Sunday April 29, 2012 Day 36 Finished Stamford Bridge

Chelsea 6 - 1 Queens Park Rangers

  • Sturridge 1’
  • Terry 13’
  • Torres 19’, 25’, 64’
  • Malouda 80’
  • Cissé 84’

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  1. Torres hits treble as Chelsea maul QPR

    Torres hits treble as Chelsea maul QPR

    Fernando Torres scored his first Chelsea hat-trick as they hammered a dreadful Queens Park Rangers side 6-1 at Stamford Bridge. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Chelsea
    • Queens Park Rangers
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    • 90+4 That's it - Chelsea spank QPR, they are fifth for now but obviously Spurs are up next. QPR are in real trouble after taking a hammering to their goal difference, just above Bolton in that respect but the Trotters have a game in hand.
    • 90+3 Ironic cheers as Malouda's shot hits the big screen. He sees the funny side.
    • 90+2 Sturridge to Malouda as Chelsea break, now Torres with a lovely ball wide to Sturridge, wider to Lampard, back to Torres but his drive is blocked by Onuoha. Corner.
    • 90+1 Essien bundles Barton's cross behind for a corner. He looks knackered as he struggles to get back up.
    • 90' Three minutes added on.
    • 89' Malouda drags one well wide after a cute backheel from Torres sets him up. Lampard could have shot but fancied the flashy assist.
    • 88' Lampard has a pop from range but blocked for another Chelsea corner which he will take. Lamps has a giggle with the QPR fans as they give him some abuse.
    • 87' Barton tries to loft a cross in from the left but is greeted with jeers as it sails out.
    • 86' Ramires with a powerful header to clear a QPR corner.
    • 84' FACT: Cisse has now either scored or been sent off in every game he's played for QPR.
    • 83' GOAL QPR! Cisse nets with a low drilled shot across Cech after a very good run and cross from Onuoha on the right.
    • 82' Cisse almost digs out a thunderous drive but Terry blocks; Torres is almost sent through by a long ball but Kenny claims.
    • 81' CHELSEA SUB: Having retired a few years ago, Sam Hutchinson comes on to a round of applause after completing his comeback from some terrible injuries. Bosingwa makes way.
    • 79' SIX FOR CHELSEA! Malouda rams home a finish from close range after Ramires wreaks havoc once more on the right.
    • 78' QPR SUB: Wright-Phillips comes on for Zamora. Applause from the home fans for his time at the club.
    • 78' Lampard with a long pass to release Ramires on the right, he cuts inside to shoot but Kenny bats it away! Should have passed to Torres.
    • 77' Barton thinks he was fouled by Bosingwa on the edge of the box but Webb plays on. Malouda finds Torres, who is taken down by Hill but play-on! Now Ramires almost exploits hesitance from Taiwo, with Kenny sliding out to hack away, Lampard pounces but Derry blocks!
    • 76' Torres with a clever flick wide to Ferreira but Ferdinand clears his low centre.
    • 75' Derry gets away from Torres, releasing Cisse who is offside but fires straight at Cech anyway.
    • 74' CHELSEA SUB: Ramires on for Kalou. Great cheers for the Brazilian.
    • 73' Cisse heads over from four yards after Zamora bounced a cross to him from the right! Should have scored.
    • 72' Barton swings it in but Lampard heads clear. Now Torres runs away with it but Onuoha is pulling his shirt - oddly Webb decides the follow-up tug from Torres was the real foul.
    • 71' Cole puts it behind for a corner after Traore's cross caused problems.
    • 70' Essien to Malouda, he runs from halfway as they back off him and the Frenchman drills it just wide!
    • 69' Traore with a high cross for Cisse, who heads up in the air and Cech claims above Zamora.
    • 68' Ferdinand heads Lampard's corner clear. Mackie brings it away, Traore on it now as QPR have some possession.
    • 67' CHELSEA SUB: Before taking the corner Mata gets an ovation as Malouda comes on.
    • 66' Sturridge with a long-range effort deflected off Hill and just wide!
    • 65' QPR SUB: Traore on for Buzsaky.
    • 64' GOAL CHELSEA! TORRES WITH THE HAT-TRCK! Mata releases him on the counter from that QPR chance, super through ball from Mata to send Torres racing into the left channel with a diagonal run, he opens his body and sidefoots into the far bottom corner! 5-0!
    • 64' Zamora with a good ball to Mackie, releasing him on the right wing but a woeful cut-back is behind Cisse, who was unmarked!
    • 63' Barton with a good tackle on Lampard this time as the England midfielder was about to pull the trigger.
    • 62' Poor effort from Mata, well over from the right side of the box.
    • 61' Derry trips Mata just outside the box as Chelsea re-apply the pressure on QPR.
    • 60' Barton will be booked for a late challenge, but he walks away from Howard Webb for some reason. Ferdinand orders him to walk back to Webb, who books him.
    • 59' Torres is yet to have a Chelsea hat-trick, you'll be unsurprised to hear. He should get one today, QPR are a mess.
    • 58' Good save Kenny as Torres blasted one to goal from the edge of the box!
    • 57' Barton has a laugh with Webb after he finally decides to blow for a free-kick after some tasty challenges.
    • 56' Chelsea have a corner on the left, Lampard applauds the fans before swinging it in, QPR able to clear.
    • 55' Chelsea break from the corner, Mata on the left, inside to Sturridge and now Torres but he slips as he tries to shoot and QPR clear.
    • 54' Mackie unleashes a fine long-range effort to the top right but Cech flies across to tip it wide! Great save as it was deflected off Terry!
    • 53' Essien with a foul on Taiwo, a bit harsh as they were both unable to stop moving after the challenge.
    • 52' Mackie gamely gives chase to a lost cause down the right but it's out for a throw to Chelsea.
    • 51' Great run inside and through-ball by Cole releases Mata, who is clean through but hits it weakly at Kenny! He had all the time in the world!
    • 50' Sturridge goes down on the edge of the box but Webb waves him up. Fair from Derry says the ref.
    • 49' Both sides appear to be going through the motions early on. Chelsea are sitting back with QPR half-interested in their attempts to attack.
    • 48' Sturridge with some tricky play inside-right but he's outnumbered and QPR clear.
    • 47' Mata is fouled by Derry deep in his own half. Terry puts it long.
    • 46' I find it strange that Hughes hasn't made any changes. He should have shot at least two of his players at half-time.
    • 46' The second half is underway.
    • - @adambaker706: "7-0 Chelsea, Torres hat trick, Chelsea to finish 5th but win UCL."; @SM18CFC: "QPR are playing shocking but you have to credit Chelsea for this, they are on a amazing run of form!"; @ROG_BlackOps: "This is a chelsea side riding off success from the champions league. confidence is oozing from them. QPR are gonna struggle" HAVE YOUR SAY ON TWITTER!
    • - Chelsea good or QPR bad? Can Chelsea maintain this and finish in the top four? Are QPR going down? Have your say on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport! FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 45+3 Half-time and Chelsea lead 4-0 with Torres on target twice. QPR a total shambles.
    • 45+2 Kalou with a wait-height cross that Hill clears. Now Mackie on the run down the right but Lampard tackles.
    • 45+1 In the first minute of stoppage time.
    • 45' TORRES JUST WIDE! After lovely footwork from Mata in the box, Torres is fed on the right side of the area but his stretching finish is just wide of the top right.
    • 44' Mata receives treatment on the pitch before limping off for some more. He looks back angrily at Barton, but all Chelsea have is a throw.
    • 43' Barton puts the ball out of play himself, some seconds after the tackle was made, the referee seemed to miss that. No implication it was deliberate, but he caught him late.
    • 42' Sturridge makes mincemeat of Onuoha but his low cross is blocked by Hill. Mata is down and Terry wants the ball kicked out of play - and you can see why, Barton was late into his ankle!
    • 41' Terry with a powerful header away for a QPR throw. The Hoops' best spell of the match, but not saying much.
    • 40' Cisse flicks it wide to Taiwo but Ferreira knocks the cross behind for a corner to QPR. Their second today.
    • 39' The sting has very much been taken out of this game, QPR look humbled and Chelsea happy to sit back and wait for something to happen. And why not.
    • 38' Nice footwork from Zamora on the edge of the box but Taiwo's shot is blocked.
    • 37' Onuoha tries to make up for his defensive howler earlier by surging into space on the right, but his rising drive rises all the way over.
    • 36' Boos for Ferdinand as he clears. Chelsea fans apparently unaware that he didn't even make the complaint against Terry.
    • 35' Essien has a pop from range but well wide from the Ghanaian.
    • 34' Clear tug on Mata's shirt by Hill on the right wing. Free-kick taken quickly but QPR clear the cross. Now Essien slides in two-footed on Cisse and is fortunate not to be booked - well, it is Howard Webb.
    • 33' Cech takes his time over the goal kick, water splashing up off the turf as he sends it long.
    • 32' Buzsaky threads Cisse in wide left but Ferreira tracks him well and it's a goal kick to Chelsea.
    • 31' Sturridge with a cross but well off radar. Goal kick QPR.
    • 30' Some brief respite for QPR as they keep the ball for a minute or so before Mackie loses control of it and Cech gathers.
    • 29' This really puts the pressure on Spurs, who play Blackburn later. As of now Chelsea go from being level on goal difference with Spurs to four ahead.
    • 28' Almost a fifth for Chelsea but Kenny slides in at Lampard's feet after the Blues again cut through QPR's defence, who are a nonsense. Goal kick as last touch came off Lampard.
    • 27' Barton hacks it behind for a corner after Onuoha again got caught out of position to let Sturridge in. Kalou drags a shot well wide with Sturridge leaving it as he was offside.
    • 26' A ball was clipped into the area and Onuoha initially motioned to leave it for Kenny before panicking and heading it - which meant Kenny could not hold on to it, the pair colliding and Torres ramming it home with glee. Car crash at the back for QPR, rotten.
    • 25' GOAL CHELSEA! Torres thrashes the finish in from the left after a terrible mix-up between Kenny and Onuoha! 4-0!
    • 24' Kalou heads clear and Sturridge gives chase, winning it off Mackie and Chelsea can again build from the back.
    • 23' Barton has a pop from range, but Terry gets a block and it drifts wide for a QPR corner.
    • 22' Zamora is fine, just a bit shaken or winded. Play restarted by Cech.
    • 21' Zamora lands heavily after rising with Terry for a header. Terry made a back for him but it was the landing that did for him.
    • 20' Mata is caught offside after combining with Kalou, but I think the ball came off a QPR defender. Anyway, Chelsea are home, if not dry - it's tipping it down in West London, has been for days.
    • 19' GOAL CHELSEA! Torres in consecutive games! Fine pass from Kalou, splitting the defence to release Torres, who rounds Kenny and slides a low finish from wide into the net. Bravo Fernando, 3-0.
    • 18' Good defending by Taiwo as QPR finally get hold of the ball, Barton bringing it clear.
    • 17' QPR haven't touched the ball for a while now, they look like they could get overrun.
    • 16' QPR not getting a look-in now as Chelsea stroke the ball about.
    • 15' Mata swings a long ball towards Kalou but the Ivorian is offside.
    • 14' GOAL CHELSEA! Pantomime villain John Terry angles a header low past Kenny on the line after getting the better of Hill. Boo! Hiss! He's behind you! 2-0.
    • 13' Lampard with a clever chip from the edge of the box but Kenny readjusts to tip over! Fine save, corner.
    • 13' Lampard flicks the corner towards goal, should be Kenny's but Cisse gets in his way, it breaks to Terry but he pokes it into Kenny's arms!
    • 12' Mata with a cross from the left, high and deep and Torres attacks far post but his volleyed cut-back smacks Hill in the face. Corner.
    • 11' Chelsea build patiently, as they should, leading 1-0. Essien pulling the strings from deep.
    • 10' Torres with a pass across the face of the box, which Kalou lets run but to a QPR player. I can see new signing Marko Marin forcing Kalou out, you know. Certainly Malouda's time is up.
    • 9' Sturridge with a fine pass to Mata but Derry holds the Spaniard off; he lays the ball off to Sturridge running through but his blasted shot is blocked.
    • 8' Zamora holds it up for Cisse, who shoots from a tight angle, blocked by Bosingwa.
    • 7' Kalou can release Torres down the right but he overhits the pass and the Spaniard can't keep it in.
    • 6' Buzsaky plays a long ball to Cisse, he is somehow onside and digs out a cross for ZAMORA but it lands behind him and is hacked clear. Cisse again with a cross but Cech gets there first.
    • 5' Bosingwa with a rising drive that Chelsea feel hit his arm, but he had his back to the ball, his arm wasn't up and it skipped on to it off his thigh anyway. Good decision.
    • 4' Torres wins a tussle with Hill, now Kalou on the ball to thread Sturridge in but Ferdinand manages to clear. Very moist out there today.
    • 3' Free-kick to QPR some way out but Buzsaky blasts it well off target.
    • 2' If Chelsea win this it would be there 400th in Premier League history.
    • 1' GOAL CHELSEA! 46 seconds in and Sturridge unleashes an incredile strike into the top left corner after cutting inside from the wing. A one-two with Anton Ferdinand, who blocked his initial cross. But was Lampard offside? He was definitely well ahead of the last defenders, not touching the ball but surely interfering with Kenny's line of vision?
    • 1' The first half is underway.
    • 13:27 The teams waltz out of the dressing rooms, QPR in that quite horrible red-white Harlequins-style rugby league away kit.
    • 13:25 MATCH ODDS: Chelsea (4/9), QPR (7/1), Draw (3/1)
    • 13:20 FACTS: QPR have won just 11 points on the road in the Premier League this season; a league-low; Chelsea have lost only one game under Roberto Di Matteo this season (W10, D4) in all competitions; QPR have alternated between away defeats and home wins in their last eight Premier League games; should this run continue, the Hoops would lose this match.
    • 13:20 FACT: Despite the aforementioned history, Chelsea have won none of their seven London derbies in the Premier League this season, drawing five and losing two. In contrast, QPR have won three of their seven London derbies in the PL this term (losing four) but all three of these wins have come at home.
    • 13:20 FACT: Chelsea have lost only two of their nine Premier League games against QPR, but one of those came earlier this season (0-1); The Blues have won and kept a clean sheet in three of their four Premier League home matches against QPR, drawing the other.
    • 13:15 Today's referee is Howard Webb. Expect some tasty challenges then from Essien, Terry, Barton, Derry and co.
    • 13:10 If you want to chat to me about this match, Chelsea's Champions League chances, QPR's survival chances or the decision by the FA to abandon the pre-match handshake (although I'd rather you didn't on that one), feel free to Tweet @Reda_Eurosport. Or take your chances with the barbarians on the forum below. Yikes! FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 13:05 Mark Hughes (QPR): "Who knows (if Di Matteo will get the job). He has done his prospects no harm whatsoever. I think he has done everything that could be asked of him and that is credit to him because it was difficult circumstances as he was involved with the previous management team but he has come through." MORE HERE!
    • 13:05 Roberto Di Matteo (Chelsea): "When I decided to become a number two, I didn't look at it as a step backwards. I thought it was an exciting journey for myself, to be able to work with one of the best coaches in European football and for this club, which is in my heart. Sometimes in life you take a step back and two forwards." MORE HERE!
    • - Apologies for the incorrect teams that were up here briefly - it has been corrected, an error from our data provider.
    • 13:00 A lot of the pre-match chat was taken up with nonsense about the whole Terry-Ferdinand handshake thing, with QPR's lawyers advising Ferdinand not to shake his hand as it could prejudice the trial; conversely, snubbing the handshake could also prejudice Terry's trial, so the whole pre-match tradition is suspended for today. Bored? Well if you really feel empty without the sight of men pressing flesh, check out the infamous Mr Shake Hands Man. BANZAI!
    • 12:55 QPR midfielder Adel Taarabt is suspended following his dismissal in the 1-0 victory over Tottenham last weekend. Despite this, ex-Chelsea winger Shaun Wright-Phillips is still only on the bench, with Djibril Cisse brought in instead and Akos Buzsaky in for Daikite, who was ill in midweek.
    • 12:55 So Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo deals with the absences of Cahill (injured), Luiz (injured) and Ivanovic (suspended) by playing Bosingwa alongside Terry at centre-back. Ferreira fills in at right-back. John Obi Mikel is rested after playing four games in eight days, with Drogba making way for Torres too.
    • 12:50 TEAMS - Chelsea: Cech, Ferreira, Bosingwa, Terry, Cole, Mata, Essien, Lampard, Sturridge, Torres, Kalou; Subs: Turnbull, Romeu, Ramires, Drogba, Malouda, Meireles, Hutchinson /// QPR: Kenny, Onuoha, Ferdinand, Hill, Taiwo, Mackie, Barton, Derry, Buzsaky, Cisse, Zamora; Subs: Cerny, Gabbidon, Campbell, Traore, Young, Smith, Wright-Phillipse
    • 12:45 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the West London derby between Chelsea and QPR at Stamford Bridge, kicking off at 1.30pm.
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