Saturday November 3, 2012 Day 10 Finished The Liberty Stadium

Swansea City 1 - 1 Chelsea

  • Pablo 88’
  • Moses 61’

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  1. Premier League - Swansea City v Chelsea

    Premier League - Swansea City v Chelsea

    Facts and figures ahead of the Premier League match between Swansea City and Chelsea at the Liberty Stadium. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Swansea City
    • Chelsea
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    • 90+4' There goes the final whistle! A 1-1 draw here. Swansea battle back in the hailstones in South Wales to earn a point.
    • 90+3' A booking for Shechter for a late foul on Ramires. Swansea defending deeply here.
    • 90+1' We are into four minutes of time added on. Ki has been booked for a disagreeing about something or other with the referee.
    • 89' Graham darting through the middle. Cahill just got back to make the block. Almost a sensational winner for Swansea. Fine defending by the central defender in the end.
    • 88' GOAL! Hernandez plants the ball low into the corner of the net. Brilliant finish from the edge of the box. No chance for Cech and Swansea are level. 1-1.
    • 87' De Guzman picks out Williams, but the big defender is narrowly offside. Chelsea almost over the winning line here.
    • 86' De Guzman is bundled off the ball late by Hazard. A free-kick chance for Swansea. Good opportunity from the dead ball situation.
    • 85' Difficult to see where a goal is coming here for Swansea. Have been good to watch without cutting open that visiting defence.
    • 84' De Guzman has been booked for a late tackle on Hazard before he thumps the ball away in frustration.
    • 83' Monk deals well with a cross from Hazard with Torres trying to time his run. One more goal for Chelsea now would surely bury this match.
    • 82' Ryan Bertrand is brought on for Oscar as Chelsea try to shut up shop for these closing moments.
    • 81' Michu is given the hook as Shechter ambles onto the park with hailstones bouncing all around him.
    • 80' Ivanovic blocks the shot by Hernandez. Ki then sees his effort blocked. Swansea trying to steel themselves for one last push here.
    • 79' The rain tumbles down in Swansea. And then come the hailstones. A wretched day. Real winter weather. Freezing conditions.
    • 78' Chelsea have won all six previous Premier League matches this season when scoring the opening goal – the best record in the division when netting first.
    • 77' De Guzman drags the corner into the heart of the Chelsea area, but Cech is out quickly to make the punched clearance. Earns a foul in the process.
    • 76' Decent little effort by Dyer. Not sure if he tried a cross or shot. Mishits the cross, but Cech nudges it over his bar.
    • 75' Chelsea with 10 shots on goal compared to three by the home side as Davies just overhits a pass into the path of Cech.
    • 74' Moses departs the action to be replaced by Sturridge for Chelsea.
    • 73' Looks like Sturridge is going to be wheeled on here as Hazard fails to keep the ball in play.
    • 72' De Guzman accepts a pass from Rangel. Tries to lift the ball over Cech, but no real power in the shot. Comfortable save for Cech.
    • 71' Michu can't latch onto a loose ball in the Chelsea box before Graham is caught narrowly offside seconds later.
    • 70' Victor Moses has scored his first Premier League goal for Chelsea. He has never been on the losing side when scoring in the division – four wins, three draws.
    • 69' A sight of Sebastian Coe in the crowd. Coe is a Chelsea fan. Speaking of which, those travelling fans seem to be content enough with the goings on so far.
    • 68' Chance for De Guzman amid a rash of blue shirts, but he can't fire the shot at Cech's goal as it spins off his boot and well wide. Was a decent position for the Swansea player.
    • 67' Britton departs the scene to be replaced by Graham while Routledge makes way for Dyer as Swansea shuffle their pack.
    • 66' De Guzman elects to take the free-kick. That is a poor attempt. Well over the bar. Would be better getting Ki on them from that range.
    • 65' Moses clips Ki late 25 yards from the visiting goal. Ki might well be the man to this free-kick. The former Celtic man can pack a punch from distance.
    • 64' First time today Chelsea have managed to lift the ball over the first man, and it pays off in some style. Chelsea heading back to the top of the table then as we stand.
    • 63' GOAL! Ball flies into the net off Moses from Cahill's header. The opening goal for Chelsea. Think it was a corner from Oscar. No matter. Chelsea lead 1-0.
    • 62' Chelsea have had a number of these prospects. Hazard swings the ball at goal, but Tremmel covers his ground to punch the ball clear. Corner to Chelsea.
    • 61' Swansea drop deep as soon as Chelsea collect. Happy to concede possession around the halfway line. Oscar fouled by Britton. Free-kick opportunity for the visitors.
    • 60' Ki wins the ball from Mikel. De Guzman slides the ball into the path of Michu. Cech does really well to smother that ball with Michu ready to go to ground.
    • 59' Britton gives the ball away to Moses, but the home side work hard to get back and recover ground. Davies then dives under pressure from Moses. Embarrassing stuff from the youngster.
    • 58' Michu tries to make a dart up the park. Lovely ball by Britton, but the ball comes back off his heels and out for a Chelsea throw-in. A tad unfortunate.
    • 57' Chelsea's 22 points from nine matches this season is three less than Premier League champions Manchester City (25) had at the same stage last season.
    • 56' Hernandez tries to switch the play from one side of the park to the other, but ends up knocking it straight out of play.
    • 55' Torres taking a tumble. Looking for a foul, but that is good solid defending by Swansea. Cole forced to dash back and get the ball away with Michu, Routledge and Hernandez looking menacing.
    • 54' Chelsea have failed to score a first half Premier League goal for the first time since September 22.
    • 53' Difficult really to get any power on that header from the floated cross by Torres. Oscar collects moments later in the middle of the park for the visitors.
    • 52' Moses picked out by Torres, but he can only head over the bar from five yards out.
    • 51' Hazard on a good run. Darts to the edge of the home area. Cracks a shot at goal, but Tremmel dives low to his right to make the stop. Comfortable in the end.
    • 50' Ivanovic knocks the ball away from Hernandez with Cahill struggling to close down ground.
    • 49' Chelsea one point behind leaders Manchester United at the top of the Premier League as we stand after their 2-1 win over Arsenal earlier in the day.
    • 48' Oscar throws in a corner early in the second period, but Michu is ideally positioned to head the danger clear.
    • 47' Change for Chelsea at the break with Romeu departing to be replaced by Ramires. Bit of an offensive move.
    • 46' Swansea get the second half off and running. Amid some music blaring out of the tannoy system.
    • 45+1' There goes the whistle for the break. 0-0 at half-time. Not much to split these teams at the moment.
    • 44' We are into one minute of time added on to the first period after Williams gets back to snuff out a potential attack by Torres.
    • 43' Chelsea try to find a goal before the break. So easy on the eye Chelsea, but not really going anywhere with it. Cahill makes a strong surge forward, but Monk clears the danger.
    • 42' Right on cue, there is another booking as Davies is taken out of the action late by Azpilicueta, who is rightly booked for that challenge.
    • 41' Williams was strong covering the run of Hazard and Swansea earn the goalkick. Solid piece of defending by Williams.
    • 40' Hazard over the free-kick. Tries to pick out Cahill in the middle, but overcooks the delivery as it speeds out of play for a goalkick to the home side.
    • 39' Monk helps away the cross by Moses before Britton is booked for a late one on Hazard. Bit of a harsh decision. First booking of the day. More to follow surely.
    • 38' Swansea have matches coming up against Southampton, Newcastle, Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion coming up after this match in November.
    • 37' De Guzman taken out of the game late by Torres. Friend so far resisting the urge to brandish that yellow card of his. Or red for that matter.
    • 36' Michu gets on the end of a loose ball, but it breaks kindly for Cech in the visiting goal. This game yet to truly settle into any sort of pattern.
    • 35' Mikel seems set to pick up a booking for a late one on De Guzman. But referee lets him off. Fortunate to escape a yellow there.
    • 34' Little chip into the box by Hazard is well defended by Williams. Cahill and De Guzman challenge Cahill for ball before Cahill shoves De Guzman on the ground.
    • 33' Fine tackle by Monk, but he is harshly penalised. Was never a free-kick. Hazard going to let fly from 25 yards.
    • 32' Williams content enough to work the ball back to Tremmel. Ki trying to show his class, but Chelsea hurry him off the ball before Monk is penalised for a late challenge on Hazard.
    • 31' Hernandez tries to beat Cole twice inside the Chelsea box. Cross eventually flies out of play. Appeals for a penalty against Cole, but was never a handball.
    • 30' Williams doing a spot of pushing in the box alongside Ivanovic. Referee has spotted that. Free-kick to Chelsea.
    • 29' Ball comes off Hazard back in his own half. Chelsea will have to defend another De Guzman corner.
    • 28' Ki thumps a shot down the middle of the visiting goal, but brilliant piece of defending by Mikel to make the block. Superb defending.
    • 27' Chance for Torres after a fine run by Moses, but the Spanish striker heads down and into the ground. Easy pickings for Tremmel. Was a chance for Torres. Not taken.
    • 26' Tremmel getting his chance with Michel Vorm out injured at the moment. Williams clubs the ball down the park.
    • 25' Azpilicueta with the cross into the heart of the Swansea box, but easy pickings for Tremmel in the home goal. No chance for Torres to get on the end of that.
    • 24' Offside flag goes up against Michu after he set off too soon. Michu sporting a beard in Movember.
    • 23' Torres tries to pick out a pass looking for Moses, but ends up dinking the ball straight to Davies. Swansea not complaining about that.
    • 22' Plenty of singing by the home supporters, but sounds like a dirge at the moment. Swansea can't really cut open that wall of blue defenders.
    • 21' Referee Kevin Friend (198) is two short of handing out his 200th card in the Premier League. He has officiated 55 matches. The last Chelsea match he refereed was their 4-1 loss at Liverpool.
    • 20' Ball breaks kindly for Hazard 25 yards from goal, but he leans back too much and lifts the shot a few yards over the bar. Never really threatening the goal.
    • 19' Davies looking for Routedge before Davies is guilty of felling Moses. The visiting side have a free-kick deep in their own half.
    • 18' De Guzman with the corner and then a cross, but Monk can't divert the ball goalwards. Swansea back in possession.
    • 17' Cahill doing very well to block the cross by Hernandez. Swansea just overworking the passes, but they have another corner.
    • 16' Rangel watching Hazard like a hawk before the ball comes off the referee for a throw-in to the home side. Cole none too happy with that.
    • 15' Chelsea had a player sent off in both Premie League meetings with Swansea last season – Fernando Torres at Stamford Bridge and Ashley Cole at the Liberty Stadium.
    • 14' Michu almost connects with the ball from Pablo Hernandez. Lovely cross, but he can't get the volley on target with Ivanovic all over the place in his own box.
    • 13' Nearest Chelsea have come so far in this match. But a solitary rather than sustained example of attacking.
    • 12' Torres heads the ball goalwards from Hazard's corner, but Britton was well positioned to knock the ball off the line. Fine defending.
    • 11' De Guzman doing well to win the ball from Hazard, but can't pick out a team-mate. Monk across to block the cross from Moses. Corner to Chelsea.
    • 10' Oscar overhits a pass looking for Hazard. Chelsea just out of touch at the moment with their passing not crisp enough in key areas.
    • 9' Swansea looking the tidier side on the ball before Davies gets an attempted cross all wrong. Ball flies out of play. Goalkick to the visiting side.
    • 8' Was Oscar who tried his luck with the free-kick, but the effort was blocked. Not much action around either goalmouth at the moment.
    • 7' Decent delivery by De Guzman, but that is a solid clearing header by Torres before Ivanovic sweeps a cross clear from Davies.
    • 6' Lovely run into the visiting box by Pablo after the free-kick comes to nothing. Swansea have a corner here to be floated over by De Guzman.
    • 5' Oscar taken out of the action late by Britton and Chelsea have a free-kick from 25 yards out.
    • 4' Swansea have lost once in four Premier Legaue home matches against traditional big four clubs last season, when Manchester United won 1-0 at the Liberty Stadium in November 2011.
    • 3' Both teams making a cagey start feeling each other out in keeping possession. Ivanovic forced to prod the ball away from the centre of his goal ahead of Michu.
    • 2' Victor Moses makes his first Premier League start for Chelsea. He has two goals and two assists in his last four Premier League starts at Wigan last season.
    • 1' Chelsea get the action off and running here. Packed house inside the Liberty Stadium for this one.
    • 14.57 Almost ready to go in this one then. Swansea in white, Chelsea in blue.
    • 14.55 Michael Laudrup (Swansea): "I'm much more concerned about the Southampton game because after three big games we have to play Southampton away. The result against Southampton is much more important than result on Saturday (against Chelsea). Of course I want to win both of them, but if you say to me I have to pick one of the two - yesterday, today and tomorrow I will pick the Southampton game."
    • 14.50 Roberto Di Matteo (Chelsea) on the testing issue of referees: "I really hope they don’t treat us differently. I believe that they won’t. We have faith in the referees. People are under a lot of pressure, they’re human beings and sometimes mistakes happen.”
    • 14.45 Odds if you fancy a bet on this match at the Liberty Stadium today: Chelsea 5/6, Swansea 10/3, Draw 13/5
    • 14.40 Chelsea are unbeaten in their last four matches against Swansea, since a 3-0 away defeat at Vetch Field in the old Division One in April 1981. Chelsea have scored 14 goals in their last four matches against Swansea. Chelsea have won one of their last six league visits to Swansea – the 3-1 victory in November 1983.
    • 14.35 In 20 league matches between the teams, Chelsea have won eight, Swansea five, with seven draws. Last season in the Premier League the teams drew 1-1 at the Liberty Stadium, and Chelsea won 4-1 at Stamford Bridge.
    • 14.30 Chelsea are without David Luiz and Juan Mata while John Terry and Frank Lampard are also missing. Ashley Cole returns to the starting line-up while Branislav Ivanovic is back from suspension to take his place in the visiting side.
    • 14.25 Swansea make three changes to the side that beat Liverpool in the League Cup in midweek. Angel Rangel and Ben Davies return to the full-back slots as Jazz Richards and Dwight Tiendalli drop out. Wayne Routledge replaces Nathan Dyer on the wing despite Dyer's goal at Anfield.
    • 14.20 Teams: Swansea: Tremmel, Rangel, Monk, Williams, Davies, Britton, Ki, De Guzman, Hernandez, Michu, Routledge..subs: David Cornell, Alan Tate, Dwight Tiendalli, Kemy Agustien, Nathan Dyer, Itay Shechter, Danny Graham////Chelsea: Cech; Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Cahill, Cole; Mikel, Romeu; Moses, Oscar, Hazard; Torres..subs: Ross Turnbull, Ramires, Paulo Ferreira, Marko Marin, Daniel Sturridge, Ryan Bertrand, Lucas Piazon
    • 14.15 Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of Swansea against Chelsea from the Premier League. Teams coming right up for you.
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