Saturday October 27, 2012 Day 9 Finished Etihad Stadium

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  1. Premier League - Tevez lifts Man City out of doldrums

    Premier League - Tevez lifts Man City out of doldrums

    Carlos Tevez's brilliant winner helped an otherwise lacklustre Manchester City to a 1-0 Premier League win over Swansea City at the Etihad Stadium. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Manchester City
    • Swansea City
    • - Don't forget you can watch highlights of this match, along with every Premier League game, from 00:01 on Monday morning (UK only)
    • 90+13 The game ends at 102:42 - the longest Premier League game ever! City take an unconvincing 1-0 win and go to second in the Premier League table.
    • 90+12 Chico Flores's cross from the right is cleared, and that could be it for Swansea.
    • 90+11 We're over the 100 minute mark - going through the looking glass here, people.
    • 90+9' Given away by the uncharacteristically poor Yaya Toure. Swansea can make nothing of the opportunity, though.
    • 90+8' City looking pretty comfortable. Lescott has gone to CB, Nastasic to LB, Clichy to LM.
    • 90+7' Ki lets fly from 25 yards but sends it way off target.
    • 90+6' Joleon Lescott comes on for Sergio Aguero. Ah, the good old shift of defensive formation!
    • 90+4' The Premier League record for stoppage time is 12:26. Will we see a new record today? A goal or an injury in the next few minutes and we surely will.
    • 90+3' Swansea build mencaingly down the right but Dyer makes a right mess of his cross and sends it out for a goal kick.
    • 90+2' Barry finds Aguero who has strayed offside.
    • 90+1' Swansea have got a really good chunk of time to save this game. Not desperation stages yet.
    • 90' We are set for TWELVE minutes of stoppage time!
    • 88' Nice ball in from Pablo on the right, but it is fractionally too high for Danny Graham.
    • 87' Davies crosses for Michu - the ball comes at an awkward height and he has to chest it down... giving City a chance to nick the ball off him.
    • 86' Tevez and Aguero try to combine at the edge of the box but the latter takes an uncharacteristically clumsy touch.
    • 85' Nathan Dyer fouls Gael Clichy and it's a slightly harsh yellow card.
    • 85' Kolo Toure comes on for Micah Richards.
    • 84' Richards comes off to applause. He is being given oxygen. Let's hope we are wrong, but it does appear that this is a pretty serious injury.
    • 82' Micah Richards is put on a strectcher. This is a sad moment for the right-back. Another long stoppage, and we could see as many as 10 minutes of stoppage time.
    • 81' Attention is being paid to Richards's right knee. Again, that does not seem like a good thing but let's hope first impressions are deceptive. Kolo Toure will come on.
    • 80' Micah Richards goes down in his own box and appears to be in real pain. He went down with nobody around him, which does not look like a good sign.
    • 79' Tevez finds Toure on the right, but the Ivorian's cross is overhit.
    • 78' Swansea change: Nathan Dyer comes on for Pablo Hernandez.
    • 77' Swansea attack with purpose and have men over on the right... but Chico Flores spoils it by blasting the ball into the crowd!
    • 75' Micah Richards is down with cramp. Bit odd. Not sure that will help his popularity with Roberto Mancini.
    • 74' Poor clearance from Nasri to set up De Guzman, who curls a dipping effort just wide!
    • 74' Knocked long for Richards on the right, but his chest control is heavy and he surrenders possession.
    • 72' Swansea change: Danny Graham comes on for Leon Britton.
    • 72' Michu tries to turn provider now, arrowing a cross in from the left, but it is cut out.
    • 71' De Guzman crosses to Michu whose effort is blocked by Kompany - Swansea want a penalty for handball but it's nothing doing.
    • 69' More nice, slick passing which results in a low nasri cross being cut out.
    • 68' City need to keep the tempo high if they are to kill Swansea off. They have been far better since half time but can't afford to ease off.
    • 66' There's the change: Gerhard Tremmel replaces Vorm and we're back under way.
    • 65' The game is still stopped while Michel Vorm is put on a stretcher. This looks like it could be serious enough to keep him out for at least a few weeks.
    • 63' Vorm appears to have damaged his groin, and Gerhard Tremmel will be the man to replace him.
    • 62' Michel Vorm injured himself trying to save that shot and looks like he will have to go off. Incidentally, Nasri was down injured when Tevez scored. He got to his feet fairly swiftly after his shot hit the net.
    • 61' GOAL!! Fabulous strike from Carlos Tevez! Clichy finds him 25 yards out, and he powers a brilliant strike low into the left corner.
    • 60' That was pretty hopeless marking from City, failing to pick up Swansea's lone strike.
    • 59' Michu!! Great chance for the Spaniard as Pablo Hernandez crosses from the right and Michu heads goalwards, but Hart is again equal to it! How did he get so much space?
    • 57' Swansea starting to grow in confidence again and pass the ball around with some authority.
    • 56' After that flurry of activity, City's tempo has dropped slightly as Swansea look to get a foothold in the second half.
    • 54' Tevez's corner is met by Richards who heads over. He clatters into Ashley Williams who stays down injured.
    • 53' Great ball through the right channel for Richards whose effort is neither shot nor cross. In the meantime, Balotelli goes down demanding a penalty but referee Atkinson says no dice!
    • 51' Nasri plays a cracking through ball for Balotelli who tries to take it round Vorm and it forced wide! Might a first-time shot have been the better option?
    • 50' Nasri crosses from the right for Balotelli - Chico Flores puts him off and the Italian sends the ball spiralling high out of play for a goal kick.
    • 49' City looking very much more assertive since the break.
    • 48' City say Kolarov was injured. Presumably in the process of booting that free-kick some 20 yards over the bar.
    • 47' This is a bit better from City - Balotelli's shot is blocked, then Aguero narrowly fails to latch on to a through ball.
    • 46' And the second half is under way.
    • 46' Yay, it's Mario! Balotelli is on for Kolarov.
    • 46' It was Kolarov. Back in a few minutes.
    • 45+3' That's the end of an instantly forgettable first half. What am I going to put in my match report.
    • 45+3' Oh my, that is just the worst free-kick ever. Not quite sure who it was (Kolarov?), but they thumped it almost literally into row Z.
    • 45+2' Last chance of the half for City, who work the ball methodically forward. It's just so pedestrian.
    • 45+1' Only two minutes of added time to be played despite that injury to Michu.
    • 45' City win a corner on the left, to be swung in by Aguero... cleared at the near post.
    • 43' Toure bursts forward through the middle but is adjudged to have fouled and Swansea have a chance to clear.
    • 42' There are between 2,000 and 3,000 empty seats today, as season-ticket holders have opted out of turning up. It's cold and the game's on TV, but... well, it doesn't reflect all that well on City.
    • 40' ONE ON ONE!! Michu played clean through but Hart races out and makes a fine save! Easily the best moment of the match!
    • 40' Referee Atkinson goes back and books Richards for that foul. This game starting to warm up...
    • 39' Richards with a clumsy foul but Martin Atkinson plays advantage and Pablo Hernandez crosses low... hacked away by Kompany!
    • 38' Shot! Tevez fires low from an angle on the right side of the box. It bounces just in front of Vorm, who does well to hold it.
    • 37' Michu has the ball in the net, but the whistle has already gone for offside. A more pedantic ref might have booked Michu for playing on there...
    • 36' Man with the ball in the box! It's Carlos Tevez, but his attempt on goal is blocked.
    • 35' Clichy gets into space on the left... but booms a cross out of play.
    • 34' City have had 57% possession so far. They have done absolutely zip with it.
    • 33' My eye has been caught by Cannon and Ball on Pointless Celebrities...
    • 32' Barry tries a through ball for Tevez... too much on it. Look if you've got some paint to watch dry and would rather do that, I understand.
    • 30' Tevez spots a through ball from Aguero and tries to thread the ball through, but it's blocked. It has been like that for City.
    • 29' Davies tries to release De Guzman down the left... Kompany does well to chase the ball down and turn the Swansea man.
    • 28' Good luck with that trailer for next week's Man City game, ESPN. This has been dire. Not necessarily low quality. Just low excitement.
    • 26' Clichy tries a long, raking ball for Aguero but it bounces through to Vorm.
    • 25' Michu will attempt to play on. That was quite an impact with Richards.
    • 24' Michu is back on his feet. I wouldn't be surprised if he had concussion so we will wait to see if he continues. But the good news is that the Swansea man is basically OK.
    • 22' Michu stays down after a collision with Richards and Joe Hart screams for the medical team to come out... worrying moments with the Swansea man down and possibly out cold.
    • 21' Tevez crosses low from the right... straight into the arms of Vorm.
    • 20' While we wait for something to happen here - why not reflect on Martin Jol's claim that Dimitar Berbatov broke a rib in the first half of Fulham's game at Reading, had an injection, played on and scored in the 88th minute. Lazy so and so.
    • 19' Kolarov makes a strong run into space down the left, but the pass out wide is overhit and skips beyond the Serbian.
    • 17' Yellow card! Rangel adjudged to have dived and that's his fifth booking of the season - that's a one-match ban. Looked like Barry fouled him from here...
    • 16' Richards slides in on Routledge - looks like a foul from here, but Martin Atkinson waves play on. Maybe he's just happy to see someone do something.
    • 15' I don't want to come over all Alan Green, but... this isn't especially exciting.
    • 14' Swansea knock the ball around largely unimpeded. It's very quiet at the Etihad Stadium.
    • 13' Hart comes for the punch and misses, and the ball bounces just wide! But in fact there is an offside flag up against Ashley Williams.
    • 12' De Guzman races down a left flank and wins a free-kick off Kompany. Swansea will get some bodies into the box.
    • 11' Ben Davies, reportedly on £400 a week, fouls Samir Nasri, reportedly on more than £400 a week.
    • 10' Swansea boss Michael Laudrup will be really pleased with his team's performance so far. They have started several games slowly, but look tight as a drum.
    • 8' Aguero and Tevez nearly combine to create a chance on the right side of the Swansea box, but Chico Flores does well to dispossess Tevez.
    • 7' It is odd, given City's travails in Europe, that the opening stages of this game have been just like a Liga match. Both teams just feeling each other out. Neither will much interest in attacking.
    • 5' Richards tries to cross from the right, but his effort hits Nasri.
    • 4' It's a spectacularly dull opening. Nobody doing anything. At all. They're all just standing there, pretty much.
    • 3' City win a throw deep in Swansea territory... the visitors are pressing quite hig up the pitch whenever possible. Ajax showed on Wednesday that the best way to combat City is ti get in their faces.
    • 2' I'm actually surprised Swansea have been allowed to play in white. There's not much contrast, and City are also wearing white shorts. The visitors' red away kit would surely be better.... But we'll survive.
    • 1' Referee Martin Atkinson gets us under way. Both teams in their 'home kit' - City in sky blue, Swansea in white. City kick off, playing from right to left as we see it.
    • 17:25 City will go second ahead of neighbours Manchester United if they take anything from this game. Swansea, meanwhile, would have to win to go above their current position in 10th. If they do, they could end up as high as sixth depending on goal difference.
    • 17:25 My name's Alex Chick, and I've just hot-footed it over from the Arsenal game. Not literally, I'm afraid. I'm in an office. Anyway, please sustain my waning life force by doing something Twitter-related - @alexchick81 Follow Alex Chick on Twitter
    • 17:20 There have already been five Premier League games today, producing 12 goals (including one for Arsenal!). We've got results, stats and reports on all of them. Premier League: scores and scorers
    • 17:15 MATCH ODDS: Man City 2/9, Swansea 14/1, Draw 5/1.
    • 17:10 Michael Laudrup: “We have two very difficult games coming up in the league, but they are also special ones. From a manager’s point of view, the players shouldn’t need much motivation because they are all raring to go. It’s an exciting week for us. We play both the Premier League champions and the European champions, as well as facing Liverpool at Anfield (in the Capital One Cup). There is a lot for us to win and nothing to lose but we always have to take one game at a time."
    • 17:05 Roberto Mancini: "This is an important season for us. If we allow one defeat to alter that we would be really weak. Strong teams can lose a game but it is important you understand the reasons, and what mistakes were made. You can learn from this and improve for the next game."
    • 17:00 Swansea manager Michael Laudrup has no fresh injury concerns. The Dane opts to again start midfielder Michu in attack after the Spaniard claimed his sixth goal of the season when employed as a striker in the win over Wigan. Nathan Dyer stays on the bench while Kyle Bartley (thigh) and Neil Taylor (broken ankle) are the only long-term absentees.
    • 16:55 City are again without playmaker David Silva with a hamstring injurywhile defenders Pablo Zabaleta (hamstring) and Maicon (foot) plus midfielders Javi Garcia (thigh) and Jack Rodwell (hamstring) are also missing. James Milner sits out through suspension after his sending-off at West Brom last weekend.
    • 16:50 TEAMS: Manchester City: Hart, Richards, Kompany (C), Nastasic, Clichy, Y.Toure, Barry, Nasri, Tevez, Kolarov, Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Sinclair, K. Toure, Lescott, Balotelli, Dzeko, Evans /// Swansea: Vorm, Rangel, Williams (c), Chico Flores, Davies, Britton, Ki, De Guzman, Routledge, Dyer, Michu. Subs: Tremmel, Dyer, Graham, Monk, Shechter, Tiendalli, Agustien.
    • 16:45 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Premier League clash between champions Manchester City and Swansea.
  • Summary

    • 37' Michu has the ball in the net, but the whistle has already gone for offside. A more pedantic ref might have booked Michu for playing on there...

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