Saturday May 4, 2013 Day 36 Finished Carrow Road

Norwich City 1 - 2 Aston Villa

  • Holt 74’ (pen.)
  • Agbonlahor 55’, 89’

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  1. Premier League - Agbonlahor brace fires Aston Villa clear of danger

    Premier League - Agbonlahor brace fires Aston Villa clear of danger

    Gabriel Agbonlahor scored a brace as Aston Villa snatched a 2-1 victory away at Norwich. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Norwich City
    • Aston Villa
    • - Don't forget UK users can watch highlights of this game from 00:01 on Monday morning.
    • 90+4 And that's all from Carrow Road. A heartbreaking result for the hosts and Aston Villa continue to climb out of danger. Thanks for joining me today, folks.
    • 90+4 Villa have the corner now and will be in no hurry to take it. Looks over here.
    • 90+3' Grant Holt's header sails inches wide of the far post after Brad Guzan left himself in no-mans-land. That is agonising for the home support.
    • 90+2' Time running out for Norwich as they have a throw in deep in their own half.
    • 90+1' Simeon Jackson comes on for Javier Garrido.
    • 90' Norwich now pressing for the equaliser, but it's not looking good for them.
    • 89' GOAL! Agbonlahor does it again. He's played in by Westwood's long ball and outmuscles Bassong to prod it past Bunn.
    • 87' Holt almost doubles his tally for the day. The long ball is flicked on by Kei Kamara, and Holt let's a powerful drive fly from a tight angle, but it whizzes past the inside post before crashing into the ad boards.
    • 86' Westwood tangling with Johnson, free-kick to Norwich. Very tense atmosphere here.
    • 85' Agbonlahor making inroads down the left flank as he has done so often today, but it's cleared away for a throw.
    • 84' Snodgrass, who has had a decent game today, makes way for Elliott Bennett. That's three Bennett's for us now.
    • 83' Villa with some neat interplay to ease the tempo off the bloodthirsty hosts. The ball's with Norwich though, with Russell Martin winning possession at the half way line.
    • 82' News that Wigan have just gone three one up against West Brom coming through. Real big onus on the next 10 minutes for both teams. Grandstand finish here.
    • 81' Snodgrass finds Holt at the byeline, but striker's ball finds the grateful arms of Brad Guzan.
    • 80' A shanked clearance from Nathan Baker soars out for a Norwich throw.
    • 79' It's chipped forward by Westwood but Bassong towers above Benteke to clear.
    • 78' Snodgrass penalised for a foul on Ashley Westwood on the half-way line. Getting a talking to.
    • 77' Johnson felled outside the box but nothing given. Norwich moving through the gears in search for the win here.
    • 76' Sylla makes way for Holman in the midfield.
    • 75' Norwich now pressing for a second now and it takes a fine block from Nathan Baker to thwart the effort of Robert Snodgrass who does excellently to get a clear sight of goal.
    • 74' GOAL! Relief at Carrow Road as Grant Holt tucks sends Guzan the wrong way to tuck it into the bottom corner. Lovely penalty.
    • 73' The youngster is lucky to escape a dismissal there for shirt pullin. Grant Holt to take.
    • 72' PENALTY! Snodgrass goes down under the challenge of Joe Bennett, who is already on a yellow.
    • 71' Hoolahan off for Kei Kamara, who could make his last start for Norwich today in a transfer is not agreed next week.
    • 70' Blanket defence from Villa as Snodgrass fails to find a clear crossing angle. Still with Norwich.
    • 69' Kei Kamara warming up for the hosts.
    • 68' An awful crossfield ball from Hoolahan heads out for a goal kick. Norwich's direct play failing to be their undoing here.
    • 67' Benteke sees yellow after shoving Bassong in the neck. Could have seen red for that one.
    • 66' Agbonlahor again coming close after latching onto a threaded ball from Benteke, but his effort dribbles inches wide of the far post after beating the outstretched Mark Bunn.
    • 65' Norwich failing to get any traction going forward here and Hughton looks sure to make a change imminently.
    • 64' Weimann walking gingerly after that chance, seems to be struggling with a groin injury.
    • 63' Delph comes close for the visitors as his curling effort only manages to find a small child in the crowd rather than the top corner.
    • 62' An awful miss from Andy Weimann. Agbonlahor breaks down the left wing and puts a well timed cross flashing across the face of goal, but the Austrian leans back and tips the ball inches wide of the crossbar.
    • 61' A looping outswinging cross from Garrido soars towards the head of Russell Martin at the back post, but it's taken off his head by none other than Wes Hoolahan, who nods his effort well wide.
    • 60' Westwood takes and it's claimed well by Mark Bunn. Can't say the same for his swift clearance though, which finds its way to Joe Bennett.
    • 59' Bradley Johnson earns himself a yellow after bundling over Agbonlahor at the half way line.
    • 58' But, as much been the case today for Norwich, it comes to nothing. The Villa fans are in full voice.
    • 57' The goal sends the Canary faithful into a frenzy and Norwich respond immediately by winning a corner at the other end. The roof will come off if this goes in.
    • 55' GOAL ASTON VILLA! Gabby Agbonlahor lets a long range effort curling into the bottom left corner. A very tidy strike.
    • 54' Delph lashes out at Snodgrass after being well tackled by Johnson. Delph duly sees yellow. Can't say I'm too surprised.
    • 53' Grant Holt blazes a long range effort well high of the crossbar after some neat interplay between Snodgrass and Hoolahan down the right flank.
    • 52' But Ryan Bennett comfortably manages to clear his lines.
    • 51' Holt nods out a long free-kick from Villa out for a corner.
    • 50' Another ball in from Snodgrass is helped on by Lichaj for a throw. Garrido to take.
    • 49' A long free kick from Snodgrass is well cleared by Nathan Baker under heavy pressure from Holt.
    • 48' Benteke's long range effort deflects off Weimann and out for a goal kick. Bright start from the visitors here.
    • 47' Benteke comes inches away from opening the scoring, but some smart last gasp defending from Ryan Bennett takes the power out of the shot and it dribbles to Mark Bunn. Norwich let off the hook there.
    • 46' Villa kick us off for the second half.
    • 45+1' And that's the half. Relatively quiet so far but not devoid of chances for either side.
    • 45' Vlaar lets a long-range drive fly and the block from Bassong falls to the feet of Agbonlahor, whose powerful goalbound effort is thwarted by Ryan Bennett who flung himself at the chance.
    • 44' Sylla shifts it wide to Agbonlahor on the right flank, whose cross loops up off the thigh of Garrido and off the Norwich crossbar. Sounds more dangerous than it was.
    • 43' Lichaj puts in a Stoke-esque throw into the box but Bassong towers above Westwood to clear the danger. Ball with Villa at the half way line.
    • 42' Villa nervous in possession once again as Lichaj's clearance goes straight to Mark Bunn. Free kick deep in the Villa half for the visitors now after Snodgrass is flagged for offside.
    • 41' Pilkington puts in another tempting ball that bounces off the turf into Grant Holt, who can’t quite keep his header down. Norwich starting to move through the gears here.
    • 40' Plenty of good football here, both teams zipping it about and looking relatively decent in possession. But the chances are lacking. Villa looking potent on the counter but Norwich with the lion’s share of the chances. Refusing to call which way this’ll go though.
    • 39' A smart inswinger from Pilkington grazes the head of an unmarked Grant Holt in the six yard box. But Guzan comes out to claim bravely. Good bit of play there.
    • 38' Foul given against Russell Martin at the half-way line. Bennett sends it towards Nathan Baker at the back post, but it sails agonisingly over the centre-half’s head.
    • 37' A slick bit of interplay between Weimann and Benteke, but the former's cross rebounds of Bassong into the grateful arms of Bunn.
    • 36' Chants ringing out for Elliott Bennett's introduction by an increasingly restless Carrow Road. He was the man whose second half goal sealed the victory over Reading last week. Ball with Villa at the half-way line.
    • 35' But it's hit straight at the wall at mid-riff height. Really poor. He gets a second bite of the cherry though and he sends a low effort towards the bottom corner. Guzan is equal to it.
    • 34' He steps up...
    • 33' Snodgrass has scored the most free-kicks this season, by the way.
    • 32' A crossfield ball finds Hoolahan on the fringes of the box, but the Irishman fails to put in a good delivery. The move culiminates in Snodgrass being brought down by Bennett's shirt-pulling a foot or so outside of the area. Really dangerous position.
    • 31' It's Baker now who's in trouble. He's been exchanging broadsides with Grant Holt all throughout the first half and has definitely been on the receiving end. Replay shows Holt to have stuck his side into the youngster's nether-regions. Of course.
    • 30' Up the other end, Delph makes a tidy run from the midfield before unleashing a powerful effort goalward. Seb Bassong's outstretched leg may have put the former Leeds man off, however, as his effort sails wide.
    • 29' Pilkington tussles with Westwood, forcing the holding midfielder to knock it out for a corner. The attack is wasted though as Robert Snodgrass is flagged for offside after a short one-two with Pilkington. It’s a poor call - he was on.
    • 28' Meanwhile, Benteke does excellently to win a corner from Bassong. But the ball fails to trouble Norwich and is easily cleared away by Ryan Bennett.
    • 27' Matt Lowton, who has started every game this season for Aston Villa, comes off after rolling on his ankle. Licaj is his replacement.
    • 26' Benteke penalised for a foul on Bradley Johnson after being dispossed by the former Leeds man. Doesn't look too sharp today, the Belgian. His touch is eluding him thus far and he just can't seem to get going.
    • 25' Villa reclaim possession after a long Norwich spell but spurn the opportunity immediately with Agbonlahor flagged for offside.
    • 24' Villa still under pressure here and are finding it difficult to contain the tricky play of Hoolahan, whose trickery is causing Delph and Westwood a bit of a headache.
    • 23' The delivery was good, but Bennett's header lacks power and finds its way straight into the gloves of Guzan.
    • 22' Hughton’s men still pressing here and Grant Holt wins a free kick in a dangerous position for the left footed Snodgrass to serve one up to the big men.
    • 21' Mind you, the Canaries are the third lowest scorers in the league I believe, so that may have something to do with it.
    • 20' For all the criticism heaped onto the Aston Villa rearguard, they’ve managed to contain Norwich’s possession excellently in the opening stages. Well organised, well drilled and stifling any Norwich threat with aplomb.
    • 19' Norwich building a patient attack from the midfield with Villa sitting back content to invite the pressure. It’s whipped in by Pilkington though after Lowton comes unstuck, but it all unravels after Johnson poleaxes Sylla in an aerial challenge.
    • 18' Neither team really able to build anything meaningful here. With Norwich at the half way line.
    • 17' Hoolahan is dragged down by Joe Bennett in the midfield. It’s cynical and the youngster sees yellow accordingly.
    • 16' Another loose long ball from Guzan finds the touchline. Villa perhaps a bit careless in possession in these early stages.
    • 15' Sylla breaks away from the midfield and shifts it wide to Andreas Weimann, who jinks inside Garrido before letting a shot fly. It’s hit low and hard, but Bunn is equal to it.
    • 14' A long, searching ball from Ashley Westwood finds Mark Bunn. Guilty of trying to force it there.
    • 13' Norwich appeal loudly for a handball after Pilkington's cross appears to have struck the arms of Lowton. Unintentional, though, and it's duly waved away by Kevin Friend.
    • 12' But it's a dreadful ball from Matt Lowton that is cleared easily by Howson.
    • 11' Agbonlahor drills a low effort straight into shins of Bassong. It goes out for a corner though and Benteke’s duly in the midst of things.
    • 10' Villa seeing some of the ball now but are penned back into their own half by a decent bit of pressing from the Canaries. It’s back with them now after a poor clearance from Nathan Baker.
    • 9' A poor cross from Snodgrass sails over the head of Grant Holt and goes straight out for a goal kick. Must do better there for the hosts.
    • 8' Agbonlahor hammers down the left wing yet again, but his ball to Benteke is too juicy to control and the big man scuffs it out for a goal kick. Norwich looking worryingly open to the counter-attack here.
    • 7' The danger is cleared by skipper Ron Vlaar though, who heads his effort up into the air and safely into the gloves of Brad Guzan.
    • 6' More pressure from the hosts as Grant Holt forces Joe Bennett to clear his aerial challenge out for another Norwich corner. Snodgrass to take. Bennett and Bassong up.
    • 5' Villa’s first foray forward as Agbonlahor bounds down the left flank. Ryan Bennett does excellently though with a perfectly timed sliding tackle and it goes out for a goal kick.
    • 4' Pilkington tests Guzan early on after latching onto a smart through ball from Russell Martin. The winger darts into the box from the byeline but hits his cross straight at Guzan. Good start for the hosts here.
    • 3' Bassong caught late by Benteke. The Cameroonian hits the ground in some pain but is back on his feet. No hint of malice, though.
    • 3' Snodgrass’ outswinger looks destined for the boot of Grant Holt, but Bassong is penalised for wrestling Benteke to the ground.
    • 2' Snodgrass puts in a decent ball into the danger zone but it’s cleared by Matt Lowton. Corner to Norwich.
    • 1' And we're underway here at Carrow Road!
    • 14:59 Hughton's largest victory as a manager came though a 6-0 victory over Aston Villa during his spell at Newcastle. But let's not get too carried away.
    • 14:59 The players have made their way onto the pitch to a rapturous home support. They've got the clappers out again. Won't be a shy affair to say the least.
    • 14:57 To some, Norwich look doubtful to emerge with all three points having won just twice in 2013 and slumping to a 1-0 loss at Stoke last week, but those judgments overlook the Canaries excellent home form. They're yet to lose at home since the new year.
    • 14:55 In any case, today is of profound significance for both sides. For either team, a win would all-but seal Premier League status for next season, whilst a loss would place them squarely back in the relegation runnings. The host’s have the chance to catapult themselves into 11th with a win, whilst the visitors would climb to 13th with a win.
    • 14:50 Of course, Chris Hughton’s biggest task will be finding a way to contain the physical presence and attacking prowess of Christian Benteke, who boasts the highest shots-on-target percentage of the league’s top ten goal scorers with 18 goals to his name this term.
    • 14:48 Ciaran Clark continues to miss out with an ankle injury, meaning Nathan Baker continues his run in the first team, whilst El Ahmadi (groin) also failed a late fitness test.
    • 14:47 Pilkington returns to the starting eleven after recovering from a hamstring injury and comes in for Kei Kamara. The Norwich faithful will be forced to wait for the long-awaited return of John Ruddy between the sticks after his rehabilitation from a ruptured thigh muscle.
    • 14:45 As expected then, an unchanged side from the one that shattered Sunderland 6-1 on Monday for Paul Lambert. Norwich, meanwhile, have ditched the dual striker system that saw them beat Reading 2-1 last time out at Carrow Road in favour of a lone striker option in Grant Holt. Perhaps a little unadventurous for the hosts.
    • 14:40 NORWICH TEAM: Bunn, R.Martin, Bassong, R.Bennett, Garrido, Johnson, Howson, Snodgrass, Pilkington, Hoolahan, Holt... Subs: Camp, Whittaker, Jackson, Kamara, E.Bennett, Barnett, Tettey. /// ASTON VILLA: Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, Bennett, Westwood, Delph, Sylla, Weimann, Agbonlahor, Benteke. Subs: Given, Holman, Lichaj, Bent, Bowery, N'Zogbia, Bannan.
    • 14:37 Not that he cares though. The Glaswegian has been insistent that his focus remains solely on his team as they continue their quest to keep basement dwellers Wigan at arms length. Today's game is most certaintly not one for emotional frivolities for this dour scot.
    • 14.35 A fierce affair today promises to be. After Paul Lambert’s acrimonious departure from Carrow Road over the summer, and all the ensuing legal tussling over compensation, I’m sure many a Norwich fan would love nothing more than to stick it to their former manager.
    • 14:30 Afternoon all. I'm Alex Ward am I'll be guiding you through today's action at Carrow Road between Norwich and Aston Villa.
  • Summary

    • 89' GOAL! Agbonlahor does it again. He's played in by Westwood's long ball and outmuscles Bassong to prod it past Bunn.
    • 74' GOAL! Relief at Carrow Road as Grant Holt tucks sends Guzan the wrong way to tuck it into the bottom corner. Lovely penalty.
    • 55' GOAL ASTON VILLA! Gabby Agbonlahor lets a long range effort curling into the bottom left corner. A very tidy strike.
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