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  1. thought I would tune in tonight. I must have the wrong­ page. It does say Scottish football at the top but­ there are 9 stories, ALL of them about Celtic. Nobody­ else play in Scotland!!!

    From William, on Wed 13 Aug 22:53
  2. From another William, couldn't agree more with you.­ Petrie may be keeping the finances in order but what­ use is that if there isn't a descent team for the­ supporters to follow. I'm surprised there­ aren't more fans calling for him to leave. Oh, and­ I've been a supporter for over 50 years. Been to­ matches where we've fought against some of the best­ teams in Europe, seems like centuries have passed since­ then. One things for sure, that will never happen­ again :(

    From William, on Sat 10 May 13:47
  3. mr.petrie take a hard look at what you have achieved­ .you picked mr fenlon after a succession of failed­ managers whoever was cheapest i suppose now it is­ going to cost a fortune to get together a decent team­ for nex year unless you are banking on going down and­ sticking with the same rubbish .I believe that if hibs­ do go down it will be several seasons before if ever­ they are back in the s.p.l. I HAVE BEEN A FOLLOWER OF­ HIBS FOR NIGH ON 70 YEARS BUT i am afraid that might­ end this year

    From William, on Sun 27 Apr 15:11
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