Saturday October 20, 2012 Day 8 Finished Old Trafford

Manchester United 4 - 2 Stoke City

  • Rooney 27’, 65’
  • van Persie 44’
  • Welbeck 46’
  • Rooney 11’ (o.g.)
  • Kightly 58’

  1. Premier League - Rooney celebrates anniversary in United win

    Premier League - Rooney celebrates anniversary in United win

    Wayne Rooney marked 10 years in the Premier League with a virtuoso performance in Manchester United's 4-2 win at home to Stoke City. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Manchester United
    • Stoke City
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    • 90+3 There's full-time and United win 4-2. Meanwhile, two late goals from Edin Dzeko - including an injury time winner - see Manchester City stay level on points, despite going a man and a goal down. Wow.
    • 90+1 United have the ball now and I don't think they'll give it up for a while. Three minutes added on.
    • 89' Sloppy defending from United, who seem to think the game is won. Well, it pretty much is but they need to concentrate! Crouch, meanwhile, is eased off the header by Evans. Good defending this time.
    • 88' Etherington loses control of the ball to end that minute of Stoke ball-hogging, but they have a throw anyway.
    • 87' Stoke with a nice spell of possession now as United sit deeper.
    • 86' Adam swings a corner to a rather deep Crouch, who takes it on the chest but is blocked by a brave Evra.
    • 85' STOKE SUB: Palalcios on for Whitehead.
    • 84' This is a nice one - we have goals in every Premier League game so far this weekend as Baird puts Fulham 1-0 up against Villa. Over to you Arsenal and Norwich!
    • 83' Nani tries to get around Huth on the right wing and fouls his man, who runs it out anyway.
    • 82' Shockingly the officials give a goal kick when Van Persie clearly blocked Owen's finish. How they can all miss that...
    • 82' Oooh almost a goal for Owen as he flicks the low ball to the near post off Van Persie and wide! That was going in!
    • 81' Ferdinand takes no chances with Adam's delivery, heading behind for a corner.
    • 80' Crouch wins a free-kick off Ferdinand, who seemed to just stand his ground. Hard to tell what fefs are thinking with aerial balls at times.
    • 78' Wilson has an effort from range but it's well over.
    • 77' UNITED SUB: Welbeck is replaced by Hernandez.
    • 76' United edging closer to 70% possession now. Meanwhile the Beeb still have it at 50-50. They need a new stats guy.
    • 75' Evra finds Nani who drives a superb low shot towards goal that Begovic tips behind. Offside though, says the linesman who gets it wrong for a second time today.
    • 74' STOKE SUB: Owen gets a mini ovation from his old fans as he comes on for Kightly. UNITED SUB: Valencia replaced by Nani.
    • 73' Kightly, who has been Stoke's best player, drifts a nice crossfield pass to Cameron, whose cross is blocked for a corner.
    • 72' Rooney almost picks out Welbeck with a low pass to the edge of the box but Shawcross clears.
    • 70' UNITED SUB: Scholes is replaced by Anderson. STOKE SUB: Etherington on for Walters
    • 69' Van Persie on the right cuts inside and tries a lob from the edge of the box but it's well over.
    • 68' Oohs and aahs from the home fans accompany their side's one-touch passing.
    • 67' United looking for a fifth now as they attack in waves.
    • 66' Accidental assist from Welbeck there as it bounced off his thigh into Rooney's path.
    • 65' GOAL UNITED! Rooney makes it four! Van Persie to take this one but a delay as the ref wants to speak to some jostling players. It finally comes in, the ball ricochets in the box and Rooney slides it home left-footed from close range! 4-2!
    • 65' The obligatory argie-bargie in the area is dealt with and Rooney swings it in - Huth heads behind for a corner.
    • 64' Van Persie turns Huth on the left and is taken down by the German. Free-kick United just short of the box. Rooney to swing it in.
    • 63' Final warning for Wilson after he clobbers Valencia near halfway.
    • 61' Stoke have their tails up now and are snapping at United on every challenge.
    • 60' United have tipped the scales at 60.3% possession now, but Stoke are winning the duels by a similar proportion.
    • 59' Well that has thrown a rather big cat amongst the pigeons. Comical defending from United. Can Stoke launch an unlikely comeback?
    • 58' GOAL STOKE! 3-2! Kightly with a low finish that rolls off the inside of the post, across the line and in. He just bundled his way through the United defence after running in from halfway. Rubbish from Ferdinand.
    • 56' ALMOST A FOURTH! Fantastic low cross from Rafael that Welbeck hurls himself into but he slides just short of what would have been an open goal.
    • 54' De Gea with a quick throw out to Welbeck, who runs into the left channel. Rooney decides to switch play via Scholes as United continue to hog the ball.
    • 53' Rooney slides Ferdinand of all people through bu Shawcross blocks his fellow defender. Now Valencia gets hold of the ball but his low shot is deflected and trickles to Begovic.
    • 52' Welbeck on the right almost gets in again. Incessant pressure this.
    • 51' Great defending from Cameron to keep pace with Welbeck, who had been sent through again. Stoke clinging on to sight of United now.
    • 50' That was some stop from Begovic, who claims the corner easily. United picking Stoke apart.
    • 49' Short from Van Persie, now Valencia on the right, nice cross but flicked away. Now Rooney on the left, fantastic cross from him AND EVANS MUST SCORE BUT A FANTASTIC FLYING SAVE FROM BEGOVIC!
    • 48' Corner United as Whitehead covers to stop Van Persie running through. Shawcross and Huth looking wooden today.
    • 47' Game over I think. Again a smaller men gets between Huth and Shawcross for a header, although this time it's at waist height. Ball watching.
    • 46' GOAL UNITED! WELBECK! Rooney runs at the Stoke defence from kick-off. Now Valencia on it, back wide to Rooney, great cross, great diving header from Welbeck and it's 3-1.
    • 46' The second half gets underway. Our stats have United at 58.9% possession, the BBC's at 47%. You know who to believe on that one.
    • - @PaulBurke19: i"t will be a goals fest for united.. maybe 4 -1 or 5 -1. Rooney will score more!"; @incakolanews: "Evra top class today. RVP for another goal. Fergie won't leave the dressing room til Frankel has run."; @timsontoye: "Yes it is all about Rooney and RVP with his brilliant cross and and magnificent goal." FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • - Any chat from that half and Tweet me on @Reda_Eurosport. Stoke look moderately dangerous still but United are dominating possession. Predictions at this stage? I think United to score more. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 45+3 De Gea with a good punch clear but Adam can play it back in - blocked but havoc in the United box, cooled when Rafael keeps his head to bring it clear as Kightly was set to pounce. And that is the break, United lead 2-1 after coming from behind.
    • 45+2 Adam to take this free-kick around 30 yards out... No, Huth elects to shoot instead, blocked and Stoke have a corner. Yikes! Up come the very big men...
    • 45+1 Scholes is very lucky not to see a second yellow after kicking the heels of Walters. Get him off, Fergie.
    • 45' That is Robin Van Persie's sixth Premier League goal for United in seven appearances.
    • 44' GOAL UNITED! VAN PERSIE MAKES IT 2-1! United play it out of defence as Evra surges forward, now Welbeck to Rooney, he floats one wide right to Valencia, low cross from him and, in a split second, Van Persie adjusts his body shape and flicks a cute finish into the bottom left. Goal, goal, goal.
    • 43' Adam gives it away to Welbeck, that was lazy from the Scot, he wriggles it into Evra, who weaves in and out and tries to lob Begovic - or was it a cross? - but the big Bosniak gathers.
    • 42' A stretching Crouch can't quite reach NZonzi's speculative dropping ball. If he can't, no-one can.
    • 41' Scholes takes out Whitehead with a terrible late tackle and it's a mandatory booking for the worst tackler in the league.
    • 40' Evra on the left finds Welbeck, who tries an ambitious dipping shot from range that clips the bar and goes over!!
    • 39' A great block from Whitehead denies Scholes with the rasping finish after some lovely one-touch play with Van Persie, who could have shot himself.
    • 38' Valencia kicks the heels of Walters as the Ireland man turned him. The winger complains but he was lucky not to see a yellow.
    • 37' A long spell of possession for the hosts now, but it's all rather quiet at Old Trafford.
    • 36' United knocking it about nicely now. I can see them getting ahead before the break.
    • 35' Evra with a nice cross on to the head of Rooney, who cannot generate enough power from 12 yards, easy for Begovic.
    • 34' Great block by Huth on Welbeck as the England forward arrives to finish Rooney's cut-back. Goal kick as there was no touch in the end. Van Persie started that off with a lovely pass wide right to Rooney.
    • 33' Welbeck on the move now, Van Persie wide left but this time his cross is too close to Begovic.
    • 32' Adam will swing this into the mixer... poor this time, sending it wide right but well clear of Walters and out for a goal kick.
    • 31' Rafael brings down Kightly by way of revenge and Stoke have a free-kick around 35 yards out.
    • 30' High ball in from Cameron but easy for De Gea. United come forward now...
    • 29' Welbeck goes down very easily as he attacked Rafael's cross. He's not going to get those at the moment.
    • 28' Kightly shows the boot to Rafael and, while contact is minimal, it was dangerous and he is booked.
    • 27' Great leap from the smallest man in the box - no mean feat to beat Huth and Shawcross to a header!
    • 26' GOAL UNITED! ROONEY MAKES IT 1-1! Rooney on the edge of the box, he slips Van Persie in down the left, a wonderful cross and Rooney continues his run to bury a flying header. Cracking goal. Better way to celebrate your 10-year anniversary in the Premier League.
    • 25' Scholes with a raking ball aimed at Van Persie but Huth heads away. United keep it in through Valencia, who finds Carrick, now Rafael but he overhits the cross with Rooney unmarked!
    • 24' Evra with a heavy first touch which sees him catch NZonzi. Play on as Stoke counter now, a sweeping move that culminates in Walters firing a low drive that De Gea bats away. Lovely stepover from Kightly in the build-up.
    • 23' A poor through-ball by Van Persie when he had options central and right ends a promising United move.
    • 22' Adam with another good cross but Rafael this time is able to clear.
    • 21' Welbeck on the left, he cuts inside and plays a give-and-go with Van Persie in the box but Welbeck drags a poor finish well wide. Rooney was waiting and lets him know.
    • 20' Great cross from Whitehead and Walters attacks but Evra gets his head on it. United at sixes and sevens again.
    • 19' United have had nearly 60% of possession but Stoke are causing panic every time they get forward.
    • 18' Scholes finds Valencia wide right but his low cross is behind everyone! Evra arrives but blasts it well over.
    • 17' Walters now in space on the right, a fine hanging cross for Crouch far post, he easily wins the header but puts it straight at De Gea, who holds on well.
    • 16' Carrick catches Whitehead a touch late and Stoke have a free-kick on the left near halfway.
    • 15' Walters almost releases Crouch but this time Scholes gets his tackle right.
    • 14' Poor cross by Welbeck after he got into loads of space on the left, plenty of options to aim at too.
    • 13' De Gea with a flying save to keep out a surprise effort from Adam at range! Everyone thought he'd cross but he drilled it near post, a smart stop in the end!
    • 12' CORRECTION - Rooney (o.g.). Silly free-kick to give away - and it's not Shawcross with the header, it's a Wayne Rooney own goal!
    • 11' Adam to take this free-kick - AND IT'S A BEAUTY AS SHAWCROSS POWERS IN THE HEADER! GOAL STOKE! 1-0!
    • 11' Cameron to take this throw, a short one by Stoke standards. But Scholes with a mistimed tackle on Kightly wide right and a free-kick for Stoke in a dangerous position.
    • 10' Evans with a smart piece of defending to hold off Crouch as the leggy target man tried to flick it on.
    • 9' Scholes is caught in possession on the edge of his own area but Ferdinand flies in to clear. Walters almost the man to make him pay.
    • 8' A Valencia cross almost picks out Rooney but Stoke clear.
    • 7' Adam tries an ambitious half-volley from the right that flies high and wide, to the home fans' delight. Ex-Liverpool man you see, although he barely did anything for them.
    • 6' Adam gives De Gea his first feel of the ball with a searching cross, the Spaniard punching clear. United counter as Van Persie tries to combine with Rooney, but Shawcross intercepts.
    • 5' Crouch is penalised for pushing as he rises for a header with Ferdinand. Down the other end RvP almost releases Welbeck with a through-ball but just beyond the England forward.
    • 4' And, for his troubles, RvP is injured. Not good for United. Just a knock I think.
    • 3' Scholes with a lofted ball into the box and RvP takes a risk to challenge Begovic, the two colliding and the ball spinning wide. Keeper with a good save in the end. The flag is raised though - incorrectly, RvP was onside.
    • 2' United settle into a nice passing rhythm early on.
    • 1' United on the offensive immediately as RvP seeks out Valencia wide right, his cross half cleared and Scholes mis-hitting a shot high and wide.
    • 1' The first half is underway at Old Trafford.
    • 14:58 Coin tossing sees a change of ends called by Stoke and United to kick off.
    • 14:56 Today's referee is Anthony Taylor. He has reffed seven matches, showing 12 yellows and a red this season. Five have been in the Prem.
    • 14:55 Reda Maher will be taking you through this afternoon's proceedings, so why not follow him on Twitter so you can get to know him a bit better? Follow Reda on Twitter!
    • 14:50 Great quotes from Fergie prior to this game: "The jolly green giants are coming to play against us tomorrow. Michael [Owen] is not allowed to play unless he brings a ladder. They are the biggest team in Europe. You can get yourself all in a fangle about that because they are a handful at set-piece play and with their long throw-ins. But you can't make a terror for yourself. Hopefully we can play our game and get the result we want."
    • 14:45 The following fact is entirely unimportant to the game itself, but Rio Ferdinand is the only player not wearing a 'Kick It Out' t-shirt in a development that is sure to make a few headlines. He joins Reading's Jason Roberts in making the point that the authorities are not taking the issue of racism seriously enough.
    • 14:40 Stoke, meanwhile, are down in 12th having drawn five of their seven games so far this season. Another today would do just fine. However, Tony Pulis’s side have won none of their last 13 Premier League away games (W0 D6 L7), scoring just six goals.
    • 14:35 United start the day level with Manchester City in second place with 15 points from seven games. Chelsea enjoy a four-point lead but are about to beat Spurs to make that seven, so United need a win to keep in touch.
    • 14:30 TEAMS: Manchester United: De Gea; Rafael, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra; Scholes, Carrick; Valencia, Rooney, Welbeck; Van Persie. Subs: Lindegaard, Anderson, Giggs, Hernandez, Nani, Powell, Wootton. /// Stoke City: Begovic; Cameron, Huth, Shawcross, Wilson; N'Zonzi, Whitehead; Walters, Adam, Kightly; Crouch. Subs: Sorensen, Palacios, Jones, Owen, Upson, Etherington, Wilkinson.
    • 14:25 Tom Cleverley and Shinji Kagawa drop out of the United team to be replaced by Antonio Valencia and Paul Scholes. That means Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck all start in a star-studded attack.
    • 14:20 Just the one change for Stoke at Old Trafford as Glenn Whelan's hamstring injury forces him to miss out, with Dean Whitehead coming into midfield. A certain Michael Owen is on the bench against his former side.
    • 14:15 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Premier League game between Manchester United and Stoke City at Old Trafford.
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