Sunday January 13, 2013 Day 22 Finished Emirates Stadium

  1. Premier League - Man City punish depleted Arsenal

    Premier League - Man City punish depleted Arsenal

    Laurent Koscielny's red card proved crucial as James Milner and Edin Dzeko fired Manchester City to a 2-0 win at Arsenal. More

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    • 90+6' FULL TIME! Despite ending up with 10 men themselves, Man City hold on with the 2-0 win at Arsenal which keeps them within seven points of United.
    • 90+5' Corner taken short to kill time but eventually behind for a goal kick.
    • 90+4' Final sub for the visitors sees Aleksandar Kolarov on for Silva.
    • 90+3' Good work by Milner to beat Gibbs and his low cross in search of the dye-haired Balotelli is put behind for a corner by Vermaelen.
    • 90+2' Silva is unable to hold up play long enough on a City counter to create a serious chance.
    • 90+1' Five minutes of stoppage time. Had Theo buried that, we would have had a very interesting finish.
    • 90' WALCOTT'S THROUGH! Off the line by Lescott!
    • 89' The defender is fine to continue, and Dzeko makes way for Mario Balotelli - who was sent off in this fixture last season.
    • 88' Hart again unconvincing with the punchout at the corner but he collides with Nastasic in the process which buys City time due to the head injury stoppage.
    • 87' The ensuing free-kick is sent long from the Arsenal half into the City area. Giroud does great to win a header and force a corner.
    • 86' Barry picks up a booking for a revenge tackle on Wilshere. The Arsenal number 10 has been in the thick of it, fouls-wise, today.
    • 85' Nastasic cuts out Wilshere's diagonal ball as Arsenal keep pressing. City sitting back.
    • 83' Big shouts for handball as Walcott's cross is blocked in the area by Clichy, but lord knows why. The ball smacks between the left-back's thighs. Nowhere near!
    • 82' Sagna's cut-back from the right is cleared. If Arsenal are going to rescue this, they need the first goal now.
    • 81' You guys seem to feel it's too late for Arsenal to rescue this. @mrmmollart: "too little too late im afraid for Arsenal. As a Utd fan, id been ecstatic to be wrong though!" @dj_bizzizle: " they're too far gone. Doesn't matter if it was 11v10 to arsenal" @jamespipe2: "i think Arsenal will give a late show to the fans by getting 1 back to make it 1-2, Giroud with the late goal" and @spunkydad: "with 2 goals down & all changes made wit less than 11mins 2,its hard for arsenal to come bk in d game."
    • 80' Milner embarks on a solo run inside from the right but shoots the ball into Row Z.
    • 78' Tevez is withdrawn to get another defender on, namely Joleon Lescott.
    • 77' Can Arsenal stage a comeback now it's 10 v 10? Let me know what you think via Twitter if you want to see your comments published: @liamhappe
    • 76' Kompany and Mancini are furious about the decision and there may be a tint of balancing the books to it, but he had two feet out for that challenge even if only one was pointing.
    • 75' RED CARD FOR KOMPANY! Dangerous slide in on Wilshere with two feet and despite winning the ball, those challenges are zero-tolerance these days.
    • 73' Almost a lovely give and go between Milner and Silva. Arsenal clear their lines for a City throw.
    • 72' Delivery comes in.. Giroud heads toward goal... over the bar!
    • 71' Cynical trip by Clichy on former team-mate Sagna out on the right and that's a yellow.
    • 70' The away side break and Dzeko slips Tevez through, but the Argentine dawdles on it and that allows Szczesny to get a hand to it as the striker attempts to round him.
    • 69' Ramsey fights ever so hard to keep a Gunners attack alive in the City box, but is outnumbered.
    • 68' Quick pair of City free-kicks as Sagna pulls the shirt of Dzeko before Giroud climbs over Garcia.
    • 66' Game really slowing down now. City won't mind.
    • 65' Arsenal free-kick is headed away by Kompany. Sagna keeps it alive and plays it back to Cazorla who blasts it over.
    • 64' Wilshere is the next player to enter the book for a foul in retrospect. Looks as though Walcott was booked for a tangle with Dzeko at first.
    • 63' Dzeko brings the ball back into the Arsenal box but tries to take on one defender too many. That defender is Sagna, who wins possession in a dangerous area.
    • 62' Vermaelen bravely heads away a Silva cross from the left.
    • 61' As expected, Diaby does not finish 90 minutes on his return to the side. Aaron Ramsey replaces him, though that's all of Arsenal's subs used with 29 minutes left.
    • 60' Heated words between Dean and Vermaelen over something.
    • 58' Good break down the right by Sagna but his floated cross just slips under the foot of Girous as he tries to control it with his first touch of the game.
    • 57' It's Podolski who makes way for Olivier Giroud.
    • 56' Arsenal look set to make another change. Giroud is stripping down.
    • 55' Milner is booked for a foul on Wilshere as the youngster takes the ball away from his compatriot.
    • 54' Gibbs fluffs a cross from the left and Hart has no trouble claiming that.
    • 52' Tevez is doing a good job of pressing at Arsenal players, forcing them to work harder at all times and play more passes back than forward. Could prove vital later on.
    • 51' Half-clearance from City leads to a Gibbs shot from outside the box, well closed down by Garcia. Arsenal back to turning the screw for now.
    • 50' An Arsenal free-kick from the right wing fails to beat the first man.
    • 49' Big chance for 3-0! After I type that about Arsenal's start, Podolski is mugged for possession by Barry and Zabaleta's cross is headed off-target from close range by Dzeko.
    • 48' Nonetheless, positive play to begin the half from a side who'll need a miracle to overcome these odds.
    • 47' Frustration starts early for the Arsenal fans as Walcott catches the offside flag not once, but twice.
    • 46' The 10 men of Arsenal get the second half started, trailing 2-0.
    • 45+3' Half-time. Manchester City lead at Arsenal 2-0 after Laurent Koscielny's early red card. Dzeko missed the penalty, but scored the second after Milner broke the deadlock. Can't see a way back for the Gunners now.
    • 45+2' Vermaelen sythes through Dzeko and picks up a booking. He'll have to be careful now or else the hosts will be down to nine.
    • 45+1' Looks like it was Wilshere with the block on the line to deny Garcia.
    • 45' Three minutes to be added onto the first half.
    • 44' City win another corner and Garcia meets it with the header - off the line! Almost 3-0!
    • 43' More on Dzeko's mysterious t-shirt message: @seemeyrick says "not always you", @the_real_adnan says "why always me but in Bosnian" @selvi_7 says "for you my love in Bosnian" and @fasfinchy says "it's okay, I can't pronounce it either" - keep em coming to @liamhappe
    • 42' From the resulting attacking throw, Diaby is played into the box from the left-hand side but instead of a cross he goes for goal and puts it over.
    • 41' A teasing ball in by Wilshere but well defended and Barry gets it away.
    • 40' Silva is back to trip Wilshere for a 30-yard central free-kick to Arsenal, who have responded to going two down a lot better than they did after the first.
    • 38' Charlie Balcombe accuses Dzeko of potential plagiarism: "probably something like "why always me" wonder where he'd get that from?"
    • 37' Offside flag thwarts Walcott, who is residing as a lone striker at present with Podolski dropping deeper.
    • 35' Better from Arsenal as Diaby keeps his composure in a tight spot on the edge of the box to tee up Podolski, whose 20-yard drive is saved and held by Hart.
    • 34' Almost a mare at Arsenal for the back as several players fail to take command of the ball but a free-kick decision in their favour gets them off the hook.
    • 33' Dzeko revealed a message under his shirt after scoring, but it was impossible to see what it said from the vantage point. Send your funny suggestions as to what it was, a la a caption competition, via Twitter to @liamhappe
    • 32' GOAL CITY! Great strength by Zabaleta gets Milner free on the right, leading to a low cross which Szczesny cannot hold onto, allowing Dzeko to tap in from a yard out. 0-2!
    • 30' Another period of City pressure leads to a better Arsenal counter this time, but with short options covered Walcott has to cross to the far post where Clichy heads away from Podolski.
    • 29' Walcott's delivery attempt is poor, and sails safely beyond the far post. Goal kick.
    • 28' Arsenal finally wriggle into some space and manage to win a free-kick on the left wing.
    • 27' Short corner routine is eventually whipped in by Nasri, but Szczesny claims.
    • 26' City win their third corner as Arsenal continue to look rattled from the goal and the free-kick decision which preceded it.
    • 25' Milner looks to double up but his speculative ball forwards goal just goes wide, with Tevez unable to guide it the other side of the far post.
    • 24' Tevez has a 20-yard shot saved by Szczesny after some good City work on the left.
    • 23' No cards dished out by Mike Dean though and we are back underway.
    • 22' More drama as Podolski catches Zabaleta with his arm as the two battle for a lofted ball forward. The Argentine made the most of it, though.
    • 21' GOAL CITY! Free-kick on the right wing is taken very quickly and Milner absolutely lashes home from the right-hand side of the box. 0-1!
    • 20' Silva heads Barry's lobbed ball forward into Dzeko's path, but even at an angle his effort is awful and goes well away from target. His confidence appears to have taken a hit from the penalty miss.
    • 19' Some Twitter musings while Wilshere is treated: @iankouba says " needless to remind the importance of this week’s fixtures for Arsenal folks out there. Mountain to climb now + Chelsea up next" while @c97balcombe says "Arsenal would have one if Koscienely hadn't got sent off i think it'll be 0-2 to City now" - keep them coming by following @liamhappe
    • 18' Garcia leaves a mark on Wilshere after fouling the Englishman. Accidental, but painful.
    • 17' Limp punch away from Hart and Walcott sends the rebound over from 20 yards.
    • 16' Arsenal are playing well despite being a man down, having started the game well enough, and win a corner.
    • 15' With both Dzeko and Tevez attacking the ball forward and Arsenal defenders behind the play, it's hard to argue though.
    • 14' There are going to be replays aplenty of that decision. Definite foul and penalty, but the last-man call is a tight one.
    • 12' The obvious tactical sub follows from Arsene Wenger and it's Oxlade-Chamberlain who is sacrificed to bring on Per Mertesacker.
    • 11' Sczcesny holds onto the rebound as it bounces precariously across the goal line. What a start here but Arsenal will be up against it now.
    • 10' Dzeko was held back, rugby-style, by the defender as he went to head at goal. Tevez followed up and had his saved well by the keeper but that was a last-man hold-back on Dzeko. It's the Bosnian who will take... POST!
    • 9' Zabaleta has a shot pinball off legs from the corner. Half-cleared, ball back... hold on, penalty! RED CARD KOSCIELNY!
    • 8' At the other end, Barry picks out Silva with a square pass into the Arsenal box and the Spaniard's effort is deflected behind for their second corner.
    • 7' Oxlade-Chamberlain skips inside Garcia but Kompany stops a final ball.
    • 6' Good harrying by Walcott on Kompany to stop the defender making a straightforward clearance.
    • 5' @HarizOthman is the first tweep to get involved: "Arsenal will win. Because our secret weapon is back #Diaby #ARSMCI" - keep em coming to @liamhappe
    • 4' Diaby does well to win possession in the middle of the park but after the hosts trade a series of short passes, Sagna's low cross is weak and easily dealt with.
    • 3' Wilshere slides in well on Tevez on the left to concede the game's first corner. Arsenal clear their lines, but fail to spark a breakaway.
    • 2' Of course there's extra pressure on City to get three points here as United have extended their lead at the top of the table to 10 points with victory over Liverpool. Premier League - United hold off Liverpool to extend lead
    • 1' And the away side get the game underway!
    • 15:55 The players arrive on the pitch at the Emirates, and we are moments away from kick-off. Predictions? Thoughts? Follow me on Twitter @liamhappe and tweet them over. We will publish the best ones right here on the matchcast!
    • 15:50 Roberto Mancini: "To play against Arsenal in London is very difficult because they play very, very well. There have been a lot of years we didn’t win there. But we changed many things last year and it is a time now to change this situation."
    • 15:45 Arsene Wenger: "(City) are not necessarily stronger than last season. That's mainly because they were so strong last year. The championship is not over, so let's judge teams at the end of the season."
    • 15:40 Here is how the table looks after Manchester United's 2-1 win over Liverpool. Premier League Table
    • 15:35 The odds for the match. Arsenal (7/4), Draw (21/10), Man City (17/10)
    • 15:30 City make two changes from the cup win over Watford with Pantilimon and Lescott making way for Hart and Nastasic
    • 15:25 With Mikel Arteta out, Abou Diaby returns to the Arsenal line-up after three months out. Theo Walcott will again start as a central striker
    • 15:20 Arsenal: Szczesny; Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs; Diaby, Wilshere, Cazorla; Oxlade-Chamberlain Podolski, Walcott. Subs: Mannone, Jenkinson, Santos, Mertesacker, Ramsey, Coquelin, Giroud /// Man City: Hart; Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy; Garcia, Barry, Milner; Tevez, Silva, Dzeko. Subs: Pantilimon, Lescott, Rekik, Kolarov, Sinclair, Suarez, Balotelli
    • 15:15 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the second Premier League game of the afternoon. With United leading Liverpool 2-1 it looks like City will start this game 10 points behind United.
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  1. Arsenal = 0 mancity = 2 dzeko 21 milner 32

    From Ziyan, on Wed 27 Feb 21:52
  2. Koncielney has become a liability we can no longer­ afford.

    From The Gunners Of Navarone, on Mon 14 Jan 20:39
  3. Listen Guys. If lets say for instance Guardiola were to­ be appointed Arsenal manager now or in the summer­ (laughable I know) he would systematically set about­ discarding 75% to 85% of Arsenals current squad. Thats­ how far Arsenal have been ALLOWED to regress under this­ current board and I have to say Wenger has not put up­ much objections to this policy of being also rans. Now­ he claims finishing in a champions league place is­ liking winning a trophy. Well its not. The club has­ gone stale as it did to the latter end of George­ Grahams time and he was replaced by a young vibrant­ Wenger. Everything comes to a end and Wengers era has­ run its course. New Blood and fresh new ideas are now­ required and removal of at least 75% of the board­ including Kroenke. Its a sad Situation that Wenger will­ have to bow out more as an average manager than the­ highly successful one he once was.

    From The Gunners Of Navarone, on Mon 14 Jan 20:34
  4. Only Mertesacker !

    From Farid, on Mon 14 Jan 16:30
  5. best team in the world,c'mon CITY,it was like man­ against boys,the rags were up against a #$%$ l'fool­ team,title going back to MANCHESTER,CTID.

    From bluemoon, on Mon 14 Jan 9:31
  6. So stupid to sell RVP to a fellow BPL team. So stupid.

    From Dr I P Freely, on Sun 13 Jan 23:42
  7. Mighty City ! Good performance and good result..

    From Muzo, on Sun 13 Jan 21:28
  8. i was really hoping that arsenal could make a dent in­ man city champs hopes.... glory, glory 2:1 :D

    From arosiuda, on Sun 13 Jan 20:52
  9. we need a top defender and a forward who wont be pushed­ off the ball so easy why didnt we sign Ba he scores­ goals and thats what we fail to do so offen Wenger get­ your cheque book out and do what we have needed for­ sometime

    From Dean, on Sun 13 Jan 20:02
  10. Once again Mike Dean the guy with that lean and hungry­ look spoiled what should have been a very exciting­ match.

    From jackeen, on Sun 13 Jan 19:30
  11. Selling RVP to the unmentionables looks to be the­ biggest mistake of Wengers tenure what they have­ left does not appear to be anyones idea of quality..As­ to present management setup ..I think Arsenal are stuck­ with what they have got ..the present board don't­ want anyone who likes spending money..and as all new­ managers like to spend..Wenger is secure...Pep­ Guardiola is not about to turn up at the Emirates any­ time soon...

    From shel, on Sun 13 Jan 19:19
  12. A red card should be a sending off and the player­ banned for Three matches as now. But a replacement­ should be sent on to replace him. The fans would then­ see a match they have payed for i.e. 11 v 11. and not­ be penalised for the bad actions of one player. I­ wonder how many fans agree with me.

    From ALBERT, on Sun 13 Jan 19:17
  13. lol man city #$%$

    From Michael, on Sun 13 Jan 19:09
  14. This ref had more cards bthan american express

    From MICHAEL, on Sun 13 Jan 18:51
  15. Easy peasy should have won by 5-6

    From Windu, on Sun 13 Jan 18:48
  16. Arsenal need a good keeper. Get Mignolet from­ Sunderland and he'll give the back four plenty of­ confidence.

    From William H, on Sun 13 Jan 18:24
  17. there really is no comment that can sum up how bad­ & badly managed we are, we have become the laughing­ stock of the premiere league and also its akin to a­ french farce... played in old school settings... move­ on gooners or as it seems we are destined foe nowt­ again.... red faced longtime supporter....

    From Steve Lewis, on Sun 13 Jan 18:24
  18. And what's with Koscielny and composure - always­ making the wrong challenge. If not putting the ball on­ the back of his own net then getting himself sent off­ for a stupid challenge.

    From just lookin, on Sun 13 Jan 18:11
  19. Wenger needs to start afres by selling most of our­ players (Especially the dead wood) and replace them­ with hungry players such as Jack Wilshere. And also­ make Wilshere El capitan next season. Players to be­ sold: Gervinho, Santos, Djourou, Squillaci, Ramsey,­ Chamakh, Park, Arsharvin, Bendtner, Denilson.

    From Nostradamus, on Sun 13 Jan 18:10
  20. No clear direction of play for Arsenal! No real­ characters in the team beside young Jack. And as­ I've said before the Theo Walcott experiment is a­ joke. Until Wenger can get a proven goal scorer and­ defensive mid to replace RVP and Song Arsenal have no­ chance for even UEFA CL spot. Yes, we understand the­ disadvantage of being down one - but does not mean you­ stop playing.

    From just lookin, on Sun 13 Jan 18:06
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