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  • 90'’ Schalke and Werder Bremen join Bayern in the Champions League. Bayern Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund qualify for the Europa Leagye. Bochum and Hertha Berlin are relegated. Nurnberg will play a relegation play-off with the third-best second division team.

  • 90'’ Bayern are celebrating their league title....

  • 90'’ Hannover fans are celebrating. Some police are on the pitch trying to calm any tensions down......the Bochum players are distraught.

  • 89'’ And it is all over....whistles going to signal the end of the Bundesliga season....

  • 88'’ Into the final minute now........Hannover look like they are celebrating winning the league title....

  • 87'’ They have defeated Cologne, but they are heading down.

  • 86'’ Nurnberg applaud their fans....

  • 84'’ Robben is on target....that wraps up the victory...

  • 83'’ There's another goal for Bayern.....

  • 80'’ Into the final ten minutes. Nurnberg have the lead against Cologne, but looks too little, too late. Ottl has scored the goal.

  • 78'’ The Hannover fans are in a party mood. Little wonder. This has been a great final day of the season for them.

  • 76'’ Van Nistelrooy has scored for Hamburg. They are level with Bremen after Pizarro's opener.

  • 74'’ Bruggink is replaced by Stajner having made a telling contribution for Hannover.

  • 72'’ For what it is worth...second-placed Schalke remain at 0-0 with Mainz. They had no chance of winning the title with Bayern 18 goals better off.

  • 70'’ Robben has banged in a second for Bayern......lovely finish on the counter attack. The champions lead 2-1.

  • 69'’ Hannover look comfortable. A number of men behind the ball and hitting on the counter attack seems to be their ploy.

  • 67'’ Won't matter too much too Dortmund....they will still qualify for the Europa League.

  • 66'’ Freiburg have turned their match with Dortmund on its head. Goal from Idrissou and Cisse give them a 2-1 advantage.

  • 64'’ Bruggink had the chances moments ago to make it four, but Heerwagen denied him with a good save.

  • 63'’ Bit of a delay in the Bochum match. Injury to the Hannover goalkeeper Fromlowitz, but he is back on his feet.

  • 61'’ Bayern, Schalke and Werder Bremen occupy the Champions League places. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Leverkusen take those Europa League spots. Nurnberg, Bochum and Hertha will be relegated.

  • 60'’ So let us have a little recap of where we stand at this stage......

  • 58'’ Ramos has equalised....probably deserved that goal......Ribery makes way for Altintop.

  • 57'’ And a goal for Hertha.......

  • 55'’ Werder Bremen are ahead against Hamburg. They look like cementing that final Champions League spot. Pizarro is the scorer.

  • 53'’ Still no signs of a Bochum recovery heading into the final half hour.

  • 52'’ Monchengladbach have equalised against Leverkusen. Brouwers is the scorer.

  • 51'’ The Hannover fans are celebrating. Some contrast to the depressed Bochum crowd.

  • 50'’ Hertha out of luck against Bayern. They've hit the bar.

  • 49'’ Dortmund now three points ahead of Stuttgart in the fight for that fiinal Europa League spot. They lead 1-0 at Freiburg courtesy of a Barrios goal on 47 minutes.

  • 48'’ Must be a dream scenario for the hardy bunch of Hannover fans. Three ahead of your relegation rivals on the final day of the season.

  • 46'’ They're back out again. Long way back for Bochum.

  • 45'’ We'll be back with the second-half action to see if Bochum can pull off a minor miracle against Hannover. They trail by three.

  • 45'’ Dortmund a point ahead of Stuttgart in the race for the Europa League place.

  • 45'’ Not good reading for Bochum or Nurnberg. They look like they're heading down.

  • 44'’ Half-time whistles beginning to sound.....

  • 42'’ Hoffenheim have grabbed an equaliser against Stuttgart. Vukcevic just before the break.

  • 41'’ Some glum faces among the Bochum fans.

  • 39'’ And there it is! Number THREE for Hannover...that surely is the match wrapped up....Pinto finishes off a sweeping counter attack. Bochum look dead and buried.

  • 37'’ Nurberg still level at home to FC Koln. They need a win from that match, but that won't be enough if Hannover overomce Bochum.

  • 36'’ Meanwhile, Bayern continue pressing for a second goal.

  • 35'’ Free-kick for Bochum. Chance, but that is waste. Straight at the wall. Hannover happy to see the minutes tick down. Five left before the break.

  • 33'’ Great stop by Butt in the Bayern goal. Kobiashvili thumped in a free-kick from distance, but was an agile stop.

  • 31'’ Some tasty tackles flying about in the Bochum match, but the home side are no nearer to finding a way back into the match.

  • 30'’ Wolfsburg are three ahead of Eintracht. Looks to be game over in that one.

  • 28'’ Leverkusen are ahead at Monchengladbach. Helmes is the scorer for the visitors. They are level on points with Bremen in the race for that third Champions League spot. Bremen remain ahead courtesy of a goal difference of plus three.

  • 27'’ As it stands Nurnberg and Bochum are joining Hertha as the relegated trio.

  • 25'’ Approaching the midway point of the half. Not much movement since Hannover went two up at Bochum.

  • 23'’ Hertha try to hit back against Bayern, but Butt pulls out a decent stop to save from Pisczek.

  • 22'’ Wolfsburg are ahead against Eintracht. Misimovic is the scorer. Little to play for in that one.

  • 21'’ The Bochum fans looking a bit concerned. Little wonder. Another goal for the visitors now will surely condemn them to the drop.

  • 20'’ Bayern finally make their pressure count. Olic has buried a shot low into the corner of the net. The champions look like they're going to finish off in style.

  • 19'’ Hannover are suddenly two ahead at Bochum. Hanke has scored. Long way back now for the home side.

  • 18'’ There's been a goal for Stuttgart at Hoffenheim. That was some effort from Cacau. Began deep in his half.

  • 17'’ Ribery shows a burst of a pace for Bayern, but Hertha manage to whack the ball clear.

  • 15'’ Bayern, Schalke and Werder occupy the Champions League spots with Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund going to claim the Europa League places. All this could change right enough.

  • 14'’ So as it stands Nurnberg, Bochum and Hertha will be relegated.

  • 12'’ Bayern's players must have one eye on that Champions League final with Inter Milan. That must be uppermost in their minds.

  • 11'’ Bruggink gets a talking to after he crashed into the Bochum goalkeeper Heerwagen. A booking for goalscorer. Late challenge and a sore one.

  • 9'’ Bochum are pushing for an equaliser. A lot of tension in this game.

  • 8'’ That Bruggink goal is the only one so far in the Bundesliga, but what an important one it might be.

  • 6'’ Bayern continue to keep possession at Hertha. They are in a great position holding a goal difference of plus 17 over Schalke. They can afford to lose today and still be crowned champions, but they will be desperate to finish off on a high.

  • 5'’ That will take them away from the relegation zone. As it stands, Bochum are heading down.

  • 3'’ And a goal for Hannover at Bohcum. Bruggink has scored. Great finish.

  • 1'’ Hannover, Nurberg and Bochum are battling to avoid joining relegated Hertha in dropping down a division.

  •   Thw former Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann is playing his final Bundesliga game for Stuttgart against Hoffenheim. His 394th appearance in Germany's elite league.

  •   The games are starting to kick off. Bayern are trotting out in Berlin. They stadium is packed. It is amazing that is four years since Berlin's stadium hosted the World Cup final. It is as busy for this match.

  •   They are going to take the title, but Champions League places are still up for grabs. Schalke are guaranteed of a place in Europe's top competition, but Werder Bremen must beat Hamburg to be sure of third. Bayern Leverkusen must win at Borussia Moenchengladbach to keep alive their hopes of a place in the Champions League.

  •   Bayern fans are in a party mood.

  • 14:15 Follow all the action from the final day in the Bundesliga.

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