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  •   We held a live webchat with legendary Serbian player and manager Radomir Antic, a former Barcelona and Real Madrid coach who has recently led his national side to the World Cup - here's what he said:

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  • Radomir Antic: I'm going to have to leave it there. Sorry if I haven't answered all your questions, but don't worry - I'm sure I'll be back again before long! I'm a lucky man to be enjoying my life in this sport more than ever. Thanks to all the readers or Eurosport-Yahoo! for taking part in the chat, and as I said, see you next time!

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  • 12:58 Q: Do you believe that the God of Football (that's Lionel Messi, for those that know nothing about the sport!) can lead Argentina to winning the World Cup? (bananerin)

  •   Radomir Antic: Of course... But Maradona has to pick him, and at the moment he has five or six players in that position who he could choose. Yes, Messi is fantastic but he's playing in a very distinct position. He gets involved in the game less, but scores more goals. If you ask me if he can play on the left wing, I would say yes, and perfectly. It's difficult to find a star with such humility.

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  • 12:52 Q: Radomir, you're a courageous man and you say that you love challenges. Would you return to Real Madrid? (Madridista)

  •   Radomir Antic: That certainly is a big challenge. I'll tell you one thing: my life philosophy is never to leave closed doors behind me. I would have no problem going back to the Nou Camp, the Bernabeu or the Calderon. I'm lucky enough to do something that I love. Football is a passion, and I'm proud that when I go back to Serbia I'll be receiving the 'Serbian of the Year' award.

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  • 12:47 Q: Serbia has two great talents in Aleksic and Ljajic. What can we expect of them? Will we see them at the World Cup? (Oscar)

  •   Radomir Antic: It's early because they are young men. They're great players but I believe that they have got out there a little too early and that they should have gone to a different country. They are at an age when they need to improve their skills and I'd have preferred them to be a little more patient. But they are two fantastic footballers and then can give a lot of joy to our nation.

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  • 12:43 Q: Is Florentino Perez wrong to keep following a business model that is clearly broken? (Punchy)

  •   Radomir Antic: I don't want to judge that. For me, you have to treat football in accordance with the philosophy that the sport represents.

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  • 13:38 Q: Why have Barcelona been leaving everyone else behind for the last two years? (Lllo)

  • Radomir Antic: They have continuity, something which I've always valued enormously. I spent two or three months at the Torneo de Alevines, and I saw Barca's 12 year-olds playing together as if they were the first team. Pep has a lot of home-grown players in his squad and that is a smart move that is bearing fruit. It's a philosophy of passing on the baton from one group of players to the next. And it's not by accident that Spain is top of the FIFA rankings, and that Barca dominate European footb

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  • 12:33 Q: After Barcelona's win at the Bernabeu on Saturday, is the Liga title race decided? (Kabestro)

  •   Radomir Antic: I've got to say that Barca have shown they can clearly defend the title, but as always with football you can never say for sure. I don't know which team has the better run-in. There's more continuity at Barca, and that makes them more credible title contenders.

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  • 12:28 Q: Hi Radomir. I think Xavi is the Magic Johnson of football. Do you agree that the problem Argentina have with Messi is that when he plays for them Xavi is with Spain? (xb74)

  •   Radomir Antic: I love watching the young guys from my time at Barca come through and become men. It's one of my great pleasures. Xavi is a marvel. As a football man, I love the fact that there are different types of player who complement each other. Messi and Xavi are magnificent players, but still have their quirks. People always talk about what is missing, and not what they have. That is what happened at Madrid: worrying what to do without Silva, what to do without Cesc. But that's not how it

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  • 12:24 Q: Hi Rado! Present company excepted, do you think Pep Guardiola is the greatest coach in Barcelona's history? Thanks Rado! We love you buddy! (Pep)

  •   Radomir Antic: I absolutely love how he's been doing the job. He hasn't just been training the squad, but has made himself a leader, which has helped him avoid the pitfalls and has earned him a place among Barca's best ever coaches.

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  • 12:20 Q: It looks like Manuel Pellegrini will get the sack from Real Madrid. Which coach would you pick for the job? Can you ever see yourself returning to manage the side? (Griego de Danone)

  •   Radomir Antic: I'm never going to get involved with that kind of speculation. Pellegrini has made Real a winning team but as always after a defeat people blame the manager. I have proven to myself that I can take on any challenge. I love challenges and am afraid of nothing.

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  • 12:18 Q: Hi Radomir. My question is whether you prefer English football or Spanish football? (tom b)

  •   Radomir Antic: It's really not something you can compare. During my time in England I saw the incredible respect they have for the game, both on and off the pitch. In Spain it's different in that players don't think about their old clubs once they've moved on, unlike English football in my time. But everything is a lot more globalised now.

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  • 12:17 Q: Hi Radomir, what will be your next move after taking Serbia to South Africa? (aleksicn93)

  •   Radomir Antic: That I just don't know. I have a contract with the Serbian FA but football is a very changeable business. I'm under no iillusions about that.

  • 12:16 Q: What can we expect of Serbia at the World Cup? You're portrayed as one of the surprise packages, could you pull of a performance like Croatia did at France '98? (Woodgate_altura)

  •   Radomir Antic: I am a great optimist. I don't want to make comparisons with anyone else but I'm certain that we're going to have a good World Cup.

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  • 12:15 Q: The Real Madrid team has failed despite being the most expensive in history. What future do you see for them? Will they have to rebuild? (Woodgate_altura)

  •   Radomir Antic: I think that Madrid need a reality check: after that match, in the cold light of day, they have to analyse what is working, what isn't, and make decisions.

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