Saturday August 21, 2010 Day 2 Finished Goodison Park

Everton 1 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

  • Cahill 43’
  • Ebanks-Blake 74’

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    Premier League highlights: Goals, goals, goals

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  • Live Commentary

    • Everton
    • Wolverhampton Wanderers
    • 90'+4 That's it! The whistle goes, and Everton have blown a great chance to take three points here today. They dominated for almost the whole match, and there will be some stony faces at training on Monday morning.
    • 90'+3 Ebanks-Blake comes off, Richard Stearman on as Wolves try to run down the clock.
    • 90'+2 Nice chance for Osman as he keeps the ball under pressure, but shoots into the side netting.
    • 90'+1 Four extra minutes to play as Jarvis has a crack from the left edge of the box, but can't find the target.
    • 90' Cahill picks the ball up in the box but is well offside - not that it stops the Aussie casting a dirty look towards the linesman!
    • 89' The corner is cleared and ends up back with Hahnemann, who again pumps the ball up into the box.
    • 89' Great run by Jarvis in from the left, winning a corner as Distin tackles.
    • 88' With both sides looking tired now one mistake could send this game one way or the other...
    • 87' Arteta puts in another cross, this time finding Saha - but the header is mis-timed and loops high over the bar!
    • 86' Another chance goes begging for Everton as Pienaar passes to an unmarked Arteta on the right flank, but the Spaniard's looking tired now, and his ball doesn't get past the first defender.
    • 85' Great chance for Cahill! The Aussie connects with a looped ball in from the left, but Hahnemann is right there and the ball ricochets harmlessly off his chest.
    • 84' The free kick is fired in from the left edge of the box, but it's cleared straight out.
    • 84' Halford goes in the book for a sliding tackle from behind on Baines.
    • 83' Two late changes from David Moyes: Fellaini on for Bilyaletdinov and Osman on for Jagielka.
    • 82' A nicely-flighted effort from Halford goes just over the bar.
    • 81' Ebanks-Blake picks up a long ball on the edge of the box and it's real danger for Everton - but Jagielka calmly steps in to make a confident tackle and clearance.
    • 80' A hint of desperation is coming into Everton's players now as Pienaar scrabbles across the turf after the ball after slipping over.
    • 78' Wolves are getting on top of things now, with a charging run up the left from Ward ending in a solid cross into the six-yard box, well taken by Howard.
    • 77' So, it looks like Wolves could extend their unbeaten run against Everton to four matches.
    • 76' A tackle from behind by Heitinga on Ward sees the Everton defender go in the book.
    • 75' Shocking stuff for the home fans - after seeing their side dominate the game they go and give away a soft goal like that one...
    • 74' SUCKER PUNCH FOR EVERTON! Yet another Wolves long ball finds Guedioura, who releases Doyle on the right, who puts in a perfect cross that Ebanks-Blake sidefoots into the net!
    • 73' Greg Halford almost gets a chance straight on the pitch.
    • 72' Beckford is sitting on the bench shaking his head - he knows that his last act was a wasteful one, as Cahill and Arteta were in support for that chance.
    • 71' Off comes Beckford, on comes Louis Saha for the Toffees.
    • 70' Wasted chance for Everton! The Wolves free kick is cleared and Beckford is released on the break. But he tries to go it alone instead of passing, allowing Stephen Ward to make a fine saving tackle.
    • 69' The referee not impressed by the tackle on Doyle - it's a free kick to Wolves.
    • 68' A long punt upfield from Hahnemann finds Jones, who tries to link up with Doyle, but the Wolves striker is tackled and the ball is cleared.
    • 67' It feels as if almost all the free kicks have been for Everton, but the foul count is 13 apiece at the moment.
    • 66' Referee Lee Mason admonishes Matt Jarvis over that late challenge - it was clumsy rather than malicious.
    • 65' Pienaar goes down badly after a late challenge, then Cahill goes over as well - we'll have a minute or two of treatment here.
    • 64' Good work from Baines just outside the box on the left, but Henry eventually succeeds in muscling him off the ball.
    • 63' Craddock tries to flick the corner on at the near post, but only succeeds in knocking it straight off the pitch.
    • 62' Wolves come up and win a corner.
    • 61' Shocking miss by Bilyaletdinov! The ball is headed down to him on the edge of the six-yard box, but he swings and misses the ball completely!
    • 60' Arteta and Pienaar link up well through the centre, and Everton seem to be opening Wolves up here...
    • 59' From the throw a mistimed kick by Ward slices off the field to end any danger to Everton.
    • 58' Wolves come up the left flank, and Ward wins a throw in just yards from the touchline.
    • 57' For the first time Wolves seem to be getting on top of the tackles now, as Henry beats Beckford to a ball to clear an Everton charge.
    • 55' Wolves make a decent move and manage to hold the ball up, forcing Everton onto the back foot temporarily.
    • 54' Bringing on Guedioura is a positive move for Mick McCarthy, but he'll need to work miracles to get his side back in it.
    • 53' Elokobi comes off to make way for Guedioura.
    • 52' From the free kick Beckford looks likely to get through on goal, but he was offside.
    • 51' Kevin Doyle is getting frustrated: the Wolves striker puts in a big late challenge on Sylvain Distin to give away a free kick. Lucky to escape a booking.
    • 50' Hahnemann's ball finds Jarvis, who centres nicely for David Jones just outside the box - he gets his foot to the ball, but it ricochets off an Everton defender.
    • 49' Wolves win a rare free kick, albeit in their own half, and Hahnemann comes up to blast it long.
    • 48' Tim Cahill's goal before half-time means that the Aussie has scored against 21 of the 30 sides he has faced in his time in the Premier League, according to Opta Stats.
    • 47' Everton appear to be picking up where they left off as they make the first move of the second half through the centre, then quickly snuff out a Wolves counter-attack.
    • 46' We're back in action at Goodison Park.
    • 45'+2 The whistle goes for half-time. It's been an impressive display from David Moyes's men, who could easily have been two or three ahead by now.
    • 45'+1 The Toffees seem happy to run down the clock to get in with their well-earned lead intact, passing it among the back four.
    • 45' Two added minutes to be played. You have to wonder how Wolves will come back from this based on the performances so far.
    • 44' Lovely work from Cahill there, who had to dispossess a spinning Jody Craddock before turning and burying the ball in the roof of the net.
    • 43' Arteta takes the free kick, which gets caught in the wall - but Cahill is there, and the Aussie scores!
    • 43' Arteta is furious about the referee's decision - as is Henry, who is claiming he got the ball.
    • 42' PENALTY, SURELY? Arteta gets taken down by Henry just inside the box - but the ref judges it to be just outside!
    • 41' Craddock takes the free kick but blasts it long and off the pitch.
    • 40' Wolves win a free kick in their own half, and will pump this into the box.
    • 39' Bilyaletdinov latches onto a ball on the edge of the box, from where he turns and shoots - but the ball ricochets off Craddock's legs.
    • 38' South African Pienaar gets caught between cross and shot, putting the ball across the face of goal but with nobody there to get it.
    • 37' Arteta is running the Wolves midfield ragged and now releases Pienaar in a great position on the right.
    • 36' Just one attempt on goal so far from the visitors, compared to seven for Everton.
    • 35' Awful challenge by Elokobi, who basically karate kicks Mikel Arteta in the kidneys with absolutely no chance of getting to the ball. He goes in the book.
    • 34' A desperate long-ball up by Wolves almost dividends as Ward latches onto it, but his ambitious volley is sliced wide.
    • 33' Hibbert doesn't take kindly to a challenge from Matt Jarvis, but the ref waves play on.
    • 32' Arteta taken down brilliantly by Berra in a well-timed challenge just as it looked as if he would dance his way all the way to the goal.
    • 30' ...and it's a stern ticking off for the Everton striker for sticking the boot in on Berra.
    • 29' Ref about to have a chat with Beckford here...
    • 28' The visitors build a move up the left, but the Toffees defence cuts them down before the ball reaches the box.
    • 27' Weathering the storm seems to suit Wolves - they are looking more comfortable soaking up the pressure.
    • 26' Everton fail to make anything of the corner - but from the look on his face, Heitinga is still furious about that rocket being stopped.
    • 25' Another nice move by Everton ends in a thundering long-range effort by Johnny Heitinga, only just tipped over the bar by Hahnemann.
    • 24' David Moyes is beginning to look worried - he must be wondering if it's going to be one of those days, going by the chances that have gone begging so far.
    • 23' Cahill latches onto a nice ball in the box and drags it back to Pienaar, who is ready to fire - but it's Craddock once again who slides in to save the day.
    • 22' Craddock concedes a corner to Everton after tackling Hibbert.
    • 21' Wolves need to start getting their act together - Everton must surely break through before long at this rate.
    • 20' Leighton Baines has a go with this one, and though it's a cute-looking strike the ball misses the top right corner by three or four feet.
    • 19' Nasty tackle - free kick! Pienaar is brought down heavily by Henry just outside the box as a promising run is taking shape. Huge danger for Wolves here.
    • 18' Wolves left-back George Elokobi goes down and needs some treatment - but just as Mick McCarthy starts to look worried the player decides he's fine to continue.
    • 17' Nice run by Beckford into the box as he latches onto a perfect ball by Cahill and the striker looks through on goal - but Jody Craddock slides in with a perfectly-timed tackle.
    • 16' The free kick is headed clear by Wolves centre-back Christophe Berra.
    • 15' The referee gives Everton the free kick despite Cahill's excessive retaliation in what was a 50/50 shirt-pulling incident.
    • 14' A bizarre tussle between Cahill and Karl Henry ends with the Aussie attempting to hug the Wolves man to the ground.
    • 13' Beckford latches onto a ball in the box and beats his man, cutting the ball across to Cahill in the six-yard box, but Hahnemann intercepts.
    • 12' Fabio Capello is watching here today - could Beckford possibly be the sort of bright young talent the Italian wants to bring into the national side?
    • 11' The free kick is a weak one and goes straight to an unchallenged Tim Howard.
    • 10' Free kick for Wolves now as Jagielka pushes Doyle to the turf.
    • 9' First half-chance for Wolves as a speculative long ball almost finds the chasing Kevin Doyle, but Howard is off his line to collect it.
    • 8' Another cross in from the right sees Cahill nod the ball down to Bilyaletdinov, but again he can't find the target.
    • 7' Wolves have hardly had a touch yet - this is a great start from the Toffees.
    • 6' Arteta takes it, Beckford heads it back to Bilyaletdinov, whose effort soars over the bar.
    • 5' Beckford wins a free kick for Everton, 35 yards out and just to the right of centre.
    • 4' Everton keep pushing up in waves, looking determined to bounce back from that disappointing loss last week.
    • 3' A bright start from the hosts as they win another free kick, this time on the right. Arteta takes it again, and again the Wolves keeper parries it away comfortably.
    • 2' Arteta curls the ball in, taken comfortably by Hahnemann.
    • 1' Everton kick off, and straight away they've won a free kick on the left eight yards outside the box.
    • 14:55 The players are on the pitch and shaking hands now as the crowd begins to roar at Goodison.
    • 14:50 Toffees fans will be delighted to see midfield genius Mikel Arteta in the starting line-up: the Spaniard has scored four goals in his last four Premier League matches at Goodison Park.
    • 14:45 Wolves are set to play a standard 4-4-2 formation today, with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Kevin Doyle up front. Everton will play 4-4-1-1, with Tim Cahill tucking in behind Beckford.
    • 14:40 Teams: Everton: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Pienaar, Heitinga, Arteta, Bilyaletdinov, Cahill, Beckford. Subs: Mucha, Saha, Gueye, Osman, Coleman, Fellaini, Rodwell //// Wolverhampton: Hahnemann, Foley, Berra, Craddock, Elokobi, Jarvis, Henry, David Jones, Ward, Ebanks-Blake, Doyle. Subs: Hennessey, Stearman, Halford, Keogh, Milijas, Zubar, Guedioura
    • 14:35 Earlier this week, Wolves boss Mick McCarthy paid tribute to his team's new confidence. "It's your own self-belief as a player," he said. "You look around at your team-mates and think 'we've got a decent team here'. That helps you not to worry about opposition and maybe helps you not think about it when you're playing at Everton." McCarthy: Wolves have Premier League self-belief
    • 14:30 Weather looks like being pretty poor for the match: it's cloudy and with a good chance of rain in Liverpool today, according to the latest forecast.
    • 14:25 Wolves have a chance to get a great big monkey off their back today: it's 31 years since they opened a season in the top flight with back-to-back victories. Last time they did so was in the old First Division in 1979-80, when they ended up finishing sixth in the table.
    • 14:20 No news no the teams as yet, but Jermaine Beckford is in line for his 150th start in league football. He averages more than a goal every other game - can he find the net today?
    • 14:15 Good afternoon, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Everton's match against Wolves, with the Toffees looking to bounce straight back from their opening day defeat by Blackburn - and Wolves looking to build on their solid start which saw them beat Stoke.
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    • Starting line-up

      • T. Howard
      • T. Hibbert
      • P. Jagielka
      • S. Distin
      • L. Baines
      • J. Heitinga Yellow Card Substitution Out (82′)
      • S. Pienaar
      • D. Bilyaletdinov Substitution Out (83′)
      • M. Arteta
      • T. Cahill Goal
      • J. Beckford Substitution Out (71′)


      • L. Saha Substitution In71′
      • L. Osman Substitution In83′
      • M. Fellaini Substitution In82′
      • M. Gueye
      • S. Coleman
      • J. Mucha
      • J. Rodwell
    • Starting line-up

      • M. Hahnemann
      • K. Foley
      • C. Berra
      • J. Craddock
      • G. Elokobi Yellow Card Substitution Out (53′)
      • K. Henry
      • D. Jones Substitution Out (70′)
      • M. Jarvis
      • S. Ward
      • S. Ebanks-Blake Goal Substitution Out (90′)
      • K. Doyle


      • R. Zubar
      • R. Stearman Substitution In90′
      • W. Hennessey
      • A. Guédioura Substitution In53′
      • A. Keogh
      • G. Halford Substitution In70′ Yellow Card
      • N. Milijaš
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