, but he slips as he shoots and the shot is a tame one as it goes into Willy's hands.
    • 11' Toulalan goes down under a poor challenge from Ponzio. The freekick is fired into the back post and Demichelis can only head well wide.
    • 10' Cazorla with quick feet and Malaga are all over Zaragoza at the start of this match. Joaquin makes his way infield and plays a ball out to where he thought Sanchez would be, but he was nowhere to be seen.
    • 9' Joaquin whips it in to the near post where it's cleared for a throw-in.
    • 8' Slight deflection off the shot from Eliseu and Malaga have another corner.
    • 7' Great ball played into RVN as he breaks the offside trap. His first time shot is saved and he gets a second bite at the cherry, but he's too wide and the save by Roberto is more comfortable.
    • 6' Willy clears the ball and Malaga win it in the fianl third.
    • 3' Duda plays out wide to Eliseu and his cross is cleared at the near post for a corner.
    • 2' Willy (there will be no innuendos here tonight) races off his line and chests a ball out to safety. That was dangerously close to his arm though.
    • 1' Malaga are playing right to left and immediately take possession of the ball.
    • 20:55 Teams - Zaragoza: Roberto Jiménez Fernando Meira P. da Silva Paredes Mateos L. Ponzio P. Barrera E. Juárez Juan Carlos Hélder Postiga Luis García. Subs: Jorge Ortí Abraham Ruben F. Zuculini Lafita M. Lanzaro L. Franco ///Malaga: J. Mathijsen M. Demichelis Sergio Sánchez Joaquín J. Toulalan Júlio Baptista Duda Cazorla Eliseu R. van Nistelrooy. Subs: S. Fernández Isco Rubén Ignacio Camacho S. Rondón Monreal E. Maresca
    • 20:53 Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live minute-by-minute coverage of the LigaBBVA match between Real Zaragoza and Malaga CF.
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  • Real Zaragoza

    Manager: Javier Aguirre

  • Málaga CF

    Manager: Manuel Pellegrini

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