Wednesday July 25, 2012 1st Round: Group E Finished Millennium Stadium

Great Britain (W) 1 - 0 New Zealand (W)

  • Houghton 64’

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  • Live Commentary

    • Great Britain (W)
    • New Zealand (W)
    • - Big win for GB! They will move on with confidence after that despite some nervy moments. Thanks for joining us. Women's Olympic football scorecentre
    • FT There is not enough power on the free-kick and THERE IS THE FINAL WHISTLE!!!! – GB have got a victory to start the Games.
    • 90+3 One last chance for New Zealand to launch a free-kick into the box.
    • 90+2 Hoyle fouls Alex Scott and GB will be happy enough with that.
    • 90+1 Three extra minutes for New Zealand to find an equaliser.
    • 90' Yankey steals the ball in the NZ half but then tries to keep going when she should really have tried to pass to Jill Scott.
    • 89' Karen Carney off and Fara Williams on for GB.
    • 88' No messing about from New Zealand they are just looking to lump the ball forward now.
    • 87' Longo with possession in a dangerous area just to the left of the GB box but she can't do anything with it as the minutes tick on.
    • 85' The ball at the right end of the pitch from a GB perspective at the moment.
    • 84' Hearn with a fine dipping shot from the edge of the area and Britain's keeper Karen Bardsley does superbly well to tip it over the bar.
    • 83' NZ trying hard to get the ball forward quickly now and create a chance.
    • 81' NZ manage to defend the latest corner but GB will be happy to have had a spell in the NZ half.
    • 80' Another GB cross is whipped dangerous across the goal – it flashes off the head of NZ's Percival and goes out for another corner.
    • 79' Britain launch a free-kick into the NZ box and Hearn has to head it out for a corner.
    • 78' NZ spending more time in the GB half now – could be an exciting finish here.
    • 77' Tense edge to the game here now. Will GB start to sit back? It would be a dangerous tactic.
    • 75' Goals going in elsewhere - world champions Japan are 1-0 up on Canada and the USA have come back to level their clash with France. Women's Olympic football scores
    • 74' Annalie Longo on for Kirsty Yallop for Nez Zealand
    • 73' Aluko shows good footwork to get a cross in from the endline and NZ have to put it out for a corner but Britain cannot do anything with it.
    • 72' GREAT CHANCE FOR NZ!!! Scott and Ifeoma Dieke with an awful mix-up at the back and Sarah Gregorius was clear through with only the keeper to beat but her tame shot goes straight at Karen Bardsley.
    • 71' Have chance for Yallop on the edge of the area but she can't really make contact with ball on the half-volley and it trickles wide.
    • 69' Rachel Yankey on for Kelly Smith. One experienced striker for another.
    • 68' GB attack down the under end and for a moment it looks like the ball is going to fall for Aluko on the edge of the box but NZ scramble it clear.
    • 67' Bardsley has to rush out and gather low under pressure from Gregorius
    • 66' GB just need to settle down now and make sure they keep their composure. NZ already looking to attack.
    • 64' TEAM GB HAVE THE LEAD!!! Steph Houghton has curled the free-kick into the corner of the net. Questions about the NZ wall but a perfectly placed free-kick from the Arsenal midfielder.
    • 63' England win a free-kick in a central position just outside the D.
    • 63' Kelly Smith slips in Ellen White and she looks to be clear on goal but she delays the shot and Ali Riley does superb to race back and challenge.
    • 62' FIFA president Sepp Blatter is in the crowd. I would elaborate on that comment but my mother said if you have nothing nice to say about somebody then say nothing at all.
    • 61' Betsy Hassett has come on for NZ with captain Hayley Moorwood making way.
    • 60' Abby Wambach has just got a goal back for the USA in their match against France. USA v France: LIVE
    • 59' Kirsty Yallop with a NZ shot from distance but it goes well wide.
    • 58' Ali Riley now has to block a shot from Alex Scott from close range after she got forward. GB win a corner but fail to do anything with it.
    • 57' Jill Scott almost threads a ball into the box to Ellen White but NZ defend the danger.
    • 56' Kelly Smith with a powerful run down the left but her cross is blocked out.
    • 55' The other two teams in Britain's group are Cameroon and Brazil who play each other here in Cardiff after this game.
    • 53' We have had the first goal of the Olympics but is has come in Glasgow where France have take the lead against the USA. IN FACT MAKE THAT TWO - they have gone 2-0 in front. USA v France: LIVE
    • 52' GB finally on the attack in this half and they have just had a couple of corners back-to-back.
    • 51' Hannah Wilkinson with a low cross across the face of the goal but there is no GB player there.
    • 50' Scrappy start to the half so far. GB have not been able to carry on the momentum they showed in the latter stages of the second half.
    • 49' New Zealand with a free-kick from distance – Hearn gets it through the wall but it goes wide of the target.
    • 48' Decent corner that bounces around the GB box for a while but the British side finally clear the danger.
    • 47' Dieke has to kick it out for a corner under pressure from Hannah Wilkinson.
    • 46' And we are back underway.
    • 46' GB making a change at half-time with Ellen White coming on for Kim Little. So Ifeoma Dieke now the only non-English player on the team.
    • - And Japan v Canada in Coventry. Japan v Canada
    • - Two more matches about to start. USA v France at Hampden Park USA v France
    • HT And there is the half-time whistle. GB started slowly but could and perhaps should be in front.
    • 45' GREAT CHANCE FOR GB – Aluko slips in Little who is free to run into the six-yard box – she really should slot home and finish but instead she looks for a pass and NZ can clear.
    • 45' We will have one extra minute.
    • 44' Hannah Wilkinson booked for NZ for a tackle on Dieke
    • 42' Alex Scott puts in a cross from the right but it is too close to Bindon.
    • 41' Little does well to nick possession in midfield and starts another attack for GB.
    • 40' Asante with ANOTHER chance with a header – Smith plays a corner short – a cross is put in and Asante's run is very good but again her header is wide of the target.
    • 39' Britain pressing NZ down deep into their own half now.
    • 38' Alex Scott with a great overlapping run sees her get on the end of Kelly Smith's through ball – she cuts back inside but she curls her shot wide of the target.
    • 37' Good chance for GB!!! Again Smith's corner is whipped into the six-yard box - Jenny Bindon can't gather and Asante gets her head on it again but only enough to glance it wide.
    • 36' Smith's corner is a good one and hangs over the near post. Houghton is there and NZ have to scramble it wide for another corner.
    • 35' GB now have a corner as their steady improvement continues.
    • 33' OFF THE POST!!! A counter attacking move from GB set up and almost finished by Asante. Aluko found on the left edge of the box. She then picked out Asante but her header came off the near post. Asante not noted for her heading ability.
    • 32' Aluko shows good pace when in possession down the left but dilly-dallies on the ball a bit too much and then plays it to Kelly Smith in an offside position.
    • 30' Bardsley slides down to gather a ball well when it looked for a moment like it could fall to a NZ player.
    • 29' Scott and Little with some neat passing and Carney then tries to slot in Smith but Smith had not read the intention.
    • 28' England's best spell of passing sees them shift the ball from right to left but then Houghton just overcooks one pass down the line.
    • 27' Alex Scott drags across something that isn't quite a shot or a cross from a good position and the chance goes.
    • 26' GB's midfield still getting crowded out though. Britain having trouble shifting it from defence to midfield.
    • 25' So Britain have settled into the match now and actually look the more likely to score now. An evenly matched contest though.
    • 23' From a corner the NZ keeper Bindon doesn't properly punch it away – it falls to Aluko who smashes it towards the crowded goal but to be fair to Bindon she makes a smart stop.
    • 21' Free-kick from 35 yards out for GB – Houghton curls a decent shot around the wall and on target. Decent effort that Bindon has to push away.
    • 20' Alex Scott skips past Yallop on the edge of the area - she tries to cross but it is blocked away for a corner.
    • 19' Hearn flicks on a long ball into the box but there is no NZ player on the end of it.
    • 18' Little is pushed over by Percival and wins a free at midfield. The GB midfielder has some words with the guilty party from NZ
    • 17' Jenny Bindon in the NZ goal races out of her box on her left side and makes a mess of a long ball that she should have just booted out of play. Smith can't take adavantage though as she is crowded out.
    • 15' Kim Little a little lethargic in possession and is nicked. Houghton gets her out of trouble though with a sliding tackle.
    • 14' Karen Carney gets down the right and whips in a good cross that Smith just can't get on the end off. Aluko then screws a shot well wide but better by GB.
    • 13' GB finally enjoy an attack down the left with Kelly Smith and Aluko involved and they have won a corner
    • 12' Asante gives away the ball in a dangerous area and is lucky not to be punished.
    • 11' The fans starting to sing to try and get GB into this.
    • 10' England beat NZ 2-1 at the last World Cup but so far in this match NZ look much more composed on the ball.
    • 9' GB just struggling to maintain possession so far.
    • 8' Powerful run by Wilkinson and she puts a ball into the GB box. Stoney gets it back to Bardsley who manages to hang onto the ball despite being fouled by Gregorius
    • 7' Stoney now has to step in and tackle Gregorius on the edge of the box - fairly though - but still all NZ in these early stages.
    • 6' Decent ball from Riley up to Hearn but GB clear the danger.
    • 5' Ifeoma Dieke and Kim Little from Scotland in the GB team – all the other nine starters are English. The Welsh represented by the crowd!
    • 4' Good cross into the box from New Zealand - Amber Hearn has a chance to put a header on target but Steph Houghton does enough to put her off and it is headed wide. NZ the better team so far though.
    • 3' Boos from the crowd as Anita Asante leaves the boot-up on Hayley Moorwood and is booked. A messy tackle but you might have thought the keeper would have let it go.
    • 2' GB keeper Karen Bardsley with a poor clearance but Hannah Wilkinson can't get it under control. GB just need to settle down.
    • 1' Kelly Smith starts proceedings by kicking the ball straight out of play - Abby Erceg of New Zealand then almost slips while in possession too – some early nerves.
    • 1' Anita Asante has the honour of touching the ball to Kelly Smith and the Olympics are underway!!!!
    • 15:58 New Zealand: Bindon, Percival, Hoyle, Erceg, Smith, Riley, Moorwood, Hearn, Gregorius, Yallop, Wilkinson.
    • 15:58 Team GB: Bardsley, A Scott, Houghton, Stoney (C), Dieke, J Scott, Asante, Carney, Aluko, Little, Smith
    • 15:56 Lots of emotion from the British girls as God Save the Queen is played. Nice though that a second verse was played which nobody knows the words too giving everybody a chance to calm down.
    • 15:55 Also odd to see the British team wearing their 'away' colours of white.
    • 15:54 How odd it feels but the Olympic Games in London has just started with the New Zealand national anthem in Cardiff.
    • 15:55 It might be two days before the official start, and we might be in Cardiff instead of London, but Britain's women are kicking off these Games in five mintues' time in stunning sunshine in South Wales.
    • 15:50 Good afternoon and welcome! It's the Olympics, and they're kicking off right now.
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  • Great Britain (W)

    Manager: Hope Powell

  • New Zealand (W)

    Manager: Tony Readings

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  1. When I was 13 the teams were mixed or girls played vs­ boys and some girls could play quite well, however when­ the reach their 20s then you can see a clear difference­ in the mens game and the womens game (based mainly on­ the difference in phisiology)... And sorry ladies, but­ the honest truth is in general womens football is­ currently nowhere near the mens level, but it might­ improve over time and steroids

    From J McKenzie, on Thu 26 Jul 2:03
  2. When I was 13 the teams were mixed or girls played vs­ boys and some girls could play quite well, however when­ the reach their 20s then you can see a clear difference­ in the mens game and the womens game (based mainly on­ the difference in phisiology)... And sorry ladies, but­ the honest truth is in general womens football is­ currently nowhere near the mens level, but it might­ improve over time and steroids

    From J McKenzie, on Thu 26 Jul 2:02
  3. When I was 13 the teams were mixed or girls played vs­ boys and some girls could play quite well, however when­ the reach their 20s then you can see a clear difference­ in the mens game and the womens game (based mainly on­ the difference in phisiology)... And sorry ladies, but­ the honest truth is in general womens football is­ currently nowhere near the mens level, but it might­ improve over time and steroids

    From J McKenzie, on Thu 26 Jul 2:02
  4. Men slagging off womens football are first class­ pr-cks. I coach a girls u13s team and for the past two­ seasons weve played the two lads sides in our club­ beating both teams in both games. Last season we also­ entered a u 12s tourmament with boys teams in it and­ walked off with the CUP (worst result allday was a 2-2­ draw. PAUL

    From , on Wed 25 Jul 19:33
  5. Go gb girls go. We are solidly behind you supporting­ you with prayers

    From Pastor Patrick, on Wed 25 Jul 18:14

    From Yvonne, on Wed 25 Jul 18:03
  7. Well done , as they say on the B.B C. team G. B. whats­ going to happen or what are you going to call the one`s­ with nuts, when the runners are raceing will they be­ telling us who won what and when,God help the so­ called pundit when a race takes seconds, how are they­ going to get the history lesson in.

    From rongs, on Wed 25 Jul 18:00
  8. Niall Ranger: 80% empty!? There's a 40,000 crowd,­ does the Stadium hold 200,000!? Pffft

    From Ralph, on Wed 25 Jul 17:57
  9. As it's said too often - it's the result that­ counts...

    From ERIC, on Wed 25 Jul 17:54
  10. Good luck to them, hope they do well in the­ Competition. Those strips look suspiciously erm­ English though. There is a small Union Flag on the arm,­ nice touch. :-)

    From Ralph, on Wed 25 Jul 17:53
  11. Team USA will win gold !!!

    From Susana, on Wed 25 Jul 17:49
  12. Stunned. go play with your vibrator.

    From Susana, on Wed 25 Jul 17:47
  13. pity the bloke's dont aswell as the ladies the­ capt played with a ccracked bone for england. roony­ terry and alike need the medic even if they have a hair­ out of place

    From key board, on Wed 25 Jul 17:43
  14. @ Niall Ranger. Porque los hombres ingleses están­ tomando el té de las cinco.

    From Susana, on Wed 25 Jul 17:43
  15. Clive looking forward to men in wee trunks!

    From ERIC, on Wed 25 Jul 17:41
  16. Francesca, Why is the stadium 80% empty?

    From Niall Ranger, on Wed 25 Jul 17:40
  17. Susana, go play with your toys

    From Stunned, on Wed 25 Jul 17:36
  18. lol Francesca!

    From ERIC, on Wed 25 Jul 17:35
  19. Sorry, GB 1- 17 NZ

    From Susana, on Wed 25 Jul 17:35
  20. there are a bunch of insecure men on here ( not all )­ making slurs against the women playing, watch something­ else, or take some lotion, a box of tissues and do what­ you enjoy most!!!

    From , on Wed 25 Jul 17:33
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