Friday March 29, 2013 Day 30 Parc des Princes

Paris Saint-Germain v Montpellier HSC

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  1. Ligue 1 - Substitute Gameiro gives PSG eight-point lead

    Ligue 1 - Substitute Gameiro gives PSG eight-point lead

    Substitute Kevin Gameiro's goal 10 minutes from time gave Paris Saint-Germain a hard-fought 1-0 win over Montpellier. More

  • Live Commentary

    • FT FULL TIME! PSG 1-0 MONTPELLIER - It's all over in Paris, and Ibrahimovic is complaining about something still. But that's a vital three points for Ancelotti's men in the chase for the Ligue 1 tital.
    • 90+1' Ibrahimovic is fouled and PSG have a chance to hit the corners...
    • 90' PSG are trying to kill the game here, but Montpellier have it inside the home side's half
    • 88' Beckham's reverse cross isn't capitalised on and Montpellier come away with the ball...
    • 87' Ibrahimovic is fouled in a good position. Beckham stands over the ball on the far right of the pitch.
    • 86' More defenders for PSG. Menez makes way for full-back Cristophe Jallet.
    • 85' Camara causes a few problems in the PSG box but the home side clear.
    • 84' So PSG have their vital goal, and they're all still busting a gut to keep up the pressure.
    • 83' Beckham finds Ibrahimovic inside the area with a free-kick but his shot goes inches wide. Clever play from the Englishman, who feigned a cross to find the Swede.
    • 81' Very unselfish play from Ibrahimovic for the goal, he could have shot but squared to Gameiro inside the six yard box, who was in a better position
    • 80' GOAL PSG! The ball drops to Menez who finds Ibrhaimovic, whose low pass into the box finds substitue Kevin Gameiro two yards out. Easy finish, good build up from PSG.
    • 79' Montpellier are looking to die the game down here, they haven't stopped running, to their credit.
    • 77' Ancelotti is getting nervous here. They've stumbled in the league of late and will be desperate for a win to take them nine points clear at the top of Ligue 1.
    • 76' Beckham's free kick is met by Alex, but his glancing header goes harmlessly wide.
    • 75' There was also two changes for Montpellier in all that, with Stambouli and Charonnier coming off for Herrera and Dabo
    • 74' Beckham's first action is a cross straight at goalkeeper Geoffrey Jourdren, but the crowd seemed excited at least
    • 73' Two changes for PSG, David Beckham comes on for Verratti, while Chantome comes off for Gameiro
    • 72' Maxwell hits a shot high over the bar after the ball fell to him outside the area.
    • 71' Ibrahimovic is standing over a free-kick, 30 yards out again... but it hits the wall.
    • 70' The corner comes to nothing. How long until Ancelotti changes things?
    • 69' PSG need to settle down, Montpellier are getting plenty of the ball now and have a corner.
    • 68' Silva commits a third stupid foul in three minutes, Montpellier will be slightly encouraged with their last five or so minutes
    • 67' Another silly foul, this time from Chantome, and Montpellier can attack.
    • 66' The crowd are becoming slightly nervy here in paris, and so are the players as Van der Wiel is penalised for a foul inside his own half.
    • 65' Montpellier look more and more organised in defence, forcing PSG back into their own half. But Chantome finds his way through somehow, hitting a low shot five yards wide from outside the area.
    • 64' Awful. Ibrahimovic hits it high, wide and handsome.
    • 63' Free-kick to PSG, 30 yards from goal slightly to the right. Will Ibrahimovic have a go? He's standing behind it with that look on his face...
    • 62' Cabella, one of Montpellier's better players tonight, is brought off for Jonas Martin.
    • 61' Menez is found offside again after more good build up play from the home side.
    • 60' Ibrahimovic is booked for the foul
    • 59' Remy Cabella has been Montpellier's bright spark today, he is fouled by Ibrahimovic after a brilliant run through the heart of PSG's midfield
    • 58' Charbonnier takes a shot from 30 yards - it dips slightly but Sirigu collects with ease.
    • 57' PSG's dominance has calmed down in the last few minutes. Time for Beckham?
    • 56' Montpellier have a corner but Sirigu gets a decent punch on it.
    • 55' Chantome's shot from 30 yards is spilled by Jourdren but the goalkeeper cleans up just in time before Ibrahimovic tries to get involved.
    • 54' But Montpellier go close! Cabella nearly gets a decent touch on a low drilled pass into the area, but it's out for a corner, which is met by Charbonnier but over the bar.
    • 53' It's all PSG here, they don't want the clock ticking down on them later on, they want the lead as soon as possible.
    • 52' CHANCE for Menez: The France international gets on the end of Ibrahimovic's powerful knockdown 20 yards out, but he puts his first-time shot wide. That sat up perfectly for him.
    • 51' A third penalty appeal, more so from the PSG crowd, this time for a challenge on Menez. No chance, again.
    • 50' Van der Wiel fizzes a dangerous cross into the six yard box but Menez doesn't move early enough and it's a yard away from him.
    • 49' PSG do play some very nice football in tight spaces, and will no doubt give Barcelona some problems in their Champions League quarter final first leg on Tuesday
    • 48' The ball drops to Van der Wiel on the edge of the area but his drilled shot goes a yard over - PSG are starting the second half how they finished the first.
    • 47' Some more nice interplay from the home side but Menez is found offside.
    • 46' We're back underway here, you get the feeling PSG will want a very early goal here.
    • HT HALF TIME: PSG 0-0 MONTPELLIER: All the big chances went to PSG, who should have been ahead within a minute and believe they should have had a penalty at least. An important second period coming up....
    • 44' If Montpellier can hold on at 0-0 until half time then the clock ticks down for PSG in the second half. They'd love a goal now.
    • 43' PSG are playing some lovely stuff in the middle of the park after struggling in the early stages in that department. Verratti, Matuidi and Pastore are all linking up beautifully.
    • 42' Younes Belhanda thinks he's Cristiano Ronaldo for a split second and goes for goal. He's arguably closer to the Stade de France goal a few miles down the road...
    • 41' On the balance of things PSg should certianly be ahead... but here come Montpellier. Utaka is upended by Thiago Silva on the very edge of the area on the left hand side. A chance for a dangerous cross....
    • 40' BIG CHANCE for Ibrahimovic. The ball is given to him in acres of space by Menez, and the Swede decides to take the ball first time... he doesn't connect with it though and it rolls straight to the goalkeeper. A real shame after a decent move.
    • 39' The corner is wasted but Montpellier have the ball in the corner of PSG's half.
    • 38' Alex plays a wayward backpass to Sirigu and the goalkeeper can't keep it in - corner to Montpellier. Ancelotti would be fuming if anything comes from this...
    • 37' Maxwell's free-kick is poor - straight at the first defender.
    • 36' Matuidi is fouled inside Montpellier's half and it's another chance to hit the visitors' box.
    • 35' Alex attempts a wild through ball to Ibrahimovic and nearly finds him, but the Swede is flagged offside.
    • 34' PSG look in complete control now, it's Montpellier who are being forced into mistakes.
    • 33' Cabella nearly finds Charbonnier with a through ball, but Sirigu comes and collects for PSG.
    • 32' The corner finds Alex, whose header is strong but straight at Jourdren. His goal is being peppered at this very moment.
    • 31' Matuidi looks to drive forward and finds Menez, who earns a corner for PSG.
    • 30' Ibrahimovic finally looks up for it now. I think he can sense a PSG goal around the corner.
    • 29' Thiago Silva gets on the end of a dangerous free-kick and his header is parried wide by Jourdren in the Montpellier goal. PSG are threatening here.
    • 28' Van der Wiel goes down in the area and looks for a penalty, but it was a great tackle from Daniel Congre, the Montpellier defender.
    • 27' Great effort from Ibrahimovic, who hits a humdinger from 30 yards which goes just wide.
    • 26' Menez goes down in the area but is told to get up by referee Bien. Tres Bien for effort, Jeremy, but that won't fool anyone.
    • 25' Charbonnier hits a shot from the edge of the area that goes a few yards wide, decent chance for the visitors.
    • 24' A couple beautiful PSG passes come to nothing, Pastore is dictating the play here. He needs a bit more suport, however.
    • 23' Pastore and Matuidi fail to link up in the middle of the park. That has been PSG's problem, to an extent.
    • 22' half-way through the first half almost and the best chances have gone to the home side. But Montpellier still look threatening coming forward.
    • 21' CHANCE for Ibrahimovic. Verratti plays a brilliant ball over the top of the Montpellier defence, and with the goalkeeper charging out towards him, Ibrahimovic manages to get a touch on the ball but it goes high over the bar. Still a big chance for the Swede.
    • 20' Montpellier seem happy to let PSG come at them and hit them on the break. PSG are committing but some of their passes are wayward.
    • 19' Montpellier come forward and have a half chance through Cabella, but his shot is deflected off Alex and then off himself for a goal kick.
    • 18' The game has calmed down now, it seems, with PSG dictating play a bit more. Pastore looks very bright. They're still struggling to get the ball to Ibrahimovic, however...
    • 17' Menez is nearly found by Pastore but is instead found offside in a good position.
    • 16' Verratti gets himself in a pickle for PSG but comes away with a free-kick, PSG can calm down now.
    • 15' Van der Wiel loses the ball to Cabella and then fouls the midfielder inside his own half. A chance for Montpellier with the set-piece now.
    • 14' ...the free-kick bounces around the area for a while before Thiago Silva's shot is put 10 yards over.
    • 13' PSG put a nice few passes together and Menez is fouled 30 yards from goal. A chance for PSG to load the box...
    • 12' Pastore lays the ball to Menez 25 yards out, but the Frenchman's attempted curled effort is high, wide and handsome.
    • 11' A chance for PSG to get into the game now with some possession in Montpellier's half...
    • 10' Ibrahimovic gets past El Kaoutari on the byline but his cross-cum-shot is over and wide.
    • 9' Montpellier with all the possession so far as Camara hits a tame volley from 25 yards into the arms of Sirigu.
    • 8' Ancelotti perhaps won't be too happy with his side's start. Montpellier look a little bit more intelligent in the early stages.
    • 7' Pastore is penalised for a foul on Bedimo deep inside Montpellier's half.
    • 6' Montpellier are playing with confidence here despite nearly falling behind after just a minute. They're finding plenty of space between PSG's midfield and defence.
    • 5' Cabella finds some space for Montpellier from 25 yards but his shot is dragged wide right of the goal.
    • 4' John Utaka takes a tame shot outside of the area but it falls into the arms of Sirigu in the PSG goal.
    • 3' That through ball from Maxwell was delighful, but Chantome really should have scored with his right foot.
    • 2' BIG CHANCE FOR PSG! Clement Chantome is put through on goal by a brilliant pass from Maxwell, but the midfielder hits it wide. He should have scored after just a minute.
    • 1' And we're off here in Paris. PSG fans are in full voice, a win here will put them nine points clear of Lyon.
    • 19:25 The referee tonight is Wilfried Bien. We’ve got five minutes until kick-off.
    • 19:20 The home side have won just two of their last six, while Montpellier went on a three-match winning streak before losing at Nice and drawing at home to lowly Troyes.
    • 19:15 PSG have a five-point lead over Lyon at the top of Ligue 1, with champions Montpellier looking to kick-start a disappointing season from seventh place. They’re currently six points off a Champions League spot, and a win here would do them the world of good in that respect. Retaining the title, sadly, looks a step too far. Check out the Ligue 1 table here
    • 19:10 TEAMS: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN: Sirigu, Alex, Thiago Silva, Van Der Wiel, Maxwell, Matuidi, Verratti, Pastore, Chantome, Menez, Ibrahimovic... Subs: Douchez, Sakho, Armand, Beckham, Jallet, Camara, Gameiro /// MONTPELLIER: Jourdren, Congré, Hilton, El-Kaoutari, Bedimo, Dabo, Belhanda, Camara, Cabella, Utaka, Charbonnier... Subs: Pionnier, Mezague, Dabo, Martin, Coulomb, Mounier, Herrera
    • 19:05 If you’d like to discuss Montpellier’s chances of causing an upset tonight, tweet me on @gedbrand91 FOLLOW HERE
    • 19:00 The other main team news is that Lucas Moura is still out for PSG with an injured ankle. He has a race to be fit for the Champions League quarter final against Barcelona in this very stadium on Tuesday night.
    • 19:00 Speaking of Beckham, PSG boss Carlo Ancelotti said yesterday that he hopes the Englishman can extend his contract at the league leaders. Beckham signed as a free agent on a five-month deal in January.
    • 18:55 The big news is that David Beckham is on the bench for the home side. His record in Ligue 1 games this season reads: won two, drawn one, lost one.
    • 18:50 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Paris Saint-Germain versus Montpellier from the Parc des Princes. Kick-off 19.30 GMT.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Paris Saint-Germain

    Manager: Carlo Ancelotti

  • Montpellier HSC

    Manager: René Girard

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  1. Hello psoo

    From melissa, on Sat 30 Mar 12:13
  2. Voilà!!!! On a gangné!!! Montpelier: tu es fini! ­ P S G !!!! YES! Great work Gameiro & Becks!

    From Bob, on Fri 29 Mar 21:12
  3. Concon, nique ta moche mère, espèce de pute! DO US­ PROUD PSG LADS! Score and make England & France­ proud! Come on Becks! You are the best! Go for it­ Ibrahimovic & Menez!!! P S G !!! P S G !!! P S G­ !!! P S G !!!

    From Bob, on Fri 29 Mar 21:07
  4. Montpellier players are a bunch of thick rednecks. They­ deserve nothing. BUT PSG: they are absolute class! On­ t'adore PSG. Avec Becks tu vas devenir champion! ­ A L L E Z P S G !!!!!!

    From Bob, on Fri 29 Mar 21:02
  5. Come on Becks! DO THE BUSINESS and score!!!! PSG,­ Paris and all of England loves U. Allez!!!

    From Bob, on Fri 29 Mar 21:00
  6. Concon, va te faire enculer espèce de merde. Tu ne­ parle même pas de français. Alors va te faire foutre,­ petit anglais de merde... COME ON P S G!!!! ­ All of Europe loves you!!!!

    From Bob, on Fri 29 Mar 20:58
  7. Psg cmon score!!!

    From Fu, on Fri 29 Mar 20:56
  8. We love PSG !!! And we love Beckham !!! Montpelier­ ceux sont les branleurs!

    From Bob, on Fri 29 Mar 20:18
  9. venir sur les gagnants

    From Concon, on Fri 29 Mar 20:14
  10. Get Beckham on!!

    From SALROG, on Fri 29 Mar 20:11
  11. Janetot, autant qu'une femme ne comprend même pas­ le foot. She is a nutter and shouldn't even be on­ this forum. COME ON PSG!!! COME ON BECKHAM!

    From Bob, on Fri 29 Mar 19:49
  12. Allez PSG! Montre les branleurs de sud que nous sommes­ les meilleurs (surtout avec le géant BECKHAM)!!!!

    From Bob, on Fri 29 Mar 19:37
  13. Allez Monpellier

    From janetot, on Fri 29 Mar 19:36
  14. Come on Montpellier - You can turn them over :)

    From , on Fri 29 Mar 19:13
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