Saturday January 19, 2013 Day 23 Finished Upton Park

  1. Premier League - Remy scores as QPR hold West Ham

    Premier League - Remy scores as QPR hold West Ham

    Loic Remy's goal on his QPR debut was not enough as Joe Cole gave West Ham a share of the points. More

  • Live Commentary

    • West Ham United
    • Queens Park Rangers
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    • 90'+6 That's it! The match finishes, and QPR have hung on to earn a point and keep their unbeaten 2013 going. West Ham the better side, but it finishes 1-1.
    • 90'+5 Remy makes a lightning break into the box and hooks a pass back towards the penalty spot, but there's nobody in support for him.
    • 90'+4 Free kick from 40 yards taken by Noble - but it's a poor one, floated straight at Cesar.
    • 90'+3 QPR look like they're going to hang on now - Vaz Te gives away the ball for a goal kick and Cesar will take his time.
    • 90'+2 Reid needs treatment after Nelsen gets his arm in the West Ham man's eye.
    • 90'+1 Four extra minutes... will there be a winner? Yet another corner for the Hammers now.
    • 90' Bothroyd breaks up the right and pings a ball across to Park - big shout from the away fans as it appears to get handled by Tomkins as it pings across.
    • 89' It's a poor corner, headed out for a throw. QPR will have another chance.
    • 88' West Ham come back up and win a corner - Kevin Nolan to be replaced by Vaz Te before it will be taken.
    • 87' Remy gets a poor ball from Mbia but still has a chance to shoot - but Reid is there to block.
    • 87' Another break for QPR - 3 on 2...
    • 86' Breathless finish at Upton Park - but now QPR look to break.
    • 85' Another chance falls to Reid, but he finds the near side netting with the goal beckoning for him. West Ham doing everything to find this winner - and now Joe Cole is denied too as he rounds the keeper but sees his side-foot effort cleared by Derry.
    • 84' Same again, with Reid almost blasting through the middle of the bodies - Derry is there to block!
    • 83' Goalmouth melee in the QPR box comes to nothing - 11 QPR men back!
    • 82' That move seems like Redknapp is desperately trying to bring the shutters down and get outta here with a point.
    • 81' Park Ji Sung comes on for QPR, and Taarabt - outstanding most of the afternoon - is the man who makes way.
    • 80' Cesar has bizarrely sliced consecutive clearance kicks out into touch - big cheer from the crowd for his blunder.
    • 79' Another change coming - activity on the QPR bench.
    • 78' Nobody leaving this one early - a winner feels likely, and probably from the hosts.
    • 77' Another run by Jarvis - he and Cole have been everywhere in this second half - but he's caught offside just before delivering the ball.
    • 76' Jarvis adjudged to have dived out on the left as he goes toe-to-toe with Onuoha - he's outraged.
    • 75' West Ham still pushing forward, and Matt Jarvis sees a nice-looking cross bounce harmlessly through the box.
    • 74' Hill curls the free kick in, but QPR lose it quickly and the attack is over.
    • 73' There will be a yellow card here, as Tomkins takes down Traore brutally.
    • 72' The Hammers try a cheeky free kick out to Matt Jarvis on the left, but he balloons the ball miles over the bar.
    • 72' Mbia gives away a free kick just outside the box as he clips Carlton Cole.
    • 71' Bothroyd takes it, straight into the wall - and though he lofts in the rebound it goes of ffor a goal kick.
    • 70' The free kick is 28 yards out, slightly to the right - good chance....
    • 69' QPR hit on the break immediately, and Taarabt wins a free kick off O'Brien.
    • 68' IT'S AN EQUALISER FOR WEST HAM! JOE COLE SCORES! Matt Jarvis's cross is met by a great header from Cole that draws a great save from Cesar, but he can't hang onto it and Cole is on-hand to smash into an empty net from inside three yards. Game on!
    • 67' It's Jamie Mackie who makes way for Bothroyd: he goes up front and Remy now moves out to the right wing. Let's see if he can do anything from there.
    • 66' Remy has dropped deep now for QPR, and with Jay Bothroyd warming up on the sidelines he may be taking his bow soon.
    • 65' Cole takes the corner, and it's Nelsen once again who jumps to produce the clearing header.
    • 64' Cole's first action is to win a corner off the shins of Hill.
    • 63' Crazy substitution from Allardyce as he brings off Chamakh, his likeliest-looking source of a goal, to introduce Carlton Cole. Crowd are outraged.
    • 62' Great header by Chamakh - AND ANOTHER GREAT SAVE FROM CESAR! How has he not scored this afternoon?
    • 61' The ball gets mired in some midfield ping-pong for a minute or two, and both sets of players seem glad of the breather from all that excitement.
    • 60' QPR's bench reports that SWP has come off with a calf twinge - but to be honest nothing he'd tried all afternoon had come off, and he was a likely candidate for replacement anyway.
    • 59' West Ham still with the ball out on the left, still looking for ways through... very tough to see which way this match is going now.
    • 58' Shaun Wright-Phillups is the man coming off, Traore is coming on to replace him as Harry Redknapp clearly feels he needs another defender.
    • 57' Redknapp is preparing a couple of subs to shore up his increasingly wobbly-looking defence.
    • 56' Mbia hobbles off for treatment - he got clocked blocking Diame, crowd lacking sympathy.... and rightly so, as he starts jogging!
    • 55' Incredible save from Cesar - and there's more trouble here as Jarvis crosses for Diame, with Mbia making a desperate clearance just as it looks like West Ham must score.
    • 54' GREAT CHANCE FOR WEST HAM! Chamakh fires a powerful header from four yards out, drawing a simply brilliant reaction save from Cesar. The ball ricochets to Diame, whose effort is blocked by Nelsen - and Noble then gets a chance too, but heads over!
    • 53' Cole and Jarvis are back on the right and left respectively, with Cole looking good today.
    • 52' Cole coming into every attack now, and he cuts into the box from the right - and forces a good save from Cesar, shooting through Derry's legs. Cesar fails to hold onto it, but the QPR defence pounce to clear.
    • 51' Chance wasted: Cole cuts inside and tries a long-range curler that's neither cross nor shot, taken easily by Cesar.
    • 50' Demel and Cole link up on the right and Cole has lots of space here...
    • 49' Good charging run up the left by Wright-Phillips, but he fails to make it into the box as his attempt to link up with Taarabt fails.
    • 48' West Ham now win a free kick in the corner, but again it comes to nothing - and a break is on.
    • 47' The corner cleared by the first man - that's seven corners for West Ham today so far.
    • 46' The match gets under way once more at Upton Park, and straight away West Ham win yet another corner.
    • - West Ham putting on all the pressure so far, but QPR are soaking it up well - and have looked lethal on the break and are all-in-all decent value for their 1-0 lead. Can they hang on for the win, though?
    • 45'+1 Taarabt and Remy try another break only for Remy to end up offside - West Ham come up the other end and things open up for Diame, but he's bested by Nelsen and the whistle blows to end the half.
    • 45'+1 One extra minute to play, and it begins with Joe Cole unaccountably hitting a sidefoot pass straight at Cesar.
    • 45' An opening appears for Taarabt and he's got Remy in support - but with space to shoot he thumps it, only to see it rise high and right.
    • 44' Cole and Jarvis have just switched flanks for West Ham - neither was making much happen against Onuoha and Nelsen respectively.
    • 43' Nolan shoves down Taarabt on the half-way line to offer up an opening for QPR, but Derry misdirects his ball to Mackie.
    • 42' Free kick wide on the left lofted in by Cole onto the head of Chamakh, but it's weak and loops over from just inside the edge of the box.
    • 41' Tomkins gets hit his head to Cole's corner, but his effort is a good 10 yards off target.
    • 40' West Ham win yet another corner, as Jarvis forces Onuoha into a clearing tackle down the left.
    • 39' Lots to think about for Sam Allardyce when half-time comes: West Ham have played a lot more football, but QPR look very sharp on the break.
    • 38' Another corner for West Ham, taken by Cole but first Mackie and then Derry clear the ball. QPR hit on the break for the first time since the goal, but Wright-Phillips overruns Remy's pass.
    • 37' Cole tries a lovely little sliding ball through to Chamakh, but the ex-Arsenal striker is caught wrong-footed and misses the chance.
    • 36' Lack of communication between Diame and Jarvis sees Diame kick the ball straight out for a goal kick. Whatever is the opposite of ESP, that's what just happened.
    • 35' Jarvis finds space on the left and pings the ball through the box - unmarked Cole dives to make contact, but can't get there.
    • 34' West Ham keep on pressing and win another corner as Cole's effort is steered wide by Nelsen.
    • 33' It's actually a free kick almost at the corner - curled in by Cole, nodded back out to him, and he volleys high and wide.
    • 32' West Ham come up once more and Tomkins has a potshot deflected off for a corner - Cole will take.
    • 31' Tough call for Webb - lots of shoving on both sides, and ultimately Chamakh tried a comedy dive to try and convince the match official, which never helps your cause.
    • 30' Massive penalty shout for West Ham! Chamakh gets bundled half to the floor by Clint Hill, then Wright-Phillips finishes the job - but somehow Howard Webb denies both appeals.
    • 30' Mbia lucky not to get penalised for a hand to the face of Joe Cole - ruled accidental.
    • 29' Demel hits a long ball up to Chamakh, but he's hustled off it by Derry - mild shout for handball against the QPR veteran, but Webb not interested.
    • 28' Derry will take the free kick... but it's straight at Demel, who clears.
    • 27' Taarabt taken out by Noble, lucky not to get booked for his two-footed slide.
    • 26' Taarabt looking superb today - clearly loving his playmaker role in behind Remy much more than he liked playing up front alone.
    • 25' Lovely stuff from Taarabt and Wright-Phillips, the former back-heeling to let the other open up Mackie for a chance. Mackie earns a corner that is well cleared, but good stuff again from QPR.
    • 24' A speculative through-ball looks dangerous by Wright-Phillips, but Reid is there to nod clear.
    • 23' QPR looking more and more confident right now, keeping the ball nicely.
    • 22' QPR break once again and this time it falls to Shaun Wright-Phillips, who has a long-range lash that is struck beautifully but not kept down.
    • 21' The ball is lofted in by Joe Cole as if pitched with a 9-iron, and it's easy for Cesar to collect ahead of Chamakh.
    • 20' West Ham win a throw right in the corner - chance here.
    • 19' QPR hit on the break again and Taarabt is pulling the strings once more - but this time Reid steps in with a well-timed tackle.
    • 18' West Ham probing for gaps all the time, but QPR seem to be closing them down a little better now.
    • 17' Sam Allardyce looking furious - he called his defence out as "pathetic" just last week, so he'll have to think of a new epithet if that Remy goal proves decisive.
    • 16' QPR fans outsinging their hosts heartily right now - there's a long way to go in this game, and the season, but you almost fancy they're starting to believe in miracles.
    • 15' West Ham absolutely sucker-punched by that: nobody was within 10 yards of either Taarabt or Remy, and the failure of the offside trap was genuinely awful. Winston Reid probably the man to blame.
    • 14' GREAT BREAK BY QPR - AND REMY SCORES! Wonderful counter by QPR, Taarabt cutting West Ham open and Remy beating the offside trap before lashing past Jaaskelainen.
    • 13' Nice ball across from Diame on the right win - he's everywhere today - but Jarvis is shepherded away from the ball by Nelsen.
    • 12' West Ham really turning up the heat in freezing conditions now, keeping the pressure on.
    • 11' Diame tries a long shot from 30 yards or so - connects well but blocked by Onuoha's head, and West Ham win a corner.
    • 10' Fabio da Silva shoulder barges Mark Noble to give away a free kick - lofted in nicely, and Kevin Nolan's right boot is two inches from guiding it in.
    • 9' Breathless stuff - West Ham now win another corner, but this time the QPR defence stay firm and clear the danger.
    • 7' Another great chance for West Ham as the ball comes back in, with Kevin Nolan nodding a powerful header on target - and Cesar making a stunning reaction save with his left knee.
    • 7' HOW DID THAT NOT GO IN!? Diame makes a great run in from the corner and delivers the ball straight across the goal-line, but there's nobody there to touch it in!
    • 7' Chamakh and Matt Jarvis link up well down the left for West Ham and win a corner.
    • 6' Remy and Taarabt try a one-two that almost comes off, but this time it's Taarabt who's offside.
    • 5' West Ham come into the final third of the pitch for the first time and win a throw - it's crossed in but is easily dealt with by Cesar.
    • 4' West Ham looking good on the ball, but QPR looking more adventurous: Remy tries another run and is much closer this time, just two yards offside. Looked a good move, and Remy does look genuinely quick.
    • 3' Remy's first touch of the ball undermined by him failing to realise he was a good five yards offside...
    • 3' Taarabt takes the corner and delivers it onto Clint Hill's head - it's a free header, but he fails to keep it down. Goal kick, and a missed chance.
    • 2' First meaningful move of hte match, and Jamie Mackie makes a nice run down the right avoiding three West Ham defenders and winning a corner.
    • 1' Referee Howard Webb blows the whistle, and we're under way at Upton Park.
    • 14:58 It's cold but dry in East London - no snow falling at the moment, and no sign of any snowy remnants around the edges of the pitch.
    • 14:55 Whatever happens today, it'll be fascinating to see Remy take to the pitch in England for the first time. Even Big Sam sounds like he's looking forward to it: "I’ve seen him quite a few times I think that his main asset is his genuine pace. Anybody with genuine pace can cause teams lots of problems."
    • 14:51 And QPR did of course win at Chelsea last time they played away from home...
    • 14:50 Not sure if those odds don't look a little skewed: since Harry Redknapp took charge, QPR have taken more points in four away games (5) than they had in the previous 20 (3).
    • 14:45 It's not just QPR who are playing with their new transfer window toys: West Ham have some of their own new blood starting today, with Joe Cole and Marouane Chamahk starting. Perhaps because of that, the bookies have them as evens favourites, with QPR as long as 14/5 with some bookies.
    • 14:40 It's up to you how much importance you place on managers as opposed to players, but Harry Redknapp has had the measure of Sam Allarydce in recent times: Redknapp has won four of his last five Premier League clashes with Allardyce (W4 L1), having won just one of the first six (W1 D2 L3).
    • 14:35 QPR need a bit of a miracle to keep them up: they have just 14 points from their first 22 games of the season. Only one of the nine teams to have won 14 points or fewer from their first 22 games of a PL season have avoided relegation - and that was West Brom in 2005 who came through a skin-of-their teeth miracle that saw all their final day relegation rivals lose.
    • 14:30 The big news then is that Loic Remy starts up front for QPR - and indeed the Frenchman is warming up on the pitch as we speak, wrapped up warmer than Captain Scott trying to fend off hypothermia.
    • 14:25 TEAMS: West Ham - Jaaskelainen, Reid, Nolan, Tomkins, Jarvis, Noble, O'Brien, Demel, Diame, J.Cole, Chamakh. Subs: Spiegel, C.Cole, Collison, Vaz Te, Taylor, Diarra, Potts. /// QPR - Cesar, Onuoha, Hill, Nelsen, Fabio, Mbia, Derry, Mackie, Taarabt, Wright-Phillips, Remy. Subs: Green, Traore, Ferdinand, Park, Hoilett, Faurlin, Bothroyd.
    • 14:20 QPR will have a chance to unveil their shiny new signing Loic Remy this afternoon, with Harry Redknapp no doubt itching to have a go with his new toy following this week's amazing transfer coup. Remy: I didn't join QPR for the money
    • 14:15 Good afternoon and welcome to our LIVE coverage of this Premier League clash at Upton Park.
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  1. S Wright Phillip is a classy midfielder ; he cannot­ substituted except for injury if QPR to remain in­ premier league.!

    From Manfred, on Tue 22 Jan 11:33
  2. The sulky boys from queenies park gayngers have blown­ it again and somehow didn't get thrashed.Reading­ increased the gap with a superb away win and may just­ avoid playing the ladies in the championship next year­ and the added inconvenience of a visit to their ground­ at waftass road.Harry will be off with pockets full and­ the queens will get lily savage as manageress.

    From Oosthat, on Sun 20 Jan 9:28
  3. With the quality QPR have now there's no excuse for­ the way they're playing. Cesar shouldn't need­ to have to work that hard for a draw.

    From Lance R, on Sun 20 Jan 1:09
  4. Good result but needed Sandra on

    From ALAN, on Sat 19 Jan 16:58
  5. In the end a lame point, QPR pretty poor after 25 mins.­ West ham should of won.

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:54
  6. Reading are going to kill us 2 weeks in a row if they­ win at Newcastle its very dissapointing they will have­ picked up 6 unlikely points while we have only 2 bad­ news all around so far

    From Born to Run, on Sat 19 Jan 16:51
  7. Reading are winning against Newcastle

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:49
  8. This is why west ham are further up the table. The­ whole team don't stop!!

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:48
  9. Not an easy 3 points. IS IT???????

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:42
  10. "" 79another change coming - activity on the­ QPR bench."" 'arry is awake then ? Dozey­ old git ;-)

    From Geoff P, on Sat 19 Jan 16:41
  11. I think we can see what QPR are playing for!! should of­ been Derry

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:39
  12. Come on West Ham this should be an easy 3 points to­ get.

    From matthew, on Sat 19 Jan 16:31
  13. yahoo comment 63 mins. bet you feel like a right #$%$­ now............................

    From mouse, on Sat 19 Jan 16:29
  14. Come on your R's....!

    From STEPHEN, on Sat 19 Jan 16:29
  15. Cesar could not keep us in it for ever! QPR need to­ wake up

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:26
  16. COLE BETTER THAN CHAMAKH &­ CARROLL???????????????????

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:22
  17. Qpr need to take a risk. I feel 0 v 1 might not be good­ enough

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:21
  18. West ham done qpr a favour. Chamakh was playing well i­ thought. Should of gone 2 strikers

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:20

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:18
  20. Not keen on traore coming on he can been dodgy when­ under pressure. We are under pressure big time!

    From stewart, on Sat 19 Jan 16:16
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